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It is 2010 and I just opened up a Kohl's charge. When I went to pay my bill at the department store with my debit card, I was told that they cannot accept payments made with debit and that it could only be by check or cash. I do not carry cash with me so this is proving to be a big inconvenience. When I went to pay my bill online they want my routing number to make a payment from my checking. I do not have a checking account setup however just a debit account. So this too is ridiculous, Kohls needs to get it together. I have never seen a business more willing to accept a check over a debit/credit payment! If I had known it would be this difficult and frustrating to pay my bill with them I would have rethought my application for credit. Very disapointing.


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    willbrecheen Dec 01, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Every time I try to log on to pay my small Kohl's bill, my password is shown to be incorrect. In the past, I have requested a new password. Now, however, I have sent two emails to Kohls asking for a new password and have had no reply.
    I have tried to email customer service. I click on "email us" and enter "go". Then, I'm redirected back to the same "email us" window.
    Attempts to reach customer service via phone are useless as I don't have several hours to remain on hold because of a "problem with volumn of calls which we are attempting to address."
    I just want to send these folks some money!

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    Cultured Bum Feb 06, 2009

    I just now canceled my account,

    - can't pay unless you have a routing number.
    - can't pay with your debit card at the store.
    - the person in the customer service area does not know the amount you owe...seriously folks!!! The customer service area at kohls has not idea how much you owe, so if you dont have your bill with you you basically have to call and be on hold for hours.
    - customer service over the phone is incompetent!!! I mentioned that I wanted to cancel my account but had a few questions the rep tells me ok its cancelled, are you serious I hadn't even told her to cancel it yet. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY.
    -I was late on my bill 5 days and got charged 30 dollars, when I had a balance of 50!!!
    -you cant cancel your card at the store...because they don't know your information.


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    jt12 May 21, 2009
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    since you have a kohls charge, i assume you shop in the store. kohls makes it very easy to pay your bill instore with either cash or check. you can even pay your bill immediately after making a purchase as to take advantage of coupons but never keeping a balance. so the next time you are shopping, just pay your bill instore.

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    sonia29 Aug 27, 2009

    no complane

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    starfall56 Sep 20, 2009

    You can call Credit Customer service and pay over the phone with your debit card or check without having to wait for a representative for no charge. The system over the phone is automated so you won't have to wait to make a payment.

    You can also pay in the store using cash or check at any register. You can even pay right after you make your purchase so that you don't have to return later to pay the bill.

    We make every effort at Kohl's to provide you with fast and convinent ways of paying your bill. The website must have been down or undergoing maintainence to behave in that fashion. I'm sorry that you had difficulty using our website!

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    fedupp14219 Oct 06, 2009

    as a kohls employee im having issues with them too, i have never logged into my view my wages to get my paystub as kohls forced me to have direct deposite because they are not going to print paper checks anymore, so when i tried it told me to use the last 5 digits of my social, well that told me it was incoreect, then it prompt me to answer a security question which i never set because i never set up my page, so when i go to the store administrator she said shed contact payroll, payroll said theyed get back to her, over a week ago, shes sent them emails and calls same answer, so i call corperate myself, and they tell me that the administrator will have to do it, endless god damn circles, i explained to them that it is important that i need my paystubs, and still now help, kohls puts so much stalk on its costumers but cares squat about employee, low pay to be exploited and driven tired just to hear you arent effecient and to do your job quicker to unload and put away an entire semi of merchindise in 2 hours by hand is and will never happen.

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    Employee Guy Oct 30, 2009

    I now work at Kohl's on Midlothian street and I havent seen the customer service for the most part promoting our "yes we can" policy.

    What does that mean? If we have a sign on the floor that says something is on sale. Then it IS on sale. Even if someone for got to take it down or put it up early. If something is in the wrong area so you expected it to be cheaper, then it is that cheaper price. You tell them and they should not even have to call an E3 (Manager). [you have to use common sense here though, a blender is not going to be 3.00]

    Kohl's is suppose to be a hassle free and enjoyable experience. Which I mean, I dont even shop there but I know the deals are good. Literally every day something is on some kind of sale and if you get the Kohl's charge card it stacks up on it. the first day you get it you get 15% off whatever your buying.

    I'm trying very hard to make sure everyone P.o.s, customer service and even us in Freight are practicing what we were told to. And yes i work Freight and I still when putting stuff on the floor help any customer that passes by any way i can.

    Its a good store, there are a few bad employees though. Which if you contact a manager there at that time and let them know, the person will likely get fired or suspended.
    Which, I would much rather then people not enjoying their experience.

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  • Ma
    Mary N Feb 21, 2010

    Kat127: Kohl's did nothing wrong to you! You don't understand how money works. You say that you have a Debit Card but don't have a checking account, but you can't have a debit card if you don't have a checking account. The debit card is linked to your checking account. Most bill payments must be made through a checking account, hence their asking you for your routing number. Some utility companies will accept payment through a credit card, but the majority of bill payments must be made from a checking account. You have a Debit Card, which means you have a checking account. Pay your bill. Duh!

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    Mary N Mar 07, 2010

    heatherbirdlady: "Maybe" she has a savings account? That hasn't been established one way or another, and still does not solve her problem. The bottom line is that Kat127 does not understand that bill payments need to be paid with a check or cash, in most cases. You can pay -some- utilities with a CC or debit (if it has the MC or VISA logo) of course. But one can't pay a Kohl's CC bill the way she tried to do it. It's still not Kohl's fault. They did nothing wrong to Kat127.

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  • Ai
    Aidan May 17, 2010

    I think...I think probably, you could just give them the routing number from your account. Every account has to have one, since that's how they get the money off of your card. If you don't know it, you can call your bank and ask them for it. You'll have to verify your identity before they give it to you, but then you'll know what it is.

    As for the inability of the store to take credit/debit? That's not the store's choice. Trust me, I'd take your payment with credit or debit in a heartbeat. The only thing I can say is that if you know you're coming in to make a payment, stop by the bank first and withdraw some money. It can't hurt to have a bit of cash on your person, and will make the experience much less painless.

    The reason that the stores are unable to accept your credit/debit card is that it charges us a fee for every card we accept. Apparently the corporate office doesn't think it's a good idea to get charged money when you're giving us money back. Which honestly? I understand. I know that it costs .35 a card that's slid through the pin pad at my register. And that's .35 to the company. Now imagine if every customer with a Kohl's charge came through and wanted to pay on their account with a card. We would be losing money faster than we're making it, as we don't count payments as money made...

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