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I purchased a new Kia Sportage in July this year from Kia Motors in Tableview, Cape Town. When I drove the car out of the showroom there was obviously a problem with the gear box. The technician confirmed this and they replaced the oil in the gear box. I had to move to Johannesburg for business so I booked the car into Kia Motors in Meadowdale, Germiston. After a lengthy run around and being without a car for several weeks, and the problem not being solved each time I collected the car, I contacted Penny Sterley, General Manager at Kia. She was extremely helpful and authorised for a new gear box to be installed in the car. When I picked up the car it was very questionable that they had installed a new gear box because the car was exactly the same! I contacted Penny Sterley again and this time she authorised for the car to be replaced. However, I am now expected to pay an additional R31, 481 to Kia Motors for this replacement vehicle when my other car is only 4 months old and cost me R270, 000. I can't believe that I am expected to pay for what was obviously a faulty vehicle in the first place. I hope that Kia will take note of this and resolve this matter amicably.


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    Scrubjay Apr 23, 2011

    KIA Motors held an online contest to win an Optima car and there has been no notification as to whether anyone ever won any of the cars. It appears to have been a promtion to sell cars.

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  • Li
    Lillian Holland May 05, 2011

    I got an sms on my mobile this morning and it reads " Congratulation, your mobile number has won you 497, 000 pounds in the 2011 KIA MOTORS PROMO. For claims, call Mrs Clara Moore on +27735029187. Email: [email protected]
    Is this another of those scam messages?
    L. Holland
    Papua New Guinea

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  • Ma
    Mansour Abdi Jun 18, 2011

    I buy a car of kia motor in Iran but this car have problem in axel in primary but kia not response .
    Thank you [email protected]

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  • Ra
    Ravneel Jul 26, 2011

    I also got a sms saying I won 497, 000 pounds & a 2011 model Kia car in 2011...

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  • Pr
    Priyansha Kumar Nov 05, 2011

    i also got that message on phone and even tried to call on the number but it was this a fake message from your company?? Priyansha kumar FijiIslands 9473918

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  • En
    Ensen Nov 24, 2012

    Radiator top plastic cracked pulled off fwy stopped car, sent to kia dealership, had extended warranty KIA or warranty wants to fix bad head & gaskets cna warranty ext.

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  • Dr
    drsamare Dec 26, 2012

    I have got sms saying that i have won 780, 000 pounds & a KIA Rio 2012
    Model car in KIA motors promo.So, what should i do about this?

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  • **SuperMan** Dec 26, 2012

    Claim your prize, right? If they ask for any monies or personal, banking information up front, then you know it's a scam.

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  • Re
    Reply Team Dec 26, 2012


    Send your Full Name, Address, Telephone Number and Winning Message you recieved to the surveillance unit on:

    [email protected]

    so as to enable them ascertain if you really won the Lottery and give you true information
    on how your winnings can be Collected.
    You Will also be Informed if the Winning Message you Recieved is a Fraud Notification

    Reply Team

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  • La
    lamyai reed May 23, 2013

    Hello! Just received an SMS informing me that I have won 550, 000 GBP from Kia Motors Mobile Promo! Surely this must be a scam; please confirm if otherwise. My number is 089 004 7859 (Thailand). Regards, Lamyai

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  • Pa
    patcharawin May 25, 2013

    Hello! Just received an SMS informing me that I have won 550, 000 GBP from Kia Motors Mobile Promo! Please confirm is that true or not? My number is 081 672 4404 (Thailand).
    It said to contact back to ; [email protected]
    Regards, Patchara ; [email protected]

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  • Pl
    ploii-zz May 25, 2013

    Hi! This morning i received the sms said that Your mobile have won 550, 000 pounds and a brand new kia car in the kia motors mobile promo for claims email [email protected] call mr soft +27747501982

    I wonder that it is true or not?
    My cellphone is 66877797910 Thailand my email: [email protected]

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  • **SuperMan** May 27, 2013

    M Rifkin is right... companies are not in the business of giving away ANYTHING. Walk away and save yourself the aggrevation of losing more than just your pride. And, yeah - I have a little Honda I'll sell you, if you're still in the market. : )

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  • Mp
    m potgieter Aug 08, 2014

    I bought my kia from the dealers in springs geduld. they were suppose to handle the registration and number plates. after 3 weeks im still waiting . they don't even phone back after i phone them and left messages regarding my issue.

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  • Mp
    m potgieter Aug 08, 2014

    I bought my kia from the dealers in geduld springs kia. the deal was cash and they were suppose to handle the registration and number plates. after 3 weeks im still waiting. i did see them and phone them and left messages and no one is even phoning back.

    the service is very poor. i wont recommend them to my friends that is interested in buying a kia motor.

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  • My
    Mystery Angel Dec 08, 2014

    Purchased brand new Kia 1.6 EX Cerato Hatchback 2014 model with Kia Motors CT-P/Eiland. After sales putrid. Dont know their products; how the car works; Had to keep
    calling after them. Getting no feedback or any form of contact unless I made a noise. Waited +- 2 months for my Satnav manual &other stuff. Had 2keep following up, Sales agent useless (N.Sebape) & incompetent 2point of calling me a child &
    threatened me in writing that they would report me 2the police for harassment. 6 Months later after purchasing car, have feathered wheels (Nexens) Kia refuses to replace tyres despite me buy a whole car & I understand bout guarantee/warranty but the car was 6 months old & every other car dealership says its wrong that they wont replace it despite the guarantee or warranty. now driving a 7 month old car with a whooing sound, car sounds like a tractor.

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  • Un
    Unhappy Rio Customer Dec 17, 2014

    I purchased a brand new Rio from the Kia Virtual store in Johannesburg. After a lot of back and forth emails and phone calls, finally managed to get my car only to see that it is dented and had a temporary permit. A few days before the permit was about to expire, they delivered my number plates together with the screws for the plates to my office desk. I had to have to plates installed myself because Kia kept giving me excuses about their driver losing his phone and they can't get a hold of him. Mind you, the dent is stll on my my car 3 weeks later and I had to pay full price for that damaged vehicle. Once the store got their sale, they were extremely unhelpful. I would advise anyone looking to buy a Kia to not use the Kia Virtual store in Johannesburg unless you want to pay full price for damaged goods. Also, the Rio does not do an average of 6.9L/100km mine averages 8.5L/100km for anyone looking to purchase the car.

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  • Ha
    harsha488 Feb 21, 2015

    I dealt with Moagi Mashigo at Kia Fountains in Pretoria since July/August 2014. We were in contact regarding the deal of me trading in my Kia Picanto and the new purchase of a Kia Rio 1.4. The deal was signed and completed mid-September as I was going to be travelling overseas and wanted all the paperwork finalised. He got the Kia Picanto mid-September 2014 and since I was moving to Cape Town 30 September 2014 to start a new job 1 October 2014, Moagi said he would organise delivery of the new car for me to pick up in CT on Saturday 4 October 2014 in CT. HOWEVER, I received no phone call or information from him to say that it was not delivered and I should not go to the dealer specified in CT as the car had not even left JHB yet! After many sms's, phonecalls and emails, I finally received the car SEVEN days after being a new city. When I went to pick it up from Paarden Eiland dealership, he said to me, I can pick it up, but it isn't washed, it will be straight off the truck. As a first time new car owner I find that type of poor service unacceptable. It then took over a month and phone calls and emails from me almost day to get my number plates. Really poor service. It's like once you've signed, all the schmoozing goes out the window. But who wants schmoozing. Just do your job. So disappointing. Still haven't got my smash & grab over five months later. Half the people who worked in that Fountains office are apparently no longer working there. I have proof of all the emails and sms's. I would like a reply to this please.

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  • Th
    Thomas Christie Smith Apr 07, 2015

    I bought a Kia Rio from Hatfield Kia for my daughter more than 3 months ago. The sales lady even brought the vechicle to my house in Alberton and the service was exceptional. The car had a few scratches on the back door drivers side and a small dent on the bonnet. I was promised that it will be repaired. Went to sign all documents and collect the car. Found out that the scratches has not been removed but a color match polished was used to hide the scratches. Also no second key. When I opened the back window the window motor made an awful noise. Kia promised that they will take care of the problems but after many phone calls and e-mails they still did not even had the decency to call me back. The person who is supposed to take care of the situation Kobus Visagie is very arrogant and disrespectful. This is the first and also the last deal that I will ever make with Kia. Tommy Smith 082 908 4889

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  • Ay
    Ayanda0904 Sep 01, 2015

    On the 25th August 2015 my car just stopped working and would not start without any indication of what was wrong. It was towed to Kia and I was told that the coolant bottle was cracked and that it would not be covered under warranty. The collision with the vehicle was in September 2014 and the car went in for its 15000km service this year, when I queried why this cracked coolant bottle was not picked up in the service and why the car did not give any indication that something was damaged for 11 months I was told that I would have to pay R4500 for a stripping of the car to find out the cause. 1)If further investigation/stripping needs to be done to find out the cause how can it already be confirmed that there will be no cover and 2) why do I need to pay R4500 for Kia to respond to questions that it should already have the answers if a decision has already been made not to assist me.
    Please intervene and advise. Ayanda Mda, 0720344829

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  • Wine Is Good Aug 03, 2016

    Yes. Take it to your auto body shop and have it painted.

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  • Ma
    macy hand Aug 03, 2016

    My first car purchase I chose a Kia soul. It is a 2012 only 12, 000 miles on it. I have had it for 2 years now and the paint is chipping on the back of my car. It is just bubbling up and chipping off. I still owe more than the car is worth so being my first car purchase I am EXTREMELY dissappointed! Can this be fixed?!

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  • Ma
    Mary A Jarvis Aug 22, 2016

    Was hand washing my car like usual at my fire departmet and found several light brown spots on the front of the hood .They would not come off, they definetly look like they are under the top coat of paint, I have a 2015 Kia yellow Soul

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