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Jan 03, 2018

Jet Airways — no management from jet airways staff.

I, a 16 year old student booked a ticket on Jet Airways flight from Delhi to Bagdogra .It was the 1st of...


Jet Airwayslost of my bag

I was travelled from India to Canada in 11 Dec2017 and at Delhi airport the luggage checking Que is vry long. It takes more than 2 hours to deposit my luggage and recieved a Bording pas.. Afterthat, when I reached in flight there is already booked cabins by hand bag so the airhostes said that she will put my bag in cargo so when I reached Canada all my luggage will recieced but at Canada airport my hand bag not there... Then I complainted at the jet airways counter... But my baggage will not with me... It will be lost... I daily call the jet airways center but no one pick my call...
Jet airways is the worst flight ever... If someone asked me about the jet airways..
I will throw bad reviews about them..

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    Jet Airwaysboarding window

    I am a Saudi National and my daughter was traveling alone on 23/12/2017 at 17:50 flight No. 9W568. She faced the following problems.
    1- When she reached the Airport, the boarding counter was open and people were in queue and there was more than one hours for the flight to take off but still they didn't provide her boarding card.
    2- She was directed to change her ticket for the next flight. when she reached the concerned window, she was told to pay 3000 Inr. As she had no money, she called me and by the time, i reached there with money, they increased it to 6500 Inr without giving any sensible reason.
    3- During all of these process, she was served and behaved very rudely and badly. repeatedly directed to a number of windows for help or any other queries, she was told that it was not his/her department. my daughter was left roaming around from one window to other for help.
    4- Last but not least, being a girl while traveling alone and that too in a foreign country, was not easy to face such kind of trauma.

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      Jet Airwaysstealing baggage contents - narendra mansukhani, kavya shetty lied time and again.

      My baggage content from North America to India stolen at Bombay. Chasing Jet airways team from last few months, but they are hiding like ugly rats.

      Now Narendra Mansukhani and Kavya shetty are not responding to any of mails or phone calls. It is said that #nareshgoyal has failed to fix image of one of worst airline in world which is called Jet airways, They are ranking in last 100 in global ranking of quality.

      All my expensive gadgets were stolen, and jetairways continued to cook stories, on same day nearly 5 other passengers also lost their baggage.

      These shameless crooks don't even feel shy in stealing chocolates, gadgets, toys of kids. My 25 kgs bag when received after 4 days it was only 13 kgs, and 12 kgs stuff stolen. Narendra Mansukhani failed to fix the situation.
      One reason why India lacks in customer service or resolution because people lie and manipulate after committing blunders. They don't tend to work with customer and fix /address the problems.

      what a pathetic airline who is shame for India.

      stealing baggage contents - narendra mansukhani, kavya shetty lied time and again.
      stealing baggage contents - narendra mansukhani, kavya shetty lied time and again.
      stealing baggage contents - narendra mansukhani, kavya shetty lied time and again.
      stealing baggage contents - narendra mansukhani, kavya shetty lied time and again.

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        Jet Airwaysairline


        I booked a flight from Varanasi to pune via Delhi. Original timings were 3:25 PM departure-7:45PM arrival in Pune. Now I am arriving at 5:30AM in the morning. I had a meeting at 9PM today itself which I could not afford to miss. I requested the airlines in all possible ways but no help was provided instead of alternate flights being available in different airlines. They just informed that your connection from Delhi to pune will be at 2:55 AM tomorrow morning instead of 5:35PM today evening after which no help is provided. I have been requesting them from last 1 and a half hour but they are straightly refusing for any kind of help stating-we just can't do anything. I asked them to get me in touch with a higher authority for which also they refused saying he's busy! I asked them to give it in writing, for which also they refused! Not helping in ANY way possible. This was really an urgent and mandatory meeting for me to attend. Forget being helpful, moreover they have are ultra rude and careless.

        Just a name of a particular staff amongst many of them - Sangeeta Khanna (Superviser or duty officer at Delhi airport claiming herself the higher most authority at the airport when I asked to speak to a higher authority)

        PS-I am not sure if I would get a help even here or not but in order to try and see if there is any good Customer service in this airline.

        Manish Singh
        +91 [protected]

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          Jet Airwayslost us dollars

          I travelled from Srilanka to Nepal today.
          First journey from Colombo to Mumbai by flight number 9w255.
          From Mumbai to Kathmandu by 9w266, I kept my hand document bag in isle and crews knows that, I deeply slept for some time. When I was collecting my it was different place, I did not take much attention and when I check by purse, 1200(12 hundred notes US dollars replaced by One dollar notes. This is bad for your good name.
          I have a doubt in flight crews. Now I am in Kathmandu for a meeting.
          Please check it immediately and take necessary steps to get it back.

          I am looking forward a reply.

          Thank you

          Dr A.Iqbal
          My email address [protected]
          Mobile number +[protected]

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            Jet Airwaysvery bad service and unethical behaviour

            This is first time I have booked Jet Airways after everyone told me do not book ticket from Jet as they do not provide good service. And they were correct. I booked ticket for my parents and took and confirmed (10 times) about wheel chair assistance. First of all while coming to USA no one provided any wheel chair in AMS and how they managed I do not know as they do not know English. After that when my father went back in IGI airport, service people told it is very near by you can go by walk. He waited for 2 hours but no help. Because of this he missed his bus from Delhi and he did not get any cab also on urgent basis. I do not know why I book ticket using Jet. Pissed off.

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              • Updated by asachin1010 · Dec 06, 2017

                Please provide help asap.

              Jet Airwaysservice - despite having valid ticket from abu dhabi to mumbai @ 2:20 pm 02/12/2017 wasn't allowed to board the flight reason - flight overbooked

              I have bought this ticket almost 2 months ago from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai supposed to fly on on 02/12/2017 @ 2:2pm when I arrived at etihad counter to collect my boarding pass and dropp off my luggage was stunned to hear that I cannot fly reason being flight overbooked !!! Despite having purchased ticket 2 months ago I couldn't fly!!! What kind of treatment is this ???

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                • Et
                  EtihadHelp Dec 02, 2017

                  Hi Kishore, we are sorry to hear about this. In case your flight was operated by Etihad Airways kindly share your feedback with us, so we can open a case for you. Therefore please click on the following link: *Ivy

                  0 Votes

                Jet Airwaysupgrade/upsell

                On Nov 24, I travelled from Delhi to Singapore. While in line for Check-in, I was approached by Gauri, the Duty Manager. She asked if I would like to purchase a upsell/upgrade to business class for 23, 500 INR. She assured me that this was a Boeing 777 with lie-flat seats in Business class. At the gate, i noticed the aircraft was a 737. The seats in business class barely recline, and row 3 does not recline due to divider/bulk head. So I asked the gate agent to call her and reverse my charges. The gate agent changed me back from Business to Economy. Gauri and the Cashier Alok met me at the staff entrance and "processed" my refund. I asked for a receipt and they said it was mailed to my email address. I have so far not seen the receipt, nor have I seen the refund on my credit card statement. I have written to Jet Airways multiple times, but no response yet.

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                  Jet Airwaystickets refund

                  Booked jet ticket with from ixb to bom, pnr emlncj of amount 4390.

                  Due to unavoidable circumstances cancelled my tickets, but the refund amount is rs. 368/.

                  Can you explain during booking if taxes are about rs. 2000/ then how refund can be rs 368/. If I haven't used the services the total taxes should be refund back.
                  Can airlines keep the tax money in their pocket.. Requested to refund the total tax amount which has been charged during booking.

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                    Jet Airways — ticket cancellation refund through

                    Dear Concerns i would like to bring to your kind attention that i have booked a jet airways flight during the...

                    Jet Airwaysdelayed flight; missed connection; false promise; directionless staff; mental agony; financial loss

                    On Sunday, 5 Nov 2017, our family of 3 (wife, infant and I) boarded flight 9w0424 from Coimbatore to Mumbai. This flight, scheduled to depart at 9:10pm, took-off a little later than 11 pm (a delay in excess of 2 hours).

                    Our connecting flight SN602 from Mumbai to Brussels was scheduled to depart at 1:45 am on Monday, 6 Nov 2017. On mentioning that, Jet Airways (JA) staff at Coimbatore assured us that our baggage were checked-in as 'Priority' (to compensate for any loss of time in retrieving them at Mumbai after landing). The staff even proposed to upgrade our tickets to First Class - completely irrelevant & unwarranted to the situation - and we politely declined.

                    Flight(9W0424) landed around 00:45 in Mumbai. And our baggage, as against the 'Priority' promise, arrived 15 minutes later (after many other luggage rolled on the belt for 9w0424). Gathering our luggage, we rushed with the infant-in-arms towards the counter of Brussels Airlines (had web-checked-in earlier) only to discover their counter closed.

                    As a consequence of these delays, we missed our flight SN602 for Brussels.

                    Our next hours in the Departure terminal was harrowing (to say the least). Without diving into these distressing details - to give an overview - we were redirected from personnel to personnel by JA ground staff, each time having to reiterate our story - why we missed our flight? what options do we have? can JA help to compensate fully or negotiate a price for new airline tickets? or accommodation?.. endless requests only to be denied later as we were kept waiting for hours, meaninglessly. Not to mention, with an infant-in-arms, at the Nth hour we had to enquire if we can at least have some drinking water!

                    Unfortunately, my favourite airline has let us down big time.

                    Kindly request for a refund & compensation on this regard.

                    PS: We eventually purchased new tickets that cost us an additional INR 88900 for our flight from Mumbai to Brussels.

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                      Jet Airwaysgrievances with jet airways and the senior staff at chhatrapati shivaji international airport - terminal - 2.

                      I am so disgusted and floored by Jet Air.

                      I had a flight booked with Jet from Mumbai to Vadodara on 5th November 2017. The flight departure timing was 7:55pm and then delayed for more 45 minutes and i reported for check in at Jet airways counter at 7:10 pm means before 80 minutes. But still they have not allowed me to check in and denied for boarding pass. There was no any luggage with me except one small hand bag.

                      And the ground level executives are good in service but Senior persons are very rude and I can say ridiculous. She got angry on a Executive who was trying to convinced her to issue the boarding pass and let me allow for check in.

                      One should understand in which circumstances I was begging to allow me for check in but they behaved very rudely and denied. At least the senior should understand the situation to delayed reporting for check in.

                      Highly disappointed from JET AIRWAYS and I just can't imagine such a pity services from the Jet Airway a esteemed aviation brand.

                      Kindly give me the justice.

                      Awaiting to here from you soon.

                      Vipul Pandya
                      Mobile - [protected]

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                        Jet Airwaysissue of boarding pass

                        I was travelling from Mumbai to Sao Paulo via Amsterdam. Mumbai to Amsterdam Flight was run by jet airways and further from Amsterdam to Sao Paulo by KLM.

                        At Mumbai I was issued a boarding pass on someone else's name. Due to very short time and huge rush at Mumbai for immigration I did not check the name on the pass. At the Boarding gate this mistake was noticed and my seat and Name were changed by pen and I was asked to borad the plane.

                        On Boarding the service staff came to me asked if I was flying further from Amsterdam as my baggage tag was til Amsterdam.
                        I confirmed that I would be travelling to Sao Paulo further, and he confirmed that accordingly my baggage tag will be changed and my baggage will be loaded in the Sao Paulo flight.

                        It didnt happen, Ithe baggage is left over at Amsterdam and I ahve now raised a missing complaint at KLM.

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                          Jet Airwaysforgot to pick the jacket from flight no-9w0024

                          Hello JetAirways,

                          Firstly, I would like to thank you for providing me your wonderful services. It was pleasure travelling with you (Jet Airways).

                          It's so unfortunate that I missed/forgot to take my Jacket😰 (Very Expensive). I am damm sure I left it in Cabin box.

                          PFA, Please find the below details of the flight number -9W0024

                          Flight from: Bangalore TO Singapore
                          Flight Date: 04-Nov-2017
                          Flight Departure time from Bangalore:11:10 AM IST
                          SEAT Number: 10A
                          Passenger Name: MOHAMMED SADIQ
                          Contact number: [protected]
                          Address of stay in Melbourne, Australia:
                          58 Jeffcott Street
                          West Melbourne-VIC-3003..
                          Colour of the Jacket: PFA
                          Address of stay in Bangalore, India :
                          V D Chandru layout, 1st cross, Venkateshwara theatre road k r Puram Bangalore 560036

                          It was my first journey with you (Jet Airways). I don't want to remember you guys like this (by my mistake). If you could return my jacket, I would be so thankful to you.

                          Please take the responsibility and do the needful.

                          Awaiting for positive response.


                          forgot to pick the jacket from flight no-9w0024
                          forgot to pick the jacket from flight no-9w0024

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                            Jet AirwaysI am complaining regarding misguide by base staff non cooperation nland not giving the information properly

                            Actually I am having a flight from Indore to Washington, at I dore airport I ask the crew for check in my bag till Washington but say no n generate boarding pass till Washington. In Delhi I collect my luggage n ask jet airways for checkin they say u have boarding pass go to immigration n than for security check. Even before that I ask them for check in they misguide me say at boarding gate they will do check in n u have to go security, n at boarding gate they didn't cooperate well, my checkin baggage taken as cabin baggage n at Abu Dhabhi international airport I have been refused by them for check in. So I have to carry whole of the luggage as cabin baggage, paiid extra, lots of stuff taken out from my bag n most important I got mentally tensed n tortured by your crew members. I have worst experience with jet airways n i never in my life prefer jetairways even in my dying condition n also suggest people not to travel with jet airways
                            Worst flight worst crew members, un trained n don't know anything n rude n arrogant airhostes

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                              Jet Airwaysoverall customer service

                              Jet Airways
                              Thursday 19th October 2017
                              Flight: 9W 117 @ 9.20pm
                              The customer service on this flight was diabolical. My family and I booked flight 9W 117 from Heathrow on Thursday to arrive in India to celebrate Diwali on Friday (to show our daughter) how Diwali is celebrated in India. However due to the lack of Jet Airways Customer Service we lost a WHOLE day of our week-long trip. We had to cancel our transport in Mumbai till further notice until we could confirm when the flight was going out from London. This put pressure on us as we couldn't guarantee our journey from Mumbai.
                              Thursday evening we were waiting for the Boarding Gate to appear on the screen when it did it was gate no. 23 we walked at 15 - 20 mins to get to the gate, we all sat there waiting for further instructions for approx. 30 mins only to be told to go back to the main departure lounge as the plane is not departing from gate no. 23!
                              We then waited in the main lounge for another Gate no. and departure screen kept changing and delaying the flight we all knew something is seriously wrong with the flight, but nobody could give; us the passengers a clear response as to WHY. Finally, the gate was showing 6, again we all walked towards the gate rushing to board the plane, however, the plane was now delayed till 10.30pm due to ‘Technical Issues' and the next update would be at 11 pm. At 10.50pm we were informed the flight was ‘CANCELLED' can you imagine what everyone was feeling at this time??? We were all very tired, cranky and very very hungry! We were only offered a small glass of water! And now the airline & Heathrow staff was organising putting everyone in a hotel overnight with no knowledge of when we were going to fly out.
                              We were informed there will be coaches outside to take us to the hotel, however, when we reached outside not only was there a huge queue, there was also only ONE coach which was already FULL. There wasn't another coach in sight. It was cold and raining and the staff didn't have a clue what was going on and couldn't answer any of our questions.
                              My family then went back inside for help/advice. We managed to grab a member of staff who led us to Premier Inn in Terminal 4, we then had to walk a good 10 mins to get to the reception (now at this point we are all very restless and tired and a supposedly a 10min walk felt like a very very long time. We were booked in; the time was 12.15am having entered the airport at 6 pm. My husband and I and our daughter had gone to school and work, therefore the day was extra-long with these delays. We received a text from Jet Airways the flight was rescheduled for 2 pm the following day.
                              So arrived at the airport and…..guess what….. the flight was delayed till 3 pm! Everyone was boarded by 2.30pm. Some passengers had connecting flights and were contemplating whether they should continue with this flight; this, in turn, delayed the plane further with passengers getting off the plane. The temperature in the plane was stifling hot, there was no air, no air at all. The only update we were told off was that the plane is ready to go, nothing about the delays, it's only when we asked a crew member what the delay was they finally told us that some passengers are being convinced by the captain to stay on this flight and not to get off. The persuasion didn't work and they got off, therefore their luggage also had to be removed. The plane finally took off at 4.45pm!
                              I don't understand if the airline knew the evening flight wasn't going to take off at all, why wasn't the organisation of all the passengers to be put into the hotels done earlier? And should it be allowed that passengers can get off as soon as they get on the plane, should this be allowed as this also caused the DELAY of the flight.
                              It was a complete shambles from the moment the flight started to be delayed.
                              On the way back the service wasn't all that better; 27th October we left on time at 1.45am. During the flight, the attendants/crew were carrying 5 x trays of food stacked one on top of another and telling the passengers to take ‘whichever tray they wish' whether it be vegetarian or not. Approx. an hour before landing I got up to use the bathroom, there was a queue and then I was told to sit down as we were landing. When we landed the crew told us it was 6.55am, in fact, the time was 7.30, and the plane had been circling to land! Why couldn't a quick update be given to the passengers? Explaining what is delaying the landing???????
                              Jet Airways has lost 3 customers due to this lack of customer service, due to the lack of any concern for the passengers, due to the lack of communication. We will NEVER fly with Jet Airways again!

                              We want our Full Refund on this flight including the money paid for seats, return journey.

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                                Jet Airwaystampering with my checked in bag

                                I travelled in jet on 16 th oct 2017 from pune to bangalore.. I got my bag locked with plastic lock which the airlines provide.. When I collected in bangalore I didn't check.. When I went home I realised my zip pad was broken.. Inside cloths were all mixed up.. Please take immediate action... Waiting for your reply.. My bag has got spoilt.. I can't use it again without the zip..

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                                  Jet Airwayspoor service for old guest

                                  My parents travelled in jet airways flight 9w231 from ams to bom on 25 october 2017.Both my parents are in their 60"s. They can hardly walk specially my mother because she has arthritis .Both her knees have been operated and before she traveled she had fall injury here in Canada results into vertebrae fracture in back and hence they were needed a wheel chair and guess what nobody showed up and they had to walk all the way to immigration and customs this the way jet airways treat older guests... please get back to me at [protected] or on my cell [protected].

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                                    Jet Airwaysrefund of my online excess baggage unsuccessful transaction

                                    I traveled from dehradoon to mumbai on 13 oct, 2107 by jet airways (9w2804+9w334) pnr no - wmngxg. For this flight I tried to make online request for pre excess baggage coupen. But my transaction was done but from airline side it was not responded.
                                    So kindly refund my transaction amount of 4275 rs. Back to my account.


                                    refund of my online excess baggage unsuccessful transaction

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