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Reviews and Complaints

Long John Silver'scombo

I ordered two combos. Fish and chicken, at the drive thru window. Cashier threw the bags and me and was very rude. Seems was very rushed. I did not check food till I got home. Neither meal had a hush puppy or Cole slaw and the French fries over half were cooked too long and hard as a rock. The fish and chicken was very greasy tasting. I will not be returning there no time soon.

Long John Silver'sstaff behavior

Saturday, July 27, 2019
5:51 pm
Order: 253203 Cashier: Tatayania

While waiting, which felt like quite a while (over 10 minutes) to place my order, the cashier was assisting two African american young ladies who had Taco Bell t-shirts on, place their order. The cashier laughed and talked about other employees while I waited. They were laughing at a Caucasian young man about him not knowing what he was doing and he is just talking. The young ladies preceded to lean over the counter laughing and talking with various employees on that shift. One of the young ladies commented that she had gotten off at 4:00 pm and was waiting for her food to cook. She stated she should have just stayed on the clock and wait on her order. Then the young ladies preceded to go in the cooking area even though they were not working. Two other young ladies who was working was sitting at the tables, I assume they were on break. One of them went back behind the counter and worked a little while and then came back out to the tables sitting while on her cellphone. One of the young ladies who was waiting on their order was talking using profanity. A Caucasian young lady was working but she kept coming over to laugh and talk with the young ladies waiting on their order. They were talking about all the new people who were working on that shift. Customers were waiting while they were laughing, talking, and hanging out. They did not appear to understand about professionalism on the job.

Three African American young men came into the restaurant and just sat at tables hanging out talking with the two workers who was waiting on their order. They were talking loud using profanity. One young man was sitting charging his phone without ordering. One did on a cup but I did not see him place the order.

Sadly, this is the second Long John Silver's which I have experienced unprofessional behavior. The restaurant in Glen Allen, VA on Broad Street employees were so horrible complaining about not enough employees working and one young lady stated she would never eat there even though she works for the restaurant. I have not returned to this location. I feel as though Long John Silver's will soon be out of business with the staff they employ.

Long John Silver'sthe shrimp and fish

We ordered a fish and shrimp meal and it was not fresh tasting at all it was cold and fries where like rubbery it was good the first time we got it but this time it wasn't good would like it if you can do something about it thanks we like eating there and people are very nice who work there so if we may get some coupons that will help too thanks you

the shrimp and fish