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I wanted some simple answers about my dog. Well this seemingly free website had me go through all of the registration process ask my question from their "experts" and then tell me I need to provide a "good faith deposit" which I can not seem to get back. Also I never even got my answer from them. This site is a rip-off and I encourage everyone to stay away from!!! I have tried every avenue to get my "deposit" back and all they do is run you around in a web of circles. I hope this does not happen to anyone else out there. I have a hard enough time affording to feed my family without having my money stolen for absolutely nothing!


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    Helen2212 Jul 18, 2020
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    Verified customer

    I contacted JustAnswer on 8 July with a problem with a computer product. I was given reference
    no. ID [protected]. There were several attempts to solve my question, but after 7 emails the chat
    was terminated. To add to my problems, those 3-mails included one from me expressing my
    frustration at the product supplier. The email was blocked "due to abusive behaviour". So now
    my emails are all blocked, and getting that fixed is going to be another nightmare.
    During my chat with the expert at JustAnswer I had been redirected to the form to fill in for a
    subscription. I explained I would never use the subscriptionn and didn't want it, but was assured
    it could be cancelled at any time and was fully refundable.
    On 14 July my credit card was debited with R65, 00. The next day a second debit of R599, 00 for the
    future monthly subscription. Which I certainly didn't want.
    I have now spent the entire day explaining my problem with many Consultants, who went round
    and round in circles, promising to redirect me to various other people. And more than 5 times I
    was transferred to the Membership Application Form, in spite of being told it had already been
    completed earlier.
    I now realise that there was no intention to refund or cancel the payments. Nor was there any
    intention to try to assist with any of the questions I raised. Its a disgusting way to treat decent
    citizens who were merely asking for assistance, as promised by the website name. It's brazen
    I don't know how your staff can continue to carry out this fraudulent scheme, day after day.
    I want my "subscription" cancelled, and both the R65.00 and the R599.00 refunded to my account.

    I am a 76yr old retiree with no pension or other income, living off my dwindling savings. I need
    that R664 .00 back.

    This website is a scam, stealing money from decent citizens, and lying about 'refunds'.
    I wish I had checked this all out first. But sadly I'm a trusting soul, and this has left me really
    shattered and furious.

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  • Ma
    mafalda1943 Sep 23, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    a complete scam

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  • St
    Stewart R Vriesinga Sep 21, 2017
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    Verified customer

    This is a copy of my request on JustAnswer's reimbursement form:

    I request reimbursement for 7 unauthorized deductions of $49.00 from my Mastercard account. The Canadian representative told me he could and would reimburse me for the last four payments within 5 business days, but said he did not have access to view the first three --March, April and May, and sent me the link to this form as the means getting reimbursed for those first three months.

    In February I paid $5.00 to pose a question, and received a link to an answer in an email, but when I opened the link and realized that I would have to shell out even more money for access to that answer, I opted not to. I do not expect to have that initial $5 reimbursed, but do expect all unauthorized subsequent payments to be reimbursed.

    I'll post this on the complaints board, and will go back to that post and update it when this issue is resolved to my satisfaction.

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  • St
    Stewart R Vriesinga Sep 25, 2017
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    @Stewart R Vriesinga I have just checked my bank account, and Just Answer has indeed fully refunded the 7 payments of $49 that they deducted from my account. I have also received an email informing me that my membership --the membership I never knew I had-- has been cancelled. With regards to my reimbursement Just Answer has been true to their word. I cannot speak to the quality of their answers, since I never clicked on the reply not made additional payments to access the answer they provided. I would caution potential users to read all the fine print, as they may be inadvertently authorizing Just Answer to sign them up as a member and debit their account on a monthly basis.

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  • Tr
    Trudy Ensbey Mar 07, 2017
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    I agree with you.I went on this website after i typed in free advice dog questions, well just answer it came up.I agreed to pay the $5 to the qualified vet and i think it was a extra $22 dollars on top to proceed.Of course i wanted a answer, i lost my 11yr old dog suddenly two days before christmas, devastated and looking for answers.i received one reply form a vet, i rated him a 4 but to this day, i still dont have the reasonHe deserved a 1..i feel they used my current situation to taken advantage, on top of this i had to cancel my credit card, as they were taking money out for membership that i knew nothing about..i did get a refund..but i will never use this website again...How can this site continue to operate..dont use them...

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  • Re
    redrockraven Mar 24, 2016
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    The Just Answer site is a total rip off and fraud...Avoid it at all costs...They give no answers to anything and just try to rope you into a large dollar commitment by running you in circles...I am going to my bank to block payment, since it is pending only...

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  • Ki
    Ki P. Oct 28, 2011

    I have a $38.00 deposit that I have never received back, I asked a question like 6 months ago about a computer problem I was having. The ad said that if their answer didn't help me I would not be charged! There answer did not help me, I let them know this but never received a refund. They now occasionally send me a message telling me I still have a $38.00 deposit and would I like to ask another question. I have no idea how to get my money back. That was actually the last question I asked...How do I get my $38.00 "deposit" back? No answer!


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  • Cu
    Curt B. Feb 06, 2011

    I posted a question on they asked me for my card number and other info and I gave it to them. When I found out that they were going to charge me $30 to ask a "SO CALLED" law expert a question I backed out of the site and they still charged my card. This was last night on 2/5/11 this site is NOT just answers its just BS!!! It takes a PISS POOR site to rip people off like that!!! You can have the $30 maybe you will use it for a better web page.

    Curt B.

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  • Fi
    fifigtdtthgfdxg Dec 04, 2010

    sweety..if the question is simple ...why bother to ask? you could just answer it by yourself right?????... I think that you don't have enough money to bring your dog to a real vet...poor you... .. fifi ur dog's conscience...xoxo

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  • Ri
    Richard R. Nov 09, 2010

    Another source for Axia help is I've found that Ace-Axia at has great, inexpensive tutorials and modal papers for all the popular Axia courses. Immediate downloads that help you get your assignments, checkpoints, and discussion questions finished fast!

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  • Fr
    friend111 Nov 01, 2010

    Sorry to hear of your bad expirience! There is a new site that will allow you to post questions on anything from axia homework help to just about anything you need answered. The site is free to join. No need for getting approved as a tutor. Also you can get paid through Paypal by answering questions! I made some money there and withdrew it and got it in like an hour which by far is the best!

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  • Di
    Disgruntled 53 Oct 12, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I asked a question of one of the experts at Just Answer (note that in the fine print they don't guarantee that their experts have the qualifications listed)and agreed to pay $50 as a one-time charge. I have had a terrible last 6 months and have only recently discovered that they have somehow, without me knowing, put me on a monthly subscription. They have charged me $50 every month since April (when I asked my one and only question) and I have now paid $300. I did not request an ongoing subscription. My credit card company says they can't do anything since it was a matter that it was a membership I didn't request and didn't want. My best advice is to stay far away from this company.

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  • Ps
    psychdoc Sep 22, 2010

    To those of you who have had your money stolen, go to your bank and ask them to do an EFT, which is an electronic funds transfer. Tell them what happened. They will start investigation and will refund your money in a few days. If they find you had good reason to have that taken back they will let you keep that rrfund. If they find out that they did not steal it they will take the refund back from you. I have had that done many times.
    I have peronally used justanswer twice and asked for legal advice. They did ok I paid them 15 dollars each time. The first time they took an additional 15 and i asked them to refund it and they did. I had no problems with them, but I am sure others were not that lucky.

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  • Be
    Beatrice Evans Aug 27, 2010

    Bad...bad...bad they rip you off?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Do not use this site its a scam mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

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  • Ke
    keithatciren Aug 12, 2010

    They cleverly lead in someone like myself (searching to cure a problem with my Ford car) to believe this is a brand based (Ford in this case) organization, only later on did I realize that in fact their link in Google just fills in the brand you have typed in and tells you that all these Ford, Honda, Audi - whatever, 'experts' are waiting to give you the answer you need, what a nasty and fraudulent trick! Like others I was asked to deposit A REFUNDABLE sum to ask my question. All too late I discovered the answer was rubbish, anyone opening a Haynes manual could have made the same suggestion. It DID NOT answer the question that I posed and his second attempt just demonstrated that he either wasn't an 'expert' at all or he hadn't read my question.

    I asked for my money back and received a response to say that my PayPal account would be credited within 1 to 5 days. OF COURSE IT WAS NOT! I have repeated the request twice more, but have little doubt now that fraud is their stock in trade and nothing more.

    AVOID, AVOID, AVOID! It's nothing more than a rip off.

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  • Dg
    DGW1959 Aug 03, 2010

    I don't think it's a scam. Apparently they will refund your money. I'll wait to see if that happens. If you let your money sit there they eat it up at 1$/month in 'maintenance fees". I won't deal with them again. Too sneaky.

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  • Gr
    GregIsTaken Jun 06, 2010

    I asked JustAnswer a question regarding a fault in my washing machine. No response after a few weeks. I have no faith in this "company".

    I have since requested a refund. I won't hold my breath, but will lodge another complaint when it doesn't happen in about 3-5 days.


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  • Bo
    Boyd Atterberry Jun 02, 2010

    I asked a technical question and they debited my account $18.00 for which I received no answer.

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  • Zz
    zz2010 Feb 02, 2010

    i asked for advice on a family law matter and got no answer back i paid a deposit of £11 and have not got it back i am really up set about this because i am a single mother with 3 children seeking much needed advice and that £11 was alot of money for me all i wanted was sum HELP

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  • Da
    David F. Jan 23, 2010

    I went to their site to ask a question about the Thunderbird email program. (The link to was on the Mozilla forum web page.)

    I asked my question and provided a bunch of information about my computer, and only after submitting the question was I told I'd have to pay for it!

    This is a deceptive sales tactic. If Amazon acted that way they'd be out of business. They need to tell people that this is a fee service and they need to refund deposits if the answers are not acceptable.

    I think Google ads and others needs to not support them either.

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  • Di
    display_name Nov 24, 2009

    I posted a question on justask>Law, got a quick response, replied for a follow-up, got that, and then, just to see if it was a rip-off, said I was unsatisfied with the response (the response was great, actually) and got my money back no problem.
    Tip: to make sure that your $ goes to the expert, choose the lowest priced option, keep replying until you're satisfied, then click the Happy button and give them a tip in line with the value of the advice.
    I went back on and posted a simple question to the same expert and paid him for his time.

    I have to say that this is NOT a scam. A scam would NEVER give refunds without difficulty, as in my case. I suspect that other posters might have mis-clicked, not read (it's easy to overlook that you can ask follow up questions until you're satisfied, for example, ) or didn't like the content of the answer, rather than the quality. gain, you always have the option to re-post your question to another expert...

    I was suspicious, but satisfied. If you're unsure, get a debit card from your bank w/ only 10.00 on it or something and try it out. minimal risk, and the advice (in my case) was worth the cost.

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  • Sw
    SWhite Nov 17, 2009

    I agree I have been waiting 3 weeks for my refund---and have sent several e-mails---has anyone EVER gotten a refund from this site?????

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  • Ar
    Arnav2006 Oct 27, 2009

    I also seem to have fallen in the same trap. I deposited 7 pounds in order to ask one of my questions related to my tier 1 VISA to UK. I havent heard back from them in last 4-5 days ever since i posted this query but the amount has been charged to my paypal account. I have requested for a refund and am yet to hear back.
    I will strongly advise people to keep off this site, this looks like a complete fake site taking people for a ride. I am not sure how could they survive online for such a long time cheating innocent people around.

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  • Mo
    Mountaindude Oct 08, 2009

    Sitting and awaiting the next sucker. My dog can give better advice

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  • Wa
    Want money back Sep 23, 2009

    I went to and asked Dr. Love a question and got an answer that was totally generic. It was as if he was typing a script. I did not accept his answer and sent a msg. for my money to be returned. Hopefully they will return my money. I will never do that again. Please don't trust any site that claims to give medical advise without seeing the patient.

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  • Kr
    krispix318 Jul 29, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Don't know if this will help:

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