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I walked into KFC at Wolverhampton (Queen Square) at approx. 12.42pm on 3/10/10.
I waited in the que for 13 minutes before I was served.
My order was, 2 piece chicken and chips, chips and gravy and a snackbox containing chips and 1 piece of chicken, I was still waiting after 20 minutes which took me to 1.15pm (thats 33 minutes wait). I was served at approx. 1.22pm (a further 7 minutes), eventually when I was served, the person who served me asked me to confirm my order which was behind her on the computer screen, how sad is that?, she then placed the items in 2 paper bags and I still had to confirm a 3rd time at the counter what my order was. The person serving me even forgot to put tissues and salt in my bags. I find this very un-proffessional especially for a fast food chain.

The people working in the kitchen (behind the computer screens) were portioning out chips at the time so when my order was complete and I had left KFC and returned to work the chips were cold and the chicken was scorching hot. I received a warning and was debited half a days pay, thanks to the staff at this restaurant.

I think that it would be reasonable to be compensated for my loss.


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    Stover102614 Jun 18, 2019

    Lmfao your retarded. Just because your broke dont got blaming them

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    Tina ta Aug 30, 2019

    @Stover102614 If you’re going to reply with a smart comment at least spell it right, or use the proper grammar!! With all due respect! Lol

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