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customer service no longer an option due to & tough economic times

I have been a Chase Mastercard card member for five years, and I have never been late or missed a payment in that time. I recently changed personal checking accounts. This past month, I entered my new routing number and account number and submitted a payment for the full balance of my account four days before the due date. The payment showed up in my account and I thought all was well.

Then, one day after the due date (5 days later), the payment was reversed. Apparently I made an error when typing in the routing number of my new account. As a result of the reversed payment, I was one day late in paying the card, and a $39 fee was applied to my account.

I called to see if they would reverse the late charge. I thought it would be no problem. Once before, when I was moving and a bill got lost, I was late on a Discover Card payment, and they reversed their $25 charge quickly and easily. Chase, however, told me that "in these tough economic times" they were unable to reverse charges. Now, as both a card holder and a middle-class tax payer, I am very offended by this statement. My money already bailed out Chase Bank, and I have been a good customer for five years, without a problem or complaint. To top it off, the customer representative immediately assumed that I would not pay off my account and acted like she was going to hand my information over to a collection agency. I am insulted by the assumption that I would not pay my debts.

I will close the credit card account tomorrow, assuming my payment for the full balance processes by then. I will also never again use any Chase product or service again. Chase was willing to lose a customer over a $39 late fee. If you are considering them for anything, I urge you not to. Their customer service policies are so poor that they deserve to close their doors.

stalling on refinancing my mortgage

Chase formly Washington Mutual has been delaying and delaying my home loan refinancing. I started my loan process in Jan, now it's May, and my refinancing is still not done. They keep telling me to fill out more forms, making up new rules. My mistake was properly refinancing with the same bank, they probably think they are losing money once I've refinanced my loan. Maybe I should refinance with another bank now, take my business elsewhere. Afterall, I am the one paying them mortgage every month.

  • Do
    Dolores Smith Feb 01, 2008

    I was trying to cash in my government bonds and the Assistant Branch Manager Debra Phillip started to debate with me aloud, about not having an account at Chase, and therefore I couldn't cash the bonds there. I tried to tell her that these were government bonds, and that can be cashed in any bank. Finally after a period of ten minutes she decided to make a call to find out, that she was wrong and that I could cash them. I was embarrassed and humiliated.

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  • Em
    Emit May 23, 2009

    Similar deal here, but finally got ours through. We started the process in December with Chase (ours was with Chase, not WAMU), the loan officer either left or was laid-off or fired when WAMU joined Chase. Then the delays and additional request for the same paperwork started coming in. Finally I started bugging them everyday, threatened to pull investments and all of my business out fo their bank, and within 2 weeks we finally closed. But I had to bug (e-mail and phone calls) the Loan Manager and the person handling the loan every day. Only good thing out of the process, and complaining, was that the original locked rate of 5% was reduced to 4.625%. That plus we had most of the fee refunded. So they get to keep our business for awhile, but I was less than 24 hours from pulling it.

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  • Rb
    R B Jun 15, 2009

    Same exact thing on my loan. Started In January and am still calling him every day. Processor was fired, you are one of 40, 000 people that applied. I was sent an approval letter 8 weeks ago, still not closed.

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Beware : My Financial Advisor at the Chase Branch on 51st and Lexington in NYC closed out my IRA and bought bonds and equities without my knowledge or permission. Seems that this kind of thing is ok with Chase. Kind of surprised that I didn't have to sign anything before he could do something like that. I'll be moving my money to another bank once this mess is cleaned up.

  • Jo
    Joseph862797 Mar 08, 2010

    Thank you! I was gonna invest 50K, but I think i'll just keep searching. :)

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rude customer service

I have WAMU visa card, which is taken over by Chase bank now. Chase has converted WAMU home page to "Chase" during march 7, 8, 9, 2009. I had set up online payment since I had WAMU card, but Chase has changed it, as a result my March statement payment didn't go thru, and chase charged $ 39.0 late fee + Finance charge. When contacted customer service, call wdiverted to Phillipines. Customer service Rep was very rude and not courteous and didn't care to answer any question. When asked She didn't provide her Rep ID number, she didn't tell her last name, which city she is located. She didn't accept complaint over the phone. she didnt provide address where to send written complaint. She didn't waive late fee + finance charge and kept arguing on each sentence and humilating the customer, as this is all customers fault. if Chase website was not working for 3 day. and she cannot do any thing in this situation.

I have other credit cards like Discover card, Amex card, Wachovia Visa, Capital One Master card and their customer service Reps have been help ful and couteous and easy to do business. I shall not recommend Chase Cards to any body. They have out sourced customer service in Asia, it sucks.

  • Gi
    gigglerpledx May 09, 2009

    just for future reference dont be shy, just say ' sorry i can't understand you, is there someone else i can speak to?
    I always do, sometimes even ask directly 'can i speak to an american?'

    Most times, you will get transferred to one.. i can never understand what these reps are saying and not only that they seem to have a different view of how to 'help' the customer than someone of my own culture.

    Any time you phone the bank its a hassle, so at least, if im paying good money, i'm not gonna settle for some hard to understand & rude foreigner.

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  • Ba
    bad CEO's Sep 08, 2009

    When my WAMU card changed to chase they changed terms on my account to raise interest rates. One month later they will close your account. after your acct is closed they will again send you an opt out form to send to stop the increase in your interest rate, but since your acct has been closed by them you are not eligible to stop the interest rate change. This is fraudulent because as a payment paying customer you still have rights per the federal trade commission consumer protection division. Do like me and pay it off so they can't use the interest to pay their CEO's millions. I have complained to the FTC but I still haven't found the person to send all my physical evidence of what happened to me. I used registered returned receipt mail for all my correspondence. JPMorgan Chase are crooks. v/r q

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terrible customer service

Fraud dept. calls me to say that they have put a "hold" on my account for questionable purchases. Purchase were legitimate that they put hold on, but for unauthorized charges from in the amount of $29.95 + $1 every two weeks, they say they can not stop this!!! This is the "fraud" department!!! I asked them to google to see the scams that this company is up to and they just shrugged this off.
Terrible customer service. They say the only thing I can do is cancel my card and get another one!

Chase needs to get act together!

  • Ju
    juan felipe roa fernandez Jul 14, 2007

    I had the impression that Chase was a good credit card company. Couple months ago i had to do a cash advance for no more than $200. Couple days after I made a payment covering that cash advance and any possible finance charges. I just found out that the only way of paying for a cash advance is paying the whole amount of the credit. In other words, if you have an outstanding balance for $2000 dollars on you account and you have a cash advance of $100, to be able to pay for that cash advance you need to pay for the whole amount of you balance. They are charging me 24% and what initially was a cash advance of $200 became almost $500.

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  • Mi
    Michael Jul 19, 2007

    Common knowledge. The highest interest rates are deducted last. Right in your agreement.

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  • In
    Inez Jul 03, 2008

    I have a small credit with Chase Bank, and every time I get charged with fees, because I pay them ahead. I called them on it and they took off the fees.
    This happened twice - since they merged or de-merged with GEMoney. This is not my problem and dont need to hear it.

    Now I havent received a statement for June and I paid them, and charged me again not 39.00 but 29.00. I always pay them the first of the month, but didnt get a statement this time again. I did sent a payment of 50 due on 7/12/08 again ahead of time, with those 29.00 charges from past month which we discussed was paid by phone.
    I didnt call them to take it off because something needs to be done about it.

    I am disheartened by all this - unfortunately we need banks but if you dont watch it carefully they scam you. Had this with the BofA, but they rectified everything and I did get a check back from them - but again it is still a mistake bythe clerk at the window.
    I learned how to really check everything with banking as its not as it used to be.
    Please, hire some people who do it right and dont charge customers extra when they make the mistakes.
    Inez Jonathans
    [email protected]

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worst bank on earth

The chase bank took over for washington mutual not too long ago. Last month I realized I had forgotten to...

insufficient funds fee

This happened to me several times. I often use my debit card for transactions, like buying lunch or stuff. Problem arises when I have low balance, I first check the ATM and check my balance before I use the card. having checked the balance, I used my card for another transaction. Now problem arises when previous debit card transactions do not reflect in several days, and when they reflect, my balance become negative and I get charged for insufficient fund. The thing I don't like is that the balance shown in the ATM does not reflect the "current" balance. There are still some pending transactions and for whatever reason, they don't get reflected quickly. My other debit card is like real time. Whenever I use it, it quickly reflects in the balance on the ATM.

scam charges

Chase took over Wamu and my credit card balance. With WAMU I signed up for a payment reminder so I would not...

forced foreclosure

In October of 2005, my father who refinanced with Chase Home Finance, passed away. Unfortunately he passed...

home foreclosure with lien filed by cach, llc. this year.

I am in the midst of a foreclosure with J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, NA. on a home I own is Cincinnati and noticed...

Milan Loans

awful bank

I had been a customer for 12 years without a late payment. I didn't receive a bill last month and was popped for a $40 service charge and interest on a card I had paid in full for 12 years - no late payments. I called customer service and was told that neither the first person I spoke with nor the supervisor could waive the late fee - supervisor even hung up on me when I asked him to repeat that he did not have the authority. Was told it was "policy". Went to a branch and they said if I had another account they would try to help but without another account there was nothing they could do. This is the way they choose to do business I choose not to do business with them - a pity after 12 years. I guess they get enough of the taxpayers money they just don't care to keep customers who pay the bills...

  • Me
    Melissa Apr 15, 2009

    When I left went to move from chicago to Virginia I closed my Chase account. I had no fees owed and no outstanding checks. TWO ENTIRE WEEKS LATER they reopened my account to pay an comcast bill which was autodebited but should not have been, as I had moved AND canceled my account with Comcast. Then after paying comcast out of my closed account they proceeded to charge me a daily fee for being negative... Well I got to where I am and was using another bank account I have in NY to live off of, when I tried to open a bank account in VA months later I was told that I owe Chase 2000 dollars, as they have been charging my re-opened account 5 dollars a day. WOW. Talk about sucking!

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  • Li
    Lidna Luttrell Aug 07, 2009

    Yep! They're not the only ones to do that. Capital One tried the same thing to me. $15-dollar "late fee" for a paid off card. They'd posted my final payment FIVE days before it was due. There was no interest due them.
    Each month, they would send me a bill. Each month I sent it back to them unopened. To do this: Write "REFUSED" on the unopened/offensive thing & place it back in your mailbox. They will get tired of paying double postage on that bill and they will also get the message that you have no intention of paying it. They will not sue is not worth the lawyer and court fees. More importantly, you are in the right. Four months later, they stopped billing me. A year later, they sent me offers stating they "wanted me back." Those were "REFUSED" as well,

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  • El
    elhil Aug 17, 2009

    Ohhhh chase will sue you trust me. I went through it for a 2000.00 balance. They will and you wont win if you do what genius before me is advising you to do. But hey hurt your credit and get your wages garnished or what ever :)

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  • Cu
    cutenaga Sep 08, 2009

    I have been a Chase Bank customer for 20+ years, from NBD to Bank One, and that freaking Chase Bank bought them out. I never had any issues until this past week when they sent me letters to close all of my accounts: checking, savings, credit card, IRA, and investment accounts without any logical reason/explanation.
    They only said "We have the rights to close your accounts without a reason".

    What a freaking idiot!!!
    You guys need to file a class action lawsuit, and I will be the 1st one to sign it.

    Hell with stupi & idiotic Chase!

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  • Ma
    madasbleep Sep 08, 2009

    I just spoke to a Chase rep. and she talked over me the whole time treating me like an idiot. I was calling to dispute a charge on my account and she was trying to tell me that I had not read the fine print...which I had. She told me to call back when I had more info and they might take the charges off if I could PROVE I had canceled the order. Another problem I have had with Chase is that after always paying on time and alot more than the minumum payment due, they lowered my credit line, almost to the balance on the card and raised my APR to 19.24%. I have a beacon score at almost 800 and have never been late on anything, neadless to say I will not be using my card again even when I get it paid off.

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  • Za
    Zach Van Draden Oct 06, 2009


    I have a little different story to tell about Chase Bank as someone who has been banking there for just about 4 years. Chase purchased Bank One where my accounts were located and I decided to leave my banking with them, now I had horrible service from Bank ONE, I had a supreme dislike for that operation and had been investigating other Banks to transfer to when Chase took over. Since day one of Chase Bank's ownership there has not been one problem that I can recall, I am very pleased to say that Chase has a perfect record with me. I recommend them to everyone, but I will say this about banking with ANY financial institution in 2009; do not live beyond your ability to pay cash, OR at least be able to pay off your revolving charge cards each billing cycle. Whenever a balance is carried, then added to for months and years heartache is bound to occur in that Bank to customer relationship sooner rather than later, first people resent paying interest on their debt's, 2nd they do not like repaying their debts especially if they are having difficulty staying current because fees, and penalties add up rather quickly, it really does pay to wait and pay cash for what you "THINK" you need.

    Lower your risk for dissatisfaction that is what I was taught... The world looks better that way..

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  • Fe
    fed up with chase banks Oct 04, 2010

    I bougth my 1997 geo Metro from bank one years ago i was getting ready to sale my car when I lost the title the dnv told me i would have to go down to chase and have sign lein release form, now mind you the car was paid off over ten years ago chase took over for bank one i went there and they said they would not sign a lein release till they checked in to see if i owed them any money could not find any thing on the car and they still will not sign, so again i went to the dnv and told them they said it would take around two months but they said they would notify chase ask them why they cannot help people with this problem i wish somebody would close chase down

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eorbitant overdraft f

I never was behind paying my bills, but I had to go onto Social Security Disability a few years ago, and that is the only income I have. I got a checking account at one major bank, and a year ago I switchd to Chase. In one year I have paid about $3000 on overdraft fees and though I tried to discus this issue with them several times, they have been cold and heartless. Obviously, when I have to pay these fees, I can't pay my bills, and I am more behind than ever.
Even if I am overdrawn by $5.00, I get charged $35.
I really hate the whole banking system, but I have no choice but to have an account. Though my story is not unusual, I feel like we are all victims, and I resent that they are "bailed out" but they won't give their clients one break.

  • De
    Denise May 19, 2009

    OMG i am having similar problems with Chase!!! My ex husband and I had a joint account, I thought my name was off. I opened my own acct at wamu which is now chase. ITs been 2 years. Well he overdrew his account and racked up Overdraft charges... not my problem right? well I noticed yesterday that my account was $500 negative??? I just got my check how could this be? Well they decided to take over $750 out of my checking to cover my ex's account... but it didn't cover his overdraft completley... he is still in the hole for $100 MEANWHILE... all my stuff came in (gas, food, atm, ) and they charged me $33 in overdraft FOR EVERYTHING that came in... which totals over $300 in overdraft charges... I tried to call customer service... but they refuse any assistance. My Ex is an honorable guy (thank God) he promised to pay me my $750 but what about the $300 in overdraft that Chase MADE me accrue? All they did was make my account in the negative and they racked up massive overdraft fees. I don't understand the reasoning for this. They made my account negative for no reason, it didn't make my ex's account square. I am going to call corporate but I seriously doubt they will help at all. And as soon as both accounts are in the Plus.. my ex promised to take my name off (chase said he has to close the account compeltely to get my name off) and I am changing to a credit union where chase will never get my money again... I hope Obama makes them pay for how they treat customers while they steal our money and take bailout money... jerks!

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  • La
    lazulite May 28, 2009

    It's every person's responsibility to keep track of what they spend in there checking account. Your given a transaction register to keep a running balance in to that you know how much you have to spend. If you get a joint account with someone you have just as much right to the money in the account as they do, and just as much responsibility for any overdrafts. If you read the discloser booklet you come across something called "right of offset." This basically means that if an account goes negative the bank has the right to transfer as much money out of any other account the account holders may have in order to make that account negative. This prevents the bank from losing money on someone who has a positive balance in one account and spends it before fixing the negative on another. I recommend asking a teller for a list of all your accounts. There are also email alerts, text message alerts, mobile, telephone and online banking to help you balance your checkbook.

    Basically don't spend money you don't have, and be pro-active on checking all your accounts.

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  • Jn
    Jnewton Jun 06, 2009

    I feel bad for your situation, but lazulite is basically correct.

    Also, nearly every bank has a similar overdraft policy.

    But Chase has gone a step further.

    They've taken over our WaMu account, and we received a letter last week saying that they will now start charging a monthly fee (since our balance is below their enormous required minimum - well, enormous to my family).

    Of course, we decided to cancel our account and switch to one of the many other banks that offer free checking (we've already opened that new account and are very happy with it).

    But Chase had a plan for that also. Apparently a lot of people had the same plan - - so Chase will now penalize customers who try to close their accounts by taking a sizable percentage of the balance if you try to close your account.

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late fee fraud & otrageous apr increase

I had a credit card with Washington Mutual for over a year and a half. When WaMu went south, I took my money out of the bank and opened up an account with Wells Fargo. I kept the credit card, which was taken over by CHASE. Well, I had not missed a payment in over a year and a half. The payment date was changed and because I pay bills online, I happened to miss the payment date by five days. When I looked at the bill I decided to call CHASE. I explained that as a loyal customer to WaMu, I was not currently working could they waive the late fee of $39.99 off of my bill.

Long and short. I talked to four different customer service reps. Each one was a supervisor of the last one I spoke to. I explained my situation and that I had never been late, could they waive the fee. Each time I was told that the Terms of their Agreement are clearly stated and they do not under any circumstance waive fees. At this point I am steaming mad. I then look down at my statement and see that my APR went from 14% to ARE YOU READY FOR THIS - 29.99%!!! Are you f-in kidding me?

I then remembered that the nice gentleman at the bank just last week said I was approved for any credit card transfer for a 0% fee for six months!! So, I proceeded to let them know that "when I hang up this phone, I am driving down to my bank and giving my bank my business, because what you are doing is a FLEECING of AMERICA! This is a LATE TRAP! Told them I work in the media and I was going to take part with the rest of American's to boycott and tell the world that CHASE is a FRAUD! I'm making every effort to make my payment on time and the ONE time I am late because of confusion on my payment date - THEY RIP ME OFF!

Went to my bank where the nice representative Lana helped me to transfer my balance to a card at my bank. It took me all of 20 minutes to hang up my phone, get in my car and drive to my branch...smiling the whole way.

Then as I come out of the gym, I see a guy holding a sign at the Corner of Topanga/Ventura that says something like this "CHASE doesn’t keep promises" with a website...

  • Ry
    Ryno Apr 28, 2009

    The same thing happened to me. When I called I couldn't even get a supervisor to talk to me on the phone. So I did the same thing. I transferred my balance to another card with a promotional 0% APR. Then after it went through, Chase had the nerve to send me an e-mail saying I could transfer the balance back for 0%. I had 3 cards with Chase I am going to cancel all of them.

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  • Cr
    CR805 May 02, 2009

    Samething happened to me. Chase credit card customer reps are rude and useless. Unfortunately I can't close my accounts with them because I am in the middle of a mortgage loan process. But when that is all said and done, I will definitely be closing my accounts. I'm sure this is happening to alot of people. This can't be right. Someone should open a Civil Lawsuit against them.

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  • Jm
    jmt007 May 16, 2009

    They are all the same. I am having the same problem with Target National Bank/Target Visa, will not give exact due date, say it fluctuates, then one time I paid it electronically and the date changed by one day and then they threw a 39.00 late fee on. I called and they said they would remove it one time and to pay my regular payment, which I did, but they never removed it and so they threw another late fee on the next month on the late fee they never removed. Currently, even though I have only had one payment late, by one day and was told they would remove the late charge, they are showing I have a balance due of $175, all late fees on top of late fees, no payments late or due. They are nothing but a bunch of immoral, unethical, sociopaths who would sell their soul to the devil for a dollar bill. No hope for any of them. Best thing to do is pay all your credit cards off and don't take out anymore, EVER. Also, would not hurt to sue the crap of them in the meantime. These people and their companies are trash, absolulte trash. I have two business degrees, my bachelors is from a Christian University, I would not work for one of these crooked companies for a million dollars an hour, I truely do not know how they sleep at night, ###.

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  • N5
    n5oqmoses May 18, 2009

    Listen to this folks:
    I am not only pay chase card payment early but I paid extra for each payments, in another words, I have credits with chase credit card. On March 2009, chase mailed me a check $379 dollars for over patment which I normally payment them $500 dollars each time for later use. Because they my payment back, on April 2009, I had late fee charge for $15 dollars. I called telephone center spoke to account supervisor to reversal the late fee, and she said "NO". I told her "Chase doen need me anymore, $15 dollars is nothing. I had a bank account with WAMU with $95, 000 deposits which now is CHASE. I went to CHASE bank close my bank account. I called tem to close my credit card and send the credit balance back. "Goodbye to CHASE" I will not to have business with you any more. In fact, I had mortgate with CHASE and I paid it off 15 years ago. I have been with Chase 25 years, till this happened.
    "CHASE management team is very short-sighted, eventually will drive this company to drain"

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  • An
    a.nonymous Jun 22, 2009

    Target Visa added late fees on top of late fees resulting in overlimit fees on top of overlimit fees when they knew I was unemployed with no means whatsoever of making payment.

    I told them I have charged-off their account and will not pay them, I've written them of as a non-payable debt and they will never be paid.

    Thay tried next to file suit but could never locate me, as I was not legally required to identify myself, I simply said I was not the person they were seeking, they went away indicating "incorrect address".

    Case was dimissed with prejudice due to unserved status on complaint.

    Dumb jerks. I recommend everyone refuse to pay them, not much they can do.

    Also after this hassle, never, NEVER use your real SSN# on credit applications. Make one up. As long as the name and address is correct it's legal as you are not stealing someone's indentity. There are duplicate SSN#s in existance, therefore making one up is fine. This can help protect you from the crooked credit card companies later, as an example, they can not find where you work if they do not have you real SSN # because you are legally ONLY required to use your real SSN # for bank accounts, employment and govenment taxes.

    You are NOT required to use your real SSN # for credit applications and after the abuse by Target, I will never use the real SSN# again for a credit card. I recommend everyone do the same. Turn the SSN # into something useless for the credit card companies.


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re: attorney advertising

Re: attorney advertising

My name is sean mcgrew, and i’m a legal assistant to attorney dan bryden, with the law offices of sprenger + lang. We are investigating a class action lawsuit of chase bank’s payment protector the past, persons have posted on this blog regarding their issues with chase. If you would be interested in communicating with a law firm regarding this matter, please contact me at [protected] Thank you.

change term of the account

We had a credit card account with Washington Mutual, which has been absorbed by Chase. We have always paid in an excellent manner. When we did not receive the March statement, I went ahead and scheduled a payment through online billpay. Anticipating that they could possibly change the due date, thereby putting me late and enabling them to change the terms of my account, I paid the bill 6 days earlier than usual. I received the statement today to discover that they did change the due date to 7 days earlier. So, I was one day late. I was charged a late fee and my interest rate was increased by 11%.

I called them and asked them to review my account with WaMu. If they did so, they would have seen that we have an excellent, long term payment history with them. Also, I made reasonable attempts to avoid this situation. Chase responded that they did send a bill and since there was no banking error, nothing would change. While on hold for a supervisor, I googled the situation to discover that many of those who were a part of the conversion did not receive a statement and the same thing happened to them. The supervisor agreed to waive the late fee, but the interest rate would remain.

  • Ma
    Maripat Aug 06, 2009

    I have been a loyal Washington Mutual customer for over 15 years. When they were bought out by JP Morgan Chase, I knew that there would be changes to their policies and procedures, but was resolved to not change banks because of the overall hassle involved. However, due to the policies Chase has enacted with both my bank accounts and my credit card, I am more than willing to deal with the inconvenience of moving my money and my credit to another bank, if only to make a statement about how horrible this company is to work with.

    My boyfriend and I have 6 bank accounts with Wamu/Chase and have always kept them in good standing. Once Chase took over, they want to charge fees for us to download our transactions into Quicken. I find this ridiculous -- Chase already takes our money, loans it out to other customers and makes quite a bit of interest off of it and now they want to charge us $10 an account to simply download our transactions? It requires very little of the bank's involvement for this to be possible -- the greed here is astounding. So we're now pulling our fairly sizable accounts from Chase and moving those to a local credit union.

    Now to my credit card. I use my credit card quite liberally and again, I have had my credit card with WaMu for years. I've never missed a payment, have never been more than one or two days late with a payment and have had my credit limit continually raised because I've been such a good customer. I used to pay my credit card off completely every month, but this last year I have needed to have more cash on hand for a remodeling project, so have been making a payment (well above the minimum payment due) every month.

    I was making my payment online in July and noticed that my credit limit was about $1200 lower than what it used to be. I was concerned, but not overly so, and as I was leaving on vacation the next day, decided to deal with it upon my return. I received a letter detailing the lowering of my limit two weeks AFTER the decision had been made without any input from me whatsoever.

    They claim that due to various credit factors, they unilaterally lowered my credit limit without discussion. I have no idea what they're talking about with regards to credit factors as I own my own house, two cars and have a very good credit score, but by lowering my available credit, they are actually DAMAGING my overall credit rating. Understandably, I am very upset. I called Chase and the incredibly unhelpful, unintelligent robot that answered my call insisted that neither he or his supervisor would be able to reinstate my credit limit to what it was before.

    I am now in the process of transferring the balance of my Chase card to another bank so that Chase will not have any of my business, nor my boyfriend's business. They can say goodbye to the interest they would have received from our various accounts as well as the interest they would have made from my credit card. In addition, I have told numerous friends and family members about Chase's business tactics and to date, four people that I know have removed their accounts and credit cards from Chase. I will continue to tell people I come into contact with to leave Chase and will cross post my complaints on every web medium I can find to encourage other Chase customers to leave as well. In researching the possible repercussions to this event, I came across literally hundreds of complaints from people just like me in the same situation. What is being done to resolve these issues?

    If this is Chase's way of increasing or maintaining their client base, it's an incredibly poor business model; one can only hope this will result in their eventual downfall. It's time that banks that are poorly managed and run on corporate greed realize the consequences of their policies: loss of customers and company failure, one that the American public will NOT bail them out from.

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  • Mc
    McHarry from new york Aug 19, 2009

    I am a chase visa credit card holder for over 20 years. I got a promotional rate offer of 3.99 % on a transfer amount as long as I agree to make a 2 % minimum monthly payment. I've been paying on time and I sometimes pay more than the minimum. In my September bill, chase increases the minimum payment from 2% to 5%. When I called their customer service and complained to them that I've never violated their agreement, why are they changing the terms of the agreement. They gave me 2 options. If I want to keep the same 2% minimum payment, they'll have to increase my promotional rate from 3.99 % to 7.99 %. Otherwise I'll have to make the 5% minimum monthly payment. They could not care less about my budget.
    They blame the goverment, saying that it is because of some changes or laws the goverment undertook.I am shocked and distraught. What can one do in this situation.

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grandfathered in bank one checking acct.

Bank One checking account holder for 10 or so years before Chase bought them- so account holder for about 15 years now. I was assured at the time Chase aquired my account that it would be grandfathered in with zero changes. The account is 100% totally free checking, no minimum balance requirements, no direct deposit, no monthly service fees, no spending requirements etc. FREE in every essence of the word.

My accidental life insurance policy, which was originally offered and set up through Bank One is taken out of this account. This is the only thing I use the account for- nothing else. $16.50 auto withdraw every 3 months- $20 deposit every three months to cover it.

Evidently Chase was unhappy with not making monthly fees so according to them they notified me in January 2009 on my statement that the account would be changed to a $500 minimum balance account or a $10 fee would be charged. I never got that notification as I get online statements- I am requesting a hard copy at a local branch today to see what the alleged notification actually said. But just because you are notified doesn't make it okay to do anything they want. Years of account history informed them that the account would not have $500 in it nor would it have more than the one transaction every quarter.

The account had $3.40 in it when they wanted to take the brand new $10 monthly fee out in February. So they took every last penny in February leaving a zero balance, it was just days after my auto withdraw had hit- otherwise they would have gotten their $10 and I would have not had the funds to cover my insurance. I am sure that would have triggered massive overdraft fees etc... After 60 days of a zero balance, the account is automatically closed. I show up to deposit my $20 for the life insurance policy and am notified that I no longer have an account.

After going in and talking to the c/s rep and and asst. mgr.- the bank manager calls me to inform me that I can have the account back as is for the $10 per month or $500 minimum balance or I can 'upgrade' to a new account for $6 per month. How is it an upgrade from $0 per month to a $6 fee per month? I guess in her mind that is better than $10, in my mind its still $6 per month more than I had been paying.

I told her that I was getting royally screwed for $120 per year or worse for $72 per year. She didn't agree that changing an existing free account to a fee account out of the blue is screwing anyone. So after 15 years, Chase has zero monthly fees from me (other than the $3.40 they took) and one massively unhappy ex-Chase customer vs. the option of zero monthly fees and a happy Chase customer. No wonder all the banks are having so many issues, they all suck at serving their customers. They all only think of the fees they can bleed from each account holder.

What recourse to we have? What can the little people do against the greedy giant banks? I guess this is the only thing we can do- warn each other that they are scheming, money hungry, heartless, fee charging machines. I highly recommend not using banks at all, but definitely not any bank with the name Chase on it or that has Chase as a parent company. It will only be a matter of time before your specific raping will occur. As found all over the internet, Chase is evil and cares nothing for those that keeps it in business. Good luck to you.

getting the run around and the 3rd degree

Well let me get started by saying I agree with all the other opinions the other people have given, they are the most rude people in the business of car loans or anything else for that matter. I was just on the phone with chase today for about 2 hours, I kept getting put on hold for everything which thats understandable. When a rep finally spoke to me they were telling me the opposite of what another rep said to my wife. we need to get a deferment, my wife and I have fallen into hard times with money and we have allways been ontime making payments every month.
Well this lady named Valirie was telling me I can not have a deferment due me being unemployed but I get unemployment pay each week so I have money to make the bills every month. She gave me the 3rd degree and lectured me like she was my mother or worse actually, really demoralizing me. Thats not their problem if I'm unemployed all that they should just be concerned with getting their payment when I say I can make the payment, she kept telling me I was a low life with everything she was saying in a nut shell, so I hung up. I called back to speak with someone else my call kept getting passed around from person to person, each person I spoke with couldn't help me because they said they don't handle that stuff. So finally I got to someone else who spoke with my wife which he was extremely rude to her telling her to put me on the phone, my wife has all rights to the account so he shouldn't have been so short and rude to her, anyways He started to talk and was pretty much yelling at me about why did I call back when I have spoke with someone allready about the matter, I asked for a supervisor, he straight up said no! and hung up and re- routed my call to Washinton mutual bank. Little later my wife calls and gets a supervisor on the phone, he asked her if she was in employee she said no I'm a customer the guy said sorry I can't help you and hung up right away, his name was Steve. Thats where I'm at with chase the rip off bank.

  • Sa
    sam May 22, 2009

    Chase Bank did the same thing to us. They were rude and mean . They did not care that we lost our jobs through no fault of our own . We tried to explain to them that their is no jobs and my payments have always been paid on time . They would not listen . All they are doing is making people declare BK.

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  • Ma
    maranda Jun 03, 2009

    We are in the same boat. we live in a town of 8000 people and rely on factories to keep us employed. 4 out of 6 of our factories are no longer in operation and i lost my job in july of 2008. I purchased a brand new suv 3 months before i got laid off. Chase financed my car and i thought i was getting a good deal. I had no idea that i was going to lose my job or i wouldnt have gotten a new car. Chase told me that its not their problem that i lost my job and when i asked to speak to a supervisor they told me no that a supervisor cannot help me. Can they really refuse?? We are in good standing with our loan but the lady told me that they will still come get my car even if its one day late. I am not high risk and for them to tell me that really gets under my skin. They have always been rude to us and make us feel like we asked to lose our jobs. They dont care because we are paying for their paychecks. My fiancee even asked one lady if chase bank took the bailout and partied it up with us taxpayers money and she had the nerve to tell us they didnt get a bailout HA!!! Chase bank got billions and billions to help them out (i believe it was 25 billion) and no one can help us out?? we are the ones that payed for that bailout. I love how the government tells us to keep putting back into the economy but even when we scrounge up the money to go out and buy something, we get nothing in return

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loan modification

Is anyone familiar with Chase Residential Solutions? They are a Loan Modification Company in California...

mortgage fraud/scam

I have spoken with a lawyer friend and done some preliminary research on the internet regarding my situation...

harassing calls

Jpchasemorgan calls several times a day, harassing us. on thursday, april 23, 2009, these are just some of the times they called:
8:18 a
9:33 a
10:44 a
11:53 a
1:11 p
6:41 p
We were out during some of this time and some of these were logged in on the caller id - so it logs in the last addition, they have sued us under chase usa - I don't know the difference. is there anything we can do?

  • Ne
    neicy May 18, 2009

    I agree with the chase reps calling alot back to back.Some of them will play on your phone, which I can not understand since some of the calls are recorded.I will be afraid to call someones house and hang up, without leaving a message as to why I am calling.I quess they have to have so many calls in ahour or they will get in trouble so they just call and hang up.We are in a recession and it looks like the banks got a bailout but not the tax payers to be able to pay some of there bills, or if you lose your job, however if 80 percent of the united states taxpayers lose there jobs how are we going to pay are bills and anyother creditors we owe.If our phone gets turned off how would you be able to just harass us for 8hours.Then you will lose your job and be in the same boat.

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  • Ka
    kaylagray08 Aug 07, 2009

    i am a collector and i know how you think that they hang up but when your on an automated dialing system sometimes we get dead air on our side so they are not doing it on purpose i dont know why they even bother to use those things. and i hate to break it to you but they can call every 30 min and can call only 7 times a day no more. you can send a cease and desist letter to them and they have to stop

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  • Ma
    maryatweed Mar 23, 2011

    jp morgan chase has repeatly called my work and my cell phone after me asking them nuberous times not to call my work any and to only call my cell after 5pm they are saying payment hasnt been made and i have a canceled check to prove that it has well today 3-23-2011 the account rep calls my work and i tell him again not to call my job he keeps asking me questions i work in a Doctors office and every one in the office hears the conversation i was sent home after i finally hung the phone up of course i was to upset to work and phone was totally uncalled for

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