Jet Airwaysworst customer service for online booking!

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Based in Melbourne, I booked tickets online at for BKK-CCU-BKK sector and due to the error of Jetairways online booking system, which didn't confirm the first booking, ended up with duplicate booking for the same sector. My credit card was charged Rs. 29,053.00 twice. On being contacted, Jetairways instead of reversing the full amount of duplicated transaction have reversed only a part - Rs 23,630.00 without any satisfactory reason. The only way they are contactable from overseas is through email and none of my emails seeking resolution of this matter have been responded. I have asked to be provided with the contact numbers of the Customer Resolutions Manager but no response so far. I have asked to a reasonable explanation as to why full duplicated transaction hasn't been reversed - AGAIN NO SATISFACTORY RESPONSE!




  • Vi
    Vijay Labhane Nov 04, 2019

    I booked jet airways flight no 9W-657 from Delhi to Nagpur dated 4May 2019with PNR no LLEZWH through goibibo.This flight was cancelled by company due to their internal issue.But till the date I have not received my refund yet

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  • Da
    Daniel Meron Mar 15, 2018
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    Verified customer

    "To whom it may concern, I wanted to inform you that your airline staff has delivered by far the worst customer service and support I have ever experienced in my entire life. Your staff are trained to lie to customers, cheat people out of their hard earned money and leave customers trapped in whatever location or airport they are in. EVERY FLIGHT I BOOKED WITH YOU LEFT ME STRANDED. Every manager was incredibly creative on trying to make it my fault and directly lying to my face about where they were and their policies, Not ONE was willing to help me in any way possible. Missing these flights resulted in damages which I will be billing you for. $30, 000 in production costs, $5, 000 in rentals for production, $200 in hotel costs, $240 in transportation costs, Total cost of flights and missed connection flights, $10, 000 in distress, $75 in long distance phone calls to sort out the issues, and more bills to come when I get a chance to go over more of my invoices, All legal fees will be included on top of what was stated. I warned your staff and managers of the costs that will be forwarded before any of my flights were even close to taking off and they took it amongst themselves to disregard all responsibility and if anything tried making things even more difficult for me. I have never had such terrible experiences with an airline in my life and have everything well documented. I will also be contacting my sister at CBS news division to run a pieced on Jet Airways and the negative reviews by screwed customers. I tried resolving these issues before hand directly with your staff and all of this was completely avoidable but they had no interest in sorting out any of these issues. This behavior was from poor company training and policies and sadly you will have to learn the hard way."

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  • Su
    sudeepprasad Mar 06, 2015

    Hiii this's sudeep
    I'm very upset with your hostess behaviour one name is raksha and anther name I did not remember. That day I order smirnoff vodka with normal water but they Listen my order and they was laughed very rudely (I think so they are thinking about me I don't know what is a good combination).That time I'm feel very bad. It was happen with me 01 March 2015 Paris to Mumbai jet airways

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  • Sy
    Syed Bukhari Feb 19, 2015

    I have travelled from abudhabi to chennai in Jet airways 5 times in the last year with my family. i had a very bad experience with the stewards in the light and he is make me like i should be praised for his misbehaviour. They dont have leard to give respect to the passengers.. i will not blame the Steward it is not his fault, It is the fault of the Steward Trainers and allowed those people to serve the customer. IT is spoiling the image of jet Airways... not the steward because he represents Jet airways...

    I want this to be taken care very important to have a good service in Flight... They are spoiling the image of Jet airways with the untrained Stewards and the in experience of Air hostress...

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  • Fe
    Felixstowe Jan 15, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My family was travelling from Goa via Bombay on the 14 of January 2015'. When we went collect our baggage noticed that our suitcase was tampered forced opened, and damaged, went to your counter at heathrow and showed the damage to your agent at about 7.00pm but he was not very helpful, we have using Jet atleast 3 to 5 times a year, and this is ne first time we noticed this kind of unacceptable behaviour from your carrier, please look into it, and let me have a response as to how you are going to bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion.thank you

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  • Pu
    Puneet2118 Nov 03, 2014

    To Whom it may concern,

    I am an Australian Citizen based in Melbourne and was traveling with my wife, my 8 months old baby and brother in law from Amritsar to Delhi on 25th October 2014 Flight Jet Airways 9W - 373 departing Amritsar at 14.20 pm. As I had to travel from Delhi to Melbourne later that evening on same day. We had 3 cabin bags for 1 bag each adult with 7 kg allowance. But one of the bag had was over 7 kg and was around approx 9.5 kg and we were aware of the excess luggage and was happy to pay for the excess baggage.
    So we went to counter to check in and met Mr Deepak who was on duty so we made him aware of the excess weight as well and told him that we are happy to make payment for the excess baggage of over 7 kg but rather than paying for the excess baggage Mr Deepak said that we have to pay for the whole 9.5 kg even tho 7 kg was our part of allowance baggage which none of understood that why he wants us to pay for the baggage which is part of our allowance and we have already paid for it.
    Upon Requesting number of times Mr Deepak asked us to pay for 7KG instead of 9.5 kg. But we couldnt understand the logic behind his bar gaining we requested to talk to his on duty Manger. But our request was rejected and from No Where his Colleague Mr RAHUL(Most RUDE customer service officer) I have ever seen in my whole life whom Mr Deepak explained the scenario and without even listening to the whole conversation Mr Rahul said that he has got a solution for us to resolve this issue and said that rather than paying for 7 Kg which Mr Deepak offered us earlier but this guy Mr Rahul said that now we have to pay for the whole 9.5 kg and asked ground staff to remove our luggage to a side. That was a shocker for us and We couldnt believe that we are experience this kind of pathetic service from an Airline Company. We refused to move from the queue as requested to talk to their On Duty Manger upon making numerous request finally this Lady Avninder who was sitting 2 counters away from Mr Deepak this whole time and was listening to this whole saga and pretending as she didnt saw anything happening there(Quality of a Great MANAGER). Literally SHOUTED from 2 counters away and said that yes I am Manager here and cant help you sir and couldnt even bother to come and talk to us and listen to our issue. I want Users to read this response that I got from this Lady Avninder so called Manager on duty.
    "We requested mam can you please assist us in resolving this issue as we have are travelling with 8 months old infant and please assist us resolving this issue and the Response was "IF YOU ARE TRAVELLING WITH BABY THATS YOUR PROBLEM NOT MINE" and I couldnt believe that this is coming out from a Manager.
    We couldnt believe all this happening to us and amazingly enough 3 Jet air staff staff we spoke too one by one were all so rude and were providing PATHETIC Customer service. If being a Foreign citizen I was dealt with this way I feel so sorry for Indian citizen who travel more frequently using these domestic airlines with most rude customer service staff.

    Well I wont be travelling with this pathetic airlines again in my life and will be spreading this to my friends through social media and following the Consumer court and Ombudsman, but I thought I might raise this complaint hoping that I might get lucky and find someone who is skilled enough working at Jet airways knowing what they doing and take appropriate action against these rude, unprofessional, unskilled and it might sound rude but i have to say what I felt that uneducated Jet airways staff.

    If Jet airways staff cares about its Customer feel free to contact me at following email address.

    [email protected]

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  • So
    Sona Khadka Sep 13, 2014

    Hi, my name is Sona Khadka. My sister, Miss Sanam Khadka was coming to visit me in Mauritius. She was travelling from Kathmandu, Nepal to New Delhi, India by Jet Airways and New Delhi, India to Mauritius by Air Mauritius. But unfortunately when she reached here, she didn't get her luggage. She was told in Kathmandu, by the Jet Airways Staff, that she can collect her luggage directly in Mauritius instead of collecting in New Delhi airport . But when she was boarding in Air Mauritius plane, the staff told her that her luggage was still at the New Delhi Airport and she should be collecting her luggage before boarding but unfortunately, she didn't have enough time to go and collect it or else she would have missed her flight. My father even went to the airport in Kathmandu, Nepal to meet the person who gave her the information about sending her luggage directly to Mauritius and it was found that the Jet Airways staff gave her the WRONG INFORMATION.
    Now, we are contacting to trace her luggage, no one is willing to help!
    Very Poor Service. False information provided, Unhelpful. Irresponsible for costumers property. Worst flight that my sister went through. Above all WHERE IS OUR LUGGAGE?? JET AIRWAYS HAVE NO ANSWER!!!

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  • Vj
    Vjay0403 Aug 27, 2014

    This is the worst air line and the service is very poor among all air lines which is flown from Middle east to India and back. My wife and kid also got the similar type of experience when approached for check in they informed that the flight is over booked. Even after reconfirmed on the previous day how can an air line can do this to poor passengers. Even after informing the Air port manager Ashish there was no use. My request to all of you please make sure that the next person is not you???????

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  • Ra
    Rahul kotecha May 31, 2014
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    Verified customer

    Jet airways staff in india are robbing people, they use threats, try intimidating passengers and have no manners, people skills and are just on a power trip. The most disgusting experience ever the whole system and process outs you off using jet airways as well as india airports especially rajkot, £130 taken from my wife for what we still do not know, my complaint wi stop when I not only get my money back but have something done about pathetic excuses for employees at rajkot airport!!! Anyone using rajkot airport with jet, do not give in to threats and false explanations stand your ground and demand to see airline manager and if you have to can your flight to avoid giving cash contact your embessy from airport and tell them that's exactly what you are doing!!!

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  • An
    Annoyed Jet Customer Mar 26, 2012

    @sivasubramaniyan, I think you should read first instead of jumping straight away to comments :) You did not get the point what and why the complain is been made, as reading your comments it's very clear that you have no ability to understand and looks like you are a man where you can't understand how and what a pregnent women goes through :) Point number one is why Jet airways has to lie that they have put through the request and point number two is if it is advisable to any passenger to walk after an hour or so Jet airways crew attendants should not restrict the passanger to stick on the seat all time...

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  • Si
    sivasubramaniyan Feb 04, 2012

    jet airways one of the worst airline i have traveled in terms of customer handling

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  • Bi
    Bizdom Mar 14, 2011

    @Annoyed Jet Customer - LoL!!!. If you had such urgency for business class due to your pregnancy/health issues, you should have booked a business class ticket. I agree about customer service for Jet airways; however, your case does not stand a complaint.
    You wanted to enjoy business class without paying for it. Anyone has good 9 months for 'pregnancy'. Pay it out and book a business class; instead of waiting till the last minute and then think of free perks; and then complain about not being provided free perks.

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  • An
    Annoyed Jet Customer Mar 03, 2011

    If all the options is gone then only go for Jet Airways, useless airline :(

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  • Sy
    syed abuzar Feb 23, 2011

    I had booked my ticket in Bangalore agent office for bangalore-mumbai-bangkok and return I paid for 3 months validity booking i.e. 21500 I.N.R i had a return date of one month due to thai customs formality then i could not return since i had short of funds (No Show) This is the first time i am hearing that due to no show my ticket was cancelled and no refund no fly again what should a person after travel to another country does not have a ticket and shortage of funds.

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  • An
    Annoyed Jet Customer Feb 02, 2011

    Hi There,
    I have the two worst experiences of customer services with Jet Airways in a same day of flying in my last 6 years of flying experience with Jet Airways in the situation/condition when I needed their customer services the most. Last week I was 28 weeks pregnant and have flown from Delhi to London. Due to fever and cold I requested Jet Airways at the check-in counter if they can upgrade me to the business class (only if they have available seats). While check-in they said they will put forward my request to the cabin crew and ask us to speak to the Jet Airways Duty Manager. I spoke to the Duty Manager and he said unless until they get a request call from the sales people they will not upgrade me. This makes me really upset and angry with the jet airways services. While boarding into the flight for the last time I checked with the cabin crew that if they have got any request from the check-in counter about my upgrade to the business class (if there is any seat available) and they said they have got no request for me or for any pregnant lady.
    It was very surprising and shocking for me when I found out that there are 14 seats available in the business class in my flight (9W122). It was and is very disgraceful of Jet Airways of choosing to keep the empty seats while flying then to offer the seat to the person who needed the seat. Even Indian Railways offer better services to upgrade the seats even without asking. This is not the only end of worst services offered by Jet Airways; I have experienced another bad one. As advised by my Med-Wife, I was walking in the flight every hour to avoid any blood clot in my legs, suddenly I was ask not to walk because other Jet Airways passengers will be disturbed and this came from the air hostess. I was speechless and annoyed with the jet airways service.
    Nobody cares in Jet Airways especially in Indian sector of flying what the passengers are going through and what can help them to have a better flying experience, they are just concerned with their business and money we pay for the tickets.
    Best Regards,

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  • Pi
    piyre miya Nov 15, 2009

    i have traveled to indore to bhopal flight no 9w 2211 on 10/nov. flight has deleay 2 hrs so i canceled tha tkt accoding to ruls airlince give me fuul refund but when i went to bhopal air port cunter staf ms Ankansha shrivastava misbeahve with me. and she told to me i can not give full refund but at ur city office rtuned me full refund ..
    but i whoud like to say that ur staff Ms Ankansha srivastava behaver was nat good ..

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  • Ra
    ranjini subramanian Aug 12, 2009

    I have had problems with Jet airways.

    I wanted to change my booking from Chennai- New Delhi - Brussels - Toronto
    to Chennai-Brussels- Toronto and therefore approached the Bangalore domestic terminal Jet airways booking counter to help.

    The lady at the counter did do the booking collected Rs 22000/- but you know what instead of giving the connecting flight from Brussels she gave 24 hours stop over. Infact she need not have disturbed my initial booking.
    When noticed I immediately approached their 24 hours help line and requested them to correct the booking. They were willing to do but again with a 200 canadian dolllar per ticket fee. They were not willing to listen to me or my valid argument mentioning that it was their ( Jet airways) mistake. I had to pay again 400 dollars for rectifiying their mistake.

    No body cares netither their helpline or anyone at the various call center. If you have spoken to one person, you need to speak to the same person again that's their strong statement when you approach for help

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  • Il
    ilucanada Jun 04, 2009

    I booked a jet airways return ticket for my wife and infant of 1.5 years through a travel agency in brampton from toronto to mumbai in 2008 which is valid for one year. At the time of booking i was told that this is the only air lines which accepts the infant under two years for initial trip and who will become over 2 years in return. I can postpone the ticket once for free and after that i have to pay $100 per adult and $10 per child for each postponing or preponing.
    I postponed it once for free and while doing for second time they did for my wife at the cost of $100 and now they demand extra child fare amount for the kid who turn over 2 years as they do not allow him as infant. Now i talked to the agent of travel agency and she took almost a week and everytime assured that %99 i dont need to pay any child fare and today i came to know from the owner of the agency that the Govt. has changed the rules and a child can not brought on infant ticket, and when i asked about any of my mistake he says that he did talked to the airlines and i dont have any option except to pay for the child.

    See how these airlines play with the customers, if the rule was not there when i booked the ticket how i was responsible for extra payment i dont understand and the agency told me that airlines wanted to make money so that they wont give a free seat.

    Why they did not told me about the reissue of ticket when i postponed for the first time? the agency says that they made a mistake. The airways says that they already send a circular about this to all travel agencies and the agency says they did not received this circular before they book my ticket. and this issue they resolved with airways.

    In all this what is my fault and why should i pay extra fare for my child.

    Let me see if anything comes up and the issue gets resolved.

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  • Am
    amitabhbaba Jun 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Agree with you my experience is getting worse by the day. Jet airways employees are following the air india footsteps... KINGFISHER IS THE BEST. LED BY STRONG LEADER WHO IS A NO NONSENSE man, better still KINGFISHER IS SENSITIVE AND RESPONSIVE.

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  • Su
    Sunita Agarwal May 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please refer to complant under Tirath Housing which should be JETAIRWAYS

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  • Vi
    vimal Maheshwari Mar 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Parminder Saini
    Skylawn travels

    I traveled by 9W 227 from Toronto, On 22nd Feb, 08 reaching Mumbai on 24th Feb 2008. On reaching Mumbai, I realized that one of my checked in baggage (suitcase) is missing& informed Jet Airways about the same. There was no support from Jet Airways to find the suitcase except filing a report & I was told to wait for a call from their side.
    I started making phone calls to Jet Airways from the very next day inquiring about my baggage, but there was never any response from Jet Airways, except the standard answer that they were trying to track the baggage.
    I had gone to India to attend my niece’s wedding in Calcutta on 27th Feb, 08 & besides that I was meeting my entire family member after 8 years & was carrying expensive gifts to be given for marriage & for all my family members. Thereafter started my inconvenience & psychological trauma for not having the clothes to put on during marriage and cash to spend for buying gift items on urgent basis.
    During the process frequent calls & efforts to reach the Jet Airways senior staff at Mumbai office were of no use, except that the baggage was declared missing and a petty compensation of Rs18000/- ($450) approximately was offered to me. This was more than a harassment & psychological trauma for me keeping in mind the losses & inconvenience I had to undergo because of Jet Airways incompetence behavior & lack of co-operation. I was carrying the following items in my suitcase.

    1. 1 Samsonite suitcase & [email protected] $275.00 -$275.00
    2. 1 leather cover for [email protected] $119.00 -$119.00
    3. 8 ties @ $49.00 -$392.00
    4. 6 ties @ $74 -$444.00
    5. 4 pure silk shirts @ $175.00 -$700.00
    6. 4 shirts @ $65 -$260.00
    7. 2 suits @ $249 -$498.00
    8. 4 Ladies leather gloves @ $39.00 -$156.00
    9. 1 Cannon camera SD [email protected] $390.00 -$390.00
    10. 1 Cordless phone [email protected] $190.00 -$190.00
    11. 2 Britney Spears [email protected] $80 -$160.00
    12. 1 Jennifer Lopez [email protected]$65.00 -$65.00
    13. 1 Disney camera for [email protected] $98.00 -$98.00
    14. 15 Aveeno moisturizer & [email protected] $15.00 -$275.00
    15. 6 Loreal cosmetics @ $25.00 -$150.00
    16. 3 Levis jeans @$90.00 -$270.00
    17. 2 Levis shorts @ $65.00 -$130.00
    18. Premium socks 12 pairs @ $14.00 -$168.00

    Total -$4740.00
    I demand a compensation for the above & the psychological, harassment, and the inconvenience received from Jet Airways, otherwise I would file a case in a Toronto court against Jet Airways & get in touch with media & send copies of this e-mail to KLM, Lufthansa, and British Airways etc.

    Vimal Maheshwari
    109 Front St East Unit 411 Toronto ON M5A4P7

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  • Bi
    Binod Basnet Dec 11, 2007

    If your emplyee did not lets us go out its ok,may be there was tchnical problem, we understand that but i want to know there is a rules(law) if any passanger has more then12 hours trasit you should provides us some types of remedy but your emplyee even did not talk to us nicely, they were very very rude and nasty. they give us hard time, they treat us like a criminal. you did not give us any reply why your emplyee ask me $200.00 and why your manger and supervisor told my wife ###. you will need proof also, your job is not a protect your emplyee, your job is how to satisfy your customer. i'm not fully agree with your opinion, i will law suit base on your reply, why you did not taken any action to your emplyee, you should know what is the customer right. I will not keep quite because how you simply write there is nothing happened, you think only we make story. i will send every where my complain with your reply.Our Ref No:
    Mr Binod Basnet

    Email: [email protected]

    Dear Mr Basnet,

    This has reference to your email dated December 4, 2007 and is further to our interim response of December 6, 2007.

    We have noted your experience on arrival at Delhi Airport on flight 9W 5606 from Kathmandu to Delhi of 27th October 2007, with regret.

    Having investigated the issue under reference, we understand that you and Mrs. Basnet were holding Nepalese passports with the ‘Departure Stamp’ and were transiting to Amsterdam on KLM, via Delhi. Since your passports had the said stamp, your travel was considered as ‘Direct Transit’ travel. As per the laid down guidelines in such cases all passengers are taken to the transit gate to further proceed inside to the ‘Transit Area’ which is the regular practice.

    However, we understand that at the time of entry, you requested to clear the immigration and leave the terminal building so that you could depart on the date of your onward KLM flight. Our staff advised you that against the ‘Departure Stamp’ on your Nepalese passports you would not be able to clear the Indian Immigration as you be treated ‘Departed’ from the station of origin (i.e. Kathmandu) . Despite the same, you still wished to clear immigration.

    In reply to this, Indian Immigration was contacted and was requested for the same by us, but this was refused by the Immigration officials.

    Subsequently we understand that you personally approached the immigration Duty Officer with this request, which was once again declined. Therefore you agreed to enter the ‘Transit Area’.

    We are sorry to read about your dissatisfaction with the services rendered by our Delhi Airport staff. While the staff on duty are required to ensure that all formalities are completed, we regret that the interaction with the staff was not to your expectations.

    Rest assured that we have taken up the issue with the Delhi Airport Manager to reinforce that all passenger queries are met with utmost regard to their convenience and sensitivity.

    Thank you for writing to us and we look forward to serving you soon.


    Deepashree S. Kirtikar
    Customer Relations

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  • Ga
    Gabriela Ponce Jul 08, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I was traveling from Delhi to Los Angeles, I bought an e-ticket from a travel agent in Rishikesh; upon arrival to the airport they told me that my ticket was "FAKE" and closed the flight.

    I headed to the Jet Airways airport office and after a lot of yelling I got them to look into the system and they admitted they made a mistake.

    Before I got them to look however, I had to put up with insults, threats and a lot of screeming and verbal abuse from deepak sheerma, jet airways duty manager; he even smashed against the floor a bag he thought was mine, I couldn't believe it, since during my world travels I've never seen such a savage beast; all while the rest of the staff did NOTHING.

    After they admitted they made a mistake I went to report to the Airport Manager such horrifying mistreatment; they called mr sheerma but he had disappear like the coward he is, immediately after the complain, jet airways staff turned "helpful" and even asked me NOT TO COMPLAIN! this people are rats, I don't think it ever gets worst than THAT, DO NOT FLY JET AIRWAYS or else BE WARNED!!!

    Later I found out from a friend in L.A that Jet Airways refused to give his father a wheelchair and only after they received threats of a lawsuit in the airport office from a Minneapolis family member they did so... UNBELIEVABLE!! DO NOT FLY WITH THEM, THEY WILL TREAT YOU LIKE ### AND WILL RUIN YOU TRIP.

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