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car rental company Sixt — the employee said bad words to me and my wife

I got no response from Sixt company to my email to them for this big big issue I had Date: March 17, 2020 at...

e-gate (registration) immigration staff

To whom it may concern,
It's all [censored] to whom it may concern because we know all actions and complaints will not b taken against their own citizens even though if they r wrong. Sunday 9th Feb 2020 around 2:30 am the (Local) lady spoke to me as we r their servants she treated me as a slave she thought I am working in her home as Gardner or a cleaner and when I spoke to her in English even after that her attitude didn't go down, I mean like did I take a loan from U? Nope! I paid u to sit there n do my work. My last visit to Dubai terminal 2 Allah hu akbar it was a night mare for us. I was literally pissed of and spoke to the police security (Local) but as usual they misguided me to protect his citizen by saying oh the manager isn't available and their shift is in the morning lmao joke of the year. I told him in face if I had a different passport which shows from a strong country or if my clothings were different the local lady would say hadhreen hadhreen, what a double standard. God never ever send foreigners to terminal 2 Allah hu akbar. No compliant will b heard that's impossible don't just waste ur time and never deal with these staff, just go to the E-Gate if accidentally u get to terminal 2. What a horrible staff Allah hu akbar. I am not afraid call me where ever u want me to come and discuss about it and then I will show that ignorant lady what kind of attitude I keep. She is a racist and I can give her a hard time. No peace

dubai airport arrival pick up place

Dubai airport pick up on arrival is a rip off. There is no place to pick up a passenger unless you pay. Is this some sort of blackmailing or a cheap way to make money on account of tarnishing Dubai's reputation.
Who is making money out of this. Nowhere in the world airports extract money from people just fir quick drop off or puck up. It is complete harassment of the authorities.
Either you enter parking and pay 30 dhs, or enter in one lane for valet... Which should have been pick up lane, or if pick from bus stop than traffic police vulture slap you with a 500 dhs fine.
So seeing this authorities wanted to blackmail the people and make a quick buck. Shame on Dubai airport authorities for their cheap tactics. Also if you make a mistake to enter in the parking or valet lane.. You can't back out... The old camel and cat story.

airlines not allowing duty free items

Dear Sir/Madam
Many times I am travelling UAE to India. And On 27th September also I travelled to India Through Spice Jet airlines. I am Usually travelling Through Air India or Spice Jet Flights. Whenever I am Taking My Hand Luggage (Cabin Luggage) These airlines allows 7 kg. But Apart from 7 kg these Two Airlines are not allowing any Duty free Items to carry for any passengers. Every time I am travelling, so many passengers are fighting when boarding because of not allowing duty free Items to carry. When boarding The airline staff will come with the weighing scale and they are not allowing even 50 grams extra weight. If we cannot carry duty free Items Then there is no Point of having Duty free store in Airport. Everyday there are thousands of passengers are travelling with these flights but they cannot carry duty free items. So Duty free stores will face millions of loss everyday and this will effect UAE economy. So I want to Know is this rule implemented from UAE Airport authority or From the airlines company itself. If this rule is from Airline company then I am kindly requesting you Please solve this issue and allow the passengers to carry atleast 2 kg extra items from Duty free in airport and do the needful
Thanking you
Yours Faithfully

immigration lady officer at dubai airport her rudeness and unprofessional behavior

Our stay was in dubai almost 11 day. We stayed in dubai and we spent thousands of dollars in this country we came all the way from America to explore Dubai. On our day back to the America flight after receiving our boarding passes me my wife and my 3 years old kid. When we reached to the immigration desk the immigration lady asked me our boarding passes and passports. My passports and boarding passes were in my handbag. Meanwhile I grabbed our passports and boarding passes to give it to her. She started yelling at me with a very bad attitude and in rude words she said ( u r wasting my time u should have your passports and boarding passes in your hand before u come to me) I said ( I'm sorry) and I gave her our boarding passes and passports. She yell at me again in rude attitude ( (dont give me your passports and boarding passes at once (give me one by one) I again said sorry and handled her one by one. She makes me feel so embarrassing in front of other people she humiliate me and my family. I will never go the dubai again if this kind of lady immigration will be there. She was sooo abusive and rude and she has no dignity. Tell her to alpogize me and my family

filipina check in staffs

We are a family of 5.Me my wife and 3 kids, sons 14 & 12 and 6daughterCheck in with a filipina who said she will make it sure my wife and 6yr old daughter will sit together well they were separated at premium economy. And this other filipina said we would all end up in economy but did end up in premium except me I was seated at the back of economy. I think these filipinas just wanted to be bribed.I'm a filipino myself and my wife though we are holding german passes.

[Resolved] security staff

They airport security gave the worst nightmare of my sisters life. They told her to undress completely right...


My name is janardhan reddy buggana from INDIA. On 28th Aug and 29th Aug 2019, I travelled from arlanda (arn...

Dubai airport boarding staff inforce me to make double reservation

On 25th august 11.30 pm Boarding staff in area 1 Flight Dubai Baku on Azerbaijan airway in force me to make...

baggage - a1215270/ a1215271

Passenger, Hilda Borges was travelling from Pune to Dubai Flight IX 211 on the 18th of August 2019. One of...

Dubai Airports / Dubai International Airport

airport staff power harassment

To whom it may concerns,

I would like to report Dubai international airport terminal 2 staff working attitude and behavior terribly rude and unprofessional.

As I followed the queue and instruction, I was being treated with unwelcome manner!
My passport was confiscated and was threatened to board!

1. Does airport officer granted to keep passenger Passport in his pocket?
2. Does Granted airport officer to be thrown out form the flight when passenger following rules and instruction?

Incident details
Flight : TZ0713
Date : 31st July 2019
Time : 00:40
Officer no. :2841642
Officer name : ahmd hamad adbelmenim

I strong condemn this incident and request terminal security to review the video footage!
I Request an enquiries and official investigation to be carry out.


  • Ka
    Kamran bashir Oct 30, 2019

    Our stay was in dubai almost 11 day. We stayed in dubai and we spent thousands of dollars in this country we came all the way from America to explore Dubai. On our day back to the America flight after receiving our boarding passes me my wife and my 3 years old kid. When we reached to the immigration desk the immigration lady asked me our boarding passes and passports. My passports and boarding passes were in my handbag. Meanwhile I grabbed our passports and boarding passes to give it to her. She started yelling at me with a very bad attitude and in rude words she said ( u r wasting my time u should have your passports and boarding passes in your hand before u come to me) I said ( I'm sorry) and I gave her our boarding passes and passports. She yell at me again in rude attitude ( (dont give me your passports and boarding passes at once (give me one by one) I again said sorry and handled her one by one. She makes me feel so embarrassing in front of other people she humiliate me and my family. I will never go the dubai again if this kind of lady immigration will be there. She was sooo abusive and rude and she has no dignity.

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  • Mu
    Muhammad_Wasim Feb 08, 2020

    @Kamran bashir That's the problem with these local women even I got abused as if I am working in her house as Gardner or cleaner. They will never take action against their own citizens

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  • Ka
    Kamran bashir Feb 09, 2020

    @Muhammad_Wasim They keep there local women happy. One day UAE has no tourist InshaAllah

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valet service at dubai airport terminal 3

Dear, Today I was picking up a guest at Dubai airport terminal 3 and pulled my car for valet parking and...

spice jet hand bag allowance information!!!

I was travelling on SpiceJet flight from Dubai to Pune. At the boarding Gate the hand baggage was weighed including duty free bags, which is unusual. For duty free shipping I was charged 60 AED per kg.
No information on this especially including Duty free bags are considered as hand baggage was provided to passengers on the check in counter by ground staff or by Airport Duty free Shop staff.
The airport Duty free staff issues you Duty free items on your boarding pass and inform you on duty free allowance to various destinations.
This is the first time I have been charged for duty free shopping as hand baggage.
The airport authority should ask the airline to Post notice for the same also should inform Duty free staff to inform passengers on hand baggage allowance is including duty free.
This will be helpful to passengers avoid any confusion just before boarding the flight with no option then paying the unnecessary charges.

fake gold

I was traveling in the yr of 2010 via Dubai to India. I buy 2 gold rings and a golden chain,, almost...

Dubai Airport

staff and refund the full amount of my ticket

I would like to complain about the staff at the airport terminal 2 dubai at the reception desk and which name...

Dubai Airport Terminal 21

customs/immigration officers

Entering Dubai while black!!!

On December 30th I left my comfortable home in Northern Virginia in the USA to travel to Dubai to visit some friends and also celebrate the new year dubai style. I had fallen in love with dubai during my first visit in 2018 and was overly excited to return. The timing was also perfect for I needed to go to Ghana which is 8 hrs flight away to say a farewell to my coworker who had just passed away. On Feb 4, I left dubai for Ghana for my coworker's funeral. While there I had a cold and was tested for malaria which was negative. However, I was told by a medical doctor to take malaria drugs as a precaution. It was a three day treatment and I was to finished the final dosage in Dubai. I arrived at dubai international airport terminal 3 today from Ghana at a little bit after 5am. I went through customs like everyone else and was cleared entry. I quickly rushed to duty free for some drinks and picked up my suitcases to head out. I had two suitcases and a box of food items I was asked to purchase by my friends. I checked all the items with Ghana customs to make sure I could bring them into beautiful dubai. I was cleared by Ghana customs and was issued a certificate that shows, The food items we're allowed into Dubai. Well! On my way out of the airport, I was stopped by a lady a custom officer who asked that my items be scanned. I quickly complied and my suitcases and box were scanned along with my carry-on. The customs officer monitoring the X-ray quickly said I was not allowed more to purchased more than four duty free drinks and that they will have to take the rest of my drinks. I said that was fine and that I did not know that rules exited and that I have been buying the same amount of drinks since my first visit. They asked for my receipt which I couldn't find at the moment but was able to find later. I was than told the extra drinks would have to be destroyed and I told them to go ahead and that I maybe able to get my money back from Credit card at a later time. I was told to sign a consent for the destroying the drinks. I followed the female custom officer named Fatima Ibrahim to sign the paper. She done decided to do a further check. This is when my biggest nightmare began. She checked all my suitcases for I don't know what she was looking for but I sensed it was probably for drugs. She checked and doubled checked and tripled checked. At the same time putting me through full body scans twice and calling others to come look at it. She than proceeded to asked if I was pregnant, I told her no and that I was actually on my menstrual period . This lady Fatima continued to degraded and humiliated me while others custom officers and travels watched on. She covered her nose when she opens my food items to show everyone that my food stunk. At the end I was ushered by a police officer to their immigration office and I was told to wait. I waited for over 7 hours without knowing why. I was then moved to another immigration office on the up floor of the airport. The man who accompanied me asked me while I was there and I told him I had no ideal. Finally after another 2 hours of waiting I was told I have malaria and that they can not allow my entry. I told them I did have malaria and that the drugs was given to me for prevention. I was denied entry with no accommodation. I was only given a voucher to McDonald's and cafe costa.

I had plans for Dubai. As a CEO of a health care company, I wanted to expend my company to Dubai to serve the people and to also enjoy the beautiful dubai I had fallen in love with. I had look into buying a home and making dubai my second home away from my beloved American!

I guess the people at dubai don't want me!!!

Day 2 of my nightmare in dubai!

I woke up this morning February 20th ready to return to Ghana since I was refused entry. I was instructed by the immigration officers to contact them at 6am for my passport and suitcases to deliver to me for the 7:30 flight to Ghana. When The hotel reception called and I spoke with them, I was than told my passport will be given to me at gate B29 and my suitcases will be put in the plane to Ghana. I'm now in Ghana and my carry-on suitcase is missing with all my valuables in it. When I tried to report it, I was told it did not have a tag and therefore cannot be traced. I'm hoping and praying my carry-on suitcase would be found for I have items in there that are indispensable.

When I arrived in Ghana, an Emirates Airline employee who had assisted me while I was living saw me and quickly run to asked while I was back so soon. I told her my ordeal. She then asked me what do I think needs to be done about the way I was treated.
I had to stop and assessed my ordeal using my critical lenses to make sure that my response would be fuel with something that would serve as deter to prevent this from happening again to another person. Based on my experience, I do think there is serious language barrier that were between me, custom officers, and the immigration officers. Some of the custom and immigration officers did speak English but I couldn't understand them and I'm pretty sure they didn't understand me either. I sensed that custom officers did not understand their role and how they should handle travelers. For instance, Fatima brought many other officers to speak with me and asked questions but they will not finished their interrogation and walked out without allowing me to speak and answer their questions. In addition, Ms. Fatima Ibrahim was offensive and rude when she held her noise after opening my suitcase filled with food items. My recommendation is that all the custom and immigration officers should undergo cultural competence training to learn how to deal with others from different backgrounds other than theirs. Dubai is an international gateway for our world today and it must make sure all that comes through their gates are treated with respect and human decency.


Baggage damage

Dear, During my flight from Bangkok with Emirates BKK EK 0384/12, on 15th of February, there was a delay in...

Dubai Airports / Dubai International Airport

baggage, search

Sir We are very very sorry to state the as follow travel date 29/01/2019 jet airways flight dubai - delhi...


Hi I'm Pradeep India citizen working in Fujairah yesterday I come to Dubai Airport terminal 1 to drop off my brother and grand mother I found some service late about older citizens means

When I drop my brother and grandma I dintnot find wheelchair near drop off point. I asked several passenger helpers Wher is the wheel chair of senior citizens (older people) they told me after check in they provide wheelchair not before soo My gramdma stuggled to walk from the gate to check in counter please provide some wheel chairs near Drop off points. Need small change otherwise all r good service. thank u.

check in

I had checked into oman air wy610 on 21 jan, I have two hand carried bags both weighing 13.8 kg (one is 9 small cabin size bag on rollers and the other is 4.8 piggy back) the check-in service manager mr. Rajesh cs. Insisted that I can only take one bag as per airline instructions, I believed him and checked one bag. Later I checked oa web site and I found that I am entitled for two handbags each is 7 kg, if he told me I could redistributed the weight so every one is 7kg exactly. I have a disk issue on my neck and I depend on the roller bag to carry the laptop piggy back and push the two together. I had tremendous pain when I arrived at the gate since I was carrying my piggy back bag over my shoulders. I never ever faced this before and I travel from dubai airport quiet regularly.

airport facilities

This is the second time we transit through Dubai Airport. With 4 hours to spend during flight, not even half...

Dubai Airports / Dubai International Airport

wheelchair access for senior citizen

This is for the Airport authority who handles wheel chair assistance for senior people and the disabled. My...

duty free being charged along with cabin luggage

I am traveling by spice jet and duty free baggage has been charged to me as extra / over weight luggage. If I...

loss of luggage

I lost my hand carry luggage purple colour today 4/12/2018 around 1400hr in Dubai airport before the immigration check arriving from Kuala Lumpur .
It was my own careless 😩as I forgot the hand carry luggage inside the toilet. The problem here I already make a complaint to the loss and found department but no serious action was done. I came again after 3hours to the department and said still not found🤔🙄 .

Seriously such a big bag still couldn't be found.
Unsatisfied customer
Winawati simin

complaint to you regarding the very bad baggage handling of airline

To whom it may concern
Dear sir/ madam
I MrQsee hamed saif alomairi I would like to rise a complaint to you regarding the verry bad laggage handling of your airline this is not the first time that this has happened to me and With a new one every time that though a very good quality and expensive ones but I gess your staff are talented in braking if they were able to brake the best quality ones, point that I have kept the fragile sticker on.
Anyway this time it was even worse my bage was fully broken and even the content inside were exposed I think if I didn`t have that inner plastic wrap my clothes would be all over the place this is unacceptable at all and I`m really angry and disappointed, I
My booking flight number IX-813 fling from manglore to dubai on the 20th of this month.
20/11/2018 at20:00 pm
The bag that was broken costed- 62 Omani rial

Plz do the needful and I would like to get a refund for the broken bag and I hope this never happens again.

Looking forward for your reply
Thank you
Qsee hamed saif alomairi

complaint to you regarding the very bad baggage handling of airline
complaint to you regarding the very bad baggage handling of airline
complaint to you regarding the very bad baggage handling of airline

immigration officer

Today - 17 th Oct at 3.20 PM I was on immigration counter while flying via Emirates out from Dubai to Kuwait...

immigration department

I came to dubai airport with paper employment visa, there was some mistake from the guider near to...


the police staff has stopped me 3 times and 2 of the times I had my bag checked. being the only African on the group of 4, I felt very humiliated in front of my wife's family, the last police officer which was not wearing an uniform, even yelled at me for not looking him in the eyes.
for a first time visitor, this has changed my whole expectation and experience, making me buy my return ticket as soon as I arrived in the hotel for as soon as possible. I cannot handle racism and this was 100% racism as no one else in the group was stopped and they are all white European. I really hope to have a feedback from you as this was a very humiliating experience.

ground staff

This is with regards to a surprisingly obnoxious behaviour that I encountered at the Dubai Airport from a ground staff stationed next to the Air India Express flight IX-194 flying from Dubai to Lucknow at 23:30 hrs on the 25th of August.
After alighting the bus and while I was on my way to board the aircraft from the ramp at the back I heard someone shouting from behind and while I turned and looked back, to my surprise it was directed at me. I thought that i had dropped something while walking so the ground staff, running towards me, was calling me out, but it wasn't to be!

For the record, I have travelled the world over and may be in over 500+ flights, but never has some ground staff told me that ‘Cant you hear me, I have been shouting for so long, are you deaf?!' (2 cases here of ignorance/insensitivity and of pure dim-wittedness: 1) I was standing next to the aircraft propellers with a lot of noise, which wasn't very obvious to the lady in question 2) you are being insensitive to a 5% of the world population, which suffers from disabling hearing loss)
It took me 10 seconds to actually realise if she said these things and I retorted saying, "well there's a reason why there's a ramp at the back, and my seat is towards the back end".
The best reply came after this- "do you think you will get special treatment by being the only person getting into the aircraft from the back"!
At this point I started laughing and just turned back and did what Mademoiselle in-charge asked me to do as I just could not believe what was happening. I just asked her once again if she realised what she has been saying to which I got a look filled with a lot of disgust. At this point I found it futile to be even standing there and wasting even 5 seconds of this precious life that God blessed me with.

If I could describe her, she had a round face, long hair that was tied and was, may be, of a south-asian origin, but the best way to identify her would be to ask a passenger to try and board from the back side gate of the aircraft.

Once identified, I hope she is at least reprimanded for her behaviour and told that the salaries that she gets are from the price that we passengers pay for being treated in a special manner at one of the busiest airports in the world and the special treatment (or otherwise) that we get from someone like her spoils the good work done by a lot of hard working ground staff at DBX!

May good sense prevail!

rude and aggressive security staff at dubai airport check in

Whilst in transit on a long haul flight from China (Beijing to Manchester) UK on 31st January 2018. We were...

bad food at restaurant in terminal 1 - d

On Saturday 3/3/2018, at around 7:00 pm, I stop by The Draft House restaurant at the upper level, terminal D...

weighing again the hand baggage + personal bag/backpack + duty free shop

Before my husband & I left for holiday to the Philippines on 7th February (2018) from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, we ensured that the weight of our hand baggages is 7 kgs each. Each one of us has personal bag which contained our own laptops (3 pcs), cables & powerbanks. Our hand baggages were weighed but not our personal bags. We arrived at Dubai airport 00:15 and had 2.5 hours layed over before our flight to Cebu, Philippines, Flight number EK338 at 02:45am. When we boarded our flight to Cebu, all our bags (i.e. hand baggages & personal bags) were weighed including the stuff we bought at duty free shop (4 bottled water, Dates, Chocolates, Refrigerator magnets, perfume, cosmetics) resulting an excess of 10 kgs. They asked us to pay $392.00 despite of our protest for the stuff we bought at Duty Free shops and our own personal stuff.
Could anyone please explain why all our bags were weighed including the stuff we bought at Duty Free Shops? Unfortunately, we don't have the copy of the receipt anymore but herewith attached is the copy of the statement from Visa showing the amount we paid. If there has been a mistake, we would to ask for refund.

Reservation number: NUCFXJ
Date of the incident: 08 Feb 2018
Ticket numbers: 176 [protected] & 176 [protected]

weighing again the hand baggage + personal bag/backpack + duty free shop

luggage & duty free

On an Emirates flight Dubai to Nairobi I checked in 2 suitcases.One suitcase was 1 kg overweight the other 2...

airport landstaff don't care about small children

To whom it may concern,

We have travel with our two small kids (1 and 3 year) and spend few hours into the Dubai airport.
I m very negative suprise how your land stuff don t care about kids in trolley, and don t give us advantage like everywhere in a world we have.
Travel with kids isn t always easy, expecally when they scream, and your staff don t care about it, just put us and the end row to wait with the rest of the passingers.
You have very good kids service with mclaren trolley on the airport, kids play room, but it will be much nicer that you land staff treat family with kids much better, and give us advantage like everywhere in a world, not to wait in a long line with others passingers.

Hope that you will improve this...

I am complaining about the product and most especially about the service

Just a couple of hours back, I went to LV Store at Mall of the Emirates branch in Dubai to collect my ladie...

poor customer services

I wish to complain about the problems we encountered after attempting to board our return flight EK448 for...

passport service

I am Egyptian but my daughter is Italian, i entered dubai in 21 October i asked about visa they told me that i need to make previous visa but for my daughter she will take in the airport. I made c/out in 5 January and i was planning to enter again after 2 week . They told me it is okay as long as u go outside u can enter again. I made c/in again 21 January and i was having long term visa again, I entered and no one advised me for anything. When i was leaving from Dubai 26 February they stop me in the visa check and told me go to office number 4 even didn't tell why . When I entered they told me that i have pay 2600 for mu daughter as violation i get choked as I wasn't having this money and even I don't know why . The person was v rude with me keep telling it is rules u have to pay . My baby is just 8 months and no one was trying to help me and i was going to lost my flight . They didn't try to help until my husband came and pay for them the money. The most bad treatment i have ever get in my life and it was not my fault, it was the fault of the person who let baby enter with old visa which was going to finish after few days without advising and i was thinking that they give her new visa as staff told me I can't imagine that they charge just a baby with all of this money .

passport service
passport service
passport service
passport service
passport service

Radio heider brand

Invoice # [protected] for order # pmrneten-[protected]

Since more than month paid online for this order and till now I have not received anything and no follow up to my emails, and no body is answering that phones numbers all the time busy, so could you explain why the item is not delivered? And why no one is answering the calls? Is it a fake company and you are scaming people with legal trade license or what???

dubai airport service

On 20 of September 2014 I had a flight from Dubai to Poland (Warsaw) through the Vienna (Austrian Airlines) I...

two items that were stolen out of my carry-on luggage

I recently returned from new zealand ek449 auckland/dubai a21.45 on 6th december 2016 and then ek501(?...