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Lowes IncI think that the second man stole my wallet

I have purchased the kitchen cabinet from Lowes Inc. The seller told me the precise day and time, when the delivery men would arrive. I left at home and waited for them, and when I heard the truck arrived, I put my wallet on the table in the hall. One man unloaded the truck and the second waited near the house. I didn’t look what the second man did, but when I came home, I haven’t found my wallet. I filled the report in the police, but I have only guesses, who has stolen the wallet.

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    Lowe's Home Improvement — management

    Management is terrible. Lachele. I don't know how she's still employed. Worse case of entitlement...

    Lowes - Whirlpool Refrigerator — whirlpool gas oven wfg524slas

    As I stated to the Lowes Customer Care representative I spoke to, this was a problem that existed from the...

    Lowes — check cashing policy

    I've been shopping for many years at your store. Then today checking out I am informed that Lowes won't...

    Lowes - Broken Arrow, OK — veterans discounts

    While lowes advertises that they give discounts to veterans they don't! They only give discounts to disabled...

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    Lowes — disappointment in customer service

    As a Contractor, my time is hectic and valuable. Della, at the Pro desk, understands this and treats ALL...

    Lowes — service for whirlpool refridgerator

    Lowes extended service plan has not fixed my freezer and it has been 9 weeks. It took them 3 months to fix my...

    Lowe's — they do not know how to respond to customer complaints

    Lowes informed me that I should expect a call from the installer between 8-10 a.m. The installer called at...

    Lowes — appliance delivery

    We purchased $2300+ of appliances from Lowes over one month ago from the store in Panama City Beach, FL. We...

    Lowes — water heater extended protection plan

    In February of 2008 I purchased a Whirlpool water heater from Lowe's and Purchased a 12 year Extended...

    Lowes — pergo max visconti walnut

    •••please if you have any pergo max visconti walnut flooring••• we are almost a box short on finishing our...

    Lowe's home improvement - general

    This store never misses an opportunity disappoint. Whether it is allowing contractors to park their vehicles and block the loading area while they shop, the poorly trained cashiers or the management people who are non-existent to problems within the store. Today, their ONE staffed garden register malfunctioned. Rather than alert management and start diverting customers to registers inside the store, it took one of the other employees to notice the 8 customers and make an announcement. This is typical of this Lowe's (and what I have read ALL Lowe's) poor service and management.

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      Lowe's — aeratis porch floor boards

      Lowe’s is not loyal to its loyal customers; at least that is my experience. I am stuck with an ugly porch...

      Lowescustomer veterans discount (dis) service

      I need two 50 Gallon gas water heaters because we recently had a heater fail in our attic and caused considerable damage. Not Lowes' problem. I decided to replace them with Lowe's Whirlpool 50 Gallon, 9 year warranty, Item #: 592559 | Model #: 50T9-40NG I went to Lowe's in Hammond, LA but they only had one and it had a damaged box and dent in the side. I called the Metairie, LA store, talked to Customer Service and learned that they had 7 in stock. At the time I asked if they had a veteran's discount and told them that I am a veteran but have no " Veterans" picture ID card but I have a copy of my discharge and a picture ID driver’s license. I was told that that would work and to bring them when I make a purchase. I drove the 60 miles to Metairie, loaded a water heater on a flat cart and went to check out at Register #1. The clerk informed me that I needed a veteran’s picture ID I told her that I had already called Customer Service at that store and was told that my DD 214 and Driver’s license would work. The clerk would not accept that or give me the Veterans Discount on her authority. She made 4 or 5 different phone calls to different people trying to get someone to make a decision and approve the “override” over the course of the next 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the line of customers behind me was growing with other potential customers. I was embarrassed. I asked for the Manager. The clerk called someone and told them the situation and that I wanted to speak to them. After another 5 minutes with no authority figure showing up at register #1, I decided to shop elsewhere and register this complaint. Attached is a picture of one of my new water heaters that I purchased from Home Depot. By the way, Home Depot had NO PROBLEM giving me the Veteran’s discount with my DD214 and Driver’s license. This is the second and last time that I will be embarrassed at Lowe’s while trying to use your advertised veteran’s discount. I won’t put myself through that again I assure you. EF Lyons 2411 Rue Simone Hammond, LA [protected] jerry.[protected]@rawsonlp.com

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        • Sg
          sgtryan Aug 16, 2016

          Jerry read the lowes website before you spout off the veterans discount is 3x per year memorial day, 4th of july, and veterans day there policy is crystal clear ...Military discount with service connected va picture id, retired or dependent with a valid (not expired) id or active duty with valid id get a discount everyday...As you posted your comments on 10/14 clearly it was not one of the veteran discount holiday...

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        Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fanremote control for light and fan

        I'm a "call it to fix it for whatever it is" type of person. So, it came as no surprise when my son's step-mom and I were talking about the fan in my son's room and how I magically "fixed" his ceiling fan and light that go to a remote control. So, she asked if I minded fixing her daughter's fan and light with remote control. I said, "Sure, no problem." However, there seems to be no fix to this problem. There should be a website for Harbor Breeze customers that contains a link that easily explains how to reset or "fix" the remote control that goes to the ceiling fan and light.

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          Lowe's Home Improvement — store customer service

          Whoever answered the phone at the lowe's customer service desk @ 115 foxon blvd. New haven, ct 06513 store...

          Lowe's — personal check denial

          I purchased a $500 gift card at Lowe's on 10/6/15. Store number #2345, Lexington, Ky. I politely asked...

          Harbor Breezecrosswinds ceiling fan

          Purchased two ceiling fans three years ago; turned off one of the fans one morning and when turned on at night, the fan remote would not work, nor would the pull chains operate the fan and light. Replaced the fan receiver and remote, along with the motor switch. This worked, but the fan speeds are no where near what they were when the fan had original parts -- now the highest speed is as slow as the original lowest speed -- that is it -- no more, no less -- barely moves air. The second fan has been working wonderfully! I am going to replace the troublesome fan. Why don't replacement parts work just as well as the original? This makes no sense to me. You spend all the money on a product and have to make repairs (understandable), but why don't the replacement parts work as well as the original?

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            Lowe's Home Improvementscreen door

            On 8/4/2015, we went to the store in Raynham Lowe's home center and ordered a slider and screen for our patio. We were told someone from the store would have to come out to measure and there would be a charge. within a few days the charge was put on my credit card and someone came out complain g about the amount of work that had to be done. Anyway in a few weeks the door and screen were delivered when the contractor tried to install the screen he saw a roller was missing. we were told he would contact the store for a new one to be cut. The second one came it didn't fit today 9/5 I am waiting for a third screen all I get are promises no door

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              Lowe'svicious dogs in the store

              I was disgusted about going in the store in Thomasville to see animal poop and urine on the floor. I also am upset about customers having vicious animals in the store. People should feel safe when shopping in any establishment. My husband was nearly bitten by a dog who growled when he got close to it. I am so upset for the company allowing animals in the store.

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