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Lincare Complaints & Reviews

Lincare / Bills I do not owe - Medicare Pays

Gemsing on Sep 23, 2017
I have been receiving bills from American HomePatient for 19 months - bills I do not owe. I was never informed, that when Lincare acquired American HomePatient, Lincare failed to negotiate with Scott & White Health Plan, to continue serving S&W patients. I had finally managed to stop an...

Lincare / customer service is deplorable

pradamary on Sep 19, 2017
I am a registered nurse. Since 8/22/17 I have been attempting to get a Roho Cushion for a quadriplegic woman with multiple stage III pressure ulcers. On 8/22/17 I spoke to the wound care nurse who saw my patient, she states that Dr. Gould has recommended a roho cushion for our mutual...

Lincare / cpap patient

elizabethsfavorite on Sep 19, 2017
The transition from Home Health Depot has been kind of agonizing. I don't think you were properly staffed to handle the influx of patients! I have had to rebuild my whole chart:( I don't think this is Lincare's fault and hopefully 'Julie' in the Lafayette office has me on the right track...

Lincare / my payment was made and confirmed but not processed

mepat on Sep 19, 2017
On August 4, 2017 I paid balance of 42.93 for my account. my name is Ronald Hopkins and customer id is 904-9513. I am showing payment was made to optigen two agnt pymnt from my checking account. I never had a problem paying and receiving credit before and I did not take the confirmation number...

Lincare / not focused on customers

Tommy on Sep 15, 2017
I wonder how people can run the company with the attitude they give to customers. How does it work? making arrangements in the evening is something out of their understanding. I work every day and don't have time for service during the work days. I can only come in the evening or on the...

Lincare / nutritional supplies

Rosalind Wynne on Sep 14, 2017
Hello, My name is Rosalind Wynne, and I am representing Wynne's Adult Care Facility located in Lynchburg, VA. The reason for this complaint is that we take care of special needs individuals who's sole source of nutrition is ensure. One of our clients KJ date of birth 12, 23, 1981, is on a...

Lincare / Oxygen Delivery

Hardshell on Sep 7, 2017
September 7, 2017. Every time that the Manager, Rob Lindsay, is manning the office, service deteriorates. He is not only inefficient, he is unhelpful, rude, and threatening. Every time Kim, the usual contact who is very efficient and helpful, is out of the office, my oxygen delivery...

Lincare / delivery of oxygen concentrator

Thomas Lavin on Sep 1, 2017
Aug 25 Dr. MacDannald calls and orders an oxygen concentrator. He tells me that I should receive a call that afternoon, but if I haven't received a call by the morning of Aug 28, to call him back. Aug 28 afternoon I called my doctor back because I hadn't heard from Lincare. Aug 29 Edgar from...

Lincare / in-home oxygen setup/delivery

Michelle Stroh on Aug 28, 2017
My husband, Patrick Stroh, was discharged from the University of Minnesota Hospital on Friday, 8/25. He was to have oxygen set up in our home and needs 5-8 liters. The Lincare representative and self-proclaimed “manager” delivered two oxygen tanks to the hospital to get him home, and it...

Lincare / cpap machine

Camyll Q on Aug 23, 2017
Hi, I am writing this Complaint regarding a Patient we have been trying to get in since April to get a cpap machine. I have talked to countless people between your Fredricksburg office and the Chantilly office which know one was able to help. I work for a Doctor that refers a lot of...

Lincare / customer service

Ken DeAmaral on Aug 22, 2017
I have been with Lincare since the first of the year. I had no problem getting the home concentrator and oxygen bottles. My complaint is, I had told Adam I would be taking a vacation and it involved being on airplanes which oxygen bottles are not allowed. He told me that Lincare needed to...

Lincare / portable air concentrators

Vonda Hopper Groves on Aug 20, 2017
My mother has been homebound due to Lincare not providing her with a portable air concentrator. Her doctor submitted the necessary information needed to provide her with one. She had been trying for over 2 months. Now they say it will be another month. Deaconess Hospital provided another...

Lincare / poor service of latham, ny office

BroncoStan on Aug 17, 2017
I am the wife of a COPD patient who depends on OXYGEN for his life. 1.The first problem was after our move, TEXAS and LATHAM, NY couldn't get the account transferred--it's been one year!! 2. Stan rents a big concentrator and a portable concentrator from LINCARE. He was told 3 MONTHS AGO to...

Lincare / unfair ineligibility for re-hire

Denise777 on Aug 16, 2017
I worked for Lincare in 2007 for the Corvallis, Oregon store. My manager told me the store was closing and we would all need to look for another job. Shortly thereafter my manager was discharged. I gave a 2 months notice of quit. Why am I not eligible for re-hire? Please is it possible to...

Lincare / unable to get bipap supplies

Julianne C. on Aug 15, 2017
My Mom has been trying to get supplies for her bi-pap machine since November 2016. Her strap broke and I found her unresponsive and had to call 911. She was in the intensive care unit and almost died. That was over a month ago. I found her one more time since then where her mask broke and...

Lincare / oxygen supply delivery

repeat on Aug 14, 2017
Customer service is horrible. Have been on oxygen for severe C0PD since release from hospital on 7/29/17. Have never been contacted by a rep to explain how this program works. I was told by a delivery driver that I was on automatic replenishment, but every Monday when delivery is due, I...

Lincare / oxygen concentrator

Judith Bjerke on Aug 12, 2017
For 2 years in a row, I have had a problem with the Garland, TX office delivering a concentrator to the Omni Hotel in Dallas, TX. This untimely delivery caused me to miss several short sessions in an Expo/Exhibit Hall that were vital to my business. I have checked with my local office...

Lincare / portable oxygen concentrator

kotsa01 on Aug 7, 2017
Last August I gave my local office a prescription from my pulmonary doctor for a Portable oxygen concentrator (POC ) I was told it would take 6 to 8 weeks to get it. I have been in touch with my local office at least weekly for a year now. Every time I call I get A different excuse. I have...

Lincare / inr/pt machine used for at home monitoring of blood coagulation

Bulldawg56 on Aug 3, 2017
When I signed up for Lincare about 5 years ago, I was told about a 20 percent CO pay, so I told the sales lady no thanks, I pay nothing at the clinic I go to weekly and then she informed me that they would take care of the 20 percent CO pay so I would pay nothing and have a machine at home...

Lincare / nebulizer machine

williambuck on Aug 1, 2017
We get oxygen, portable oxygen, and nebulizer from Lincare in Katy for many years. I wanted to go to the Katy office about problem again with the nebulizer but I am told when I call the Katy number this morning at 8am that they are not in that office and the Houston office takes a call...

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