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My name is April Harbin, and I do not know my client number.

I have been purchasing my glasses from LensCrafters at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, Georgia for 3 years. The first time I went to LensCrafters, I did so because I could get my glasses the same day. Last year, I had to wait for my glasses to be made somewhere else and arrive, but I waited less than a week to receive them.

My appointment this year was on Sunday, December 9, 2018. As usual, I purchased new glasses.

When I went to order my glasses, my sales associate had to either stand or sit on the desk. When I asked why, she said that someone over this particular store came in and removed all of the chairs and that only the customers could sit. This was quite an unpleasant experience having someone stand or sit over me to discuss my glasses. I ordered my glasses with the sales associate sitting over me to take my picture for the bifocal fit using an ipad.

I called the store last Sunday, December 16, 2018, to see if my glasses had arrived, and I was told that it would take a week to 10 days to receive my glasses. Last Sunday was a week.

I called the store today to see if my glasses had arrived. I was told that they had not arrived, that my "promise date" is today, and that my "promise date" had changed to this Friday, December 21, 2018. What good is a promise date if it can just be moved on a whim?

The total cost for my glasses was over $1, 100.00. After the application of my vision benefits, I paid over $400.00. In the present day, two weeks is too long to wait for a pair of glasses.

When you pay this much for glasses, walking into a store that is lacking equipment for proper bifocal fit, no chairs for sales associates to sit in to assist you, and waiting two weeks for the glasses to arrive is quite insane.

I have referred so many people to LensCrafters over the past three years, and I'm questioning whether I need to continue to do so.

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    LensCrafters — employee/false advertisement

    On Saturday, December 15, 2018 approx.10:05 a.m. I called LensCrafters in Florence S.C. about the last...

    LensCraftersonline prescription glasses order

    -Misty Tardiff
    ORDER NUMBER [protected]

    This is my first experience ordering prescription glasses online. Unfortunately this experience has been extremely frustrating. I ordered prescription glasses two weeks ago. When I ordered, I paid (partially with insurance. I sent in my prescription immediately and I also input my optometrist's contact information. I have heard absolutely nothing in regards to my order. No confirmation of order received email. No calls or emails to ask questions. I called the customer service line. After being on hold for 20 minutes I decided to send an email instead. I sent an e-mail last Thursday expressing my concern about not getting updates or confirmation about my order. On Monday I received an email saying they would be happy to answer questions when I call. Once again I call and this time I'm able to speak with a representative. First she tells me she can't even find my order. Then she tells me that they sent two e-mails to me requesting my optometrist's number because the one I provided was a non working number. I immediately checked my spam folder because I received no email whatsoever. I was never emailed. I then double checked the number I provided to my optometrist. It was correct. I called to verify and had no problem reaching my doctor.

    I am so disappointed and confused as to what is going on. The worst part about it is I want to request a refund but if it doesn't get back to my insurance company in time, I am going to completely miss out on my annual prescription glasses coverage since it is December. I would hope that if I request a refund they will at least honor the insurance coverage as well.


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      LensCrafters — employee

      I stoped by on Saturday December 1st to go pick my sons and my glasses. I arrived at 8:30. Online...

      LensCraftersonline order

      I tried to place an online order for contact lenses on November 25, 2018, but system was completely down. I was asked repeatedly to reset my password. When I finally got in, there was no way to submit the prescription. I called customer service each day to try and get my order filled. On Monday, the customer service rep said he would retrieve the prescription, when I called Tuesday to check my order, nothing had been done. Follow up Wednesday, was promised expedited shipping, Thursday called, nothing had been done. I asked for a supervisor, customer service disconnected me. I cancelled my order, will never use again and will be sure to share my horrible experience.

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        LensCrafters — terrible service. poorly made product - kenneth cole glasses

        Paid over $600.00 cash to your store in San Diego, CA [protected] Clairemont Dr, San Diego, CA 92117). One of...


        I clean lenses appropriately and correctly. The coating started to come off and lenses became foggy. I used the protection plan I bought and paid $50 to renew. Less than a year later I'm having the same problem, I was told the protection plan starts from original date of purchase and was told they would offer me 40% off of new lenses(which is the standard offer). I paid nearly $1000 for the lenses only to have the coating peel off in less than year. LensCrafters refuses to correct the problem. Don't waste your money go to Wal Mart, I have 2 old pairs from there that are in better shape than the ones from lensecrafters, plus customer service is better and they will correct any issues due to defective product

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          LensCraftersmanager of the store

          I've been a client of LC for a long time now. We used to go to LC Plaza las americas in Puesto Rico. I always go to Dra. Burgos for her outstanding service and profesionalism. The employees where very helpful. When I went to pick up a new pair of glasses I notice there is not much inventory is the same frame over and over. And because three months ago when I went from a warranty change of frame the told me that because the change "the terms" I had to exchange it for the exact same frame (I wanted the same but another color) Nobody informed me this in writing... well because ao all these reasons I want to shpo around. Fot this I need the pupilary distance (which is supposed to come as part of the eye exam. They told me to talk to the manager. I ask the person on the cash register at the moment and I got the worst and nastiest attitude ever, and after this she tells me: "If you want a manager that would be me!" Initially she told me that the PD was dependant of the frames chosen. I just stared at her indicationg that the measure is standard (I'm an MD) and after this she told me that by law she is not obliged to give it to me. I went to the gorls that work with the ophthalmologist and the gave me a measurement given by the machine. Considering I was used to being treated very professionally by Francisco (they told me he no longer works with you) all my family use to get our glasses with you. My mom, dad, husband, sister and nephews (Francisco's service draw all of us in) But after this very nasty encounter I will be only be going back for my eye exam with Dr. Burgos.

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            LensCraftersworst customer service i've ever had

            First off, the doctor who had given me an exam, was very quick and seemed as if he was in a rush, from the start I was very skeptical about the situation. With that being said i trusted that they knew what they were doing. After the prescription was filed, lens crafters ( in the same building ) checked it and said its good and they made my prescription.
            After about 3 days i got a call that my glasses were ready, so I cancelled every appointment I had and quit dispatching trucks. ( as a business owner that is THOUSANDS of dollars )

            Anyways... They offered to redo my eye exam... okay ? but now I am going to have to come back to test the glasses which at this point im doubting would be the right ones.
            so im supposed to lose twice the money for them to complete one job which I had paid about 600 dollars for...
            As I based my frustrations the only "solution" was to redo my eye exam and refund me $50 dollars off my $439... As a business owner and as someone who has been raised and always practiced the statement "the customer is always right" my experience was below that by an unexplainable amount.
            My final statement to them was either you can give me a 50 percent refund on my glasses and make it right ( which is a lot less than the money I would lose from making two trips to them for one job being done, which I had already paid for ) or I would take a full refund and find another company to complete my order... now instead of fixing it and keeping my business they chose to refund me and send me to the next company per the " owners policy "

            to say the least I am disappointed and this will be shared with anybody I come across asking for recommendations.

            thanks for nothing,
            Jordan Miller

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              LensCrafters — eyeglasses

              On August 1, 2018, I purchased a pair of prescription sunglasses and eye glasses from Lenscrafters in Ro...


              Lenscrafters Lenox Square Atlanta GA — no show / unprofessional doctor

              I'vr scheduled an appointment for 10/22/18 for 1pm @ lennox square mall in atlanta ga but was told to please...


              LensCrafterscustomer service

              My first visit this year began with computers down and a flighty worker, Bobby, to take measurements. He couldn't complete one task and I was there a long time. Other customers were getting aggravated. I went back the next day to finish the appt due to computer issues. Days later I pick up my glasses. I can't see out of them. " Find your sweet spot" says the manager. There's not one. Not my first rodeo with progressives. They are wrong. I come back another day to get an eye exam again. Pick up the glasses days later. I can't see good. The lab tech says give it a week. I did. Went back. Bobby told me he knew what was wrong with my glasses and let me go like that because I didn't acknowledge him. What an butt! He needs to stay on task. I can't handle flighty adults working on me. I will not be back. Also, they told me a daily thief will get the Prada and Burberry lenses and walk out. Nothing will be done because of the safety of the employees. What? I don't feel safe knowing they know about this and what if he goes ballistic? I was in there with my daughter for her appt and he was stealing. Too many other places to go that is less stressful. Staff being butts to customers and letting them leave with wrong glasses! No, thanks.

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                LensCrafters — anti-glare lenses

                I needed a new prescription glasses and I was recommended premium anti-reflective coating on my lenses at...

                LensCrafterstested sunglasses

                My name is Elton Ramasir, my address is 2670 cypress court, Miramar fl 33023. My phone number is [protected], this information should be used to retrieve information on my account.
                Within the last few years, I have purchased at least 6 pairs of glasses and sunglasses from lens crafters, I was recently at one of your Miami locations where the agent talked me into a extended warranty, first of all, the sales person was very pushy, but at the end, I paid for the warranty.
                It was never explained to me that the warranty has only a 1 year life span or I would never have bought this, I was told that any issues that I would have with any pair of glasses purchased after this plan was purchased would be covered, I would later learn that this information is absolutely incorrect.
                I recently visited a lens crafters location in elmhurst NY, located in the Macy's. First of all, let me say that I have never in my life ever dealt with anyone as insulting, rude and condescending as the agent that I dealt with at this location, one pair of my sunglasses was still covered by my warranty that I had purchased previously, not knowing that this warranty was only valid for 1 year... The agent in NY was so rude in explaining this to me that it made me feel very insulted and insecure, I am 67 years of age, this woman whom was much younger than I was even walked away from me and decided not to deal with me. I asked to speak to a manager, another young woman came to me and informed me that there was no managers on duty and that I have to speak to them or go to another location in Brooklyn.
                I feel that lens crafters took advantage of me being a older individual, I feel as though I was ripped off and I did not receive a service or product that was promised to me, this is totally unacceptable, I refuse to take my business to lens crafters unless my issues have been addressed.
                I have two pairs of tested sunglasses, they both have defective lens, I will be happy to provide pics if necessary. The agent advised me to buy new frames as lens would cost me $300 and that is using my warranty, she never checked anything, she just told me that is the cost. She then advised me that a new pair of tested sunglasses and frames would cost the same... This did not sound correct to me buy then she rudely told me that this is all she can do for me. As far as my second pair of sunglasses, I would also be charged $50 to warranty just the lens, this fee was a handeling fee as she stated to me.
                This is absolutely horrible service, no managers available at flagship location, poor, rude and unprofessional customer service, trying to steal from elderly people that they think will not know any better.
                As stated earlier, I feel insulted, unsatisified and unhappy with Lens Crafters, the standards have been declining over the years... Let's see how co operate deals with my issues.
                My contact number in [protected], I was told that my warranty will expire on the 26 of this month, i am willing to take my business elsewhere and pay for three pairs of new tested sunglasses, the fact of the matter is, if lens crafters is willing to treat me likely his, I should take my business elsewhere as lens crafters does not value my business...

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                  LensCrafters — charges

                  My son, whom is in college in Huntsville went in for an eye exam and to order additional contacts My...

                  LensCrafters — unethical behavior - nick totaran (mgr) - lenscrafters - scarsdale, ny

                  To Whom It May Concern, I am writing this letter to bring to your attention an abusive situation that...

                  LensCrafterspartial order/customer service

                  I purchased contacts at the Lens Crafter at Northlake Mall in Charlotte NC on 9/12/2018. I ordered the 30 day supply. I waited a week and still did not receive my order. I called the store and spoke with the manager, Gary who told me that he was not sure why I did not get my order but he would have is shipped UPS. Three days later I received a partial order. I received the contacts for my right eye only. I called the store back and spoke to the Manager Gary and he said he apologized and he didn't know what happened. He said he would have the left eye contact shipped. and would credit my account $40.00 for the inconvenience. I waited once again for my order. And a week later, I still did not have the left eye. I called back on 9/29/2018 and spoke to a Holly or someone one with the letter "H" for the first name. She said that Gary was not in but he would be on Sunday at noon and she would have him give me a call. On Sunday he did not call me. I called the store again 10/01/18 and spoke with another lady sounded like the same lady and was told that he was with a patient and he would give me a callback. I still do not have my contacts for my left eye. And Gary is not returning my call. I do not appreciate the lack of professionalism. And I do not appreciate paying for something and not getting what I paid for. I do believe that I should be compensated more than $40 and that the Manager Gary should call me and apologize. This situation needs to be made right. I will appreciate a response from someone as to how this situation will be fixed.

                  Kimberly Turner [protected]

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                    LensCrafters — warranty

                    In January I purchased two pairs of glasses and another household member also bought his glasses at the same...

                    LensCrafters — glasses

                    on may 24 2017 i purchased glass with the protection plan for a total of $321.96 Just recentluy i noticed...

                    LensCrafterseyeglasses and lies

                    Earlier this month I selected a pair of brand name eyeglasses with a progressive lens and bifocals. They texted me a week later to let me know that the glasses were ready for pickup. I thought they did a good job with the initial measurements, however, afterwards the glasses slid down my nose at times and also fogged up for no apparent reason. I cleaned the glasses yet they still fogged up. I returned to the store a few days later and the manager made a lot of adjustments and said that he would order a new frame for me and that it would take a week. A week passed and I didn't hear from them so I called them and then they said the glasses were ready. In my opinion the glasses seemed to be the same as the ones I had before. One employee said that the frame had broke during shipment while the manager said that they were new. Unfortunately the glasses continued to fog up. I ended up getting a refund. What bothers me is that they should've been transparent to begin with about where the glasses came from instead of saying that they ordered a new frame when the frame came straight from the display counter. Also, a brand name pair of glasses shouldn't fog up or get dirty easily.

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