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lens corrosion

Bought the maui jim makawao and have loved them excerpt went swimming in a pool in hawaii and my lens corroded! Was a saltwater pool, just like I was swimming in the ocean. Mj has not been cooperative to replace or willing to look at. I even went to a professional at sunglasses hut and they said this is unusual and mj should replace these.

They should replace these if they want a lifelong customer especially for the price they charge.

lens corrosion
lens corrosion

Resolved sunglasses

I was told "buy maui jims, you will love them" they are great with lenses but no quality on the frames. Mine have gone back twice and when I pointed out this was unacceptable they told me to send them $15 and my glasses so they can evaluate (not fix) so there goes the good service myth. Another company living off it's past good name. Do not buy these would be my advice.


After getting in touch with a real human things seem to be going much smoother now .

don't buy from them

They are expensive and WILL break.
I suffered a corneal abrasion after the temple snapped and the jagged plastic piece sprung forcefully into my eye.
THE MOST painful experience ever.
I now have an emergency room bill and

a broken pair of CRAP $300 sunglasses.
I filed a complaint with CPSC & their investigator told me that prescription glasses were not covered by the CPSC, but the FDA. Maui Jim's product is an expensive & DANGEROUS P.O.S!!!

  • Iv
    ivanruiz Aug 10, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have several pairs of the no-hinge "Wailea H503-23" glasses, they are great until they break and they ALL break. The glass does not resist the stress of folding them.

    They are $240 and should have stronger glass or a non questions asked return guarantee.

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service that sucks!!

Sent my Maui Jim sunglasses in for repair, after telling the cust.service lady that the glasses had percription lenses.2 weeks and 13 bucks for shipping and the glasses show up, just as i had sent them (but covered with handprints)and nothing had been done.The enclosed not states that they will not work on the glasses theymake if the factory lenses are not installed.Thanks for wasting my money and my time..Looks like Ray-Ban will get all my future business.

crap sunglasses

"Best customer service"...BS
Bought a pair of Mauna Loa's less than a year ago (over $300) and the
bridge broke. They and the dealer I purchased them from told me that
that model was discontinued. The stress cracks in the glasses and the
broken bridge were not covered by the warranty...are you kidding me!
What is the sense of having a warranty to begin with if they can't
hold up to simple wear and tear? They offered to give me 50% off the
price of a new pair from their website (in other words 50% of of full
tilt retail). What a cray outfit with equally crappy customer
service. You would think that a high end company would stand behind
their product, guess again. Companies like L.L. Bean, Filson, Cannon,
Ray Ban, Helly Hansen come to mind as reliable companies I've had
outstanding customer service from and have gone the extra mile to keep
a customer happy and will get my complete loyalty. Had a 25 year old
pair of Ray Ban's that were fixed at no charge. Maui Jim...CRAP!

  • Sh
    shakira arias Dec 17, 2015

    bought two pair of sunglasses maui jim one year ago. one for my daughter, and one for my self as a personal gitf, these two glasses, have desapointed me very badly... in fist place the fist on break in the middle just by pulling them on my head wile driving for a refreshing viw and the other one had the same damage as they fall from my daughter hands... these sunglasses are very expensive, to be so frigil.. this make me vey sand and angry at the same time..i am from a spanish contry, these sunglasses was purchase in colombia san andres island.. been trying via your website to find some one in customer service that cuold be abble to asisst me with this issue, but unfortunately no response from them.. been tryin via phone calls and sadly no help.. im very dissapointed, and felt rab by these ppl. my name is shakira arias livingston live in colombia san andres island, my phone number in colombia is 317-8537255.. 300-4385947 please note that im expecting to here back from you all.. i have evidencies if its may be requierd. thanks in can be provided.. email adress.. [email protected] [email protected], com.. please advise ASAP.. to both emails... adress: aeropuerto internacional gustavo rojas pinilla 3er piso, aeronautica civil centro de control. sunglasses information..sglasses#1 and #2...braekwall ce U.S.Pat.7717557. mauiRMJ-422-26 63-13-127 MADE IN JAPAN. TWO OF THE SAME.. been trying to upload the pics, but having dificulties..

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  • Nj
    N Jeffry May 18, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Maui Jim sucks!!! Bought a pair of their high end, extremely expensive sunglasses. I had prescription lenses put in them. A couple of weeks ago my new puppy got a hold of them and chewed the bows. Called Maui Jim they told me to send them in and they would replace the bows for free. I send them via overnite delivery. Just got the sunglasses back and they were not repaired! There was a note in the box indicating that the lenses had been changed out for prescription lenses that were not Maui Jim prescription lenses so consequently Maui Jim would not honor the warranty and fix the bows. I told the customer service representative that I would be happy to pay for new bows, and they said no since the lenses had been changed to non Maui Jim prescription lenses. I told the customer service rep that they (Maui Jim) told me where to take the glasses to have the lenses converted to prescription lenses. They still will not fix these sunglasses. I will NEVER purchase another pair of Maui Jim sunglasses again, and the other 4 pair I own are being tossed in the trash since the Maui Jim company is trash as well!

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  • Mi
    Michael Persons Jul 08, 2020
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    Verified customer

    I have a pair with their prescription lenses in them. In less than a year the bows when folded, would rest on the lenses and scratch them. I felt it was a manufacturer defect in design. Factory finally answered my email and said it was not covered under warranty . I have worn glasses for 50 years and NEVER had a pair that did this???? For the few dollars it would have cost them to replace them they could have made a happy customer???? They stink, the eye glass design stinks and their price is too HIGH for plastic.
    I won't be buying their brand again. This was my first and last with Maui Jim. Shame on them.

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poor quality lens coating

Do yourself a favor and stay away from these glasses. The coating they put on the lens is not as good as other sunglasses. Their CS says you need to clean with soapy water and who always has that with them. What a joke! I have owned other glasses for long periods of time without any problem. The frame broke right away on these and I knew they were crap but CS replaced the frame after I raised sand. The lens issue is do to poor quality on their part. They went down to $40 to replace the defective lens and I have bought my last pair of MJ's. I hope it was worth it! Stay away and buy another product.

  • Ji
    Jimmy the D Jun 23, 2016

    Purchased Serengeti's for years but thought I would give the Maui Jim's a try. Paid well over $200 for glass lensed Maui Jim's. Painted started chipping/flaking within the year. Lens kept falling out on one side even after reinstalling by eye doctor. Fell out again and chipped the lens. Contacted Maui Jim and not a word. A good company would respond in 24 to 48 hours!!! Great glass lenses but poor quality and customer service. DO NOT BUY Maui Jim's... They are garbage!!

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I feel like I over paid for the sun glasses, then over paid for repair

I purchased very expensive sun glasses ... and they broke. I treated them well. They were much more fragile than I was lead to believe.

Nordstrom, Lands End, The North Face and many more stores will repair/replace a defective item. Maui Jim would not.

After a series of phone calls they fixed the sun glasses. Cost $70.00

I feel like I over paid for the sun glasses ... then over paid for repair. The sun glasses were marketed as 'sport glasses', yet, in my opinion they were a fragile product with fundamental design flaws.

stay away from this shady company

Maui Jim fixed/replaced my first pair of sunglasses..No questions...but NOW all I get from my other pair of expensive sunglasses is a $75.00 credit towards a new pair since they discontinued manuf. the one I sent in to be fixed. WOW...I used to tell everyone about the great service I got from Maui Jim...not anymore..They will hear about this new deal I was given. Very Disappointed!!!

simply awful

The Maui Jim sunglasses model that I purchased had a manufacturing defect where the screw cracked the lenses. Maui Jim replaced the sunglasses (I paid shipping costs). After a year, the same thing happened again. More shipping costs and another pair was returned to me. Problem: the lenses on the sunglasses returned to me are rose-colored, not the gray ones I sent in to be replaced. Because their computer system insists that I am wrong, Maui Jim will do nothing but agree to change out the lenses for $60. I told the repair technician that they could check the lenses from the glasses I sent to be repaired against the ones they sent me and was told they have no way to track what I sent them. After going through three employees/managers/supervisors (who collectively spent nearly an hour telling me that I was wrong about the color of the lenses of the sunglasses I sent to them - sunglasses that I had worn for a year, no less) I am awaiting a telephone call from a Maui Jim Vice President. I fully expect to travel to Peoria (where they are located) to sue them in small claims court. Even if I lose, it will cost them more to defend my suit than it would have to correctly replace the glasses with the correct lenses. Their website says: "At Maui Jim, your complete satisfaction is our number one priority." This is obviously a big lie given the hassle the company has given me.

not like it used to be!!

Maui Jim fixed/replaced my first pair of sunglasses..No questions...but NOW all I get from my other pair of expensive sunglasses is a $75.00 credit towards a new pair since they discontinued manuf. the one I sent in to be fixed. WOW...I used to tell everyone about the great service I got from Maui Jim...not anymore..They will hear about this new deal I was given.
Very Disappointed!!!

  • Al
    Albert1234 Nov 13, 2018

    I bought a pair of Maui Jim Longboard in 2011. I have had bad cataracts so could not use them. My eyes are stabilized so I now in 2016 need a prescription. Cost $400.00. I asked if I could have them filled through the Veterans Administration (VA). I am a disabled veteran. Maui Jim says they don't deal with the VA.

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  • Ch
    Cher Benton Jun 16, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband chose Maui Jim sunglasses due to their reputation but I cannot how poorly they have held up. He uses them as their prescription sunglasses. He likes them a lot but the wire has pushed through on both sides by the ears. I am truly disappointed in the Maui Jim product at this point.

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