LBC Expresspoor customer care service

M Oct 11, 2019

August 15, 2019 i shipped the item to my costumer, first they said the address was wrong so i stop by at the branch to update the address so the item but no receipt no nothing, i kept on stopping by to check but 1 month later of waiting they said that come back at 2-3 days Tang ina nothing happend and worst they disposed my ITEM.
Poor service 1-5!
September was a waste of my time on waiting just to tell me on october na disposed na ang item ko.
And i was really on concern about it cause pabalik balik ako and walang action ginagawa ang branch. They said that i have to wait for the item to return so i could reship it but now october its all gone !
I even message the costumer service through email, no nothing poor service onspot and out!
When i'm always at the branch they make me wait for almost 45 mins -1hr, just to tell me "comeback tom " but 1 month nothing???and they give reason such as its the other branch fault? They can't even call the place which they drop my item? And now they just want me to ask for the refund value of my item, and i said the value they were like hesitating? So it was like my job to call so i could get the money?? Isn't their job to do it?? They have a phone infront of me like wtf?
Its that even right?? Making both me and my costumer wait! I did my job as a sender doing updates and such. Frequently asking if any news and such wala tae na deadma, worst they have attitude towards me too cause nakukulitan sila? So is that a reason to just tell me "balik ka nalang tom" .
Poor service of the employees.
Poor service of the branch.
I rate them 1 out of 10!

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