KIA Motors Corporationcustomer service

B Aug 02, 2018

I called in yesterday to speak to someone about the warranty on my 2015 kia optima. I spoke with someone named susan she gave me a case number [protected]. I just want to say to me this was the rudest customer service person I have ever spoke to about anything! I understand that I was not at my best either, but when you have a question about the warranty on a car that you have purchased you expect that person to have answer for you, not tell you that you have the basic warranty and won't give you any information except that "there are too many things covered to explain what's covered" then when you ask if a specific product would be covered by the warranty you are told "I am not going to answer that because I don't want you going back and saying well susan told me that would be covered" really??? This is the kind of customer service I would expect from my cable company but not with my car company! I totally expect to trade this car in within the next couple of years and to be honest based on my experience with susan I won't buy a kia... Ever again!

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