Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]poor service.

W Aug 17, 2018 Review updated:

I just left the kfc in hammond Louisiana and I have to say it was a cheap experience. I tryed to order some chicken tenders and mashed potatoes. They said they didnt provide the amount of tenders I wanted (10) but they had a box of 11. I said thats fine then paid for the food. I was asked to pull up and they would bring them out to me. No problem. I wait 12 mins and then decide to go in to get my food. I walk in and wait in line. When its my turn one of the workers asked if i was "the chicken tenders." Yes, I said and she waved me aside and said "next in line." I stand there and then finally someone hands me my food. Great. I walk to my truck and open the food, luke warm and dry. If they werent cooking the tenders then why was i asked to pull up, wait, and was then dismissed by the workers? Garbage service. Garbage.


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    9wood Aug 17, 2018

    should of gone back to get a refund and ate somewhere else

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