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I placed an order on October 29, 2017 that totaled 379.00. I had earned $70 in kohls cash. Not realizing how soon my Kohl's cash expired (which was my fault) my Kohl's cash was expired. I called customer service tonight and they said I can go to a Kohl's store within 10 days of the expiration date and talk to the manager. That is all fine and good but I would have to go to the store tomorrow. I live an hour away from a Kohl's store and I am having to work overtime tomorrow so I will not be able to go.
I was told this is all that can be done for me. I have shopped at Kohl's for several years and do most of my shopping online because of the distance.
This is the first time I have called regarding something like this. I am very disappointed and upset.
I have decided this was my last purchase at Kohl's. I thought customer loyalty meant something but that is not the case.


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      Nov 17, 2017

    They allowed you to go ten days past the printed expiration date. That sounds like pretty good customer service in my opinion as it was completely your error. It does not sound like you are taking any responsibility here.

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