KIA Motors CorporationKia recall engine failure

A Dec 03, 2019

Hello, in 2016 purchased a used 2012 kia optima. engine froze up 6 months in, got warranty to come look, said they will cover it since it wasnt my fault..then ended up arguing that it was kias fault for a poor engine built because of recall for engine failure so they wouldnt pay for it. but when the inspectors came to look at my car they took my engine out and kia said they wont take it like that. mechanic said he lost my parts, kia said they will charge me for parts missing. mechanic wouldnt let me take my car out without paying for taking engine out which is understandable but was charging around 4, 000 and wouldnt work out a payment plan. i then lost my car becuase he kept it. california lemon law was going to help but said because i purchased in ohio i need to reach out to ohio lemon law. ive contacted kia many times and get no response back so some kind of compensation but got nothing. now have thousands on my credit for the payment on that car. dont even know where the car is anymore but have all the paperwork & title for it. im hoping your able to help me. i lost my job for not having a car, lost alot of money for towing and renting cars for work etc. im on my feet now but i would like some justice for what i had to go through because of kias poor engine build. alot of people are experiencing this and no one is doing something about it so ive been contacting people to actually get something done. thank you!

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