Gumtree Complaints & Reviews

Gumtree / 3+2 blk/si sofa set

Apr 18, 2019

On delivery of my sofa set I was left without legs for my 3 seater sofa. I have left messages to the seller to forward them to me and he responded that he would post them which I have now been waiting 2 weeks for them. The seller is named as Darren, his business reg is 1077415. Postcode M1...

Gumtree / ads

Apr 14, 2019

I advertise for work my ex who I am separated from through domestic violence finds the ad complains to Guntree with some false complaint Guntree doesn't authenticate complaints so Gumtree remove my ads but still charge my card with the money as if my situation isn't bad enough Gumtree earn...

Gumtree / dstv installation

Apr 1, 2019

Good morning Last week a gentleman named Wayne helped us with dstv cable connection, it affected our neighbours TV connection he charged us nearly R2000 we have informed him about the error now he is avoiding our calls & not responding to our messages. Please intervene, his contact number i...

Gumtree / member of gumtree staff

Mar 28, 2019

Dear Sir / Madam I asked some time ago for an Official complaint to be made againt the outrageous comments of a member of your staff using the name "Jasmin" their ref ref:_00D206AK6._5001r2BrCT2:ref This complaint results in an advert being removed from the Gumtree site initially without...

Gumtree / iphone repair

Feb 20, 2019

Be aware of minkosmacs on lee high rd. I went 2 weeks ago to fix my iphone6, as my phone had dropped and because of the shock my screen was damaged and the screen had ink lines in it. It cost £60. Paid, then 2 weeks iater, can't see anything on my screen. So I went back with my receipt asking...

Gumtree / customer service

Feb 13, 2019

Dear Management, I am making a complaint regarding the poor customer service I have received from a staff member called Charlotte who is part of the customer service department of Gumtree. I am a very unhappy Gumtree user. I have been disputing a second refund from Gumtree for the past...

Gumtree / fake account

Jan 30, 2019

Someone has put a fake avvount on gumtree Ally.k from yorkshire with my telephone number and name contacting ppl about missing pets and pets that have been run over or killed. Asking to buy pets etc etc This acct is causing alot of distress and abuse and it leaving me vunrable using my...

Gumtree / iphone 5 advertised on gumtree.

Dec 27, 2018

I contacted lee about his iPhone 5 via the gumtree messaging site, we came to an agreement I would do a bank transfer into his account the next day which I did. He didn't post it, he told me in a couple if days that he had listed it but didn't send it signed for, he then said he would send...

Gumtree / your advertising free dogs

Dec 26, 2018

I AM DISTRESSED ...I HAVE CAMPIGNED WITH MY LOCAL PRESS TO STOP THE PUBLIC ADVERTISING FREE DOGS TO A GOOD HOME A lady in Hull was contacted by the police when tracing a chip on a dog which had been ripped apart by FIGHTING dogs. She had let the dog go to a couple posing as a nice family who...

Gumtree / scammed by someone in eyemouth

Dec 6, 2018

I paid £40 for an S5 and £10 postage to this person who is going by the name of LUCY THOMAS, I transferred it to her bank ELEVEN days ago and was promised SIX times that she would post it and it never arrived, I contacted GT and let them know everything that happened they removed the advert...

Gumtree / nintendo switch

Dec 3, 2018

I have been scammed now on 2 occasions resulting in almost £300 being stolen from me. Gumtree customer services are a pure waste of space and do nothing to help the very consumers who make their business a financial success for the CEO of course. Nothing safeguards the poor innocent people...

Gumtree / fraud

Dec 1, 2018

I sent money to this seller on 25/11/18 for a nintendo switch bundle. I even spoke to this seller who reassured me about transferring £240 into his bank account. I never recieved the items, this was the only money i had to buy my 10yr old son his christmas present with and now my...

Gumtree / ford mondeo

Nov 19, 2018

I bought a ford mondeo from a guy called Jason hill and the car has so many problems. He doesn t answer the phone. Myspoke to him amd said we would give him back the car and si ce then he doesn t answer the phone!! It was advertised the car runs perfectly..his phone number i...

Gumtree / football tickets

Nov 18, 2018

I was selling 2 spare tickets for the Northern Ireland match Mark the buyer never showed up after he assured me that he was definitely buying them He even messaged me to say he was on his way at 4pm it cost me £90 and I could have sold them to someone else He 1st contacted me on Friday then...

Gumtree / coco chanel mademoiselle 100ml

Nov 16, 2018

Hi, i purchased perfume for 50 pound and didnt get it. He said that he had delivery issue and will send money back which he never do it. His name is Mr J loveridge and giving his bank details and id. Sort code 230580. account number 26630754. [email protected] and hi...

Gumtree / stunning spacious contemporary flat with large kitchendiner, lounge + patio | in putney, london | gumtree

Nov 7, 2018

This person does not own this property. Here is the email he is using: [email protected] … and reply to my enquiry: Hello, I can rent it for as long as you want. I will gladly sign the contract with you if we can reach an agreement. As I explained in the previous email, I live in...

Gumtree / job search

Oct 31, 2018

I have been one of the unfortunate ones to apply for a job that was a scam to steal my personal details! I think a website as big as gumtree should be able to keep track and have more of a professional approach to what goes on on there site! How can they let scammers post a job...

Gumtree / uploading photos

Oct 28, 2018

I cannot add more photos to my adds... I keep trying on different days... Have full internet... Gumtree would not post all my photos on add in first place... Very frustrating... Wont be able to sell items if no pics posted of them... Also, when adds expire, and we repost, the new add doe...

Gumtree / having my ad approved

Oct 24, 2018

Hi, Yesterday I put an add up on Gumtree to sell my puppies. I have Breeder identification number also known as Supply Number. The person who approves it keeps rejecting it when I cover all areas. How do I go about getting my add approved. There are puppies forsale on Gumtree all the time...

Gumtree / customer service

Oct 20, 2018

Absolutely disgusted with gumtree customer service, I only just opened my account & when I was posting my ads were removed straight away. I emailed asking why & this was the response I got This is an automated email. Your account has been restricted and we have reviewed this decision. When...

Gumtree / caravan bought via gumtree

Oct 15, 2018

We purchased a caravan in good faith and as advertised was a good starter caravan. Seller 82r1703w35zfv Mandy. Ad ID 13144004636. Upon getting it to a storage yard we registered it with Cris, promptly insured it and arranged for a full service. It was serviced this morning and...

Gumtree / kelly baghurst big time scam alert

Oct 13, 2018

I posted an ad on Gumtree looking for a house to rent and someone called Kelly Baghurst got in touch. After emailing back and forth about 'her' property, she had sent me a tenancy agreement which had a nonexistent address, couldn't call her because she made up a health problem and after...

Gumtree / i-phone 6s

Oct 11, 2018

Hi Here I want to mention regarding I-phone 6s which my husband bought on 26/09/2018 from gumtree for me $185.Next day When i tried to start after put my sim card it didn't work because the phone was asking about previous apple id and password.We called that person the phone was switched...

Gumtree / non appearance of software goods

Oct 9, 2018

Buying software from the following seller [email protected]m Microsoft Office 2019 on 25th Sept September 2018. Paid by Paypal. £10 Adobe photoshop cs6 on 29th September 2019 Paid by Paypal £10 Was in touch with through Email about non appearance of goods. Ask him what he was going to...

Gumtree / job advert

Oct 5, 2018

We advertised a job vacancy late September. The advert could not be found, except with a link sent from your customer services department, though we did just get one CV emailed through from India!!! I contacted Customer Services within 2 days and was simply provided a link to reach the...

Gumtree / undelivered item already paid for

Oct 1, 2018

Dear gumtree team, I purchased a pair of ray ban sunglasses from jack d odlin (ad id 1311989425) who resides in cults, aberdeen, for £43.50. (inclusive of postage) on 15 september and paid by online bank transfer to his bank (sort code 80-45-86, acc no 10260162). I have yet to receive the...

Gumtree / sony vio laptop stolen on line by gumtree

Sep 30, 2018

Regarding about my issue on my sony vio laptop that was stolen online by gumtree enquiry he mentioned me to send the laptop to the address given to me online before ghe payment transfer but did not happen I did not get payed for my laptop I am so disappointed that I will not use gumtree...

Gumtree / flat to rent

Sep 29, 2018

You are advertising a flat to let with my address!! I have not not placed this advert. Please see advert below. I have had people at my door and intend to call the police. It's terrible! How can you allow this? I have also found it impossible to call you. It seems you allow any advert...

Gumtree / false guarantee

Sep 28, 2018

In the beginning of September 2018, I had engaged the services of a person by the name of Alex (Cell no. 0732546192 or 0739663610) to fix my fridge. He quoted R400 for re-gassing. He arrived at my home and had a look at the fridge and said there was something else wrong and he would charge...

Gumtree / pet sale

Sep 26, 2018

I was looking for a kitten to buy for my mother's birthday. I found a seller very close to where we live and went to view the cat and meet the seller. I explained my situation that the kitten is for a special occasion and the seller assured me that she is happy to sell the kitten to me to...

Gumtree Uk / I am trying to get back on to gumtree, as I deactivated my account

Sep 26, 2018

I came off, of gumtree, because, I had been scam, and the police were involved, and the fraud team, I try to get back on, to advertise, I am a private person, not a business adverts, I have try endless times, to get back on there, and they said just click on activate, and I could not do...

Gumtree / uncorrect accusation of non compliance

Sep 20, 2018

Recently I have tried to advertise my motor home on Gumtree using my account set up under my email address [email protected] However, each time I posted an advert it was removed, resulting in me spending hours trying to find out why it was being removed. After several unsuccessful postings I...

Gumtree / iwalk

Sep 7, 2018

I am the seller. I was contacted by a very good scammer. Fake PayPal ID, and persistent. They claim to have paid for the item plus $350 postage, which I was to refund. I have contacted PayPal head office and they are looking into it. I just wanted to let you know in case someone else get...

Gumtree / ad reference number: 1309416732

Aug 13, 2018

I put an ad and Paid for it Ad reference number: 1309416732 Order reference number: 368018210 Order total: £89.98 New listing in To Rent, Tring: 1309416732 My Ad has been removed because :"I have broken a rule in your terms and conditions" Apparently because I am outside the UK Nowhere in your...

Gumtree / restricted advertising

Aug 8, 2018

Why does Gumtree actively promote Massage Venues that offer sexual services, yet blocks genuine companies that work strictly within their licence, just offering purely massage? Over 50% of the companies we contacted in London offering massage came back with offers ranging from happy ending...

Gumtree / ads dynamo link advertising fraudulent job vacancies

Jul 30, 2018

I am writing to complain about a fraudulent company masquerading as an employment/ recruitment agency. I have one of their ad id s (261220202)- but they have almost 100 ars out. They are advertising all sorts of openings (even forhundreds of call centre agents etc). They ask for you to...

Gumtree / a washing machine I bought from a seller which is faulty

Jul 29, 2018

Hi I recently bought a washing machine from Gumtree. I had a bad experience with a similar seller and mentioned this to this seller, but found his machine also faulty. I contracted with this person who is saying this"The washer was tested before it was sold to you and worked perfectly. It...

Gumtree / fraudulent purchases

Jul 29, 2018

Good day My name is Abdullah Arnold. Between Thursday and Friday my bank card was cloned.On 28 July 2018 two purchases was fraudulently made to gumtree from my account. Purchases was made on 28 July 2018 18.47 19.01 from First National bank card number 4790121014725618 Can you please...

Gumtree / complaint about a misleading person

Jul 15, 2018

stephen bow replied to my ad on gumtree, said he was going to buy my rainwater tank. gave him my details and he gave me a time and day to make the transaction, but he never turned up, my whole day was wasted . he misleaded me and i want to take action against him, im sick and tired of...

Gumtree / Customer service replies to support requests.

Jul 11, 2018

Raised two support requests on the web site and the only response seen is an email with a satisfaction survey attached. The second request was to ask where the response for the first request had been posted and all I got again was an email satisfaction survey. Have since raised a third...