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Lincare Holdings review: Incorrect product sent three times

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Long story short: They sent me the wrong headgear and are refusing to either reimburse me for the charge or send the correct one. Whole story: I've been using Lincare for years, getting the same headgear for the entire time. A few orders ago, I was shipped a different style. It fit so I figured the old one was just discontinued. On my last order, they sent a strap that did not fit. I called and was told to send it back for a replacememt. I did and they sent a box full of nose pillows that weren't in the right size. I called again and was told to send it back for a replacement. I did and they then sent me a frame not the strap. I called again, was told to send it back and when I called, I was told by a Kelly Golden from the Escalation Resolution Team that they would not send me a replacement. Even though she admitted that the new headgear should never have been sent in the first place, that they still carried the original headgear and the new strap was "universal". I don't know what she means by that. The strap doesn't fit. She says that she won't send a replacement since she claims that I never sent the wrong strap back. Which doesn't make sense for a few reasons. First of all, they obviously got the strap back as they tried to send a replacement for it. Two, why do they even care since they can't sell opened medical equipment to someone new. And three, this is really how they treat a costumer of this many years. They admit the gear should never have been changed, they admit that you sent the wrong strap for this gear THREE TIMES and they're still reusing to replace it?

Desired outcome: Refund my copay or send me the proper strap