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I've had consistent issues with this company when the authorization for my insurance lapses. On May 27, 2023, I called the company because I received a message that I was eligible to order. On that date, I found out that my April order had been canceled. I immediately knew that was because my insurance authorization ended. I asked why I hadn't been contacted to advise me that my order was canceled, and I was told "We don't do that." This is a lose/ lose situation. Lincare loses the sale, and I have to pay for my equipment out of pocket. I called my doctor to resolve the issue, and I thought it had been on the doctor's end. I called again on May 30, 2023, and I received no resolution. On June 2, I called multiple times, and I was finally put through to somebody, possibly in the billing department, who promised me that she would take charge. She advised me that she would put the order in, wait a week to see the results, and she would call me back after one week to advise me that she did it. I waited until June 15 to follow up as I had not received a call back. The person said, "It's been a while since we talked" when she realized who I was. She told me she would call me back that day, which she did, providing no real answers other than that they were still trying to get authorization from my insurance. She left a message promising that she would call me back the next business day, which was June 16. She did not. I also sent emails to [protected]@lincare,com, which was a contact derived from the company website on May 30 and on June 2 (two separate emails). None were responded to.

The complaint form requires information that I, as a customer, did not have, which included the name of the local office and my customer number. Lincare never provided me my customer number until June 2.