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1888 845 4641(USA & Canada) 1 0
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+1 662 451 6750(Culinary Products & Cooking School) 1 0
+1 770 932 7282(Viking Distributing East) 1 0
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Viking Distributing East
325 Horizon Drive, Suwanee, GA 30024-3103
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Viking Range Complaints & Reviews

Viking Range / gas range is 8 months old and is still under warranty

Aug 30, 2019

The appliance (Viking gas range) was purchased from Royal Green appliance center in White Plains NY. In October 2018. First off the the bottom trim plate was bent. The installers said they would report that and order a new trim plate once they notified Royal Green. While installing the range...

Viking Range / Viking refrigerator, range, wall oven - junk

Feb 21, 2017

Keep having to replace Viking appliances - 48" refrigerator had hinge recall, electronics died, ice maker gave up early on and last was $1500 in repair that worked for less than a week. Bought a sub-zero - can see big difference in quality of the build. Now 48" range is broken. After...

Viking / Damaged Goods

Jul 29, 2015

We purchased a Viking stovetop from Number 1 Appliance. It arrived after three weeks delivery time. The delivery company set it in our garage as the remodeling of our kitchen was not prepared at that time to install the new stove top. One week later we opened the box that contained the new...

Viking Appliances / Poor Quality and Customer Service

Jun 04, 2013

Purchased a Viking Wine Refrigerator 3 years ago...broke down 9 months ago. Service people say it is not repairable...still under warranty. For 9 months we have worked to get resolution. Viking customer service is the worst...on hold an average of 1 hour, no return calls, no follow up...we...

Viking / Loudest Dishwasher in the World

Mar 10, 2013

I bought a very expensive Viking Pro Series dishwasher. Wanted to buy American made because of so called quality and support our own country. At first I thought the loud noise was because it was new. Well, it continues to get louder and louder. Now I need ear protection to run it as I...

Viking / Viking appliances are junk

Jul 04, 2012

I purchased a complete Viking appliance package about 5 months ago. The Viking microwave oven stopped working a few days after it was installed. After calling Viking and Pacific Sales where I purchase it and getting a runaround from both they finally sent out a repair man. They replaced a...

Viking / Dishwasher

Jun 11, 2012

Viking Professional Series Dishwasher is the worst, and the service from the company is even more horrid if possible. Bought in 2007 for $1, 500.00, the first part to go out was the hose between the diverter valve and pump, which caused a flood in my 100 year old home. Second, that same...

Viking Appliances / The alarm goes off continuously

May 23, 2012

We replaced our kitchen in 2003. Replaced all appliances including Viking double oven, Viking Refigerator/freezer, Viking Ice Machine and Viking Warming Drawer. We bought the appliances with a 5 year warranty (thank God!). The components on the ice machine that broke down througout the...

Viking / 48 in. fridge

Jun 29, 2011

I purchased a Viking fridge in 2004. After 5 years, the evaporator broke. An authorized service dealer came to fix it and that should have been it forever. Three months later it broke again, and again it was "repaired. Within a year, it broke 3 more times and was repaired each time. Thank...

Viking / Viking Major Appliance

Mar 13, 2011

Here are a series of emails between customer and supporting retailer. There is more to this story, dishwasher was purchased shipped and delivered in October 2010. Customer has no complaint with any retailer or service company, just VIKING the manufacturer. VIKING consistently produce...

Viking Ice Machine / Poor Quality

Mar 08, 2011

I spent over $2500 on a Viking Ice Machine (actually it's a Marvell Ice Machine with a Viking logo). I've already had it repaired 4 times for a total of $13oo including replacing the bin thermostat ($360), replacing the compressor, evaporator-heat exchanger and valve ($470 in...

Viking Range Corp / Poor quality and service

Feb 11, 2011

We purchased (2) Viking ranges and many other Viking products in 2006. Never again! These products are crap and the company never backs up their warranty. and my inexpensive Jenn Air Oven lasted 12 years without a single problem. We have written and called Viking with the same result; we...

Viking / Do not buy

Jan 24, 2011

We purchased a Viking Microwave, convection hood oven in Oct 2010. It was installed by an Viking authorized installer (extra $$ for the installation). The oven quit on December 22nd. Authorized repair tech said the oven needed five new parts for this new oven. The circuits weres out of...

Viking Appliances / Constant Repair

Jan 19, 2011

Viking appliances are overpriced and over rated. Going on my 4 service call for the Professional Seriew Microwave. Professional? This thing can barely keep up with a family of 5. If you buy one of their products, rest assured you'll get to know the "Authorized Viking Repair Man"...

Carl Schaedel/Viking Range / Service rip-off charges

Jan 13, 2011

In the 6 years I have had my Viking Range I've had nothing but aggravation. After 6 services calls for the same issue that couldn't be resolved in the first 6 months they replaced the range. The laundry list of things that have gone wrong with the replacement are too long to...

Viking Electric Oven / Sub-standard product


I have never posted a complaint about a product in my life, but I feel compelled to warn people about Viking ovens. I purchased a Viking Oven in 2003. The first time I used it, the fan in the oven broke. I had it repaired under warranty. A little over a year later, I had to replace the...

Viking Appliances / Sucks


I have a self cleaning 36 Viking stove which has not work correctly since in was purchased about 8 years ago. The oven mysteriously goes off and will not re-ignite. The simmer does not really lower the flame, the igniters are always breaking and the latest, the oven without being touched...

Viking Range / Junk service


Outline of our Viking appliance problems since we moved in to our new home. All of these problems occurred within the first 3 months of use. 1) under counter refrigerator freezing. (replaced with new unit) 2) Wine cooler fan motor stopped working after 3 months (replaced with new fan...

Viking Range Corp / Bad service

The range was delivered 1/17/08, it was non working at that time. Convection fan was not working, thermostat was not working, ignitors for the burners were not working. It took dozens of calls and not until March was it repaired. Again in August I started having problems again. The...

Viking / Refridgerator


We have a new $4000 refridgerator from Viking that was already here when we bought this new home. My wife is a kitchen designer and those in the know never recommend this brand. The word in the industry is that they spend all their money on marketing and little on R and D. They make so...

Viking Range Corporation / $9,000.00 range that looks like ###!


Viking 230 Franklin Road Bldg #23 Franklin, TN 37064 I bought a Viking range 6 years ago for approximately $9,000.00. I have cleaned this range for several years and have used various cleaning products on it. Today I was using a bottle of WINDEX and was cleaning the front of the range. Thi...

Viking Appliances / Junk product!


A year ago I purchased a new Viking Stove. Top of the line. After a year I used the self clean feature on the oven. The latch would not release after the cycle was completed. I called Viking and was told my warranty had expired. I called the appliance dealer. It was going to cost $400 to...

Viking Appliance Company / Broke our oven and no replacement!

I purchased a Viking double oven and my wife went to bake a cake after we had it for 6 months, she does not bake much. The cake burned after cooking only 10 minutes, the thermostat was 100 degrees off. So I called the local appliance dealer we bought it from they came and replaced the part...