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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved text received

I got a text tonight saying that im a kia motors promo winner of 750, 000 pounds & a kia rio! Whats thi...

Resolved poor customer service frauds

I was told by cls that I was approved for a car loan and that I should meet my loan officer at aic kia of...

2010 kia soul

I purchased my very first brand new car on may 3rd 2009, I purchased the 2010 kia soul, the inside of the car was beat to heck by the dealership I emailed kia and went on kia's blog to register my dissatisfaction. Bill sharp from california came down and inspected the car. The clear coat on the roof need to be redone, my driver's inside panel, the passenger side inside door panels front and rear needed to be replaced. My rearview mirror came off in my husband's hand and the cover to the seat on the passenger back seat needed to be replace. The dashboard had to be replaced as well as many other items. The dealership had the car since july [protected] days ago) we got the car back today only to discover the dealership had messed up the dash that was just replaced one of the door panels needs to be replaced, the dealership has scratched both of the rear lens for the tail lights, there are gouges in the paint on the drivers side. The dealership also said that the car only had 17 miles on the car when we purchased it wrong! There was 573 miles on the car.

I was so star struck when I bought the car I did not know that the dealership was crooked! I want my car to be replaced! I will not stop until the car is made right. I think that if kia stands behind their cars that they should replace my car that was trashed but the dealership and that the dealership should be pentalized! I did not buy a new used car! How would they feel if I stopped paying on the car (Yes, the would ruin my credit and take my car) but what recourse do I have? I spent $9.00 tonight on a international phone call to korea to try to talk to the president of kia corporation only to leave a message. I will keep calling korea until I can talk to someone that cares!

  • Di
    DIMITRIOS TZANIS Aug 02, 2010

    I purchased my kia sorento 3, 5 at 2004 i spend 42000 and i was hearing from the first 2 months strange noices from the engine little by little my car use to do it more and more but noone even to the service couldnt understand whats going on they didnt have any solution for me . Right now i dont even have a car because i need 4 klgs oil for 280 klm
    .i send email to the corporate and i was waiting a solution, if someone can help me with me problem.PLEASE IF SOMEONE CAN HELP ME .

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  • Ba
    Bad paint Jan 13, 2012

    Paint chipping on Kia soul 2011. Only 5 months old. What can we do

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  • Ba
    Bad paint Jan 13, 2012

    Have had my Kia soul for 5 moths and paint is chipping off the hood and frame. Totally upset. I can see this is going to be a problem to get fixed. Don't know what to do

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Resolved lottery winnings

i received a text message on mobile # [protected] stating that i have won 497, 000.000 pounds and a Kia...

Resolved fraud!!!

I was told by the national lending service... That I was approved for a 25, 000 dollar auto loan w / no down...

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Resolved mini van is worthless-please record this

I am a disabled veteran, having served my country in Desert Storm 1990 to 91. I WAS proud also to purchase my...

Resolved missing payments

I was informed that i was behind on payments even tho when i figured it up by my canceled checks i was not. Checks were made out to Kia Motors Finance Company and mailed to the same place each time. Somehow 4 of my payment checks got cashed but did not get credited to my account. Kia is saying since i can't prove they deposited the checks i still owe them the money even tho i have the canceled checks.

  • Me
    MEHRAN ZARIFI Mar 03, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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Resolved awful quality cars

KIA was under warranty and had been brought in for repair NUMEROUS times. Dealer then presented owner with a bill. When objections were made the dealership would not release the automobile. Bill was paid under duress. Automobile made it home and ran for a few days before it broke down again. When car was brought back to dealership the dealer was gone and the business defunct. KIA headquarters in CA says it is not their problem--go to the dealership (in other words talk to a ghost.) This is a horrendous company.

Resolved service

I was having car problems and had my car towed to the Kia dealership under the impression that I had the warranty on the car 100, 000 miles or 10yrs. When the gentleman by the name of Michael called me to let me know my car was there and asked me what the problem was he said it would be $49.50 to check. He then called back and said it was my battery & a timing belt. I asked for the advice of another mechanic friend and advised me that that would have nothing to do w/the way my car was dying out. Therefore I feel that this gentleman was just trying to get money out of me because not once did he mention anything about an alternator or anything else. My battery was diaganosed before it was towed to Kia and there was a good reading. I feel that I should not have to pay the $49.50 and the towing fee because I was not given a proper diagnosis. I would greatly appreciate someone contact me to discuss this matter further. I know that I will never go back to this service station. I never had a problem any other time when I supposedly had the warranty on the car, then they were willing to help. I will be turing this company into the better business bureau.

Unstatisfied Customer
Valerie Escobar

  • Ja
    JAE_KS Dec 09, 2009

    OMG Micheal Toll and Shawnee Mission KIA are the biggest scammers EVER. My sister and myself have bought our 2002 Kia sportage brand new from this location with the extended warranties through Primus Care. On several occasions they have given misleading information. Michael told my sister that her 2x2 kia sportage was having issues with her 4 wheel drive, we both watched him turn beet red, from her verifying that he was actually saying four wheel drive, and responded with I DO NOT HAVE FOUR WHEEL DRIVE, he said "that's what they told me, let me go check."

    Another occasion my car was leaking antifreeze Michael Toll told me that I needed to replace the transmission for about 500 bucks saying it was not covered by my warranty. After I called and verified with primus it was covered, amazingly they were able to fix it without replacing it. A year later car stopped and instantly over heated and Michael Toll at SHAWNEE MISSION KIA said that it was my compressor and replaced it through my warranty. When I went to pick up my car from them I could not get out of the parking lot IT WOULD NOT START!! Needless to say my engine was out, Micheal Toll had the audacity to say that it was because of that time that they told me I needed to replace my radiator and I did not want to. However he never answered how logical does that seem when I KNEW MY RADIATOR was covered by my warranty. After about 8 days, a rental and unnecessary crap they found a way to scam their way out of that one. The latest was 11/19/2009 3months after these repairs my car was seeming to have a fuel leak I was smelling gas, I needed an oil change so, I took back to SMK, Michael Toll called me 30 mins later saying that I needed to replace my battery, they needed to tighten my belts, and I had a fuel leaking from the orings. I was HEATED.. I told him to just change the oil and I was picking my car up. I took my car home and had it towed to another KIA location, who repaired the leak which was they only thing they found wrong, TOW and repairs were 1/3 less than what Michael Toll at SMK was trying to charge me with. I no longer chose to do BUSINESS WITH SHAWNEE MISSION KIA OR ANY WHERE THAT MICHAEL TOLL OR CURT ELLEN MANAGES AGAIN!!!

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Resolved poor customer service

I was told that I was approved for up to $30, 000.00 for a new car and that if I came there with a trade in I would be able to trade my used car and get a new (Er) car with no money out of pocket. Nothing in life is free so this made me skeptical from the start. I went up at the end of may 2009 and discovered that the car I owned had too much negative equity to roll into a new car loan. I asked every question I could think of before taking the drive from richmond, va to manassas, va. I left very disappointed and got in my car to drive an hour and a half back to richmond, va. I then received a customer satisfaction call back a couple days later to see why I did not leave there with a new car. I explained that what they had promised they did not deliver! I was asked a few questions about my car and was told by "matt" that he would call me right back after he ran some numbers. He called back a few mins later to ask more questions then said he'd call back again. A day or two later he called with more questions. I did not hear back from him again until june 6th at which point he said we have 5 cars to chose from that have enough value to hide the negative equity in your trade in.

I said I hope there are no strings attached to this offer before I get back in my car and take my saturday to drive back up to manassas only to hear bad news again. He assured me there are no catches to this and i'll be here all day waiting for you. I jumped in my car and headed north. When I arrived he was not there and I was assisted by the same person who tried to help during my first visit (Shawn, I think). After selecting the car I liked and was comfortable with payment wise... The paperwork began. I arrived roughly around 2pm and did not get out of there until 5:30pm.

The loan terms looked good and the interest was as good as I could have selected despite my credit. They were to pay off my trade in after the signing of the power of atty/odometer statement/payoff statement. All of this paperwork was returned to them via fedex on june 8th, 2009. Today is july 9th and the loan has not been paid in full.

I have called every week leaving voice mails and speaking with matt and have gotten the run around. My first "human" contact via telephone happened around the 20th of june. I was told by "jeff" (Gm) that the payoff was sent to the loan company "a week ago". Well since that conversation the loan company has called at least twice a week saying they have not received payoff. I called back in the week of june 29th and was told by "matt" that no payoff has been sent because the car I traded will not go into gear. "we could have sold the car 5 times now if it would go into gear".

Am I mistaken or is it the dealers responsibility to ensure proper operation of the car before they offer trade in value? He says must be a clutch or transmission problem and that I should call them july 2nd by 10:30am to find out what the service person says is wrong. I said i'll call you at noon to give you time to get the info straight. I called at 12:50pm on the 2nd and was told "they are adjusting the clutch to see if its the issue. , I will call you back in a few with the result". No phone call was made to me since.

I called them yesterday (7/8/09) to find out what the status was on the payoff. Left a message for "jeff " (Gm) and said I would appreciate a call back by eod no later than 1st thing this morning (7/9/09). Well suprise I have not received a call. I then spoke with "matt" again and he says that the service manager "dave" will be calling me this morning to let me know whats up with the car. Its 1:45pm and I have not heard from anyone! I called them back at 12:45 to ask when dave would call me. He's at lunch. He must take lunch for more than an hour because its been an hour now. So I called back to speak with the owner listed on the bbb website. I was told that he is on a leave of absence and that jeff could help me but he is off on thursdays. So the only person who can help me today is "matt". I have no desire to deal with matt or anyone other than the owner at this point.

I cannot imagine how I can be responsible for their lack of inspection on a car that they made an offer to me to purchase. My new car loan includes over half of the payoff from the trade in. And I make my first payment on the new car in 12 days! On top of all of this how can the car possibly be messed up if I drove it from richmond to manassas to trade it in?

I have never had one issue with the car but was told "its normal for a transmission in a 5-speed to go early". Right? No!

After all this... I can relate to the lady who posted of her bad experience... The car I bought had not a drop of gas in it and no one cared!

In addition to all this, I checked out the bbb and discovered they have an "f" rating because of unresolved complaints.In this economy how can anyone not try to clear their name to ensure they still thrive thru this economical mess!

I would never recommend this joke of a dealership to anyone. I have bought at least 4 cars in my life that I traded a used car in... Never once have I imagined this would be the result.

  • Ka
    Kaelynsmommy Aug 04, 2009


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  • Bo
    bowie.maryland Sep 07, 2009

    my sister and i both got calls after we applied. i was scared to even go ahead n do this in the first place because i read the complaints before we went down there. they asked me all these questions about my income...which i told them was 2500.and they explained to me that things would change if the income proof that i brought in was differnt then what they had on file. we both went down to the dealership a couple of days ago to meet with our loan officers. to make a long story short. i was able to actually get a car...which wasnt a kia haha... about 2 days after the actual meeting. they had to i guess transfer a car because i wanted a different year then the one they had there. in my case everything did go smoothly which was a blessing. as for my sister, she was denied. basically the money that she made monthly was cash and she didnt have anyone willing to cosign for her. i would have but i wouldnt of been able to get my car. i mean the people werent mean or anything. and i actually did meet with one of my officers which i was happy about because we got to the dealership way after the appointment. i dont think that they are a bad company i just think that people need to pay attention n make sure that you go over everything with them before they send your stuff in. im glad i got my car...sorry to those who didnt. im spreading the word about cls because beleive it or not they're helping me out.

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Resolved my car sorento

Dear Sir,
My name is Osama Alheeh, I live in KSA, before 3 months I decided to buy a new car, when I make my study to choose the car that I may buy I choose a car from your company KIA SORENTO, because I heard that it very good car, but your agent in KSA doesn’t have a comparative specifications of SORENTO models, then I buy the car and I surprised that some facility in my car model not exists like the car in USA, they said to me that every country has its own specification but I told them it the same price as USA market, really I don’t know why is that, anyway I get my car, the first problem was there is a lot of shaking (vibration) in the steering when the speed reach 100- 120, I review the KSA agency they said that is because you buy an 2008 model and its remain without moving for a long time, so that they give me a document to go to the KUMHO tire agency in KSA, I spend 2 week to get new tire from him he waste a lot of my time and money.
By drive 8000 km the car make noise when it on the first gear. I take it to the agency for 5 times without any fixing the problems that I have in my car, every time I take it from them when I go out I discover that nothing fixed there I don’t know why, really its disaster for me because I waste a lot of time and money really its awful things happened to me from this car. I will short list my problems below:
1- The noise when you put the Gear on the D then press the paddle immediately, they try to fix it for 5 times and they didn’t, they call me your car is ready but when i go there is nothing change
2- The noise from the rear tires when you drive like tick tick tick tick...
3- There is a problem in the braking system I told them about this for 5 times
4- There is a led lamp on the screen of the sound system doesn’t work.
5- There are big scratches on the driver door hook; it’s damaged by the maintenance centre that was happen when they try to balance the door, also they cause a minor scratches on the external body but i don’t mention that but when the damage internally it’s a big problem and indicates non professional work they have.
6- Under the front pumper there is damaged clips with plastic screw
7- There is a problem in the acoustic insulation, our area has a lot of dust this annoy me because I can smell the dust in my closed car.
8- There is a skew in the right hand side when driving and not been solved yet, really I don’t know why is that.

There are at least two manufacturer defects in my car. And I am now without any car it’s in the KIA agency at Riyadh- KSA and every day I spend 50$ to go to my work and return back, I think that you must solve my problem immediately because it’s about your reputation, there are 40 relatives of me know my problem and five of them they were want to buy from KIA but when these things happened to me they change their mind and choose another car. The maintenance manager told me he send my problem to you in Korea but until this moment there is no response from you, I think the right solution is to return my money or replace my car with new one that is free defects. Please help me, this car make my life as a disaster.
VIN: KNAJC525985834927
Mileage: 10500 km
[protected] EMAIL: [protected]@hotmail.com or [protected]@multisolutions.com.sa
Please feel free to call me any time for more information about my car.

Resolved rusted frame

I own a 2003 kia sorento that the frame has rusted so bad lower control arm on rear end has rooted off car i...

Resolved kia motors award

Kia Motors group Inc. Manchester city awarded the prize money of 650000 British Pound and a Kia ex Sedan car to my E-Mail address [protected]@yahoo.com by online balloting with randomisation selection system.on 28/6/2009.I then received another E-Mail from Barry H. Kennedy in which he provided me a form like below:-
Full name
Full residensial address
Marital Status
Country of residence
Telephone mobile no
Name of next of Kin
divers license
When I filled up the form and send to this man then he sends another E- mail in which he mentioned that a cheque
of above said money, a labtop, Authorisation letter to the local delear to provide above said car etc are packed and handed over to Speed Courier Company to dispatch the parcel to my address. After that the courier company contacted me and asked me to send 710 us$ to their company for the necessary arrangement of the courier.
I got several phone calls in between from UK and speed courier company, Manchester, U.K.
The address of the courier company they mentioned is as follows
Unit 1
Debdale, M18 7LJ
Ph no :-
E-Mail [protected]@live.com
I have not send the money because I think that this information is fake. So please inform me on this issue wheather it is true or false, and advise me what should I do.
Thanking you
Tirtha Raj Paudel
Country :- Nepal

  • Ti
    Tirtha Raj Paudel Jun 10, 2009

    I would like to advise you to avoid these kind of scam and take necessary action to those who are creating such kind of actions.

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  • Nu
    nuts to the scammers Oct 08, 2009

    This is a scam NEVER send them money. Do not contact them ...call the police...

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  • Di
    dizzybuff Oct 25, 2009

    Just read this . I live near debdale . There is no such company, I have attached a google map for your reference

    The post code area has a Mcdonalds, express by holiday in a pub and a fitness first, oh yes and a sailing school .
    Nothing else its not an industrial estate.

    Never ever send any details to anyone, and if you get an emails from companys that have randomly selected you and you have not entered anything, its likely to be a scam.

    http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?source=ig&hl=en&q=M18+7LJ&lr=&ie=UTF8&gl=uk&ei=mOfjSrGBDMqz4QaonJiMAg&ved=0CAgQ8gEwAA&hq=&hnear=Manchester, +Lancashire+M18+7LJ, +United+Kingdom&ll=53.459709, -2.160251&spn=0.001539, 0.004812&t=h&z=18

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Resolved harrassment and debt collection practices

Kia Motor Finance Company harrasses debtors. I was only 6 days past due on an amount under $200.00; they have called me every two hours, continually at work, when I have told them repeatedly not to call me during work hours. They call holidays, Sunday... every 2 hours. Even when making payment arrangements, I am still harrassed every two hours.

  • Ir
    Irate Kia Owner Feb 10, 2015

    Kia has done the same thing with me, I will never buy another Kia. This is my third Kia, they never harrassed me in the past but they started this year, it just makes me want to wait until the last possible day just to show them who actually controls my life...

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  • Me
    mesaris Mar 18, 2015

    I purchased a KIA and anytime I am 1 day late the phone calls start at 8 am and don't stop till 8 pm. This month thou they started harassing not only me but my daughter too before the 10 grace period was even up which they don't legally have the right to do and my daughter reminded them of this and instead of the woman saying "oh I am sorry I see that but do you know when you will be making the payment" no instead the woman got very rude with my daughter. Mind you my 10 day grace period is over as of the 19th and as I write this it is only the 18th and they started these calls on the 10th. They have called every day since anywhere from 5 to 10 calls a day not only to myself but my daughter too. I have seen where they have had many lawsuits against them for harassment and you would think they would learn but no. I know I am not the only one going thru this and I believe an attorney should take advantage of this and file a class action suit for harassment. They must hire nothing but cold hearted people at this company cuz there has not been 1 nice person I have dealt with in the almost 2 yrs that I have had this car. If I would have known this is how we were going to be treated then I would have passed on financing thru them and went elsewhere...for a vehicle all together!!

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Resolved complain kia korea

We want to make my knowledge of his discomfort by the time my truck repair Kia Carnival plate NAK-93S, which had committed errors of planning and procurement of spare parts for quality control of repair. Then tell a few events in chronological order:
1. In early February the truck entrance to his workshop referred to after sales service, for a failure of the straps of synchronization between the two trees of a cam of the compression cap.
2. The engine was inspected for damage assessment until they reach 2 months of spare parts required and deemed necessary to correct the damage that was estimated by the engine. Including valves, belts of time empacaduras game and spark plugs, but that is the case after discovering the damage, which resulted in 2-cylinder valves were broken causing damage to pistons, cylinder liners and connecting rods.
3. In April ordered the additional parts required for the damage produced, but it is the case that the cylinder liners were not supplied and the manufacturer KIA letter requesting to send the new piston from the home country (Korea) shirts with the clearances for the type of piston.
4. After some time, received the shirts and when the activity is installation of the covers of compression, they find that the new cap does not supply compression valve is installed and then they are ordered.
5. In June, received the valves and caps are sent both compression (New and Old) for grinding a workshop for installation and adjustment for tight seal.
6. Received all the parts the engine was assembled in July, when start-up and test operation, the engine failure in a compression of the cylinders, so its technicians suspected mal settlement in the new valve cover compression, but that is the case when making an inspection of what was happening, I notice that the 4-valve cylinder being made of that contact with the piston corresponding to instruct them to review the clearance between valves and valve guides; Where to find that the valves used for that cylinder did not have clearance by the manufacturer KIA.
7. In July, the new engine is assembled and during the test run within the city tranca the engine due to improper installation screw on the lid straps of time, which causes failure of the length of time the belt .
8. In the first week of August to inspect the repair, I find two errors again, a pulley belt damaged because time had installed a long screw on the front cover that hit the pulley and the deformed. In addition to this, look at the screws of the steering wheel or rack coupling hydraulic torque converter, one of the 6 screws with the crankshaft was installed in various dimensions, hexagonal head, which leads, of course, an imbalance dynamic engine and rear differential weight bearing damage by vibration.
9. The Workshop will ask the assembly KIA Valencia, Venezuela, providing a technique to assemble the engine, which was completed in November.
10. In the same month of November, I called the Workshop Yuyi Motors, CA I reported that the box does not automatically change and that the vehicle will be delivered with cash-flow problems.
11. On April 22, 2009, I handed over the van with these anomalies or defects generated:

a. If Wipers blow fractured by installing the engine
b. Alternator noise, due to replacement of this by a similar damage attributable to causes Yuyi Motors, SA not to protect the assets of its customers.
c. Absence of the handle for operating the hand brake, the truck entered with all its accessories, personnel management Yuyi Motors, SA conciliation meeting reported that it was removed to assess the problem of the electrical box automatically changes, which I do not agree because if you look at the photo No. 3, lateral screws were not removed, but if the handle for other uses .
d. Damage due to corrosion of some components because of the storage time of my truck by delay in the repair, which I reaffirm, because if you look at the photo No. 4 can see the state of corrosion that has the horn or horn, which is an indicator the aggressiveness of the location of the workshop.
e. Grilles central air conditioning broken out .
f. The air conditioning does not cool and has no freon gas 134a.
g. Damage to the propaganda that has glass tracero.
h. Lost rubber floor protectors of the carpet.
i. Replacing petrol bomb allegedly installed a new pump used, petrol level indicator loose or installation of the seal between tank and pump, which causes the fuel to escape abroad with the danger of fire. See photo No. 6.

I felt as a Client and unprotected offended by bad service and poor quality service and attention I received from Yuyi Motors, SA located in the Municipality Lecheria, Anzoategui State, Venezuela. KIA damage these have caused me a great financial expense to keep my car in his workshop, situations causing stress and high pressure blood for me and my family for the upsets received.

I thank this Organization for the care and support they give me to get to the original manufacturer KIA Korea in order to be punished Workshop Yuyi Motors, SA located in Venezuela.

  • Ta
    tamer Jun 24, 2009

    . Complaint
    To the attention of KIA International CEO, I am writing to you today to inform you of the misfortune event that happened to me today June 20, 2009. At 0945 hrs I was travelling with my family for my long waited for vacation to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Suddenly the back left side tyer and the metal bar wich connects the tyer to the brakes of my Cerato car disengaged from its place and flew in the air. This caused my car to turn several turns which injured my four years old daughter. I was driving on 70 km/hr and I was just coming out of a U turn. I can not describe the panic and fright that my family faced. My child is crying continuosly and does not want to get into any car out of fear. We are now in the street and I called Kia help desk in sharm el sheikh and in Cairo more than ten times with no response. I seeked the help of two mechanics who informed me that this is a manufacturing error in the car and I will be seeking an Engineering firm to check the car and prepare a report proving that this is a manufacturing e! rror. Finally a representative called Ashraf answered and kept denying that this could have happened and is claiming that I must have had an accident. I have photos of the car and I am now reporting the whole issue to the Egyptian police authorities and will bring a full report of the situation. Also, I will bring a medical report with my daughter's injury. I was in the process of buying the new Cerato 2009 however after this situation, ruining my vacation, my family's fright, my daughter's injury and the cherry on top of the cake was the speed of service and attitude of KIA representative. I am disgusted from all what happened and I need to be compensated for all of this. This is not what I expected from a big company like KIA. I need an URGENT call from an International KIA representative as I do not want any more contact with the Egypt representatives. Regards, Tamer El Ghamry
    2. Request
    I need an URGENT call from an International KIA representative as I do not want any more contact with the Egypt representatives.I need to be compensated for all of this.

    Tamer El Ghamry
    Front Office Manager
    Ramses Hilton
    1115 Corniche El Nile

    Cairo 12344, Egypt

    Telephone: + 202 2577 7444

    Fax: + 202 2394 6938

    Email:[email protected]

    Website: www.hilton.com

    Bringing back the Oriental nights of magic!
    'Falafel' Oriental Restaurant with superb traditional Egyptian entertainment is now opened.
    Reservations required : + 202 2577 7444 ext. 3212

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Resolved international promotions

this is to inform you that you have been successfully cleared a winner and to contact city link delivery...

won prize


This is to inform you that you have been successfully cleared a winner of The KIA Motors Sweepstakes Promotions.

Your e-mail address was attached to ticket number: [protected] 188 with Serial number 5388/02 drew the lucky numbers:[protected], which subsequently won you the lottery in the 2nd category i.e match 5 plus bonus. All participants for the online version of The KIA Motors Sweepstakes Promotions, were selected randomly from World Wide Web sites through computer draw system and extracted from over 100, 000 unions, associations, and corporate bodies that are listed online.

Kindly find below the contact details of our official online paying bank.You are to contact them for instructions on how to remit your winning prize amount to you.

Mr. Kevin Lucas
Lloyds TSB
(International Transactions Dept.)
Office: 1 Churchill Place,
London, E14 5HP.
Tel: :+44 [protected]
Email : [protected]@lloyds-tsb-plc.com

Please contact them with the below personal details of yours;
* Full Legal Names
* Address
* Tel/Mobile/Fax Numbers
* Occupation
*Ref number - 015/TYT/XFTCR-EPL00111234
*Pin code -KIA/001/11234

Once again I say congratulations and always inform me with your dealings with the bank were your fund is being transferred to.

Goodluck !

Martin Neville.
(Claims Agent

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  • Da
    Daetwyler Jul 06, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    From T.Daetwyler e-mail [email protected] In the matter of the winnings:

    Payment Issued and Approved. Winning Mobile Number: 0877796218 Date: 2/06/2013.
    Dear Winner: Rampan Daetwyler (referenced to MR Adams KIA motors UK).
    Congratulations once again from every members of our staff (KIA MOTORS). Your filled verification form has been received and it has been forwarded to our Transferring Bank in United Kingdom for payment.
    After reviewing your complete details we pass it to our board of directors for final approval of payment. Therefore you are now entitled to your full winnings of £550, 000.00 GBP (Five Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds) which by now has already been encoded in a Bank transfer code.
    This is to inform you that the KIA RIO 2013 MODEL CAR you won will also be delivered / shipped to you by our shipping agent.
    You are to also note that, the shipment of your car will take place once we have confirmation that your winning funds has been remitted to you by our correspondent bank. The original copies of your car documents/keys will be sent to you via registered mail by our shipping/courier service department.
    All you need do now is to contact the issuing bank with the details below :
    Name of Bank==: Absa Bank Plc
    Office Address==: Airport Road, Shoping Complex, Absa Bank Building, London United Kingdom..
    Name of Department =: Online Transfer Department.
    Contact Person: MR Johnson
    Email of Department=: [email protected]
    When sending an email to the accounts department you should note the following.
    *You should write the bank and let them know you wish to open a new bank account with them, registration and account setup, after which your account will be activated to enable you gain access to your account via online Banking and commence transfer to your local bank.
    *You should supply them with the cheque code worth £550, 000.00 GBP (K/M1313/).
    *Supply them with your Mobile Number. *Again the code is (K/M1313/).
    Tax of £3855:11GPB can be payed in two times of £1928GBP. First payment on the 9.7.2013
    new destination of tax clearance payment:
    ATTN :: SIR you are to make the payment to south Africa and you are to use the of this officer
    You are to use this name because the officer is going off from work
    ADDRESS ::101 Durban height nugget street Johannesburg
    Please let us so soon as possible known if this is true or a scam
    Yours sincerely T.Daetwyler and Wife.

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Resolved blown engine

$565 left on the payments
5 Year warranty because it was used - OH yes, that's from date of car "birth"
Ran fine, pulled out of work, bad engine rattle!
Towed to Dealer $65
Cursory look by technician - a bad coil
Next Day - ENGINE BLOWN - $4700 plus labor and "needed parts"
Makes sense since the car only cost $9600 new!
Found a 90K motor for $1100 and a 60k for $1300 - plus...you guest it!

Car coming home on a tow today. Maybe I'll put a rebuild HONDA engine in and never buy a Kia again.
Oh dang, I just spent $17000 on a Specra 5

SO - who do we contact to start a CLASS ACTION SUIT against this nonsense? If they are going to import toxic toys and wind up cars, I BUYING GM AGAIN! I don't mind supporting Canada and my Grandmothers pension.

  • Se
    servicedrive Mar 18, 2009

    When was the last time you put a timing belt on the first engine? It clearly states in you manual that you need to replace it EVERY 60K miles or 5 years, whatever comes first. If you did that, your engine would not have gone down the crapper. And I just want to know, if you think the 5 year warranty on a Kia sucks, whats gonna happen when you buy a GM vehicle and it comes with a 3 year 36k mile warranty?? hmmmm

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Resolved 4 wheel drive malfunction

I bought a new Kia Sorento 3.5 petrol (automatic) in 2005 and kept it for 60, 000 km. The automatic transmission often did not want to select. The agents could not solve this problem and I decided to trade it in on a Kia Sorento 2.5 diesel with a manual transmission. Since new this car often did not want to select 4 wheel drive low range . I took the car to the Silverton branch in Pretoria in October 2008 to fix this problem and they changed some electronic valves, but the vehicle was still not fixed. I took the car back in November 2008 and the car is still there because they are not able to fix the problem. (It is now 9 January 2009)
I think this is very bad advertising for Kia and I am now forced to take them on to refund me for the market value of this vehicle.

would like to verify the offer from kia motors

Dear friends
i have recieved a offer letter from kia motors germany. i would like to verify the authenticity of those offer letter and check whether it is a scam or not?

Please post your reply as soon as possible.
Following Link contains the documents which i have recieved.
Please verify those documents and let me know the details.