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horrible service and rip off!

I have had a loan with Chase Auto Finance for almost 4 years. I originally put 25,000 dollars cash on my...

purposeful overdraft?

Here it is. Chase bank extracted from my paycheck direct deposit checking account the amount of $285 in less than one weeks time. I made an $80 withdrawal from my checking account (at the bank mind you) and there was no problem. Of course I wasn't informed that they would be posting and insufficient funds fee to my account in the amount of $70. Their overdraft fee then made my balance in the negative which they have been charging me extended overdraft fees on. So either I was allowed to overdraw my account without being informed. Or they posted fees to my account to purposefully overdraw it in order to charge me additional fees. When I spoke to a manager I became extremely upset and was told I needed to calm down before she could "help" me. I asked her how it was she was going to help me, if not refunding what they took from me illegally. She then told me to call back another time and hung up on me. So this well known upstanding bank is not in it for their customers more like taking their customers paychecks. Not to mention their errors with their online banking in which they posted two $75 payments to my electric company for the same day. Two payments were not posted to my account, but they were on my electric company's bank statement. They had not receieved the funds for the two payments though. So this put me $75 back on the bill for my electric. When I sent an inquiry to Chase, I got a cold email back that was sorry and we're not responsible or liable. So this has been my experience with Chase bank. And the worst part of it, I haven't even been with them for a year.

  • Ja
    Jacqueline Moore Mar 19, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We are tired of chase bank sticking their fingers in our hard earned money. Taking as little at 10 to 400 dollars from our account. We deposited into the atm and chase bank lost it. We have gone to channel 4 news hoping that they will help us out with exposing what they are doing. This constitutes theft no matter how you look at it. I trusted chase and put money into the atm and they lost it. Now thay have charged 300 in insufficent funds fees. Where does this stop and what do we have to dol we want our money back or we will find as many people that you have done this to and start a class action law suite. It is your choice. You have 24 hours. Then we go to the media and start the process.

    We have no faith in you or your bank. Everyone that we have spolen to has dropped the ball and passed it on to someone else.
    the moores.

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  • Bi
    BILLY PHILLIPS Aug 28, 2009


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illegal practices!

Consumers beware Chase Bank on their credit cards does NOT post payments to first item in, first item out. They post payment to the lowest interest item first I.e. purchases. Then what they have been doing to me is taking the interest on cash advances that was billed and and posting it to the "cash advance" balance. (They post the whole payment to purchase balance nothing to interest nothing to cash advances) Thereby, charging interest on interest at the cash advance rate! I don't know if this is illegal, but it should be.

  • Pa
    Paula Aug 09, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I closed my chase account @ the branch i opened it at due to all the problems i had with this bank . Long story short, they are now telling me that my account was never closed and i owed them over 900.0 in service fees ..i filed a complaint, have not heard back ..called again ..stated i never filed a complaint ...I will be pursing legal action with this bank

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terrible experience!

I was contacted by Chase Finance with regard to my auto loan payment which was less than 30 days late and the...

Charged for protection plan I did not authorize

I was speaking with a rep from Chase Bank for my Chase Visa card who informed me that I should really sign up for this payment protection plan. I have a small business and was told that small business hardship would allow me to activate this benefit. The benefit cost $90 per month and is run by a separate company which of course no one in the Chase office knows anything about.

I had a very rough month financially in the month of June and called to try to activate my payment protection plan which I have spent several hundred dollars on now.
I was told that my situation did not qualify for the plan and the situations that were listed were not ones that would likely ever apply to me.

This product was misrepresented and I have spent a lot of money on a product that I have no use for and that is clearly a scam. What can I do? I would like to be reimbursed and I would like for the /Chase representatives to either be educated on the product or not LIE about what the product can do.

  • Me
    Mel Jul 22, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did you verify with the bank? if so did they play you the recording where you might have admitted to activating the service?
    If they don't have that then you should be able to cancel it and receive your full refund.

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  • Ga
    Gary Cook Feb 03, 2010

    Good Luck with that!Chase's regular payment protection plan for disability, or any other hardship, only results in at best, a 24 month waiver of minimum payments, but the interest still accrues, and adjusts everytime they see fit, which is often. At worst, Chase will close your acct once you file, (Chase actually owns the entity that offers the plan), and then start billing you for late payments, late fees, and interest on the late charges, & fees, plus, as it accrues to an over the limit amount, it just gets worse. I just wish that someone in authority would take a CLOSE look at all of the complaints that I have read, and also mine, and SHUT THEM DOWN! However, it would appear that we are either going to have to band together, and raise the noise level, or suffer in silence. I choose to raise the noise level until it is unavoidable to hear!

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  • Ra
    RayGomez Jan 26, 2011

    Fundamentally, the Business Payment Protector program offers the client a “no payment” period but does not offer the client a solution to avoid exceeding the Total Credit Line as a result of deferred fees and interest. Because interest is applied as lump sum balloon payments along with other fees, a client at or near the Total Credit Line is unable to control or avoid exceeding the “Limit” following the “no payment” period. As you can see, the logic for this program is tainted with redundancies that are not client driven and result in unfair advantages for Card Services that may conceivably be predisposed to FDIC scrutiny.

    Class action is building: Chapter VII. Abusive Practices of the Federal Trade Commission Act states; "An act or practice is unfair where it (1) causes or is likely to cause substantial injury to consumers, (2) cannot be reasonably avoided by consumers, and (3) is not outweighed by countervailing benefits to consumers..." "Substantial injury usually involves monetary harm. An act or practice that causes a small amount of harm to a large amount of people may be deemed to cause substantial injury."

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company does not respond to my query!

I have been calling Chase at their Correspondence Department - [protected]. The number disconnects you...

scam and cheating!

We have been receiving act91 letters for about5 yrs.they amended 2 errors 1 for escrow and 1 for home insurance, we pay all taxes separate and insurance too. Now there saying we have 3or 4 months late payments, we've gone to credit counselor with proof of payments, to no avail, each act 91 letter are for different months and different amounts. We've faxed bank statements and it still is not resolved and it is getting costly we've had 3 lawyers and they did responded with its being investigated that was 2 yrs. ago, a new yr and were still going thru this bs!

  • Ha
    Harold R Bolin Aug 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Chase Home Finance is insisting my property taxes are 6000 a year but are actually 1581. I filled a dispute and sent tax documents 4 separate times which they insist they havent received. we are now in foreclosure because of it Cant find anyone to take on Chase in a civil suit for mental anguish, unlawful practices and not providing us the proper documents to sell our home to avoid all this. Please advise. I am in northen Indiana. St Joseph county

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  • Wh
    whiteice Jan 28, 2009

    This story sounds all to familiar ...
    Chase also inflated our escrow and demanded 400.00 escrow payment per month for 2100.00 taxes. Our attorney sent Chase a letter June 2008 stating to adjust the escrow amount to fit 2100.00 tax budget. As of Dec 2008 our escrow amount was not adjusted. Dec 15 I paid my property taxes to the county and chase paid them 10 days later and sent us default notice. Feb 3 we are going in front of the chapter 13 bankruptcy judge. I am using all avenues to get this resolve I will tell my issue to anyone that will listen until it is resolved. I am filing a complaint at the Better Business Bureau not hoping that they will resolve my issue but it will rack up a running talley of complaints towards Chase. A link to the BBB web site below

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credit my peyment to the ron acaunt

My name is sonia I bot a car from chase and this has been a night mare. They has credit my payment too time...

terrible scam!

Service fees on the Checking account are not supposed to be there IF there is at least $300 or an...

thief and cheating!

I have been fighting Chase about the fraudulent use of my credit card from July 2007 to September 2007. I notified Chase of the fraudulent activity in late September 2007. They immediately closed the account and put the $3100 worth of charges on a new account to avoid additional fraudulent activity.

It only took Chase a few days to investigate it. Also, on the first day the card was misused, the thief spent $1682.50 on that day alone. All of my creditors notify me of suspicious activity immediately to verify if I authorized it or not. However, Chase never notified me of these charges. I would think a prestigious bank like Chase would notify me ASAP to avoid fraud. The investigators were not very helpful either and refused to listen to me.

When Chase wouldn't help me with this matter I filed a complaint with the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, the govt. agency that oversees Chase. They didn't really help me either. All they did was pass the complaint to Chase's Executive office.

From there, I faxed additional information to them and a second investigation was done. They came up with the same conclusion even though I have so much proof that I didn't authorize the charges. I am not sure what to do now. I do not want to pay a lawyer for this because it isn't my fault that my credit card information was fraudulently used.

  • Ma
    markmurman Feb 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If there is an honest shakedown attorney these people can be put out of business and in jail.

    Soon they will all be in Dubai. They tell us that the UAE are enemies and now they are all there taking your 32% interest rates and investing in China and India. We have been had. Get out of debt and never use chase again. NEVER. Wait until the USA good ol boys find out who really owns them.

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  • Su
    Suzanne McColl Oct 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They suck - Crooks - I hope they all go out of business

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  • Lu
    LuLudalray Dec 03, 2009

    I work for chase, Customer's are divided into 3 categories. This has nothing to do with how long you have been a customer, or how on time you are with your payments. That means nothing to chase or the employees... I know because thats what they tell me when a customer calls in with a bad story and they have been with us for 30 years, my boss always says " I dont care if they have been with us for 1 year, the answer is no because they dont spend enough for us to help them".

    There are 3 types of customers at Chase.
    Best - Customer spends more than $15, 000 in finance charges a year, or used their card and pays off balance of around $10, 000 per month (chase gets a small fee for every transaction from the merchant, so even if you dont pay finance charges, the purchases alone add up and chase gets paid that way, but you gotta spend alot!) These customers always gets a late fee removed, Over limit fee or pay by phone fee removed when asked.

    Valuable customer - Person that makes around 80-100 grand per year, has about 10-30 grand charged on the card, and pays the min payments every month on time. They get a fee waiver once every 6 months

    In-eligible Customer - 80% of Chase's customer base. These customers are your average money making families or people that are retired and living on Social security.These are Customer's that dont charge much on their card and pays it off in full every month to avoid finance charges, or has a couple thousand charged and have a low apr. These customers are not profitable, and therefore do not qualify for any fee removals. Non, Nada, zip. Also delinquent customers or customers that are at high risk (chase does credit checks every 6 months on their customers) And if you ask for the supervisor, They tell you one is not available to speak with and that you have to write in to the correspondence address. Chase use to offer to close your account if you call in for a fee removal, but they stopped doing that. Now its just no.

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chase home mortgage cripples the credit of military families

I am an active duty member of the Marines and an Iraq War vet. I moved Duty Stations from Virginia to Mass last summer and my wife and I sold our condo at a loss, so that we could complete our military move and have our first child closer to family. The loss although difficult was the right move for us in the current market and we were determined not to file for Chapt. 11 or enter foreclosure. I sold my home and closed my loan with chase on 31 May 2007. I have all closing documents to support this. Chase continued to send me bills and has reported me delinquent with two of three consumer credit reporting agencies, plummeting my credit and sending my family into financial peril. Angela Shelton at Chase has been telling me for months that this would be fixed. It is now January 15th 2008, we cannot get pre-approved for a new mortgage, apply for student loans for my Masters degree and our baby is due in 8 days. Chase Home Mortgage by their negligence and inaccurate reporting of my account history is financially ruining my family.

  • Hu
    Hugh Pabarue Feb 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a similar problem with Chase Mortgage. I couldn't agree more. I lost my house to foreclosure in 2003 after our home was flooded with sewage from the city line deeming in uninhabitable. I asked Chase for help to stop or reduce the mortgage payments until I received money from insurance. They refused to do so. My insurance only provided so much and met their max. I then had to pay for a new place to live. Chase literally told me that they could do nothing about disasters and could do nothing to stop or temporarily reduce payments until a disaster such as mine was on itsway to resolution. I ended up handing the keys in voluntarily because there was no way for me to pay for 2 house payments. They have ruined my credit. I am still feeling the effects 5 years later. I have been through lawyers, the state/city governments and nothing was ever done. I ended up losing nearly $50,000 and have to endure the heartache of denied credit opportunities due to poor credit because of and inconsiderate and ignorant company that does not deserve the business of any American. I will never ever ever do business with this company or anything affiliated with Chase. I am bitter and feel they are responsible for the hardships I have endured over the 100% past few years. It is absolutely sickening!!! I saw your posted comments and it made my stomach sick.

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  • Tv
    tvlinman Mar 30, 2010

    Chase does not care, and the people need todo something with the credit bureaus about scoring credit if the finanical institutions are going to use them.

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overdrafts, payoff

I purchased a Chevy Equinox in September of 2006. The loan company is Chase Auto Finance. Each month I had an automatic debit from my checking account for the payment which was on the thirteenth of the month. On November 12, 2007, I called Chase Auto Finance to ask them what the amount would be for a payoff. I told them that I had the check in my possession and that I would send it promptly. The check was for more than was owed and they would have to refund me money. I received two notices from my bank that they had tried to take the money out of the account and they overdrafted my account not once, but twice. I immediately called Chase and they told me that my car was payed off. I told them I knew that, because I had sent the check and that I had received the return sheet from the post office that they had received it. The check for the payoff was written out for the thirteenth of November and they received the payoff on the 18th of November, they charged me 9 dollars for each day that it was supposedly late also the payment for the month, plus a overdraft fee for them plus the two overdrafts to my account. The payoff was not posted by them until the 27th of November, I asked her why it took them over a week and she promptly told me that there was a holiday and that the dept. that handles that might have been closed. I asked her, this is a major bank and you are telling me that a whole dept. closed for an entire week because of a holiday? , and her reply was they might have been. Now they want me to fax them my bank statements showing that they had overdrawn my account and that this will take about 7 business days to complete. So in final draft, they owe me the money for the overdrafts, they owe me the 9 dollars for each day they claim I was late, and they owe me the money for the over amount which I sent them.

  • Le
    leo May 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well first off, seeing as though “Thanksgiving” is a major American holiday (not sure what country your from) and most, if not all financial institutions are closed on national holidays. So yes, I can understand the WHOLE department being closed because of a holiday, that most Americans enjoy spending time with their families on (you seem a little heartless). Now, you mentioned earlier that you were set up on automatic payments and that its deduction was every 13th of the month. Keep in mind that nowhere in your complaint did you mention you requesting the auto debit to be cancelled because you were paying the vehicle off. So if the auto debit continued to withdraw from your account and the fund weren’t available, then yes you would be charged overdraft fees from your bank and NSF fee from Chase bank as well. Now as for the $9 a day charges, I would imagine that is the per diem for your auto loan, it’s considered a standard among auto loans, and would be stated in your contact agreement. It usually accrues daily once your payment becomes late, so if you were mailing the payoff check to Chase (after your payment due date) you should of thought of the time it would take for a mailed payment to post, especially considering its an American HOLIDAY SEASON, and the BUSIEST TIME of the year for mail services. As my closing remark to you complainers, you shot yourself in the foot with that one.

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  • An
    Angela Oct 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely understand and relate to how all of you feel about Chase Auto, as I to have been swindled. Pleas ehelp me if you can. My story is that, on 7/11/06, I purchased a 2004 Mitsubushi through Chase Auto Finance which included a vehicle Vehicle Service Contract [ for $2000]that was subsequently cancelled on 7/12/06 because I learned my car was still under factory warranty. I was told by the dealer, Quirk Pre- Owned [ who are also full of **it. ]at the time of cancellation that the contract it self would not change however an adjustment would be made by the lien holder, Chase Auto Finance.
    Prior to making my first payment in 8/06, I had received a statement indicating that I had been credited the $2000. bringing my principle balance to 15, 505. I took their worf fro it and really never looked into it. Upon recent review of my Contract with Chase and my payment history, I discovered that I am still paying interest on the entire loan of 17, 505. I contacted Chase and they assure me that I am only paying interest on 15, 505, which I admantly refute. Now, I am no math genius however I can add. I am currently paying a 14.54% interest rate on the loan, [initially the interest rate was set at 15.29% but was adjusted shorly thereafter]. My payments are $415 per month for 60 months, which comes to 24, 900. [The interest adjustment comes to a mere $7 per month or $420 after 60 months. ] Now please correct me if I am wrong, If I am paying interest on a principle of 15, 505 for 60 months, I would be paying around 22, 500 at payment end, not 24, 900. Chase reps have continually been giving me the run around [ while harrassing me for payment of course] about money due me. What should I do, I have considered Arbitration.. any suggestions or advice.
    AG.. Massachusetts

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snowball style of interest and late fees

I cancelled the Visa card because of not getting the paper statements. When CHASE called me to go back saying they will send me the paper statements and credit me some miles, I said ok. In august, I got suspecious as I did not get the paper statements as promised. I called and asked, what is my balance? and the person who answered, said $ 123.00. So I thought this must be the final charge and I paid that right away. Then I got a love letter from them about not getting the payment, I was shocked.

Every time you call, they are not empowered to do any thing on the spot. They ask you to fax and wait. Mean while you incurr the late fees, interests etc. on your account. They never give their physical address and would not call or receive phone to get the matter clarified.

Why should I pay for the mistakes I did not make? (Not getting paper statement and giving me the wrong balance?

Their mailing address was - Chase Card Services, POBox 15298, Wilmington, DE 19850

My account endS in 0689.

PLEASE DIRECT ME TO GET SOME RESULTS. At this time my balance is $434.95 which has the majority in Interest, penalties and late charges (In excess of $ 225.00)....PLEASE HELP.

Funny, when I cancelled y account, they cancelled my account and issued new card ending with 0689 which I did not ask for.

  • Ke
    Kesha Feb 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After years of holding my account open with chase and not charging anything. I recieved a online statement stating, I have an past due amount on my card. I immediately called and they were so helpful erasing all charges and issuing me a new card. I was a little low on money one month, so I decided to use there convenience checks to pay some bills. What a horrible mistake. I pull up my staement and to my surprise I have two declined check fees attached to my bill. I again immediately call, thinking I will get the same prompt and courteous service. Boy, was I wrong. See they closed my prevoius account in november and sent me new convenience checks on the old account in january. I wrote the checks assuming they had to be for the new account. Wrong they sent me old checks that were no good. Thus leaving me in more debt than I started with. I agreed to take part responsiblity but they would'nt take any responsiblity for mailing me BAD CHECKS, two month after the account was closed. They don't care. SCAM ARTIST. Don't try to get a name and number of anyone in corporate, it just won't happen. My advice to anyone thinking of opening up a chase account: DON"T DO IT!!!!!!! I believe they sit in there corporate meetings and think of legal ways to immorally screw there customers.

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high priced ghetto apartments

It seems that these apartments must have a revolving door policy when it comes to keeping management and maintenance personnel. The NEW ones they have now is just as bad if not worse than the previous ones. It seems they already want to create discontent with the tenents. Stone Mark Management is the Company responsible for the poor management of these apartments. It seems the owners need to step back and ask what we can do to keep our tenents happy to the point that they would enjoy living here. These apartments are old but look fair outside but inside they have been let go. This could be remedied with some T.L.C. and some $ invested. At this point and time they are just high priced GHETTO apartments. This must be what happens when GREED, NEGLECT and POOR MANAGEMENT takes over. The owners need to wake up and realize there are very many apartments, some are NEW with rent comparable to these.

  • Valerie Aug 15, 2008

    It seems that management by threat tactics takes presidence over good management. Chase Oaks Apartments may have a revolving door when it comes to management. The manager that is whith this apartment complex is the worst yet. As time goes by it seems that all they want is short term and destructive residents. It is known that there are what some call halfway houses for released convicts or people with some kind of criminal background. There are families with small children living here and to have to live under these circumstances is not right. AMY, (the Manager) must believe there is no other way to manage but by THREAT. These Apartments are managed by Stonemark Management. They look o.k. from the outside but the inside is patched together so they can charge high rent. I would not recommend these to anyone because they are NOT worth what you have to pay to live here.

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The worst bank to do business with!

To whom it may concern,

I am, upset with chase bank i have 2 credit cards with them about year and half a go i had some financial problems per chase bank i enrolled in a credit counseling program the credit counseling has be a great help i enrolled my credit cards and they have lower my finance charges and lowered my monthly payments but chase bank who recommend them would not accept me in the program i tried to pay chase on my own but they kept charging higher interest and late fees i couldn't make the minimum payments. Then out of blue chase bank calls to see if i wanted to get on a reage program the rep from chase was very nice and understanding and wanted to help i thought great maybe everything was looking up i agree with chase to make 3 convective payments for each account one account was $115 and another account was $100 i did this for 3 months in doing this chase said they would stop late fees and bring my accounts current and my minimum would be around $50 for each account i received a letter stating that i was in a reage program i called chase to see what my payments would be and they said was past due and minimum due was $152 and another was $107 i could understand why and the rep at chase said that the minimum went up and so the reage was voided according to the rep when i was setup everything was okay but they did not realize that they were going to raise the minimum. I couldn't understand it. The rep was only saying they were sorry about it and there was nothing they could do about. I think chase bank is the worst bank to do business with. They send you a letter stating that a completed the payment process and i am in a reage program but they don't have a record of me getting such a letter. Its business like chase bank drowning us into debt with high interest rates its funny they offer new customers 0% interest rates but to help out existing customers with lower interest they don' care. Thank you.

  • Sc
    screwed by CHASE Mar 12, 2009

    Chase is drastically raising my interest rate and I have never been late...not once. They send out tiny print announcements about 'prime rate' and 'Libor rate; they do not use real English so they screw customers better while taking bailout your senator or congressman chase is anti-consumer and un american.

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  • Ku
    Kudees Mar 20, 2009

    I totaly agree. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Ku
    Kudees Mar 20, 2009

    Chase Bank is the worst bank to do business with. There is no doubt about that.
    I always have made my payments online using (now
    My last day of payment always used to be 12th of every month.
    On 9th February 09, I initiated a payment of $400 towards my credit card. showed payment is in process and will complete in two days.
    I checked three days later it is still in process. I thought may be they are being taken over by CHASE and probably that
    is why it is not going thru. I tried calling the bank but after being on hold for over 30 minutes I hung up. Later I found out that the payment
    did go thru but rather than showing payment date of 9th feb 09 it showed 14 feb 09. And on top of that bank charged me a over draft fee. I called the bank @ 800-945-2006 and spoke to the
    supervisor ERIK PABALAN EMP-ID-# N123364. After 30 minutes of argue, he said that your account is not alligible for the refund since
    we recieved the payment on 14 feb 09. I said if that is so than I am late in my payment how come there is no late fee charge for that he
    did not had an answer. I will file a formal complaint against CHASE with "The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency." I hope they can
    have these charges reversed. I strongly urge every one not to BANK with CHASE as you will be CHASING after your money.

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unfair credit card practices

I had accumulated a lot of debt on my credit card. I transferred the balance to a lower rate to pay the balance off. I was reducing the amount by making 500.00 payments per month on a minmum payment of 200.00. I didn't notice that the credit card company changed the grace period from 28 days to 20 days and that caused my payment to be late, which automatically bumped the interest rate to 26.75% ! I will never be able to climb out of that hole when my minimum payment due is now 600.00! That is much more than I can afford.I feel that these companies do that to consumers to cause slip ups that would make us default on the agreement. The money that they make on late fees, over the limit fees, and compounded interest on high rates is astounding. I am shocked that with all of the consumers that have been forced to default on ARM loans, causing a lot of foreclosures and people filing bankruptcy, that they would not want to encourage more of that.

  • Pa
    pat g Apr 21, 2009

    I have a Chase card, formally WAMU, and have found their practices totally below the standards of all my other cards. If you are close to the limit, don't just send the minimum, because it will cause your card to go over before the next billing cycle and then the fees will kill you. $39.00 over limit because the finance fees were enough to put you over. When you call for an explanation, you get a rep like Tayna who proceeds to put you down because of lack of training. You should never get closer than $50 to the limit per $1000 of your limit to avoid these ripoff fees.

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  • Bb
    bbdave Aug 13, 2009

    My credit card with CHASE formally WaMu has been cancelled by them. I have never had an over the limit, late payment. The only thing I am guilty of is paying off my card and just when I started using it they canceled my card apparently because I don't charge enough or have hardly ever paid just the minimum. I now reguard CHASE as thief. And would never recomend them to anyone. They apparently are only interested in customers who end up paying the fee's no one should pay.

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  • Xx
    XX Fed Up XX Aug 23, 2009

    I have been a long time customer of Washington Mutual Visa Credit Card since 1999 and always paying my bill on time and over paying about $50 to $100 dollars of what the statement was and paying them down, my credit rating was excellent, Also I have never been late on any of my utilities or car payment, in fact I have paid ahead on utilities and car payment. But just recently Chase purchased all of WaMu credit card accounts and now they have lowered my card balance and doubled my payment and raised the interest rate without notice. This has put me at a disadvantage that if I can’t make the payment they will start fining me for late chargers and raising my interest rates. (I Don’t Find That Very Fair At All). This will lower my credit score and put me in bad light with other creditors I may want to do business with. I only have two credit cards and Chase at this time is the one that’s screwing me. I find it hard to believe that the Government of our Great United States would let any card company take advantage of good, honest and hard working people and to ruin there lives for the greed of their company. (HEY! OBAMA HOW ABOUT MY BAIL OUT???) I would not recommend Chase Bank to any one, they are the worse ever company I have every done business with and when I pay them off I will cancel the card and any card company they purchase in the future. Hopefully someone will put them out of business soon.

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  • Ps
    PSAKSB Nov 20, 2009

    I have three credit cards with Chase Bank. All of these cards were previously under Washington Mutual until they were bought out by Chase Bank. My accounts were all in good standing and the bills were being paid ontime each month. Within a few weeks of taking over, Chase bank raised my interest rates from 14% on each card to 25%, 29.99% and 19.99% on all of my cards. Then they reduced the credit limit on one card to just under what we owed and closed the other two accounts completly. We were not notified prior to these changes, I found out about the closure when I attempted to use the card and it was denied. I contacted customer service to inquire as to what the reasons were for the closure and was informed that we no longer fell into their acceptable point system. I explained that the cards were being paid on time so why were we being faulted. I was told I always had the option to pay off the balances and get rid of the cards completely.

    Last month, without prior notification, my payment on one of my cards went up $40-$50 a month. I received a notice after the fact that Chase had doubled my finance charges each month as part of a program they were using to help me reduce my balance faster and pay off my card quicker. ???? Now it is all I can do to keep up with the three payments each month. I contacted customer service again to plead with them to reduce my interest rates as I could no longer use the cards so I wanted to clear out the balances and get rid of them asap. I was again informed that they could not help me because my accounts were closed. Chase Bank is shady and unfair and they attack their customers that are paying their bills on time instead of attacking the ones that are not. They are completely uncooperative and nasty when you speak with them. They have now forced me to contemplate credit counseling as a last resort to get these cards paid off. I want to pay these balances and never hear from Chase Bank again!! They have started a spiral downhill with my credit for no real reason other than to screw me and make money. They are the worst company I have ever had to deal with!! To destroy customers that were in good standing with the previous bank is just unfair!! Now I just make payments each month and my balance stays right where it was.

    I hope enough people post comments and file complaints about this company until someone forces them out of business for thier unfair and unlawful credit practices.

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chase now causing and encouraging foreclosure!

I have been a Customer of Chase Home Finance for 3 years now. They Purchased my loan from New Century...

car lease

We filed a "sample" application for a car that was supposed to refund us $11000 as per award coupon from Popular Ford.
I told them I was unemployed-but they said it is just a sample to see my credit rating - even if my husband were to purchase a car that day. I told them we didn't want the showroom car because it was basic. Not SEL model. They assured me everything except moon roof would be added. Should we purchase a car. Next thing we know
I am owing Chase $30,000 for a new car they refused to add anything to. without a test drive. 3 days later they threaten me to sign a new lease for more money-because the 1 st one was invalid. I told them I did not agree to terms and gave them the car and keys. They said that they would say that the original was binding. So I said then I have no choice but to take the original and the new car. They also refused to return our old car. And go home. They said if I didn't sign they would have m e arrested. I had my infant with me. Obviously I signed under extreme duress. Also, I had filled out for "Ford" credit-they said my husband and I were denied and they bound me with chase for 9% interest. Later, I found out that we both passed for ford credit for eith 0%,2% or 4.9% interest. That Damain has a friend in Chase he throws clients to. I have tried everything to return the car. Chase said because I made payments-they will take the car and i will owe $17000.

customer service - will not update my address

I contacted chase card services to update my circuit city chase card address on file 2 months ago. It was simple, too simple actually. I called the 800 # number provided my account #, address, and my social security #. The rep was friendly and stated my address was updated and my next invoice would be directed to my new address.

Upon not recieving an invoice for 45 days, I contacted Chase Services and the horrible services began. I spoke with the first rep who said he did not work for the circuit city division and was transffered into an IVR. I selected the option for address change, spoke with a representative who verified my current address and all account information. She then proceeded to transfer me to another department to process the change. This representative again verified all my information, and said she would have to transfer me to the additional verification department to verify more info before the change could be made. I was then transfferred to a rep who attempted to gain information about people unrelated to my account (relatives, etc). None of the information I provided him matched 'his records' and he was going to transfer me again. I hung up

I called back the next day and the circus began again. I picked option to change address, spoke w/ rep, verified info and was transffered to actually change my address. I spoke w/ this rep who tried to get the info on other parties again, I refused and then spoke w/ her supervisor (Ericka , ID7314). Ericka is evidentially the highest customer services rep at Chase card services, she also would not update my address upon verifying all information on my account she still wanted information about other partise. Ericka also stated my home number was incorrect from what I was giving her. Ericka refused to escelate my call any further. I received an address to complain to.

I emailed both Chase Bank and Chase Circuit City services and received back emails stating they could not update my address via email but I would need to call. A third email to Chase stated I needed to call a special number, [protected] from my home number ending in XXXX. This number was what I attempted to verify with Ericka who stated over and over that was not what they had one file.

After all this frustration over changing an address I contacted the BBB. Chase Bank contacted me today from their executive services department. They stated they would forward the complain to Circuit City Executive Services. I was contacted by them a few hours later. The rep called me on the home number they had listed on file. I answered and verified all my information over again. She also refused to update my address without verifying additional information from other parties not attached to my account.

She stated since they could not pick up my home phone number when I contacted them they could not verify it was correct and must verify this additional information. I asked her if she called me on my home phone number, which she did. This was not enough for her to verify it as correct. I explained the caller id function on my home phone number is disabled as it is a cellular phone and will not be picked up by their system on calls I make to them. She did admit she called me on my home telephone number on their file but could not use this to verify my account

I have never been so frustrated and treated so badly by a company I have done business with. I have done everything in my power to simply UPDATE MY ADDRESS and they refuse to comply. I will never do business with Circuit City, and Chase as a result of this interaction again, if I can ever obtain an invoice to pay the bill I will be finished with this company forever.

I want everyone else to understands how horrible and frustrating they are to deal with so that they avoid these problems. A company with horrendous customer services such as Chase does not deserve to have any customers when they treat them this badly.

  • Jd
    J.D.eSquire Mar 28, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Without going into the specifics of my ridiculous encounter with a handful of Chase customer service managers and representatives who cared only to patronize, condescend to, and belittle me, I had an eerily similar situation occur earlier today. It is remarkable the executives allow (endorse? Encourage?) the type of smug, snide, and arrogant treatment of their clients/customers by their own ill-mannered and uneducated subordinates . . .I am DONE with JP Morgan Chase Bank.

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intentionally waiting to post payments!

As I read the complaints before me, it seams like we are dealing with the same crappy customer service people. First of all, this is the second time this has happened to me. My bank sends a payment to Chase 5 days before the due date. They send it electronically. Chase does not apply the payment till after the due date. They then add a late charge and then change my rate to the default 30%. When you call to show them the proof of payment, they say there is nothing they can do. The rep was rude and acted like I was taking money from her paycheck. It took 20 minutes to get her to give me a supervisor. I was on hold for 6 minutes before she picked up. I started over. Very nicely I might add and what I got was" I cant do anything about that" Ever since Bank One was taken over, their service has gone straight down the toilet. I could not get a rep to call me back about refinancing my house. The loan officer at my branch!!! So I refinanced with another lender. Then I started getting charged for my free checking. Guess what. I closed that. Then they said they were raising my interest rate on my credit card since I used a different card to consolidate some debt.. The month before they sent me checks at 2.9% and begged me to use their card to consolidate. They gave me $8000 more credit. They sent checks every month for 6 months. When I used a different card, they got vindictive. I have told every officer I know not to bank with Chase. I have a credit score of 745 and get treated like I have a 445. We make over $100,000 a year. I guess I'm not good enough for Chase Bank. My advise: Get out. Spread the word. Go to USAA or your local credit union where they will get to know you.

  • St
    steve burns Oct 29, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    All you have to do is "google chase credit card" and you will learn about their practices. Its amazing that the federal government has not shut them down for usury and fraud. We have 4 cards with them, and all are going to be transferred within the next few weeks.

    Their mode of operation is to offer you a low rate, and once you sign up, shoot you up to the default rate through some deceitful and pitiful methods. There are enough stories on the web to illustrate how.

    They are a step below a loan shark.

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  • Tm
    TM Mar 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely agree - somehow my payments were always greatly delayed in posting. Then one month there was a holiday which delayed it one day past the due date and the REAMED me with fees. I'm outta there - will never use them again and I hope you don't either!!!

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  • Br
    Brian Sep 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ok you all, you need to understand that if you use a bill pay service with your bank to send the payments, you need to give it 3-5 business days for the payment to be received by Chase. The reason is because that payment has to go through the Federal Reserve Bank before Chase would get the payment. This process does not matter if it is electronic or not. The process the Federal Reserve is the same process that was done a long time ago with paper checks. You need to give it time to be received by Chase...also Chase has no idea of when that payment is going to be received because you have put that info and responsibility with your bank's bill pay system. Why are you yelling at Chase for getting the payment after the due date when you placed that responsibility with your bank's bill pay?

    Chase does have the option to do the same payments through them on their website but they will post the payment AND GIVE YOU THE AVAILABLE CREDIT ON THE CARD TO USE while the whole Federal Reserve Process is being done. Seems to me that Chase is doing more to give you options than your bill pay!!!

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  • Ca
    CarlGlas Mar 24, 2009

    I received April's statement from Chase and saw that the minimum payment of 2% of the balance had been reinstated and the $10 monthly service charge had been removed and credited to the account. Is this a result of the federal bail out?, the result of a law suit?, or was it all just an effort to reduce the number of 3.99% and 5.99% accounts?

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