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Gumtree - Washing machine

Turned up 2 pick up a washing machine was not told we had to dissconect it when we got it back it was filthy dirty inside I had 2 buye mould remover and a dishwasher descale if I had bn told I had 2 disconnect from the main water supply and drain the machine I wldnt have bothered but I did ore fool me wil never my frm this woman again I hope she doesn't sell anymore on gumtree many thanks

Desired outcome: Based frm gumtree n wld quite like some of my money back

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9:31 am
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Gumtree - Gumtree control of messaging service and use of this information of buyers information to third party sellers of jewellery.

I have 700 veiws to date 29/05/2020 on my jewellery items for sale on the gumtree site. I have no messages from any interested buyers due to my messages being managed by gumtree in favour of their parent company ebay with a conflict of interest on the items I have for sale. Gumtree is free where ebay has selling fees and item lodging fees. I have eight years knowledge of how gumtree worked as they had policy and procedures you had to adhere to in order to use or be included on their site as a classified ads operator with terms and conditions. Now gone. Gumtree now contral all communications and users of this site. That changes the law on them managing products for sale and by who. No longer classified ads. It stinks of corruption of a conflict of interest by the the company owners

I will send a copy of this complaint to my mp and request they take it up with the relevent minister. Its an abuse of the duty of care companies have when dealing with the public.


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Update by lewiebell
May 30, 2022 7:52 pm

no messages received yet hundreds of views

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3:26 pm

Gumtree - Ice lolly machine

I have recently paid R18.500.00 for a semi automated ice lolly machine and find the after sales service a lot to be desired. The burns the plastic tubing with the result that I waste a lot of the product I fill the tubes with. That means money as well. I have made a a number of phone calls and send watsup messages to the owner who ignores them. I am now wondering if the six month guarantee which he said I have on the machine is true. All I want from the company is to assist, so that the problem can be solved, and stop hiding

Desired outcome: I need the owner to respond and come and assist

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11:12 am

Gumtree - Gumtree Adverts removed for no reason

I have used Gumtree for years to advertise a garage for rent, reposting the SAME advert each time. The advert I paid for was taken down after a few week without any notification, so I reposted it and paid again. It was immediately removed today and again no reason given.

I have never breached any rules or policies. I contacted them and they told me not to repost it, as it was a violation but gave no details. They said ''We reserve the right to remove content where we have grounds for suspecting the violation of these terms or the rights of any other party'' I have asked for details of what is wrong. Despite asking twice, no replies to my emails and no details on what terms breached or violation made

Desired outcome: Post my advert back up and refund the second payment made for no reason

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Update by Katrina Stamp
Apr 18, 2022 12:16 pm

Really interested to see that only 12 Complaints have been resolved on this website for Gumtree but ZERO complaints resolved relating to adverts being removed for 'violation of terms' etc.

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11:03 pm

Gumtree - Fetch Mighty

I have put in 2 other complaints, I have just found the payment receipt for the goods that I thought I had purchased.

---------- Forwarded message ---------

From: Ian Coombs

Date: Thu., 17 Mar. 2022, 10:53 am

Subject: Receipt for payment #E1122908890

To: Ian Coombs

Status: Processing

Reference no: E1122908890

Amount: $130.00

To: MISS SAREH MICA BRADSHAW (+61-402177645)

When: Today, 17 Mar. 2022)

Description: Mighty Fetch

Payment service: In most cases, Osko Payments take less than a minute

I thought I had made this purchase 13/3/2022.

I sent $130.00, $100 asking price $30.00 was for.postage. Please refer messages with the seller.

Desired outcome: I just want my money back. Obviously I am not getting the goods.Not interested in what this seller. Has to offer now......

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Gumtree - Large Victorian up-cycle desk project

I am writing to complain about the rudeness and the unprofessionalism of the seller Lisa (Bangor) of the item above. I enquired about the item because I was interested in the Victorian desk being a university lecturer and expert in that period. I asked a few questions about the state of the item, years within the Victorian period and got a response only a week later. When asking to see the item because I was still interested I received a shocking response by the seller intimating me to stop wasting her time and that I had no knowledge of the furniture and that she was going to block me.

I was taken aback by such a bullying response that I was very upset. Things last that should not be allowed in this site. I hope this is taken into consideration. Marilina

Desired outcome: Sellers like that should not be allowed on this site

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6:52 pm
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Gumtree - Ads

I want to complaint about gumtree because after being a regular customer over three years and spending a lot of money monthly on them on Friday 08/04/2022 they decided to take my ad down with no explanation. On one occasion when I called the woman hung up on me when I was being rude in the slightest. I've waited until today because they really affected my business as most of my clientele come from gumtree. When I emailed them asking what was happening they just told me I was banned with no reason or explanation, and I think that I am not the first or last person that they will treat like this and I feel it's very unfair. I would like other customers to come forward and complain against them as there are many that have the same experience as me.

Desired outcome: An apology from gumtree for treating my like rubbish but at the same time I would like to find out about others who have a similar experience to me and able to do something against gumtree so they are not able to do this to people.

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4:19 pm

Gumtree - Fetch Mighty unlocked

Have taken money no goods or communication refer messages.

14th March. I wanted the goods offered

It was still available.

Asked how payment was to be made, I.e PayPal.

Did not have PayPal.

Payment ID only

I have never used a Pay ID asked how.

Did not understand explanation.

Requested BSB and account number.

It was given. Payment was attempted over the next day and kickef back.

I decided to investigate the pay ID and found out that it was a phone number.

The bank came back with the Name of Sareh Bradshaw.

McKayla said she would keep me informed.

I have heard nothing.

I have a payment receipt from the bank telling me the recipients name.


Desired outcome: Just want my money back $130.00

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Update by IanCoo
Mar 26, 2022 7:36 pm

I reported this earlier in the week with more detail.

No reply as yet

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4:05 am

Gumtree - Optus Fetch Mighty Unlocked

I agreed to pay Makayla her asking price of $100.00 requested that she shipped it from Slacks Creek in Qld. She agreed, I added to her price $30.00 for the shipping. I had a bit of trouble.using her pay id, so I asked if shevwould give me her BSB and Account number. I deposited the funds after a day or so it bounced back.

I found out that the payI id is a phone number. So I put the money through without any problems. She said she would advise me when it came through. The weekend has past and a few extra days and no reply. I have messaged a few times still with no result. The bank came up with the pay id belonging to Sareh Mica Bradshaw.

Desired outcome: I would like my money back $130.00I left my BSB and account on my last message.

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11:22 am

Gumtree - Advertising

My ads on gumtree go back over 10yrs. My add I paid for was taken down after a few week.s I stuck strickly to all the guidlines and have never breached any rules or policies. Despite my complaints after they investigated, they said ithis ''We reserve the right to remove content where we have grounds for suspecting the violation of these terms or the rights of any other party'' I have asked for details of what is wrong. I have a simple add, I have not been able now to get any replies from them

Desired outcome: They are now ignoring my emails after asking for details

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10:56 pm

Gumtree - LG HiFi VHS Video recorder listed and shown for sale, actual product was a basic Panasonic single audio output

Hi there;

A woman called Roz advertised (with picture) of a LG HiFi VHS recorder, whilst in actual fact it was a basic Panasonic VHS

I went to buy the VCR on Sunday 13Feb to buy it for an elderly (90 yrs) man who has a lot of VHS tapes and spends a lot of time at home.

The VCR was in a box instead of connected to a TV.

Roz didn't have a VHS cassette to test.

Roz convinced me that she viewed video tapes only recently.

She also stated on Sunday that I could return it if it wouldn't work.

I paid the $60 asking price and took it home (1hr drive each way)

I went to install the Panasonic VCR yesterday (15Feb) only to find that the audio was working but no video!

Also that there were no batteries in the Remote Control

Roz stated immediately that I had connected wrong VCR wrongly, despite sendig her photo of RCA cable connectivity (I am an Australian Framework 4 Electronic tech, repairing TV sets dishwashers etc) and she would call her IT guy (pls ask yourself why would an IT guy know old fashioned VCR's)

Given the 70km distance and stalemate between seller Roz and myself benloot trying to get the video part of the VCR to work I got Isopropanol from the local chemist and cleaned the dirty video head with a clean lint free cloth.

P.S.I had sent a photo from the dirty video head to Roz.

There was still no video signal after cleaning the video head (standard procedure).

It was then I asked Roz for a full refund as there was no video signal detected in 2 different TV sets and 2 different RCA AV cables!

Roz got emotional when I asked for a full purchase price refund as it was then she refused a refund claiming that cleaning the Video head would have damaged the VCR

She hung up on me when I said that there was no video coming into TV (blue screen), meaning that cleaning the Video head had nothing to do with it.

Roz sent me a txt msg with rhetoric no facts

In summary:

The VCR was advertised as a LG HiFi VCR, whilst in actual fact the VCR was a Panasonic brand (i.e. false advertising!)

The Panasonic VCR was not connected to her TV set and she didn't have a VHS tape! (No proof that the VCR was working)

benloot paid $60.00 cash in good faith to Roz based on her story that she recently watched video's and that the VCR could be full price returned if it wasn't working.

Only audio was working no video!

Roz refused to refund the purchase price on 15 Feb, whilst on 13 Feb she said that I could return the VCR if it wasn't working

There were no batteries in the remote controller

Roz claim that the VCR would have been damaged after professional cleaning he head is false, i.e. there was no video signal to the TV set (tried 2 TV sets, 2 different cables.

Very bad manners from Roz by hanging up on me after asking for a refund

Attached: Video head with black spot, before cleaning the heads, RCA AV cable connection.

Desired outcome: Return the purchase sum immediately!Roz to collect the VCR from my place or John's place (Hope Island, Gold Coast)No further discussions with Roz pls

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1 comment

Hi Mr Loots.

I can sure appreciate the frustration.

The question of brand and model become moot as the Panasonic was accepted at time of purchase.

One would never assume batteries were supplied with a used product.

Although a warranty may be provided verbally, it becomes nearly impossible to prove. As such, one would normally have such a guarantee provided in writing; without such, said warranty also becomes moot. Even if it weren't, the fact that the buyer tried to fix a perceived problem on his own would void such guarantee.

If any product was to be returned for a refund, no one would assume it would be the responsibility of the seller to collect the merchandise.

I wish I could agree with the complaint on any point but find it difficult to do so.

It could be that the issue is not the composite cables but TV settings (composite versus component). or even the RCA to mini adaptor.

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7:58 pm

Gumtree - Advert plzced

I placed an advert and paid £27.99 to sell our Motorhome they took my money and I checked a day later and couldn't see my ad so I asked via there contact email why my advert wasn't up to be told I'd violated there terms and they wouldn't/couldn't tell me what heinous crime I'd committed to have my ad refused ? I have raised a complaint with PayPal as I consider Gumtree keeping my money without providing a service maybe fraudulent in my oppion, If this is not resolved I will never use them again and can see by other comments I am not the only one to be a VICTIM to there unreasonable behaviour. I will warn others to NEVER use them

Desired outcome: An explanation to what VIOLATION I committed and my money back

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8:54 am
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Gumtree - My ad was deleted straight away after I posted

Hello I posted and ad on Monday evening on Gumtree and straight away was deleted and took my money as well. I am very angry because my ad was professional and it's not the first time when they delete my ad without having a reason and I cannot work either not having my ad on. That shows that Gumtree is not serious and does not treat their customers with respect and became a scam company. For more then 4 days I'm trying to get in contact with an agent and it seems like no one is available. I lost money and time and I'm very disappointed with this company which used to be a serious one before but not anymore. Someone can solve my problem at least.

Desired outcome: Disappointed

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11:45 am

Gumtree - Advert 1311306043

This is an advert for Aluminium sheet which stated 4 mm thick as photo below included in the advert
The seller confirmed he had the goods available, we agreed a collection time and I travelled 98 miles (there and back) with a trailer to collect.

The material was not 4mm thick it was 2mm thick and he claimed the advert had been adjusted by Gumtree he made no offer to recompense or accept any responsibility.

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10:00 am
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Gumtree - restricted from listing for No apparent reason but still took my money

I have been registered with Gumtree in the excess of 10 years and for some unknown reason my posts have been removed and online live chats have fobbed me off withoutb giving me any explanantion what I have done wrong. I have checked the listings removed and none of them are prohited and there is nothing in them that would warrant this happening. No explanantion, No email from GUMTREE and yet they have removed the advert and kept my money.

Desired outcome: My account reinstated or some explanantion what I have done wrong and my money refunded. I am a professional person and genuine and done nothing.

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10:13 am

Gumtree - Purchase did not arrive

I purchased a Sonos PLAYBAR on the 24th November. Seller agreed to post by courier as she lives in Douglas IOM and I live in Northern Ireland l. Agreed on the full cost and she messaged that it had been sent. Still not arrived and now she is ignoring my messages. I have added in photos of our chat including her bank details to where I sent the money.

Desired outcome: Item delivered or refund

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6:06 am

Gumtree - Gumtree website

I want to make a complaint against this website and the fact that they don't offer any protection for buyers from dodgy users. They don't even provide a contact email to make a complaint. They do not care about their users. You can't even report it to the website as the link to "report an issue" is a dead link and there's no way of reporting it to them!

You can see in the attachment that I wrote a complaint to them, but they don't allow you to select either of the option or submit their complains- I assume its because they have so many complaints to deal with.

Desired outcome: Website to change it ways.

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6:42 am

Gumtree - Wtb!! Paw patrol chase comforter

Indy! Contacted me, saying she had one identical for sale! Saying a price with express postage! My hubby transferred money to her acc! She says is it immediate funds?I apologised being a different bank may take 2 days. Was ok with that! Hasn't answered any messages since! Money has been Transferred! Won't answer any texts! Very disappointed! As was for my disabled granddaughter!

Desired outcome: Did not send item once paid!! Will not answer me!!!

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2:17 pm
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Gumtree - unable to post ads

ive been posting on gumtree for over 5 years.. all of a sudden my account is restricted ads auto delete when i try to list anything..

ive tried numerous times to ask what the issue is but are constantly fobbed off with generic excuses or the live chat agents say they are not permitted to tell me why?
It's obvious I'm not scamming. But they won't even say how I've breached thier polices?

Desired outcome: re instatment of my account

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3:43 pm

Gumtree - Ford ranger roller shutter

I arranged to meet Tracey Ellis to collect this item at LU5 4JD after paying her in full prior to this. I messaged her when I was an hour away like she asked and she hasn't responded. The postcode is a vast area which she narrowed down for me as next to the skate park behind go bowl. I have been sat here since 7.15 and she isn't responded to messages. Can you help by contacting her please and asking her what is going on please? She wouldn't give me a registration number or any further contact details
Many thanks

Desired outcome: For her to deliver item to me before I return to Devon This evening

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