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Jet Airwaysrefund not received for cancellation

I took my ticket (online) for jet airways on 18th August 2018. Due to the flood the Kochi airport was closed and ticket was cancelled in jet airway office in kuwait (on 16th August 2018) . This information was forwarded to travel agency (Tripair), still now didn't received the refund. I was sending reminder to the agency (Tripair) many times. The agency is not responding to the mail. Please don't encourage such kind of cheating.

My Airlines reference no : LKEAVD
Eticket no: [protected]

Attached itinerary for reference.


refund not received for cancellation
refund not received for cancellation

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    Jet Airwaysunattended boarding

    Today (3rd August 2018) I had done booking for Pune to Banglore flight - 9W773. I made web checkin for the flight. The departure was scheduled at 5:55 AM. When I reached the boarding gate at 5:30 I was informed that boarding gate has been closed and I was not allowed to board the flight and has been forced to cancel my boarding pass for to just talk with JET airways person seating outside boarding area.
    Meanwhile I found that the flight's schedule departure was 5:55 AM. However it actually departed at 5:39 AM. This change was not informed to me. Because of this I had to cancel my business appointment planned for the day and bear the loss.
    Request the concerned authorities to reimburse my loss.

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      • Ve
        vennyguite Sep 21, 2018
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        i've booked a ticket for delhi-imphal on the 21st of sept 2018 9W908.the departure was scheduled for 11
        ;20am.ive reached the boarding gate around 10;20am and there was this one very unprofessional female ground staff on the desk who informed me that my luggage was overweight by 5kg and told me to pay 2500rupee..i told her that since i still got some time instead of paying the said amount i'll rearrange my luggage and take out some stuff from it.she directly told me that if i take out my luggage without paying the said amount she will not be able to help me check-in my luggage again..i'm shock and very dissappointed that jet airways which i thought was one of the leading airlines in india have such unprofessional employee.i do know that i still have time and i have the right to make a choice of taking out some stuff from my luggage nor pay the i took my luggage and rearranged it by taking out some stuff which make it over weight.and im back with my luggage at the same desk/counter with the same employee and she told me that im late and will not be able to board the flight anymore.that happen around 10;40am which i learnt from other staff that i can checkin and board the flight till 10;45am.i even got my boarding pass but miss the flight because of that unprofessional employee.she even made the final call to board the flight while i'm standing infront of her.i've never face such unprofessionalism in other airlines and didn't expect it from JET i want a refund for the amount i've lost to book the ticket.

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      Jet Airwaysground staff at mumbai airport

      On 17th June at 19:25 I had confirm ticket from Mumbai to Abu Dhabi, but due traffic I reached on Mumbai Airport at 18:20 at that time Check In was opened, while awaiting in the queue reconfirmed for check In with staff checking Valid Visa on passport he replied Yes Check In is open. After 2 Minutes one guy came and called for Abu Dhabi passengers I moved along with him to counter but after checking the details on PC I was informed I cannot board as I was late.
      I requested several times to Supervisor Geetashree please let me board as still time is there but as usual they will not co-operate with passengers/ customers. I explained to her due to traffic I am late but she is not willing to understand the situation. She informed me to cancel the booking and book in another flight. I am sure my confirmed seat was sold to another passenger due to which Geetashree was not allowing me to board.
      I request to refund me one way fare as I had booked two way ticket from Abu Dhabi - Mumbai - Abu Dhabi.
      And to take strict action against Supervisor Geetashree.
      It has been more than 8 years for me working in Service Industry considering the last minute situation we have to take decision in favour of customers. Please give her training to be polite as she was in attitude while talking.

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        Jet Airways India — online booking pnr issued but confirmation etkt cancelled

        I made an online booking by jet airways on 1st July 2018 for my travel itinerary on 3rd July 2018, Mangalore...


        Jet Airwayscancelled flight

        On 06/07/1018 flight JQ503 was cancelled,
        I was going on a 3 day weekend with my husband, meeting with friends from interstate, this had been planned for months,
        My holiday was ruined thanks to unreliable Jetstar that had us on the next available flight 10 hours later and once again that flight was delayed .
        This is absolutely unacceptable,
        It's been 7 days since with no apologies absolutely no contact,
        Not only did I have to outpocket extra cost in cab fares & meals .
        I had no time to attend the function I was there for
        Which makes me furious .
        Social media is what Jetstar needs, customers voicing the poor service and this is what I will be doing, and I'm defiantly not letting go till I get a response and compensation for my 3 day weekend that I had planned for months .
        That had been ruined
        Thank Jetstar!!!

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          Jet Airwaysunhelpful staff

          I travel long distance twice a year using jet airways with my family and privileged customer with high amount of loyality points. I purchased the tickets this time using last I was stuck in traffic on M25 for three years and reached security checking 45 minutes before flight, the airport official at security desk told me as I am late I will be allowed only if I get someone from airline desk, but lady at heathrow terminal 4 refused, though security official said it is possible .

          Later i tired to change flight as i missed the booked flight, I was told by airline purchase staff - same lady at desk 2 of terminal 4 that since i purchased the ticket from agent i would be treated differently, they won't modify my booking, asked me to cancel booking from agent an purchase new ticket at very expensive rate - no care about my loyality points. Agent charged me no show fees, i had to pay extra to buy tickets for next day.

          I think i am customer who has been loyal to a unfrindly airline

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            Jet Airwaysflight miss connecting

            Booked flight with jet 5 months back and now when there are only few days left to travel the rescheduling drama has started and jet wants me to wait for more than 12 hrs for the flight i had to wait only for 1hr 30 mins at the time of booking...
            12 hrs where to stay with children airline is not providing us hotel ..
            This is not fare
            I think jet airways is responsible for this so airline should provide hotel for us or should provide us same flight

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              Jet Airwaysflight from mumbai to kathmandu 02may2018 quote different price for upgrade.

              My wife and I were on a flight from Mumbai to Kathmandu at 0810 on May 2 of this year. We were told when checking in that we could upgrade for $120 each. After agreeing, we were told to go to another station to pay. That person took our credit cards but did not give us a receipt. He said it would be emailed to us. That never happened. We were assigned seats 1D and 1F. The seats and flight were fine.
              When we returned to the USA, we received our credit card bill. Instead of the expected $240 for the two upgrades, we find that we were charged $359. We were obviously given the wrong information but have no receipt to show for it. We would like to be reimbursed for the overcharge.

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                Jet Airwaysdamaged baggage and missing items

                I travelled on jet Airways 9w 548 on 9 may 2018 and my checked in bag was majorly torn when collected from baggage belt and my iPhone charger and 200 ml Burberry perfume was missing . I filed a report of the same at Dubai terminal arrivals with file reference DXB9W50423.
                It's been 4 days since the case has been filed and no one has done anything about it or called me regarding this. I need immediate assistance regarding the same .

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                  • Complainant20091 May 13, 2018
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    21 day are allowed for search and for the delivery of the baggage, if there are proves of the baggage accepted by Jet Airways for their flight with the air carrier and with passenger:-
                    - eticket
                    - boarding poass
                    - baggage tag (essential)
                    There are no proves of the missing baggage.
                    If I am wrong, you can claim the cost according to the law from the losing party in 21 days following the submission.

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                  Jet Airwaysbaggage claim

                  I have now made several complaints and am still waiting on a baggage claim. The bag was lost in February when my parents went to Indian. They left the UK on Feb 12th and arrived in Mubai on 13th Feb where my Dad's suitcase did not arrive. My parents put a claim in and were told the bag would arrive the next day, however this was not the case. They were also told they would receive a call at the hotel and nothing. My Mum had to keep calling as no one had the decency to actually call them back. As my parents didn't hear back from the airline after contacting them several times and not going out as waiting for calls I rang Jet Airways at Heathrow airport where I was told the bag defiantly was on the plane that they were on, so still we don't know the truth. Finally on Friday the bag arrived and we then put a claim in with all reciepts to be told that my parents could not claim the telephone bill or laundry, this is ridiculous. I then declined the offer of payment and was told this would go back for review. I have still not heard anything back which is such bad service. I think that they should be compensated for their flights for the awful and rude service they have received. It was my dads first visit in India and the first 3 days were wasted chasing the airline who were supposed to call back which they never did.

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                    Jet Airwaysrebooking flights

                    I arrived at London Heathrow at 16.00 on 31st March 2018 to be told the check-in desk for Jet Airlines for the flight 9W115 17.05 flight to Mumbai was closed. I had arrived within the 'one hour before' slot. I was sent to another desk where there were 3 women. One of them was busy, the other two totally ignored me after me repeatedly asking for help, in a slight state of panic. By the time the one woman spoke to me she said I had missed the 'one hour before' slot to be able to board the plane. I was a sole passenger with one bag and I know I would have made that flight, considering later on I found out the passengers had not even started boarding that plane at 16.00. I was told I could not board and had to re-book another flight. While I do not agree with the decision, that was the situation. I was told to get in touch with my travel company, and did so, to be told that I had to re-pay for two more flights, (outbound and inbound). This seems totally unacceptable considering my return flights were two weeks later on 15th April, flight 9W263 10.00 to Delhi and 9W122 to LHR. I was informed it is the airlines decision to make you do this. I would like to understand why. I feel this is a quick way to make money which is not fair to the customer. I appreciate I had to pay for another out-going flight, (even though I was at the airport on time and would have made that flight) but should not have had to pay for the in-coming flights as they hadn't happened yet and I had to re-book the new out-going flight at that moment so I definitely needed to come back to the UK.
                    When the travel company re-booked my new out-going flight, I was told they would email me my new flight home. When I arrived in Kathmandu via Delhi on flight 9W268 at 16.15 I found out my new flights 9W249 15.50 to Mumbai and 9W120 to LHR did not get me back to the UK until Monday 16th April 06.45. This was not acceptable as I needed to be at work on Monday.
                    I explained this to my guide who was supposed to look into this and change but flight. Unfortunately he did not do this and by the time I was back with access to wifi after a trekking holiday, I was told it was too late to get back on the original flights.
                    My complaints are: Why wasn't I allowed to board the original flight when arrived in plenty of time to board the flight which was late boarding and taking off?
                    Why did I have to re-pay for my incoming flights on 15th April when they obviously hadn't happened yet?
                    Why was I expected to re-pay for both flights?
                    It totally spoilt my holiday, due to the stress levels of worrying about not being back for work and how I am going to pay for the new flights.
                    I would like some kind of refund for the stress that I suffered while on holiday and I am sorry to say, if this is the way customers are treated I will not be booking with Jet Airlines again.
                    I have heard that it was because the plane was over-booked and someone else was given my seat. Even if this was the case, no-one had been given my seat on the flights home so I should have just been reallocated those seats instead of having to re-book a totally different flight.
                    I hope this matter will be looked into and I hope to hear from you soon with some kind of answers and compensation.

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                      Jet Airwayscancellation & refund

                      I have booked 4 pax air ticket from Mumbai to Kozhikode on 7/4/2018 through travelling on 22-04-2018 against their booking id [protected]. When I noticed the names were not matching with their Aadhar card, I have talked to on 12th April-18 to get the name corrected as per aadhar card.
                      As per's reply e-mail dtd 12th April, 18 they informed me name changes is not permitted by air line and the only option is to cancel the ticket and rebook it.
                      I wanted to travel in the same flight and no other changes are sought by me other than certain changes in the initials of the people as per aadhar card. Finally I happen to cancel the ticket and got a refund of Rs.8560.01 as against Rs.26, 466/- a straight loss of Rs.13, 906/-
                      Also when I re booked the ticket for the same flight at same time and date the fare gone up and I was to pay Rs. 31, 842/- incurring additional Rs.5376/-
                      In short I have paid total (Rs.26466 + [protected] = 49808).

                      I would request to refund the excess amount inadvertently deducted

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                        • Updated by katirattil · Apr 18, 2018

                          Ramdas nair, Nilgiri Gardens, Bldg No.C/3, Flat No.01, Sector-24, CBD-Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra (state) 400 614

                        Jet Airways — loss suffered due to miscommunication and deliberate denial for upgrade against voucher so as to earn profit by jet airways staff

                        Hi, I am a Jet Airways Privilege Program Silver Member, my Membership No. Being [protected]. Along with my...

                        Jet Airwaysrefund of ticket not available at the counter

                        I, Mr. C. Tavares, wished to refund my Raipur Mumbai Raipur ticket Booking Reference (PNR) JONKEX and eTicket# [protected] for dates 22/3/18 and return 24/3/18 bought by CASH payment at the Raipur counter. I came from Raipur to the Raipur Airport on Sunday 18th, March 2018 at about 8.15 a.m. I was told at the counter that as there was no personnel, refund could be got only after 10.00 a.m.. I again came from Raipur to the Airport at 10.45a.m., again, only to be told that there was no personnel. This was informed to me by one Mr. Aanish: Mob. No. [protected]. The attendant present at the time put me in contact with Anish. He informed me to be back by evening at 1700 hrs.

                        Raipur to the Raipur Airport is almost 18kms. I paid 120 Rs. for both visits. and Now again in the evening I shall be paying another Rs. 60/- Totalling to Rs. 180.00. besides the waste of time.

                        Is this the way Jet Airways deals with frequent travellers. Its really disgusting and agonising. Could someone explain why this inconvenience?

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                          Jet Airways — regarding ghee not allowing in luggage

                          I sudhakar singh I trevling through flight no 9w622, from kolkata to mumbai and reference number is xdhcwr...


                          Jetairwayslost my baggage

                          I was traveling from kuala lumpur to New Delhi via Singapore through jet star-JetAirways in 17 January 2018 when I arrived in New Delhi airport I found that one of my baggage was missing than I raise the issue with a JetAirways employee he assured me that my baggage will be delivered at my distinction within 48 hours but I didn't get than I send a mail to [protected] they relied that they will deliver my baggage within 21 day and give me a Refresher No Del9w78156
                          21 days passed but I didn't get my baggage I.e 43 inches Samsung TV
                          Now I complained with consumer helpline they provide me your email id and assure me that you will solve my problem soon
                          Looking forward to your reply
                          Yours unfortunate customer
                          Altaf AHMAD Wani

                          Hope you will solve my problem without any further delay

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                            Jet Airwayslost baggage

                            I have traveled today by your flight number s2-4690 from delhi to ahmedabad my seq number is 72 and my seat number is 24a. My pnr number is vkrtsl.
                            I am regret to inform you that my language has not reached ahmadabad, despite of my fallow up I was not relied properly by airport staff and no one from help line number has given my information about my language. I am without my language and my very valuable things are there in bag.
                            Please confirm urgently about its position. I am really surprised by such behavior of the airlines despite of my being gold member such type of treatment. I need urgent action
                            With regards

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                              Jet Airwaysconnecting flight

                              Jet Airways Connecting Flight.
                              Aurangabad (IXU)
                              Mumbai (BOM)
                              Doha (DOH)

                              Ticket number : LXBGWP

                              I faced issues with Connecting flight of Jet airways several times. Even when I'm writing this complaint from Qatar one of my friend is suffering with same issue in Aurangabad IXU.

                              1. Jet airways rescheduled flights by One Day!

                              2. No compensation given for Salary loss, mental stress, & inconvenience caused.

                              3. They asked opt for different flight timings with more halt time @ Mumbai Airport.
                              When denied this schedule they informed that even if I take the same rescheduled flight tomorrow they cannot guarantee that it will not be rescheduled again.

                              4. Even after rescheduling my flight by one day there was no Jet airways staff to assist us to boarding gate. I had to bear so much stress to board my flight.

                              Many of my friends are travelling from IXU to DOH and every time they are facing same issue.
                              When asked for compensation Jet Airways employees denies it stating that they're rescheduling tge tickets.

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                                Jet Airwaysentertainment systems not working for my seat and requested meal not supplied

                                6th January 2018
                                Flight #: 9W118; Mumbai to London
                                Booking Reference: 24LM4B; eTicket: [protected]

                                Entertainment: both the screen system and audio were not working and not fixable throughout my flight.

                                Food: My pre-requested Vegan meal was not delivered.

                                My journey home was complete disaster and I spoke with frustration with cabin supervisor.

                                Mrs Sangita Patel

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                                  Jet Airwayssame person 2 tickets booked and issued. jet airways kept money for both ticket without cancellation refund.

                                  Ticket reserved through Yatra for Jet Airways. 2 tickets booked by mistake with same name, number, email, same Yatra account for 31st Dec 2017 Nagpur - Mumbai flight.

                                  Yatra agreed to refund its service charge - since app failed to validate multiple tickets booked on same time slot for same passenger.

                                  Jet airways issued 2 ticket for same person with same name, email and number. Agreed that multiple tickets cannot be issued to same person, yet on requesting cancellation for one ticket - charged over 70% of ticket price. Did not refund or cooperate. Refused to give 2 boarding pass. Refused to refund one canceled ticket. Hung up without resolving issue.

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