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Complaints & Reviews

refund claim not processed

I was purchased jet airways return flight from Dubai to patna via Delhi on January 2019 for 3rd June 2019 online through aeroblit website, in may jetairways informed me that flight is cancelled due to financial crisis, pls apply for refund process through ur agent, my agent apply for it but untill today there is no confirmation or any intimation from airlines still awaited, pls help me for refund my money PNR NO OUYLOJ

refund pending long time

I have booked 8tickets on 11/03/2019.4 tickets from doha to kochi on 13 th July and 4 tickets from kochi to doha on 22 august..PNR number is BJKLBV...U cancelled all flights and didn't get refund yet..I booked through an agency named amazing travels mannampetta, this sur ..when we enquired about refund they said refund is pending..I am waiting to get money back. ..please do the needful as soon as possible.
Thank you

refund pending long time
refund pending long time
refund pending long time
refund pending long time

refund for ticket

Hi Team,
I have booked Jet Airways flight via Travelgenio (Booking Code:SRJHJ2) and the flight was cancelled. I have reached out to Jet airways and they have claimed they have refunded the amount and that I should reach out to travelgenio. I have already dropped email to travelgenio but I have not heard back from them.

I am not recieving any information from travelgenio. Can you please let me know by when will the amount be refunded.

flight refund

This is Prasad Herekar I have booked the ticket from Areobilet site. With refernece to the Flight ticket booking below are the PNR Details. 1. FHTIRL(Prasad Herekar) 2. OINYEZ...

not received any refund yet

My flights were canceled in May 2019 and We (My wife and I) were kicked out of the airport because the replacement tickets from Jet Airways was not valid anymore.
I made a complaint to Jet Airways disruption assistance and they initiated a refund for CAD$2503 on May 14 2019 and I received the email from Jet Airways stating that my refund will be received in 2-3 weeks. It has been about 2 months and no sign of any refund yet. I keep calling their customer service but all they say is that my refund is still in process. It is unacceptable. Need my full refund.

not received any refund yet
not received any refund yet

refund related, jet airways canceled the flight

Dear all,

I had booked Jet Airways flight ticket on Feb 2019, Fly date 3rd July 2019 unfortunately on April 2019 I received an email from Jet Airway asking me to process for ticket cancelation as the flight has been canceled,   i didn't had any choice so called their Saudi Arabia, Dammam City helpline no at [protected] and asked the gentlemen to initiate cancellation process and let me know how soon i can get refund so that I can book tickets with another Airline.

I had booked ticket on Feb for myself and family at 3668 Saudi riyal.

Tickets numbers are [protected], [protected], [protected] and [protected].

I have been behind them since then, send multiple emails to guest relation and many other id's belongs to customers support and Dammam helpline also called their Indian helpline end number of time but no positive response, my entire vacation plan has been collapsed because of Jet Airline.

I hold Jet airway to take this responsibility and pay me the for this pain and harassment.

It's been over 2month I've asked for refund but nothing happened so far.

I've attached Cash paid receipt and ticket for your reference.

Thanks & Regds,
Omprakash C
Mob - 00966 [protected], 0091 [protected]

refund related, jet airways canceled the flight

refund not received

I booked a flight from AMS to DEL which was canceled by the airline. I submitted a refund claim as It was adviced by them once the ticket was canceled and I got a confirmation stating that the refund will be paid within 15 business days. 33 business days have passed and I still do not receive my money back.

Now that I called the service center they tell me that I have to wait for another 20 business days!!!

Herein the ticket information.

Reference Number:
Mrs Patricia Martinez Bueno
Travel Date:
29 Aug 2019
Ticket Number:

refund not received
refund not received

cancelled flight

Hi I booked the flight jet airways from mumbai to toronto on 30th april, but the flight cancelled. I request for the refund to travelgenio and they still I didn't get any positive feedback. I callad spain office also. my ticket number is [protected], travel code 3z4r4w and ekahid is my reference. please do the needful.

Jet Airwaysrefund booking id 1222211


We have booked ticket round trip to India during Nov 2018 under reservation number 1222211 cost SR 2272.25 the departure supposed to be beginning of May 2019. And while I am checking the ticket through telephone call med of April 2019 I been told that Jet Airways suspended all their flights and canceled all reservations. In fact; Rehlat supposed to inform the passenger immediately not to let the passenger discovered him self The ticket is cancelled. Now I've been waiting for the refund for more than 1 1/2 month and until now nothing happened. Whenever I enquired through that telephone call or emails I've been told that we still waiting for instruction from jet airways. The circular which came from jet airways it says that all companies dealing with Jet Airways supposed to pay for the passengers the refund then they may collect it from the airlines later on. Until now no refund hit my Credit card, therefore please investigate and let's have the refund to be credited in urgent away.

lost package

On 12 October 2018 I flew on the 9W 121 flight between London and New Delhi, being the original flight from Lisbon and the final destination New Delhi.
I landed at New Delhi airport on 13 October 2018 and my luggage did not come on my flight.
Therefore, I reported the delayed baggage to a Jet Airways representative at New Delhi in the baggage hall before I left the airport. We filled the Property Irregularity Reports as attached.
After 5 calls per day to Jet Airways during 4 days and numerous misinformation provided by Jet Airways employees by telephone and at the New Delhi airport counter, one of the suitcase was delivered only on 15 October at the Jet Airways desk at New Delhi airport and the second suitcase was delivered on 16 October at our hotel in Udaipur.
So we spent 4 days without luggage in India, which was really unpleasant. These days we had to get clothes and basic goods.

Thus, we filed a complaint to Jetairways on 24 October 2014 and requested the reimbursement of the expenses arising from the delay in the delivery of the luggage, adding for this purpose a copy of the receipts of the purchases of basic and necessary goods in attachment. Until today no solution or final answer has been given by Jetairways.

refund amount for the cancelled flight from jed - del & del - jed

Dear Guest,
Thank you for your email and contacting Jet Airways. At the outset, please accept our sincere apologies for all the inconvenience caused to you due to schedule change.Please allow us to mention that unfortunately we do not have an alternate to offer other than full refund. Hence, we request you to contact the travel agent for full refund as per schedule change policy.
Renewed apologies for all the inconvenience caused to you.
We thank you for communicating with us.
Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely.
Kavita Vishwakarma
Support Analyst - Voice of Guest.
This mail was received on 28th Mar'19. After that I have communicated several times to City Bookers but still i have not received any refunded amount. I don't understand why is there such unwanted delay in providing the refund after several mail communication and approved confirmation for refund by Jet Airways. Kindly clarify the matter at the earliest...


jet airways - refund after flight cancelation


My name is Joao Fernandes. I am from Portugal.

On October 16, 2018, I bought three return tickets between Lisbon (Portugal) and Goa (India).
Tickets were bought from a travel agency for 695 Euros each (approx. 54930 Rupees each).
The agency bought the flights to Jet Airways.

The outward journey was on 10 April 2019.
The return trip was scheduled for April 24, 2019.

With the end of Jet Airways operations, on April 17, 2019, we had to buy new tickets to return to Portugal and only the return route costed the amount of 66710 Rupees (aprox. 850 Euros each) each.

After the April 17 event, we completed the online form on the Jet Airways website for money back claims for canceled flights.
On April 24, we received emails from Jet Airways, informing about the "Disruption Assistance : GOA - MUMBAI - PARIS - LISBON - 24 Apr 2019 - NEYBER - Request for Refund" and the "Disruption Assistance : GOA - MUMBAI - PARIS - LISBON - 06 May 2019 - MTUAZI - Request for Refund" with the following messages:
"Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you due to the flight cancellation.
With regards to your email, please note cancellation or refund have to be processed through the source through where the ticket is booked.
We have updated necessary remarks for your agent to honour a full refund. Also please note this mail can be considered as a waiver authority and request you to kindly get in touch with your travel portal team or your travel agent for the refund."

Meanwhile, the travel agency informed us that "Your refunds have been requested to Jet Airways and we await a response. As soon as there is news we report."

We are still waiting for the money devolution, which should normally take place within 7 to 10 business days after the order.
What can we do more?
Do IATA and / or ICAO intervene in these cases?
And the Indian National air transport regulator, which is DGCA?
Is it possible to file a formal complaint with the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India) and / or some other national consumer helpline institution of India? Which ones you recommend?

Information on canceled flights due to the termination of Jet Airways operations:

PASSENGERS: Mr. Joao Fernandes and Mrs. Graca Costa (PNR is NEYBER) and Mrs. Luisa Costa (PNR is MTUAZI)

ROUTE: Goa - Mumbai - Paris - Lisbon

Passengers Joao Fernandes and Graca Costa (NEYBER code PNR):
Flight 9w 496 from Goa (24 April 06:55) to Mumbai (08:10)
Flight 9w 124 from Mumbai (25 April 02:05) to Paris (08:15)
Flight 9w 4985 from Paris (25 April 13:05) to Lisbon (14:45) operated by Joon

Passenger Luisa Costa (MTUAZI code PNR):
Flight 9w 445 from Goa (06 May 18:40) to Mumbai (20:10)
Flight 9w 124 from Mumbai (07 May 02:05) to Paris (08:15)
Flight 9w 4983 from Paris (7 May 09:35) to Lisbon (11:10) operated by Joon

RESERVATION CODES: NEYBER (passengers Joao Fernandes and Graca Costa); MTUAZI (passenger Luisa Costa)

ELECTRONIC TICKET NUMBERS: [protected] (Joao Fernandes); [protected] (Graca Costa); [protected] (Luisa Costa)

Will this complaint be made known to the Jet Airways services or another entity involved in the resolution of the still absence of refunds?

Thank you.

Jet Airwaysflight cancellation; refund not received from make my trip for jet airways flight shot down

I have received the flight cancellation confirmation and refund process confirmation on 31st March'19, but still i have not received my refund which should have processes withing 10th March'19. MMT team claiming that they are coordinating with Jet team for refund amount but I received the refund for the flight booked directly through Jet.

Not able to understand the reason why MMT kept hold my refund amount.

changed flight without informing and without ticket

We had a booking with jet airways which we made in the month of January itself. Booking details as below,

Your flight itinerary:

FLIGHT 9W 4947 - Jet Airways [protected]
DEPARTURE: Mumbai, IN (Chhaprati Shivaji Intl.) [protected]:50
ARRIVAL: Parijs, FR (Charles de Gaulle) [protected]:05


FLIGHT KL 1228 - KLM [protected]
DEPARTURE: Parijs, FR (Charles de Gaulle) [protected]:30
ARRIVAL: Amsterdam, NL (Schiphol Intl.) [protected]:55


FLIGHT: KL 877 - KLM [protected]
DEPARTURE: Amsterdam, NL (Schiphol Intl.) [protected]:25
ARRIVAL: Mumbai, IN (Chhaprati Shivaji Intl.) [protected]:15



TICKET: 589-[protected] - Honrao Revansidha
TICKET: 589-[protected] - Honrao Anjali

Following the above reference number when we checked on the Jet Airways website, it showed us MumbaiParis (Jet Airways, Operated by Air France), just when they declared bankruptcy, we tried calling Jet, but could never reach their Customer support.
4-5 days after that around 20th April, when we tried to check our booking updates on Jet Airways site, we observed that our flight was changed from Jet Airways to Air France (Now it says Operated by Joon), there was no notification from them about this, we checked it ourselves and found out the changes. We again tried calling Jet Airways but were on Hold for more than an hour but couldn't reach any of their customer support to find out about the changes.
As it said Air France (Operated by Joon), we so checked the reference number on Air France website, and it showed us the booking confirmation from Mumbai Paris, Paris Amsterdam and return Amsterdam Mumbai.
We were happy seeing this that Jet has transferred our places to Air France since they are not able to do so. When reaching at the airport Air France said Jet Airways did not complete your booking, they just routed you to us, but they did not issue you an e-ticket.

My parents were stranded at the airport and in panic on what to do next as they were told to make another booking if they wanted to travel. After reaching the ticket counter they said please make the booking online.
What are old people going to do in this case? Jet should have issued an e-ticket, if they were not capable of doing so why did they transfer the booking itself? If they would have not transferred we would know that the booking is cancelled.
At that moment we had to make an immediate booking which cost us 3 times the original ticket price (Orginal EUR 1225).
My parents are blood pressure and diabetic, they were almost collapsed when they heard the rates 3 times (New tickets cost EUR 3000). Somehow I was on call with them and had to relieve them and not to worry about the cost. I had to borrow the money as this huge amount was not possible immediately.
While speaking with my father and see him sweating at the airport the man next to him spoke with me about what to do next, relieved my parents to not to panic. I booked another ticket for them MumbaiIstanbulAmsterdam

Finally they boarded the flight at 6:30 AM after spending all night without sleep taking medicines at the airport. They finally reached Amsterdam after 28 hours of their journey.

This was all because bankrupted Jet Airways transferred the bookings but failed to issue a ticket. If the were so incapable why the hell they transfer the bookings to Air France, and also if they did, they should have issues a e-ticket.
This also caused us huge financial loss, as we had to book instant tickets.

Please raise a case against them and we would like to have compensation along with the original ticket refund price.

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Honrao

changed flight without informing and without ticket

  • Complainant20091 May 10, 2019

    Accordng to the anonymous author, who has obviously has zero higher education,
    the author wants the other unidentified person to execute legal job, this is "raise a case against (unidentified )them"
    on behalf of the author in order to bring money for the satisfaction of the author.

    This is to inform the author, that such kind of legal assitance starts from rupees 12'000.
    The legal assistance represent
    - learning of each document and the identification of the offender aiming to bring the case against the offender before
    the exact Indian district court or foreign court.
    The author must expect to pay governmen fees for the filing of the case. Such fee schedule starts from rupees 2'000 in Indian domestic court.

    With regard to the Jet airways carrier, who had reported the termination of operations on 17 April, 2019, the more complecated solution present. Such situationrequered the deep knowledge of international regulations by the legal adviser.

    The legal assistant can explain what level of money can be expected in reality by the author.

    Note that nobody has a duty to reply to the unidentified or anonymous complaint and
    to execute job without charge or without the fair remuniration in favor of the other person.

    So, if the author understood the above and the author is ready to fight for the fair monetary desicion in his favor, welcome:-
    we can bring the case before the authority for the fair remuniration in any country of Europe or Asia.

    The fair cort only must award the fair comensation and proved by the law losses, if the author persues the legitiomate method.
    The alternative is to forget about the paid amount.

    The requests along with copies documents (PNR/receipts/etc) can be addresses to the e-mail box:
    aryan (at)

    OLEG G
    sr manager for ICAO and IATa irregulatory matters
    Aryan enginners ltd

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cancelled flight

My query is regarding the refund policy and the date for the refund for the cancelled flights of JET Airways. The details are as below:
The traveller name is Mr Amandeep Singh, travel date is 29/04/2019, the issuing date is 16/02/2019 and the airline is JET AIRWAYS 9W234
The ticket number is [protected]
The tour code is 9W36750021. This flight is departing from Delhi, India to Toronto ON, Canada. I am waiting for the reply o proceed further.

flights cancelled - travelgenio

We booked a flight from CDG to CMD on 9/4/19 and back on 19/04/19. Unfortunately, the company closed its operations due to bankrupcy on 18/04/19. We had to buy a new ticket and they requested us to contact our booking agent travelgenio. After 3 times 7 mn waiting on the phone, impossible to contact them and no answer to my emails.
Could you help ?

  • Updated by GuillaumeD · Apr 23, 2019

    I booked a flight with travelgenio from CDG to CMB using Jet Airways. The company has gone bankrupcy and I had to pay a news ticket. They asked me to contact travelgenion but after 3 times 7 mn waiting on phone, no answer.
    What should I do ?

  • Tr
    Travelgenio Apr 25, 2019

    Hi Guillaume, of course we can help you with your booking. Please send us a mail to [email protected] with all your doubts and we will answer you asap. Regards

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pnr no. npqfzj & efdfto


My Jet Airways flights (PNR's NPQFZJ & EFDFTO) from New Delhi to Paris got cancelled. I have raised multiple request for my full refund on both the trips

I even raised a social media request (No.72983) via Twtter & Facebook. The only response i have received back is we will get back to you and have not received anything back. And hence i am writing directly to you.

For PNR EFDFTO your team say that they are checking with Jet for refund

For PNR NPQFZJ the status says refunded with no refund amount which is incorrect as the flight got cancelled and hence i am eligible for full refund.

I need to book alternate flights which are costing me almost twice the amount. Request you to look into this ASAP

For all this trouble i should be given compensation along with my full refund. All my further bookings and VISA application are wasted for now because of this ticket.

Soon like to hear from you

Arpit Chugh

pnr no. npqfzj & efdfto

flight cancellation

My Booking reference : BILJAG

My name is Jayshri Parekh. I had a flight tomorrow 12th April 2019 with Jet Airways and it was cancelled at the last minute. I was not given any warning and all I received was a message with no advice as to what to do next or whether I will be accommodated on another flight. I have been trying to contact the Jet Airways contact centre here in the UK but nobody is answering. This is completely irresponsible and now I have to find a last minute flight which is going to cost a lot more.

This is absolutely unprofessional and I am very frustrated with the position you have left me in. I have flown with Jet Airways many times and I am shocked that this is how you treat a customer of so many years.

You cancelled the flight so you need to accommodate me as soon as possible. I need to be in India before 15th April.

Please reply to me ASAP.

My email is j. [protected]

cancellation of flight without intimation

Dear Jet Airways
1. My Name is Naveen Ahlawat. I had booked a flight for self, wife and two kids with your Airlines from Dubai to Delhi for 31 March 19 with Booking ID EMT55372780.
2. Sudden cancellation of the flight on the day of flight has led to a total expenditure of Rs 58800 and immense mental trauma for me and my family members because I booked another flight on next addition to that I had to book hotel and pay for the meals for another Rs 5000. 4. You are requested to process the case for refund of additional expenditure amount of Rs 35000 (Additional Rs 300000 for making a fresh ticket booking from Dubai to Delhi and Rs 5000 for hotel booking and meals)
5. Kindly consider my request for refund of additional amount of Rs 35000.
6. I would be happy to provide any further documents and am hopeful that you will extend your gratitude.
Naveen Ahlawat

pnr: utzrtu; e-ticket: 589-[protected]; cancellation of pnq to blr segment on jet airways

Hello Team, When we booked this, it was a direct flight from Pune to Bangalore, a duration of 1.5 hours. We got an intimation from Jet Airways that our flight has been re-routed...

flight canceled and again delayed

We booked flight for 6 th April 2019from Kathmandu to Delhi sudowe got message that jet cancelled the flight.After that we booked flight again for 7th April 2019 but jet didn't inform me about any delay.I checked on net for flight status suddenly I got to know that fight is delayed now instead of 12.25 it's going 15:50pm.
This is not fair.We are so upset.We have important meeting on 7th.Need to reach on time in India.

frequent cancelation without advance intimation + misconduct of the employees

We had a booking in 9w616 from Kolkata to Mumbai on 24th March for five passengers bearing PNR numbers QXKCFD & STQDWF. The flight was cancelled due to unknown reasons and we were intimated well in advance thru phone call & sms. We rebooked in 9W819 with the same PNRs. Incidentally this flight was also cancelled, without any advance intimations over phone. 23rdMarch afternoon there was a call intimating the cancellation of the flight. Call center was clueless but a toll free number. During the call I had different experience with the Jet employees. Initially there was ambiguity what is the solution. I spoke to Ms Nisha Saini, floor supervisor, stating Jet cannot make any arrangements but refund the full amount. Then I was promised by her tickets in the other flight same day, & a confirmation within half an hour. We waited for an hour. This time she was non responsive to the previous commitment & she was not willing to escalate the call, which I repeatedly requested. When I insisted after a long hold she made me speak to Mr Vishal Rana, senior floor supervisor. He started speaking on behalf of Ms Nisha without any accountability. Ultimately he dropped the call. It was 5hours I have been interacting with Jet employees in order to get a proper solution unfortunately all in vain. I wanted to lodge an official complaint about the whole incident, on the following grounds,
A, Irresponsibility of Jet airways about the frequent cancellation without advance intimation & noncooperation with the passengers due to last moment change.
B, Misconduct of the senior employees with the passenger during the crisis hours, holding the information, misleading statements & non capability of handling the situations.
I expect a thorough investigation on this case with the audio recordings of the conversations between me & the concerned officer, additionally, records of the cancellation intimations calls. I have been severely penalized financially for this tardiness & irresponsibility from Jet airways. I have lost time debating & discussing with the employees without proper direction which has led to increase in fare from other airlines.
Looking forward to your revert . Regards Sushant Datta [protected]

negligent check in, extremely unhelpful and rude behavior

Dear Madam/Sir,

I was travelling alone on NZ Student Visa on 7th March 2019 from BOM-AKL via BKK and SYD code shared between Jet Airways and Qantas Airways (PNR: O8FUEQ).
As per schedule, I reached the airport and was checked in till Auckland. Having my travel itinerary with the staff, she only checked my NZ student visa and issued me my boarding pass till Auckland and did not mention anything about the Australian Transit visa. The entire Flight details of my travel must have definitely been displayed on her screen.
I had to go through mental torture once I landed in Bangkok.
Qantas Airways refused entry because I did not have an Australian Transit Visa. I was then directed to the Jet airways staff in Bangkok to see what could be done ahead. The staff gave me two options 1-to go back home, 2- to take an alternate flight directly to Auckland. They left as soon as I decided on booking my next flight from Thai airways to go directly to Auckland from Bangkok the next day costing 22, 855.00 THB (PNR :NQFQ97 - this was done with the help of my brother). The airline did not help with the bookings.
However, Thai airways needed a confirmation letter stating my ordeal until now. Qantas Airways could not issue me the letter because it was Jet airways that brought me to Bangkok without checking my transit visa at Mumbai Airport itself.
On calling your customer care, they refused to give me any such letter neither provided any assistance. Also, the Transfer staff at the Bangkok airport was not supportive at all and was adamant in saying that he could not do anything for me and I will have to do everything on my own.
He did not even allow me to speak to his superior and just gave me the call center number to call. When i asked how do i call them when I don't have international calling or the local currency to make calls. He just shook his head and repeated that he can not do anything.
This was highly unacceptable behavior towards your customer who was also a student.
Having no option left, I had to cancel my booking with Thai airways and book a return flight home for the next day costing THB 10155 (PNR: NWDZYO), get visa on arrival and get my luggage myself from the lost and found section. Again with no help by your staff here. The Qantas staff helped me locate my bags.
However, my ordeal did not end there, while check-in the next morning to return to Mumbai, the staff was again not helpful even after stating my reasons for traveling back. The senior staff there said and i quote "it is not our problem" that i have to go back. The staff at the check in counter were extremely rude. I had to pay THB 4480 for excess luggage. Being on a Student Visa to Auckland, I was entitled to carry 45Kg. They did not even have a swiping machine to accept cards and I had to convert my NZ dollars to pay the cash.
Immediate action needs to be taken against staff at Mumbai Airport for checking me in for Auckland without checking the transit visa.
Why was I checked in till Auckland without checking all the required documents? It is the job of the check in staff to check whether I posses all valid Visas before issuing me the boarding pass. This implies lack of job knowledge.
The ordeal I was subjected due to the poorly trained staff and their unprofessional behavior is unacceptable and was emotionally very taxing to me and my family.
There was no reply on the tweets and DM done by my family on twitter to the jet airways handle as well.
The DM done by my brother was replied to after 40hrs.
I need FULL REFUND and COMPENSATION immediately for all the hassles i have had to suffer on your account.
Action needs to be taken against the staff in MUMBAI and BANGKOK for their negligence, unprofessional and extremely rude behavior.
This sort of harassment is appalling.
You are running an airline and your staff should be well trained dealing with paxs.

negligent check in, extremely unhelpful and rude behavior
negligent check in, extremely unhelpful and rude behavior
negligent check in, extremely unhelpful and rude behavior
negligent check in, extremely unhelpful and rude behavior
negligent check in, extremely unhelpful and rude behavior

flight cancellation by jet airways

reservation code: ucugt m
issue date: 24 jan 19
ticket number: [protected]/73
invoice number: 2900330
issuing airline: klm royal dut ch airlines
issuing agent: air link t ravel 5200 finch ave, suite 115, toronto ont canada m1s 4z 4/ass
issuing agent location: scarborough on
iata number: [protected]

I travelled from Canada to Colombo on Jan 26, 2019 and my route was YYZ-AMS-BOM-CMB. When I arrived at BOM around 11:35pm on Jan 28, 2019 I approached the Jet Airways counter to connect the CMB flight where I have been told the flight to CMB was cancelled and asked me hand in the boarding pass and wait for hour and a half. After an 1:30 hour waiting when we questioned about the travel plan they rebooked to another flight which depart at 17:30 on Jan 28, 2019.
Since it was a long journey from YYZ to BOM and it was almost 17:00 hours wait on top of my previous travel from YYZ, I ask them to provide me a hotel accommodation. Jet airways staffs informed me that I need a visa to go out side of the airport and there is no hotel in the airport. Which is absolute lie. I found later from a passenger from the same flight there was a hotel in the airport where few other passengers pay their own and comfort themselves. During my entire waiting time at BOM I was in the airport no accommodation was provided. I believe this is not the general practice of KML.
Further when I have been issued with the rebooked boarding pass on which Jet airways staff hand written lite bite, Breakfast, Lunch Dinner and told that they made arrangement for food in the food court and I can go to any of the restaurant and show the boarding pass and have food. In order to get food They want me to go and report to the airport information desk they will guide us. When I entered into the security area and approached the airport information desk I have been told they dont deal with airlines issue and want me to contact Jet Airways personal where I have been advise that I can only have food at either KFC or Burger King restaurant and at that time Burger king restaurant was closed for cleaning and I left with only KFC for lite bite, breakfast, Lunch Dinner. The worst part is KFC restaurant advise us that I have only option of chicken burger or vegi burger with fries and a drink no water. I have medical concerns and should not eat those fatty foods. Further I carry only Canadian currency and when I want to buy other food or coffee or even water using Canadian currency I have been told that they only accept USD or Indian rupees which I dont had. I approach the money exchangers located in the airport they ask for visa to exchange the money.
It was a terrible travel experience I ever had in my life. Thanks to KLM.
Further Jet airways staffs were rude and ignorant. Because of passengers are desperate the supervisor (his name is Mr. Maneesh Sharma and the Duty Manager on site is Ms. Amitha Arakkal. She never showed up) advise his staffs not to talk anybody and just ignore them I believe KLM wont treat its customers in this manner and couple of other passenger record this conversation on their mobile phone to upload in the YouTube and other social media.

I collectively with other passengers had discussion with the day shift duty manager Mr. Karpreet Singh to issue a letter outlining the situation and he agrees to issue but he never showed up afterwards. However, after Jet airways start boarding the passengers on the plane some other Jet airways officials came with the letter and compensation package and offer to accept the 4, 000 Indian rupees or the letter. I decide to get the letter because of me choosing the letter Jet airways did not offer any monetary compensation. I is KLMs responsible to treat there customers respectfully.

I would like to urge Jet airways to look into this complaint and compensate me for the unpleasant treatment and hardship I went through during my travel via Jet airways.

Jet Airways — regarding cancellation & refund

Saturday morning I got a message that my bangalore to pune has been cancelled from then I am trying to contact you, people number of times but there is no response From your end...

Jet Airwaystime changing

Hi authority
I m going to travel on14 feb to thailand
And you have changed the timings
As it was very important for me to reach there.
Plz arrange any other flight as i have to reach there before 3 pm. My flight timings was 7:20 in the morning and it has been changed to 2:30 in the afternoon. It is very very urgent for me to reach there before time. So please make it up

Jet Airwaysluggage undelivered

I would like to register a complaint about jet airways recent flight 9w11 on friday 1 st feb at 1950 sgt.

The airplane that was flown from singapore to mumbai was a very small plane (than required capacity). The airline did not load the passenger bags for 80 plus passangers citing payload issues without informing the passengers.

And did not deliver the bags before 48 hrs

Request that such unprofessional airlines are barred to operate from singapore


Jet Airways — overcharged bagged

I was traveling on 15th January with 3 other persons - (4 including myself) we had booked the VIP service as we had 55 bags to check in. I had asked several times at the check in...

Jet Airways — missing middle name in flight tickets booked through easemytrip

Date of incident - 23-Oct-2018 Hi Authority, i am writing this email to log the complaint about the fraudulent instance i come across, i did the booking through EaseMyTrip...

Jet Airways — damaged baggage

5993 Sir/Madam I Ashish Sheth would like to inform you that my 16year old daughter Miss Jenisa Sheth was traveling from Mumbai to Jaipur on Flight Number S2418 seat number 28B on...

Jet Airwaysreservation


would like to share an unfortunate incident me and my wife experienced in Delhi this past September.

we were scheduled to depart on JA flight from Delhi to Amsterdam and had arrived ahead of the departure time. we were told that our flight was over booked and that all the seats had been filled.

very questionable, considering that 3 days prior to this situation I was contacted by JA on my mobile in Delhi confirming our departure date and time for Sept 17.

No other flight was available until 7am the following day leaving Delhi to Toronto via Hong Kong.

To make matters worse the staff at failed to book me a special meal and upgraded seats which I had already paid for.

No explanation was given to us and to why our seats had been filled when they were confirmed 3 days prior.

There are rumor's that JA is going under and that employees have not been paid for several months.

Jet Airways — refused boarding - misbehavior ground staff

5993 From Bhavani govindarajou 13 av de la commune de paris 95140- garges les gonesse France Sub. complaint - refused to get boarding Hello sir/madam I am mrs. govindaradjou...

Jet Airwayslost property

i left a multi coloured purse on board jet airways flight from abu dhaibi to dublin 1st oct - flight no. ey 41 - there are euro notes and euro coins in the purse - i was sitting in seat no. 024a - i cannot get into your lost property website - this purse is around the area of seat 024a or 024 c - it could also be located in the seats in front or back of this area -

Jet Airwaysno prior information about cancellation or diversion of concerned flight to the customer

Date of incident - 27th Sept, 2018
Request for refund of Rs.2000=00 (Fare of cab from HSR Layout to Airport)
Due to non availability of prior information about cancellation or changes of schedule or flights or any alternate arrangement of my flight, I suffered both financial and mental agony. I was informed about the cancellation of my flight neither through message nor by call on my registered Mob No.[protected]. While I was trying to check in when I was on the way to airport of bengluru, I noticed that my flight cancelled and confirmed on customer care number and got my ticket extended to 30th Sept 2018 because I had missed my scheduled program due to variation in timing of flight and returned back to my daughter's home by paying the Uber cab Rs.2000.00 (From HSR Layout to airport) for which I am no way responsible.
So please compensate the said amount at least at the earliest or I will proceed further to get my issue redressed on another forum.

Yours truly,
Kamlesh Kumar,

Jet Airways — membership number-[protected]

Hello, I have been member of Jet airways from past six years my membership number is [protected]. from past one year I have been sending the regular mails regarding the change of...

Jet Airways — entire staff of jet

I had my flight for lucknow at 12.25 pm for 13 sept.. Forstly to come up at P10 itself through the elevator took about 15 mins i was at the checking counter at 11.45pm. There were...

Jet Airways — service at check in counter in new delhi for chittagong flight

Hi jet airways team, While on 10th sept morning, doing check in for my flight jet airways 9w280 (departure delhi (del - terminal 3) arrival dhaka (dac) & flight biman bangladesh...

Jet Airwaysticket refund

I had booked a ticket by jet airways for 23-Aug-2018 from GOI-BOM-DXB but jet airways cancelled the BOM-DXB fligtht and put me on another flight which was more than 2hrs difference. However, I called jet airways and cancelled the ticket and was supposed to get a full refund which jet airways agreeed.

06-Aug-2018 - On this date i had raised a cancellation request which they told me a full refund will be given in 7 days.
30-Aug-2018 - Till this date i did not get any refund, again i called and they used kerala flood as an excuse to get my refund so they said they will do the refund in 48hours.
05-Sep-2018 - Till this date I did not get my refund so i called they said it will take another 7 days and the person who i was talking to Neha Pawar, did not even was to listen to my case she just said it will take another 7 working days.

I made all these calls from dubai to mumbai as uae jet airways said they cannot handle my case from here, its been almost a month and till date I have not got any refund.

My Ticket Number : [protected]

Probably this is a new trend by jet airways since they are going bankrupt.

My uae number: [protected]

Jet Airwaysrefund not received for cancellation

I took my ticket (online) for jet airways on 18th August 2018. Due to the flood the Kochi airport was closed and ticket was cancelled in jet airway office in kuwait (on 16th August 2018) . This information was forwarded to travel agency (Tripair), still now didn't received the refund. I was sending reminder to the agency (Tripair) many times. The agency is not responding to the mail. Please don't encourage such kind of cheating.

My Airlines reference no : LKEAVD
Eticket no: [protected]

Attached itinerary for reference.


refund not received for cancellation
refund not received for cancellation

Jet Airwaysunattended boarding

Today (3rd August 2018) I had done booking for Pune to Banglore flight - 9W773. I made web checkin for the flight. The departure was scheduled at 5:55 AM. When I reached the boarding gate at 5:30 I was informed that boarding gate has been closed and I was not allowed to board the flight and has been forced to cancel my boarding pass for to just talk with JET airways person seating outside boarding area.
Meanwhile I found that the flight's schedule departure was 5:55 AM. However it actually departed at 5:39 AM. This change was not informed to me. Because of this I had to cancel my business appointment planned for the day and bear the loss.
Request the concerned authorities to reimburse my loss.

  • Ve
    vennyguite Sep 21, 2018

    i've booked a ticket for delhi-imphal on the 21st of sept 2018 9W908.the departure was scheduled for 11
    ;20am.ive reached the boarding gate around 10;20am and there was this one very unprofessional female ground staff on the desk who informed me that my luggage was overweight by 5kg and told me to pay 2500rupee..i told her that since i still got some time instead of paying the said amount i'll rearrange my luggage and take out some stuff from it.she directly told me that if i take out my luggage without paying the said amount she will not be able to help me check-in my luggage again..i'm shock and very dissappointed that jet airways which i thought was one of the leading airlines in india have such unprofessional employee.i do know that i still have time and i have the right to make a choice of taking out some stuff from my luggage nor pay the i took my luggage and rearranged it by taking out some stuff which make it over weight.and im back with my luggage at the same desk/counter with the same employee and she told me that im late and will not be able to board the flight anymore.that happen around 10;40am which i learnt from other staff that i can checkin and board the flight till 10;45am.i even got my boarding pass but miss the flight because of that unprofessional employee.she even made the final call to board the flight while i'm standing infront of her.i've never face such unprofessionalism in other airlines and didn't expect it from JET i want a refund for the amount i've lost to book the ticket.

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