Long John Silver'scrab cakes

J Jul 30, 2019

I purchased a 6 piece crab cake box on Fri July 12 . I got home and ate two of them, saving the rest till later, and spent the next 3days with food poisoning. I was violently ill Fri and Sat and very shaky on Sunday . I know it was from the crab cake because I hadn't eaten anything else that day. I don't save receipts from fast food restaurants just as most people don't save theirs. I reported this to the store on Monday when I felt good enough to go in and explained my situation and asked for the return of my $5. but was told that without a receipt they could do nothing. I've called 3times to your "customer complaints " phone number for the past 2 1/2 weeks and haven't heard a thing back so far, hence the necessity for this letter. I'd appreciate some form of response acknowledging this email and a solution to my complaint.

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