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Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank Complaints & Reviews

Chase Master Card / charges to my account

My credit card has been charged on two separate occasions for aig. I never authorzied any such charges. I did not talk to anyone about adding anything to my charge account. This is a charge I know nothing about and wish for it to be removed immediatly. I have been prompt sending my...

Chase Home Finance / errors and omisions

Chase Home Finance agreed to modigy my mortgage and that it postponed the foreclosure and Trustee Sale. They confirmed this twice to me and four times to the Home Savers company that I hired to hel me. I saw the "stop sale" on their screen. They went ahead and sold it. My property has 180...

Chase Bank / terrible experience

My vows start over a year ago. Firstly i got my card and check books only after a month. The agent apparently got my email address wrong. I rechecked the application and saw that it was the error of the bank. Last month applied for a debit card. Never got it so far. First it was sent to my...

Chase Manhattan Bank / overcharged

After receiving my bill from Chase with a minimum payment due of $107.00 I immediately sent a check for $110.00. The company charged me $100.00 saying that was the amount I had paid. They admitted that the box did say $110.00, but claimed the written line did not. They were unable to...

Chase Mortgage / fraud and scam

We have spent the last few months dealing with the same issue: Chase shows us as being behind on a payment, despite the fact that they have read through the payments with me over the phone and they are all there! We have faxed proof of payment, I have had at least three separate...

Chase Home Finance / scam and cheating

Chases whipping boy: Ok here it is in 2004 I lost my job and was unemployed for four months well you know the story no income no bill paying. Was able to get reemployed and get in touch with Chase lets do something about our arrears no call back what so ever in stead I received a...

Chase Bank / $5.00 a day over draft charges unfounded

After accepting a new job I had to close my bank and move. I went in to the bank and made sure my balance was $0.00. I then asked about outstanding debits. I don't have a check book so I know I didn't have any checks out. Several months later I recieve a letter from a Financial...

Chase / unfair consumer practices

I am a very responsible person with a good credit rating. Never in my life have I felt so unvalued as a customer, as I have in dealing with this bank. They are utterly ridiculous. They have claimed they did not get payments, or received them and posted to my account 1 hour past the due...

Chase Auto Finance / horrible company

Chase is the worst most rude company I have ever had a car loan through. Heres my story. I went through a private dealership, on my way to buy a beatiful car. I ended up buying my car august of 2007, for about 13000$. My interest rate was horrible, and chase would not allow me to...

Chase Auto Finance / rip off

I contacted them on why the principle paid each month was different. I called them when I received a late notice and saw that the principle was a certain amount. If you times it by the number of months is was about $1000 difference from what they are showing. I have a high risk loan and if...

Jpmorgan Chase / student loans

My son is a freshman at college, and though we were willing to help pay for his expenses, he wanted to do this on his own. So he applied to three banks for loans: Wells Fargo, Chase, and JP Morgan Chase. Wells Fargo declined his application without a cosigner. (They will soon be handling...

Chase Auto Finance / illegal collection practice, harrassment, retaliation

I am a former employee of Chase Auto Finance Roseville, CA. I my employment was terminated for not participating in Chase Roseville's illegal collection practices (among other things, such as standing up for myself while working in a hostile work environment, retailiated against...

Jpmorgan Chase / circuit city visa

I have had a visa credit card issued through chase jp morgan, I have worked with them for 6 years. Complaint 1 is that on the 800 phone number for the circuit city visa that is issued through chase/jp morgan does not have any phone option for talking to a customer service representaive. If you push...

Chase Private Education Finance / scam and cheating

On july 11, 2008 I applied for a chase private student loan and was approved. I faxed them all my documents (Proof id, proof of enrollment, and loans docs) by monday, july 14. I thought all was fine until eight business days later when they told me my drivers license was unclear and I...

Chase Bank / customer cheat

I would like to find an attorney that would be willing to file a class action lawsuit against chase bank and other banks with the same practices. Chase likes to find ways to change the way credits, debits and checks come through the system so that they can charge you nsf fees and make more...

Chase Home Finance / customer service

Every single month on the 1st, I set up an automatic mortgage payment with Chase bank to be paid on the 16th. Contractually, Chase has given me that grace period. I quit mailing my payments when, like 1000's of others, they would wait weeks to post the payment. Every single month...

Chase Auto Finance / liars

So my fiance and I fell 45 days behind on our car payment. The gentleman at the local office made arrangements with us and we were able to stop the repo. We let him know our next payments would be Sept 16 and Sept 23 due to the prev checks going towards rent. He said that would be okay, we...

Chase Card Services / raises interest rate

First a little background. My credit rating is excellent and I work to keep it that way. I always pay creditors on time and always pay more than the minimum payment. In the middle August I went through a pile of old junk mail and discovered my Chase bill, which was now a few days overdue...

Chase Manhattan Bank / poor customer service

I am a case manager who works with the disabled. My client is receiving disability, which is to be deposited in his account at Chase Manhattan. Social Security issued the check to my client's account, but it is not showing up in his account. We attempted to get help from customer...

Chase Auto Finance / fraudulent loans - miscalculation of interest by 1000's $

Here is the direct line to Chase General Council - These people are inhuman ###! Boycott Chase!! They ripped me off for 1000's. I had to hire and attorney, then they beat him down with threats. eMail; lee.k.deutsch AT chase.com. TEL; 516-745-3050, FAX; 516-745-3220.

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