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Lincare Holdings - Delivery of oxygen tanks

I have contacted everyone in this company and will make this last attempt. I have never in 70 years been treated, talked to and run over like I have with this one.

I have been on oxygen for a little over a year. My doctor sent me to this company and I will also take it up with his office the treatment your patients take. First of all, I find it deploring that they think because we are on oxygen, we should wait all day for someone to deliver the weeks tanks. After a very long and exhausting time (very long) I got them to agree to deliver first thing on Friday morning. Well, first thing is whenever and if ever they decide to come. I do have one driver that makes it right around 10AM but the other is always later. But if an emergency happens you can't even call the people waiting, just let them sit and wait! I have a family member I take care of 30-40 miles away and need to leave my home by 10:30. They are in very poor health and cannot be left alone, they cannot get out of bed, walk or help themselves at all. It is very dangerous for them to be left alone.

Like today at 10:30 I call the office only to be lied to by Katie. I asked to speak to April and was told she was on vacation. I asked who else was in the office and told only her. I stated I would call Christy and would need the number at which point as snotty as possible told "I thought you had that number". I told her, she did not need to be snotty with me and she hung up. I called back and another person was in the office. This is normal for this office to put you off as easy as they can. I had to leave and informed her the driver would have to come back between 3 and 3:30. I would have to run home; I was out of oxygen other than the take and ½ I had. She said he would not be able to come by even though I am not far away and supposably don't close until 5PM. All they think about is the concentrator and I can't take it with me. I have been told to come to the store and pick them up, and today I was told if I called the emergency over the weekend, they would not bring me tanks.

I am a handicap 70-year-old, I have heart condition and bad legs. Carrying my purse and one tank is too much for me for any distance. I was told months ago I could not have the number of tanks I needed because they did not have them. Thats scary to think you have an oxygen company that can't supply you what you need.

I don't know how a company that's open from supposably from 8:30 - 5 cannot deliver before 10:30 AM and if they are going to be late the customer is supposed to sit and wait with no knowledge when they will arrive. I once had to hire a nurse which is very expensive to come 30 miles back to Mt Zion for a delivery. And turn around and drive 30 miles back. The expense of a nurse is why I take care of them, we cannot afford full time nursing care or we would have it! Being told the driver cannot come back to deliver and if I run out, I can just stay home with the concentrator. Makes you wonder if someone is wanting to get out early. Not that they don't deserve it occasionally.

It seems to me your company has service backwards; my insurance pays you to perform this service. Not for me to be stressed out every week trying to get to my sister so she is not alone. Or spend an entire day waiting not knowing when someone would show up. I feel like I work for Lincare.

How does a company act like this. Not just one but everyone in the office. Messages were lost so the drivers did not have the items I called about. Being told to come pick up tanks when my insurance pays you for this work. I have read reviews and printed out a number of them to show my doctor's office. The biggest percent of them are people that have been treated the same or worse than I have. I will suggest they not have the patients use your service and will reaching out to Social Security to see if this can be taken care of through Medicare and my secondary insurance.

I am sorry to make this so long and half of what has happened is not even here. Have I been abrupt with the office you bet I have. Being treated like a [censored] and left to just whenever they want to deliver is horrible. As I stated, because we are on oxygen does not make our days any less important than Lincare! Lets have your company wait until we are ready like you are doing us!

Peggy Harper-Crist

Desired outcome: Treat us like we are the ones paying you and not like we owe you anything! Make deliveries on time and get another driver if you can't with 2

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