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Sunglasses — Frame broke

I bought Iris Eyewear Sunglasses at BKC(Mumbai, India) exhibition on 19/5/19.
I usually, wear them only sundays.

Last sunday (15.03.20) I heard sharp snapping sound and felt my glasses falling off my face.I saw the Frame had broken.

I complained to vendor he said Iris eyewear glasses are guaranteed only for 6 mths. Later agreed to replace but at the next exhibition at BKC...So now I have to wait for next 6mths

Frame broke
Frame broke


i bought iris eyewear sunglass from bkc exhibition
second day it got broken and then i gone for return
the sales girl said mam yeh hum change nahi kar sakte kyuki yeh aapne offer me liya hai buy1 get 1 me
in invoice its not mentioned if buy in offer then u cant get it exchange
they are selling very chip products they have no customercare office or any proper office any saying it is a uk brand
eve they dont have proper office in mumbai also..