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Oct 25, 2020

Lincare Holdings — Portable oxygen concentrator

I have been with Lincare in North Wilkesboro NC for at least two years. They were wonderful for the first...

Lincare HoldingsC-pap

I visited over to Lincare in March 2020 to get a new c-pap because my old
c-pap was not regulating pressure properly. Then I was given a new mask and the machine auto control was shut off by the rep and the amount of air was blowing but this did not solve the problem. So I went back to let Lincare know that this was not working and we went. The rep that was dealing with me asked how long did I have my c-pap and it was over five years, so she told me I need a prescription from my doctor. I kept waiting for them to contact me but no phone call came. When I finally went back they told me the prescription had not been sent from my doctor. When I checked on this I found the prescription had been sent back in May and now it is nearing the end of July and still no machine! This is unacceptable and has negatively affected my health.

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    Jul 08, 2020

    Lincare Holdings — Incompetence

    Abandon all hope if you live in the area serviced by the Brookings/Harbor Oregon office of this company and...

    Jan 10, 2020

    Lincare Holdings — portable oxygen

    I called my doctor in November to get machine, cancer remission and copd only weigh 97lbs, I gave up never...

    Nov 05, 2019

    Lincare — lubbock texas 79407

    My name is Anita montelongo, (home health provider/friend). Client is Ida Hernandez 2601 York ave, Apt 309...

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    Lincare Holdingscustomer overlooked in acquisition

    No record of my account since purchase of American Health, repeated calls 8 months, still not processed so no supplies or apnea report report. Called in again and still have not corrected primary physician information. When inquiring am told the patients' information was not migrated during merger and that they are doing the best they can with only 5 women working in the office!!!

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      Lincare Holdingscpac

      To whom it may concern,
      I have been on a bi pac for 15 years, and have had three different ones during that time frame. When my last one started shutting off randomly during the night I tried to order another. The former company HomePatient I learned, had been bought out by Lincare and because it had been a long time since I had done a sleep study Lincare required me to do one, which I did.
      My doctor provided the forms and paperwork for my bi pac and we waited. And waited.
      4 months later we were informed that the sales rep had left the company and "probably took the order forms with her". So we tried again to have the local office supply one and after more waiting, I was notified my order had arrived and I needed to come to the office and get fitted.
      I went to the office here in Bowling Green KY and they gave me a Cpac, not a bi pac as the doctor had ordered. I questioned this and the sales person said that the "policy was that new customers always started with a c pac". I explained I had been using the bipac for well over a decade and THAT is what the doctored had put in his orders. Furthermore, I requested a face mask that would not come off easily as I turn a lot during the night and when it comes off I wake and therefore get little sleep. I was assured one would be ordered and they would call me when it arrived, but to use the c pac until we could work things out.
      A couple months later I was on that side of town and went by to see what happened with my mask. After looking at orders and searching on his computer he said it must have been misplaced but he would order another. I said also I wanted to know about my bi pac, and what was going on. He told me again that Lincares policy was to start people on a cpac. I told him BS! I didn't just start this, and that is NOT what my doctor ordered!
      I packed the damn thing up and it has been sitting in my closet since.
      I have no intention for paying for something that I need, nor my doctor ordered.
      I have yet to get the promised mask.
      I went and bought a bi pac from another I needed.
      You have billed (milked) the insurance company for this charade and billed me for the "difference" or allowed me to "rent" the machine until God knows when.
      I have complained to the agents calls for payment regarding this but have never been offered any solution except to send you money for something that does not work for me!
      You can email me your preferred instructions pertaining to the cpac. It is in the case it came in. I can take it to the store over off Scottsville Rd if you want, or UPS it directly to you.

      A very dissatisfied customer,
      Harold Maxwell

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        Sep 13, 2019

        Lincare Holdings — customer service

        I called in on 2 occasions attempting to obtain a cpap for my grandson. I spoke with possibly a "Jessica" who...

        Sep 05, 2019

        Lincare Holdings — service and product delivery


        Sep 04, 2019

        Lincare Holdings — horrible service

        In our latest encounter with Lincare in Port Jervis, NY, in July, 2019, my husband's physician sent a...

        Lincare Holdings Zincoxygen

        I'm writing for an elderly aunt and myself
        Remember I'm an RN I who has made referrals to Lincare but will not ever again. In fact I'm sharing what I know with drs I've worked with and know in my over 30 yrs exp

        Aunt diagnosed new serious lung disease and other medical complications and disorders.
        Place on Lincare because I ME told her to ask for them.
        I've since been made aware of recent law suits settled by Lincare that validate everything I've now experienced or seen

        Sales Reps going into drs offices who are not on a compatible ERS When the sales reps go for qualifying info for services they provide and or when addl CMN are requiring signature with O2 sats that qualify and qualifying info to continue service and obtain physician signature they are handed the patients paper chart and sit in a room. Flip through the chart and obtain the needed info

        There is exactly ZERO reason a Lincare sales rep or clinician needs access to a patients entire chart
        In fact this breaks more HIPPA laws and Medicare Federal laws than I can even list here !
        The patient was told that the rep can sign a confidentiality document allowing them access to the entire chart. This is untrue !
        Given the info I I found online last night regarding a recent multimillion dollar law suit in which Lincare had to reimburse Fed Govt Medicare billing for exactly what Iam saying here ! Plus they had to reimburse employees who refused to do the dirty work over the billing issues when they all have training under HIPPA and Medicare when they are employed.

        Drivers with smart mouths and I stocked trucks making service calls without setting up an appointment.
        My aunt was placed on Lincare 02 because of my recommendation
        Was given equipment not adequate for her condition to treat her serious hypoxia
        Then when asked for lighter weight equipment it was "perpetually on back order" she went to Lincare because a huge national chain has better access to equipment 24 hr daily service available. It's all a crock.

        It seems they have a huge turnover in the manager over each office. As well as with desk office employees.
        Now rather than assisting patients effectively they refuse delivery except the day they set and then you must pick up at their office themselves !

        Seriously ? Are YOU even kidding me Lincare ?
        This from a company that touts service and programs with clinicians to do free home visits on patients with Lunge disease. Cardiac diseases Asthma and such. They tout the program for sales and revenue without any intention of providing the same level service after they receive the patient. Many of them are unable to BREATHE esp in the south ! So there are your patients Lincare ! Money in pocket for YOU ! But picking up often low standard for diagnosis equipment because THEY could not accommodate YOU !
        Or wait until you freaking MAIL it ?
        There is so much wrong with this I could never list it all !

        They push their managers to a set goal based on MEDICARE OXYGEN PATIENTS ! Why ? BECAUSE MEDICARE IS THE BEST OF THE REVENUE ON OXYGEN ! That's why ! And who is Lincare paying back ? The Medicare from inappropriate billing as per the law suits I referenced !
        They care not about you or their employees it's as bad as a pyramid scheme !
        The "bodies" of employees cast aside have mounted in the years I've been paying attention
        Not only is The is an obvious criminal issue as per those law suits eveidenced on line and paying back Medicare
        But this is a moral issue. They want the revenue and have forgotten promises. My aunts pulmonologist in Oklahoma tells me Lincare has made promises to the dr many times each a new manager. They agree to give Medicare elidibke patients if Lincare will take patients without Medicare and when it's time to pony up ? You got it ! They fall down on promises made !

        Even the best sales staff in the world cannot sell a crap in the toilet product ! They get u to make a promise then refuse to sent it up from middle management. Who is the face of Lincare to those drs those communities ? Not middle management or upper ! It is the sales or manager they send out to make promises they never intended to keep !
        Wrong ! Wrong ! Wrong !

        Shame on you Lincare !!! Never again. In fact I will tell what I know from now until the end what you people are or have become ! My aunt is still on your service but as soon as I can change her i will !


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          Aug 02, 2019

          Lincare — dysfunctional staffing - out of control associate - sullen resp therapist

          My experience included an incredibly sullen and petulant Respiratory Therapist and an associate that was out...

          Lincare Holdingsunauthorized credit card charges/unethical behavior

          My Mother in Law Diane Kennedy was set up with Oxygen Concentrator in March of 2019. She didn't have insurance and was visiting from out of state. I had arranged with customer service to pay the monthly fee of $115 which I was told was the total amount and I would be billed monthly for it. Fast forward to the end of June, I get a call from customer care indicating they don't have my credit card # and they need me card # now. At that moment I wasn't home, I was in the middle of closing on my new home and to tell you the truth I just don't give my credit card # out to people who call and demand it from me. So, I told the rep I would call back and deal with this when I had time. Then Bruno gets on the phone the rep who had been out to our home 2 times and whom I had given the credit card # to twice. He said he misplaced the # which irritated me even more, because now my credit card # is floating around somewhere. I told him it wasn't my problem he lost it; I still wasn't giving out my card # at that moment. He got nasty with me and so Oh yeah, it's not your problem, your not dealing with me now. I said no. I don't have the time. He then nastily said well then call back when you have the time and hung up.

          When I got home my mother in law told me she got a call they found my credit card # and were charging me $460. I never approved the $460 charge. I approved $115 a month. Just because your company made several errors doesn't make it my fault. I believe I spoke with Caesar at that moment. He indicated the $460 would be the only charge, I was extremely furious that I was being inconvenienced for your company's mistake, but I didn't have the time to deal with it any further as I was moving. He assured me I wouldn't have any other charges after the $460. I wanted to dispute the charge because your company had no right to charge me $460 in one shot because of an error. I had to figure out how to not have my account bounce any other authorized charges for the mistake of your company. But I was threatened by him that the equipment would be picked up at that moment and my mother in law would be left with nothing and would not be able to fly home the following week. So, I had no other choice, which is really disgusting of your company.

          Now I see a charge for $11.24. I didn't authorize this charge either. Why does your company continue to use my credit card for charges I don't authorize? I will be disputing this with my bank. I will also be sending a copy of this letter to the BBB. I will write a review on any social media I can find. Your company is a terrible company to deal with. I can see why insurance companies don't want to deal with your company.

          Very truly yours,

          Melissa Kennedy

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            Jul 23, 2019

            Lincare Holdings — no call back

            I have been trying to reach someone in the Dover office because one of our patients has been unable to reach...

            Jul 22, 2019

            Lincare — poor customer service

            My husband used Lincare service from Lake Havasu, AZ for the past few years. I paid the bill every month...

            Jul 20, 2019

            Lincare — service/ products

            My mother has COPD and now requires oxygen 24/7. I cannot tell you how many times she has had a problem with...

            Jul 16, 2019

            Lincare Holdings — customer service

            I have been with lincare for 15 plus years and in the last 2 years this company has went down hill. I wa...

            Jun 18, 2019

            Bethel, CT Lincare — no response for cmn request to start patient on bipap

            Rose Marcellus-12/21/1949 is on CPAP with Lincare and Doctor has not been able to normalize AHI on CPAP...

            Lincare Holdingsyour staff

            Your employees were on my property when they opened my storm door to put their flyer on my door knob. They didn't make sure the door was closed and it was blown open in a storm that evening. My door and porch light was damaged. I called in and was told by a manager that it would be taken care of. I was asked to take pictures and get them to the I Care dept. Then I was told they didn't care and wouldn't pay for the damage and I was hung up on. I am now in the process of posting a review everywhere I can to explain that your company does not take responsibility for damage that is directly caused by their employees being at someones home.

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              Lincare Holdingscustomer service

              I moved from one town to another August 2018. I have made multiple calls to the company requesting that my local office be changed. To date (06/11/19), this has not been done.

              I have been trying to check out other mask options for my CPAP machine. Initially, they told me that I would need a doctors order to get that done. I complied and have called them several times to find out what my next step is. Every time I call them, I am told that someone will call me back within 48 hours. That has not happened.

              I thought this was a random failure, however I have had several patients that I work with in my hospital complain about the same thing. My next step will be to call Medicare and ask for another provider. I am long overdue for new supplies.

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