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I only used my Kohls' Credit Card on special occasions, paying off the charges in full before receiving their invoice. On 7/23/11 I logged onto its Web Site to order a gift card for $150.00 for our grandchildren to buy their school clothes. The charge immeditely showed up as a debit, however, I received an email, that the order process is being delayed without any reason given. Being curious why it's bein delayed, I contacted Kohls and after two transfers was connected to [protected], its "Corporate Fraudent Activity Department". I then was intensively investigated by them asking my DOB, SS#, Address, my and our son's email addresses and his name. Only after going through this degrading process, was my Gift Card Order accepted and sent on to our son. I never defrauded anybody, and Kohls did the investigation in very poor taste, assuming that all of its customers are criminals. They should be sued for invasion of privacy and failure to disclose their procedures.


  • Ai
    Aidan Aug 29, 2011

    And yet...if you had been the victim of identity theft, you would have IMMEDIATELY jumped down Kohl's throats about not being more careful about the way they handle cards.

    Yeah, perhaps it was a little embarrassing...but wouldn't you rather be embarrassed than be the victim of thousands of dollars of credit card fraud? Use your head.

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