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I went to kohl's today with mother and daughter to buy buy some clothes and other things. We chose all we wanted to try on and headed to the fitting room and some items were not the right size so I left and went to grabe some thing for my mother. My mom and daughter stayed in the room waiting. When I came back my daughter was crying and my mother was trying to console her and I asked what happended. My daughter hugged me tight and I could feel her heart pounding and she she was trembling. My mother then told me that a woman called Janet started yelling outside the door and stormed into the fitting room and started yelling and aggressively taking the clothes that were hanging and complaining with mean facial expression towards my mother and daughter. They were scared and humiliated. My mother did not understand a word of what this woman said because she doesn't speak English. My daughter being a child is not used to this kind of aggressive behavior and was traumatized by the event. I immediately went outside the room to inquire about the incident with the person and but she was not there some other clerk told me. When we finally got out and my child was able to point out who the person was I approached her and asked her name. When I turned to go she shouted that I had to know that the police was 5 pieces of clothes per person and I had 45. Little she knew that I was buying most of it and she did not had to put anything back. Because that what I think she was yelling for because she did not want to do her job which is to take back the clothes people leave in the fitting room. To add pain to the injury when I was just turning one corner to finish up my shopping she passed through me and got close to two other employees and whispered something and they looked back to us and started laughing. I went straight to the customer service and asked for the manager. He came in and shook my hand and I told him as much as I could under the circumstance because by then I was blind with indignation. The manager was extremely polite and told me he would talk to her personally and also talk with everyone in the meeting they will be having tomorrow. He apologize and talked with my daughter kindly and heard her and even gave me a discount on my purchase because of the inconvenience. He was really a gentlemen and calmed down and I sincerely appreciated, but I need to let Khol's know that people like this woman called Janet should not be working at their store. The aggressiveness of her attitude left my old mother and young child shaking and scared. How can someone be so careless, rude and disrespectful towards other people especially young children and elderly person. I am very upset and I need to get my complaint beyond the store management because I felt humiliated and disrespected.
The Kohl's store where this incident took place is located in Calverton, MD and the name the employee gave me is Janet. She was working in the women's department.


  • Me
    Melinda Weigel Apr 10, 2016
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    I agree that the associate shouldn't have yelled at the child, but as "overworked" stated we ( myself included as a Kohl's associate for 3 yrs) do our best helping and speaking to every customer in the department we're working in, along with remerchandising, changing out the walls, picking up clearance and other clothes up from the floor and thrown over the racks, rehanging and folding clothes, resizing every rack along with making sure customer service and (mjm or misses junior mens associates have to watch over 3 departments, 5 fitting rooms) fitting rooms, while answer phone calls, and additional cashier/ customer service calls along with attending every code B. In my store if all of these duties are complete you get questioned what too you so long, weather it was fitting in a bathroom stop, or a customer taking up your time, or whatever. And most of the time when I and some of my fellow associates are told " don't let it happen next time; or its ok" And the next week you lose hrs from trying to do everything you can. I've had associates come out of managers offices bawling because they just cant keep up with everything and aren't giving extra help. So it doesn't help at all when every time you finish an area and walk back by its completely trashed after 10 mins, or you watch a child throw an entire shelves worth of merchandise on the floor and unfold all of it. Its disheartening, and not it anyway easy. Most of my coworkers are paid under $9 an hr, and some trying to keep bills paid, many associated actually lost paid vacation last yr. We hope for good slow days that we can catch up and keep up with everything. We're tole customers are #1 and in my store we do our best not to show how frustrated we are, when we have to clean up the same table 3 times in an 8 hr shift and next to nothing else completed and get told we're worthless and replaceable by our managers. So as we show you respect as greet you with a smile and try to help the best we can, please be polite and at least put the clothes your trying on, on the fitting room carts usually located in the fitting room or just outside it, and if you decide you don't want something while walking to a register take it to the cashier and inform him/her instead of dropping it in the middle of an aisle. Have a great day, and remember we are trying but also I apologize to those you had a bad experience with someone who couldn't hide how bad of a day they had, or we're just yelled at by a manager.

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  • Aj
    ajpaa Dec 03, 2010

    If the original person making the complaint could write proper English and use grammer correctly MAYBE I would take her seriously. Get a life and teach your daughter to respect people and the job they do. No one wants to clean up after you!

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  • Ov
    Overworked Apr 06, 2010

    Next time your in Kohls, walk up to an employee and just throw everything you picked out on the ground right in front of them.

    You are doing this everytime you leave things in a fitting room.

    Let me tell you something about kohl's. The people who attend the fitting rooms, especially during the day, are not there ONLY to pick up the fitting room. That would be a totally different story.

    These people are the full timers who are also responsible for unloading trucks, moving around all the merchandise on the floors, being backup cashiers, going to customer service to get returns, and helping you out at the same time.

    And when i say merchandise, you have no idea what I am talking about or what it involves. You know those BIG walls with all the merchandise on them. it is a daily occurance to have to change out those walls with new merchandise. Then you got to move EVERYTHING in the department around to fit the stuff on the wall back into the department.

    After spending about 2 hours doing all that, you walk into fitting rooms where the clothes are all over the place. Talking about 75 pieces of clothes (its not just YOU trying on clothes and leaving them everywhere), that you have to hang, button back up and then put back on the floor.

    Then as you walk into the department to put up, clothes are all over the floor. You have to pick them up too, then you have to go around, put everything in order from size. FOLD all the messed up clothes in the department.

    OH BUT WAIT, you didn't finished changing ALL the walls in the deparment today! Next your manager repremands you for not doing it ALL.

    And you think you are treated Soooo bad.

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  • Ww
    wwmar1 Dec 30, 2009

    I looked at this link after my experience at a Kohls store in the Cincinnati area today. I was shopping with my 2 children when a Kohls employee yelled, yes yelled at my 5 year old son for touching a button. Apparently this summons an employee to a particular department. To be honest, I was so taken aback by her tone of voice that I was not intially entirely sure she was talking to my son. ("Don't touch that!") I asked the associate, are you speaking to my son? She stated yes that she had seen him touch the button. I turned to my son who was about to cry after being yelled at by a stranger, and told him it that it was ok, but not to touch the button again. The associate had walked off.

    As I went to the other side of the store and found this women. I told her that the way she spoke to my son was uncalled for. There are ways to speak to people, and certainly basic kindness should not be to much to ask. She became very huffy with me and I asked her if she had any children of her own. She said yes, and I told her then she should know better. She was still being rude to me at this point, and I asked her name since I wanted to make a manager aware of the situation when she told me that she didn't have to tell me her name.

    For those of you who read this post, let me say that my children are well-behaved in public. I am not one of "those" moms who let their children run wild, nor do I have a problem with someone else correcting my child. What I take issue with is the absolute rudeness and harshness with which my son was treated. I have made the district management aware of this situation, and was asked what would it take to rectify the sitation. The only thing that I have ever wanted was for a rude person to really think about the way she treats children. Children will be children, they will touch buttons for crying out loud!

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  • Ai
    Aidan Jul 19, 2009

    Dear Sickened Associate,

    I'm so pleased to find you defending the customer. It's refreshing to see such an upbeat and pleased member of Kohl's staff. I'll admit to being occasionally bitter about the customers that I serve at Kohl's, but ultimately, all of the above is correct. It is our job to keep the store in line and pretty. It's our job to be courteous to all of our customers and help them in any way possible.

    However, I want to point out that it is quite understandable to be upset at how customers leave the fitting rooms. It makes it very difficult to keep the store in working order when associates are mainly centered around fitting rooms. On my daily walk back to the customer service desk to drop off the day's recovery, I see so many things that I itch to clean up, but I only have so many scheduled hours. And I know the floor associates don't have time to get them. With a little more cooperation from the customers (be that in the form of simply dumping your unwanted items on the recovery rack just outside the dressing room door, or politely hanging the items back up and leaving them wherever you please), we could work like a well-oiled machine.

    It would be lovely to see the store and the customers both happy. So customers? Please remember the hard work we put into making the store look nice for you, and take into consideration your fellow customers.

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  • Si
    Sickend Associate Jun 26, 2009

    I am appalled by my fellow employees of Kohl's for defending any employee who has ever treated a customer this way. I do work over night at a Kohl's in WI, and have just spent the last three nights (8 hour shifts) hanging and folding 55s ( which is Kohl's speak for tried on clothes and returned items) all in the misses department. I would NEVER even CONSIDER treating ANY customer poorly for ANY REASON. True I do work over night so I see customers on rare occasions when we are open later than normal, however I used to work alone (most of the time) in a small retail store and was always working with customers there.
    There is absolutely no excuse for yelling at any customer, or even co-workers when customers are around (pry shouldn't yell at them anyway, since you have to work with them).
    It is so your job as a kohl's employee not only to assist customers when you can but also to keep the store in order. The company pays you by the hour so earn it like you are supposed to.
    Now addressing each customer
    Silene there is no such 5 max rule for our fitting rooms that I am aware of, and either way the associate was completely out of line for expecting you to know such a rule if it existed.I am so sorry for the way you were treated.

    Linda don't try to pull the medical professional BS you people online who claim false credentials online make me sick, what gives you away is that you actually expect someone not medically trained to know the exactly what constitutes trauma. My guess with your lack of understanding of others, you've never even been to college and your a kohl's lifer.

    Kimberley I'm very sorry the only way to get cash back at kohls these days is to pay in cash. and have the receipt. The rudeness is particularly upsetting.

    Jordan, what you say may be true in your location but my store has some serious personality problems at least with the closers, I have heard nothing but complaints about customers from them, two nights ago three of the closers where mocking a customer 5 FEET AWAY! the store is 0223 if you are in a position to do anything about that.

    Cate another unacceptable case of behavior on the associates behalf and I am disgusted to hear about it. There is actually a rack located just out side the dressing room and is saves our associates a lot of effort if you hang the unwanted items on it, however, it is not your job, if you don't wish to do so, please leave it as a crumpled mess in the dressing room, I'll come get it during over night if dayside hasn't already.

    Kohl's Employee You should absolutely be ashamed of yourself, Kohl's would most likely fire you if you had used your real name and that you didn't means you figured on this and still didn't see how wrong of you it was to make this comment, keeping the dept in order is YOUR job, not that of the customer and your attitude about your job disgusts me.

    Ivan, wow your are a dick, I'll have you know that the people who shop at kohl's are not slobs they are kohl's customers and I appreciate every last one of them, for without them I would not have my job and would be really struggling in college. And before you continue spouting off at the mouth about our executives learn how to spell the word, and realize that they are salaried so they make the same amount working 80 hours a week as they do working 40 and they are usually closer to 80, and therefore make less. And your last comment is just absurd people have a right in this country to try for additional discounts bartering is not dead.

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  • Iv
    ivan Jan 03, 2009

    Dont worry people who work retail, many people out there that make a mess are just simply slobs. They think because you work retail you get paid less, when in reality you guys get paid good, and your ecxecutives are needless to say starting @ 35 & ranges to 85 an hour, but these rude ### disrespectful slobs dont know, and yes these are the pigs that complain and just beg for a discount.

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  • Ko
    Kohl's Employee Jun 07, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To Cate - How hard is it to hang up the clothes you don't want and hand them to the lady? Why do you need to be RUDE and leave your stuff in the fitting room? We are NOT slaves. Just because we are getting paid to do our job doesn't mean our JOB is to clean up after lazy customer's like you who think you are better than us. Learn some respect. We don't want people like you shopping in Kohl's anyway. You're the kind of person that would leave the stuff in the fitting room, then call and complain about how messy the fitting room is. Get over yourself.

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  • Ca
    Cate Mar 05, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I have been in a Kohl's in northern Mississippi twice now, and been chased as I was leaving the dressing room by an elderly lady. Both times she yelled at me for not taking the clothes I tried on out of the dressing room. Well, they have no place to hang these clothes, so where would I put them? I do not feel as it is my job, since I am NOT paid by Kohls as an employee, to return everything I tried on. I was uphauled by this woman;s disrespect and sent in a complaint to Kohl's. I was assured that they would address the situation, but I really dont believe they have as I have seen this same woman doing it to others as well. I have just decided to not shop at this store anymore - instead go to a reputable place like Dillards or Macys - I have never seen either of them treat their customers in this manner.

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  • Jo
    Jordan Feb 27, 2008
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    Verified customer

    These are very isolated events. When people are screened in our interviews, before they are even hired. One of the main things that we look for are people who smile and are friendly. I have never heard of someone like that working at a kohl's. I have worked at one for two years. If you haven't heard anything from the company, i send you apologize.

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  • Ki
    Kimberly Moseley Feb 16, 2008
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    I went to khol's on February 5th. I picked up a few items and brought them to the register. I used my daughter's associate discount card, because she is employed at the store.(location) Khol's in Paramus on Rt 4 , and i was told I could used it as long as she was in the store. Ok that's fine! So when I went to the register to pay for my things a young lady by the name of Lily Loftman was about to ring me up, I asked her before she started to ring me up could i bring my things back and get a cash refund. she was not sure so she asked a supervisor by the name of Evelyn what do I need to do to get my money refunded back being that I'm using my daughter's associate discount, Evelyn responded; she must use a personal check so that is what i did. I asked her again was she sure because I don't want to have a problem getting my money back if I have to return something she says yes its the right way. So on February 15th I had some things to return so I went to customer service a young man by the name of Jerome was working he told me that I could not get my money back so I told him he don't know what he 's talking about. So he call for a manager by the name of Mike Sanacruz who was VERY RUDE and NASTY, SO UNPERFESSIONAL speaking wise. He tells me his staff attended orientation and understand the rules of the store. So I says to him well its not my mistake that your supervisor Evelyn gave out wrong information to a cashier(Lily). I feel as though I treated wrong for the stores mistake and I would appreciate if I can get my $53.21 back in cash instead of a store gift card. That's all that I'm asking and that the superviors and staff have better training and GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS. I can be reached at [protected] home [protected] cell. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from someone. GOD BLESS YOU

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  • Li
    Linda Bevins Feb 01, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Dear Customer,

    I have shopped at Kohls many times at both their Ronkonkoma and Melville Long Island stores. Many children are unruly, destructive, and unsupervised. I have been in the Ladies Intimates dressing room and they are filthy because many customers leave loads of clothes and underwear in the dressing rooms. Many leave them like rags on the floor and step on them; completely inconsiderate of store personnel and other customers. They are downright pigs! Sales persons are there to be of assistance; not to clean-up after people and not to be abused or harassed by this kind of shoppers.
    People are very sensitive and less than objective about their children. To say that a child was traumatized by a saleswoman is ludicrous. As a mental health professional I can guarantee you that it takes much more to traumatize anyone. Also, only one person should be in the dressing room. The people at my local kohls have a difficult time controlling children who destroy merchandise and terrorize customers by playing with wheelchairs that are meant only for the disabled; they are not toys and parents should not condone this behavior. It is very difficult to work under those conditions on a daily basis. Personnel are there to assist you not to clean-up after inconsiderate people who look down on them as if they were their personal slaves.

    In view of these facts, I suspect that a good-part of your story is missing. In all my years of shopping at Kohls I have never witnessed either the kind of treatment that you are reporting about a saleswoman or the effect on a child such as you describe. I was in customer service one day and I heard a similar complaint by a customer. It is the common ploy used by individuals who can neither control their children nor who have any respect for other human beings. However, it is a great way to get discounts.

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