KIA Motors Corporation2017 kia sportage

G Jul 05, 2019

I purchased this Kia as a second owner. The previous owner took top notch care of this car. Always brought it to a Kia dealership for upkeep and has it also documented via car fax! I have had the car for less then ONE YEAR and my car is having problems with "engine consumption." My hardly 3 year old vehicle needs THE ENTIRE ENGINE REPLACED. Since I'm the second owner, Kia WILL NOT help with any of it. After being run around their customer service department for a week and a half with zero answers till I finally spoke with a supervisor was I informed Kia declined to help me. The real kicker, he told me the reason an engine would need repair like this is because it was poorly maintained. I told him I have all documents proving otherwise, and he told me unfortunately my documentation means nothing and I can't fight the decision that was made. NO KIA YOU MADE A CAR AND PUT A POS ENGINE IN IT, AND WON'T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. My 15 year old Ford that was poorly maintained at 150K miles never needs an entire new engine. Kia... you are a joke. Your customer service is terrible, and your cars are apparently just as bad.

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