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Kohlscredit applications

It annoys me that in my local Kohls there is no one on the sales floor working other than the cashiers and there are areas that have been totally destroyed and need to be straightened up but instead the focus on announcing how many credit apps they need on the intercom systems. To make matters worse, now they have employed people to walk around and harrass you about getting a kohls charge. I was approached by the same woman 3 times in 20 minutes and each time she argued with me, telling me I needed a kohls charge so i could get additional savings. I was so irritated I just went and checked out, and was again harrassed by the cashier who tried talking me into a kohls charge...and when i said no I was treated rudely and my items were just thrown in the bag.
Kohls should be more appreciative of their cash paying customers, but I guess they are just dying to charge mindless credit seeking idiots interest.


  • An
    Anncure Aug 23, 2015

    Can anyone provide me with in detail description on how to get a credit? My training was cut short and has not been resumed. Can anyone help?

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  • Ma
    margaret holley Jan 18, 2011

    While shopping in one of your stores the other day I purchased a pair of sneakers. I also wanted to purchase some Keurig coffee. Much to my surprise you had only a few no variety at all . Not one decaf I proceeded to order about $100 on line still didn't have the one I really wanted. I went to go out two days later went to put on my new sneakers to find out that the security tag was still attached. Now had to go back to the store to have the tag removed. It was done right away but the clerk acted like I did something wrong. I was very annoyed at her! I know that things happen and an apology would have been appreciated. I feel I do a lot of business with your company and would hate to have to stop . Thank you for your attention in this matter Margaret Holley @ [email protected]

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  • Ov
    Overworked Apr 06, 2010

    Okay, Listen up and I will tell you what is going on.

    You went there to buy cheap stuff right.

    The store doesn't have any employees to straighten up or help you cause, "OH SHOCK!" They are CHEAP, lol!

    Did you know, that if you go to bloomingdales where you can buy 100 dollar t-shirts, you can call ahead for an appointment with a personal shopper?

    No really. The company has cut labor so hard, that that one person you were looking to help you and to straighten up the department, were the ones on the register.

    I am not joking. Where do you think that person comes from when you hear over the speaker, "Additional assistance needed at misses registers"

    The CEO at kohls is making a killing selling sweatshop clothes to the customer with beer pockets and champaign taste.


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  • On
    One Worried Employee Feb 05, 2010

    I work at Kohl's in the Bay Area. When I walked into the break room the other day, there was a flyer asking employees if they wanted their job. Further down the paper, it read that (Kohl's) is no longer expecting the minimum of 0-5 credits a month. Whoever doesn't meet the requirement of 1 credit within 8 shifts will result in separation! Next to that paper was another paper that read that the store I'm working at signed up for a competition in seeing which Kohl's can get the most credits. Hmmm... I wonder if those two are connected? DUH! What Kohl's doesn't understand is that a lot of people who already shop at their stores already have a credit card, and everyone else most likely doesn't want one! I work on the sales floor in the children's department and they say that I need to get 1 credit a shift. What am I supposed to do? Follow them around the store and harass them about it????!!! Plus, how is it possible to get credits when employees on the sales floor are too busy trying to keep the store clean? If I'm going to be fired for being a hard working person who is trying to make a living, Kohl's is one uncaring company that is too focused on bothering paying customers then focusing on making their store your number one choice! Yea right!!!

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  • Al
    alilit Jan 20, 2010

    I've had similar treatment in three different Kohl's stores in three different states (Kansas, Missouri and Pennsylvania). The sales associates actually have followed me thr0ugh the store, constantly grating about the money I'd save if I got a Kohl's card. I have repeatedly said 'no, thank you' but that's like a switch for them to launch into outright harassment. I even had one female associate attempt to follow me into a dressing room, and after I shut the door in her face and requested privacy and again said 'no, I'm not interested in getting credit card', so she stood outside the dressing room door and started back into the spiel about how much money I'd save. Very rude!!! I've had to stop what I'm doing and explain to these people that I don't need, nor do I want another credit card, I don't want my credit rating destroyed, etc. etc. etc. I've been firm with them, saying that no should mean no. They don't let up, and they all seem to have the same, scripted "comebacks" that they obviously were coached to say, as if they were car salespeople. As soon as one finally leaves me alone, they find another associate, point out the folks who said no, and then an0ther associate starts in. It was so bad in Missouri that I actually left a pile of clothes behind, departed the store and called the manager and he said, "Well, we're supposed to be doing that, and you should be taking advantage of our outstanding savings, ma'am. So WHEN you finally decide to set up a card, please let me know." The woman working in the Kansas store was a non-smiling drill sargeant-type who raised her voice at customers as she chased them through the store, as if she thought that letting the whole store in on it might improve her chances at getting that credit card commission. I hadn't even made it 10 feet inside the store in Pennsylvania when as associate started in on me while I was still trying to brush raindrops off my face since it had been pouring when I ran into the store. I was soaking wet and he was more interested in foisting their credit card on me. I was so disgusted I threw up my hands and walked back out of the store. I guess harassment is really what Kohl's wants to be known for, instead of having affordable clothes that don't fall apart. Too bad...three strikes, and I'm out!

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  • Ko
    KohlsSucksBigBahls Oct 28, 2009

    I was well on my way to spending close to $600 at Kohl's the other day. I bought an entire new work wardrobe for myself, including shoes, new clothes for my daughter for school and a pair of shoes for her too, and kitchen appliances as gifts. I had been in the store nearly two hours shopping. The saleslady asked me at the beginning of the transaction if I was going to put it on a Kohl's charge, I said no, it's on a Visa. (Where I earn mileage.) She said, "Oh, you can save XX amount if you fill out an application, even more if you're approved." I politely said VERY CLEARLY, "No thank you." Then that incredibly irritating saleslady pitched the credit card garbage to me after ringing up EVERY SINGLE ITEM. "Oh, now that's $10 you could save..." Me: "No thank you." Ring Ring "Now it's up to $15 you could save if you fill out an application!" Me" "Again, no thank you. " Ring Ring "Oh look there, now it's $28 you could save! It only takes 5 minutes!" Me: "NO THANK YOU." After she said it the fourth time I looked at her and said, "Did you not hear me say no FOUR TIMES? Are you DEAF?? How does it feel to lose a $600 sale for being an overbearing, pushy ### to your cash-paying customer?" And walked out, leaving almost $600 worth of merchandise for her to put back. I hope she lost her job.

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  • Th
    ThePoleCat Oct 28, 2009

    I work for Kohls and I understand both sides. They pressure their salesfloor people to sell the crap out of that credit. Then when they don't get it they coerce and threaten them with crap duty or less hours. When they do get credit, they get an "atta boy" and nothing else. Do not be mistaken, Kohl's makes [censored]LOADS of money off of those credit cards. People forget to pay them, or buy too much stuff and can't pay, and they nail them with late fees and finance charges.

    But if you work for Kohl's, the devil pays you so you gotta do the devil's work. When I go to other Kohl's, I am honest with associates and just tell them, "that was a great sales pitch, but your card is a racket and I want no part of it". They will appreciate your honesty and leave you be.

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  • St
    starfall56 Sep 20, 2009

    The employees you mentioned were doing their jobs. Even in customer service we have to ask people if they want to open a charge. I know first hand that the LAST thing a customer wants is to deal with is an associate trying to sell them a credit card when they only came to the store to return their whatever. But I have no choice. We are pressured to meet our credit goal every day... and if we don't we lose hours and could lose our jobs!

    Us associates aren't stupid. WE know you don't want to listen to us constantly hound you to get a credit card, and we don't like to tell you about it when we know that you don't want it. We don't deserve all the annoyed sighs, glares and fist shaking that we often get for just doing our jobs.

    Next time, complain to one of the managers or ask for the corprate number. Tell them that when the store is a mess the focus needs to be cleaning up and not selling credit. The employees will thank you, because chances are all the people that were working the night you visted had to stay late after the store was closed to clean up.

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  • Ko
    Kohls 533 employee Sep 13, 2009

    The reason why the associates at kohls always ask for customers to open kohls charges and emails is because they are doing their JOB...We would not ask if we were not trying to save our customers MONEY...eventually the regular customer will open the card...

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  • Ko
    kohlsmike Sep 13, 2009

    I work there and they do care way too much about getting credit apps. It's the higher ups pressuring us peons though. The cashier couldn't care less, but she won't get hours if she doesn't get people to open charge cards.

    The person walking around for credit probably was the floor associate who was supposed to be straightening and probably wasn't allowed to get back to her department until she got a credit. kinda sucks

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