Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]12 minutes for a pot pie is a lie


I went in and ordered a pot pie I was told it was going to be a 12 minute wait I replied ok and proceeded to pay for the order which I also ordered potato wedges and 2 medium drinks . She gave me the cups to fix my drinks which was no problem at all I took the drinks out to my wife and grandson and went back in. I took a sit and proceeded to wait next thing I know my wife comes in and asked was there a problem with our order because she is seeing people come out but not me that is when the cashier said it was coming right up and my wife also stated that I had been in there already 20 minutes. Well to say here my wife comes back in 10 minutes later really upset saying get your money back she did not want it anymore and proceeded to say how she could have went home and cooked a pot pie herself by now. So i requested the money back for the pot pie as my wife asked me and they returned my money and all I could think was how right my wife was because I was told 12 minutes on something clearly takes longer and all they had to do was be truthful I could have went took my wife and grandson home and went back to get it.

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