KIA Motors Corporationnew car rims damage

S Jul 20, 2019

my name tendani granny mudau i bought 2017 polo vivo at Kia airport early june 2019 only to find out all tyre Rims is damage i mean including the spare wheel the rim is damage i discovered that when i took my care for wheels alignment on the 19/07/19 because i didn't even drive that car even more than 3 and it was short distances only to find out yesterday day that they cheated me i call sales person the name of Terrence that man he can tell lies shem he told me that he is off today my suprice when i call the branch it was him that answered the phone and i dropped the call because i was very frastrated why people they do something like that with our money is not far all i want is the right Rims regards angry client my cell number is [protected]

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