Kentucky Fried Chicken Abudhabispoiled my kids birthday party-bad customer service & doesnt care attitude

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I have conducted a birthday party and there was no service/entertainments/gifts as promised.Instead of enjoying the party I have to take Video camera myself, serve food myself, because the kFC concerned say their staff took Off without informing the manager and when I complained about this issue to the concerned their attitude is like as if they dont care.When the invoice arrived it was another story too.I have to pay for nothing.So I dont want these types of things to happen again and as a well wisher cum KFC fan since childhood it upsets me a lot because no one from the KFC based in UAE listen to my complaints.Can anyone let me know how come I can complaint directly to the main KFC office based in US.As we all know that KFC is an established chain but their customer service attitude especially in Abudhabi, UAE should be changed.Hope any of the senior management team will enquire about this issue and respond if they see my this mail.When i contacted the head office based in Sharjah, the customer service manager told me that area Manager for Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates will contact me soon.Untill now no response and doesnt care attitude goes on.

Can i get any response or this type of attitude continues...


  • Cr
    Critic 2010 Dec 20, 2010

    You can try in below two links . One is KFC Middle East and the other one is International
    An attitude problem is there with KFC Abu Dhabi.

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  • Mr
    Mr.Arben May 04, 2013

    i already become the REGULAR GUEST OF KFC UAE almost 3 years and this is my first time to get REALLY BAD EXPERIENCE and make me feel DONT LIKE TO CALL KFC ANYMORE .
    first day,
    i order about 1 am in the morning at 1 may 2013 that is my usual timing for order and all staff KFC already knew that..snaker sand, xtreme zinger, rizo chili and hot wing 10pcs are my orders..and as u know i always spent MY MONEY above 80 aed to order excluding the delivery TIPS.. that time u guys really make me ANGRY AND UPSET, 1.5 HOURS delivery !!! what the hell is that ??? the guys who give my order not even say sorry when he give my orders, again my concern is I AM A REGULAR GUEST and u guys should not do that things to ME !! no complete serve : no spoon - no tissue - no plate and ALL MY FOOD COLD !!! its make me felt so bad, 1 i lose my appetite for eat, 2 i lose my money for the stupid orders.. i try to calling the CUSTOMERS SERVICE KFC and the guy who pretend helping me HANGING THE PHONE with excuse WAIT FOR MINUTES !!! ???? i wasted my time, my credit phone and my passion for this!!and u still not do ANYTHING???

    second day,
    2 May 2013 again i order in the same time 1 am, there's a guy with name MUHAMMAD if am not wrong, he was very politely to helping me regarding my complaint about yesterday... i was let it way for that problems and he was said sorry as well and that make me more comfortable, .. i taking my orders ; spicy Rizo and the new item from KFC ... again need to take 45 minutes for delivery.
    i was about to wait with passion in my head and heart, 1:55 am some other guy calling me with number 065536481 and the news that he says MAKE ME MORE ANGRY AND MORE LOOOSEEE MY PASSION !!! he said that they CANT DELIVERY my order with excuse there's a problems with the system.. big questions from me WHY YOU GUYS NOT TELLING ME AHEAD ???? WHY U GUYS NOT TAKING ACTION MORE FASTER ??? AND WHY YOU GUYS NOT CONCERN THAT I AM A REGULAR GUEST ????
    if you thing that I AM NOT YOUR REGULAR GUEST then fine ... this is my promise : I WILL NEVER..EVER .. EVER... ORDER KFC FROM UAE ANYMORE !!! BEFORE YOU DO SOMETHING WITH MY EMAIL !!! got me ???

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  • I dispise apathy Jun 19, 2013

    Wow, no wonder there is an epidemic of obesity sweeping across the gulf states. Ordering all that food at 1am on 2 consecutive days highlights a serious problem.
    I would seriously suggest you have a good look at your diet, the way your health is heading and make some significant changes ASAP.
    As for "NEVER..EVER .. EVER... ORDER KFC FROM UAE ANYMORE".. thats the smartest thing you've said in your e-mail.

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  • Bl
    blame the parents here Nov 14, 2013

    You said you cum to KFC, bet that is the secret sauce.

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  • Ro
    romeo songkit Nov 04, 2018

    I think the Kentucky management should be aware of the manners that one of your employee is showing…… His identification tag shows the name muhamed. I don’t know how many people he has offended, but I found it so offensive that I don’t want to go into your store again. This incident happened on 02.11.2018 at 8:09 pm at Kentucky Store, Al Wahda Mall branch.
    I personally feel he has no place interacting with the public when he lacks the most basic sense of propriety and kindness.
    Please look into the matter.

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