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Complaints & Reviews

extra baggage charges

I had bitter experince with the way jet airways treats international passengers at Mumbai airport. An international traveller is allowed 40 KG baggage allowance in the international sector, whereas in Jet airways they allow only 20 KG, if the passenger wants to fly to an domestic location, though the ticket is bought from international locations. This is causing heavy financial burden to the internationla pasengers. However, Air India and Spice jet are excemptions to this and they allow extra baggage without any charges on production of international ticket.
All passngers must remember this and opt your domestic flight accordingly

change of flight & food

MY PNR - HEEZRX seat no - 15D booked flight 9w 203 from kolkata to mumbai on 14/02/11 to flight on 10/05/11 in jet airways with full services but it has changed to jet Konnect 9W 2154 with buy on board services without any reasons. i opted for JAIN food at the time of booking but when i reached airport come to know that JAIN FOOD is not available in 9W 2154 so all my family members including my wife & 2 kids below 5years along with other 31 group members(PNR - EFSFET) includes 13 child had to flyed without food & no fecility was available All the 35 flyers wants refund for the flight as without information they had changed our flight to low cost flight & specific instruction was promised but not fulfilled as jain food was not available & no other option is there we have force to fly without food & other services for which we had paid in 14/02/2011 your duty manager also left office for meeting without solving our query & leave us for no option other then to fly without JAIN food. at Kolkata airport they hadissued us meal vouchers for flight 9w 2154 saying that u can only take juice as other veg food that we never eat NON JAIN FOOD. u just check all the deails & send us full refund of tickets & compansesation for non fullfill of JAIN food instruction & also change of flight from full services to buy on board flight without any prior information & any instruction also send us email & contact no of chairman of JET airways LTD so that he also knows how management of jet airways are spoiling companys image

mockery of free travel voucher

It is with deep anguish and disgust that I am bringing to your notice a very unethical and cheap practice of Jet Airways. I have corresponded with Jet Airways on this. However, there has been absolutely no response.

I was awarded a Jet Airways free travel voucher for 2 passengers in the New Year Party organised at Hotel Peninsula Grand at Mumbai (check attachment). The voucher allowed any two passengers free return tickets between Mumbai and Dubai. The validity of voucher was between 1st January, 2011 and 31st March, 2011.

However, when I went to redeem the voucher at your counter at Amarchand House, Mumbai (sometime in last week of January, 2011), I was not allowed to do so. The reason given for the same were shocking and to me it reflected the lack of business ethics and respect for the passengers.

I put down my observations as follows:

1. I was told that though the Free tickets have been given, the flights have very limited / no quota to accommodate Free passengers! If Jet Airways has no quota to honour the commitment of a Gift voucher, then why does it issue such vouchers?

2. I was told that even if the tickets were issued to me, I could be offloaded if they get a ‘revenue’ passenger. Does Jet Airway feel that people who redeem free vouchers are have no self respect? First they offer a free travel voucher and then they tell the passenger that they are going to offload him because they are less important then ‘revenue’ passengers.

3. I was told that the only way to get a free ticket is that if I check closer to the travel date. If a seat is available, I can be issued a free ticket. Does Jet Airways feel that people have no life of their own and they should just keep making rounds to Jet’s counters to check when a ticket is available for free? And that too when Jet’s voucher mentions exactly the reverse, that the ticket must be issued at least 15 days before the departure date.

4. I was told that I cannot be given a confirmed ticket if my travel date is till 25thof February!! So essentially from last week of January to last week of February, I was not allowed to fly. The voucher had a section to mention the embargo date. So why was this not mentioned? Obviously it was because Jet Airways did not want its voucher to be treated like a waste paper. If they had the honesty to mention all the terms that I was told that day, they know very well that any recipient of the voucher would tear it that same day he receives it.

When the issue was raised with Jet Airways, they mailed back (Dated 22nd Feb, 2011, from [protected] saying that their sales team shall get in touch with me to offer us a compensatory voucher in lieu of the voucher which they did not honour. However, after that they never got back to us.

I fail to understand why should a major airline resort to cheap tricks of issuing invalid Travel Vouchers just to gain some publicity!

mockery of free travel voucher

flight reschedule

To, Date : 26th Apr.2011

The Manager,
Guest relations,
Jet Airways.


I bring to your notice the irresponsible attitude you have towards building a good relationship with your customers.

I am really disgusted with your service for the following reason:
I had booked my ticket to Delhi from Bangalore on the 11th of Apr, 2011, on Jet Airways Konnect 7074 at 06:20 AM through R.K.Tours, Vijaya Bank Colony who booked through ONESTOP agent online. As I checked in on the day of Departure your staff at the counter shocked me by telling that the flight is delayed and will depart at 08:45 AM
I requested him that I have to reach early and to kindly assist me and arrange me another flight which will help me to reach Delhi at the earliest. But to my disgust your good for nothing staff told me rudely that they had messaged me regarding the reschedule of the flight on the 10th of Apr, 2011.

This was the message sent to me as follows:
Your FLT S2232 on 11Apr2011 s expected to leave BLR at 08:45 Hrs reach DEL at 11:20 hrs. -- The msg sent at 08:8:42 PM 10/Apr/2011.

This was the confirmation Msg sent to me on the day of booking as follows :
Dear Joyson your ticket booked on Jet Airways Konnect 7074 from Bangalore to Delhi departs at 11 Apr 2011 06:20:00hrs Ticket is outbound and PNR no 9W-BNVTFZ. any queries call RK Tours Sender : TD- ONESTOP Msg sent at 03:13:53 9/Apr/2011.

Now I want your explanation for the utter negligence of your services to your customers and the confusion you create regarding reschedule of flights by sending only Messages that too which are not clear, specific and understandable inspite of we giving you our EMail, and Mobile Nos.You could have atleast called and informed about the reschedule.

I like to inform you that I am a person who will not at all read messages in my Mobile.

I am really disgusted with your services and this experience I will share in all the customer reviews you have in in the WEB.

I want a reply from you regarding this issue and request you to not trouble/ torture your travellers like what I faced with yor Airlines. This will be my First & Last experience with Jet Airways and I regret for not listening to the advice of my friends that Jet Airways is the worst airlines in our country.And my advice too will be the same to all I meet .

The same day luckily I got the ticket on Spicejet and their service was excellentand the staff assisted us in all aspects till we boarded the flight. So I advice you to learn about customer service from them and treat your customers politely and with courtesy.
Please show courtesy by sending a reply to the mail or in future if it happens it will be a big issue for you.

Further I have incurred loss of Rs. 800=00 toward cancellation of the tickets for no mistake of mine.I demand you to refund me the amount if not i will give a complaint to the consumer Forum or go to court.Please treat this seriously.

Sending Information through Messages serves no good and shows that you want to escape from your responsibilities regarding you services.

Yours Sincerely,


  • Ki
    kinna shah May 21, 2012

    i can understand your view i am facing similar problem with spice-jet.
    infact i believe u must take this to up front.
    the reason for reschedule is for making money 1st they offer good price, when the flight is book. they make it reschedule, so 50%people go for canceling and they can sale the same seat at 3time more price at our cost and risk.
    also they earn from us via mode of cancellation charges.

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stolen digital camera from luggage

my self DEVENDRA HINGNIKAR was traveling by a flight of jet airways from Muscat to Nagpur my ticket no is [protected] and passport no is G9271285. this is for your kind information that during Luggage transfer some body has stolen my Digital camera of worth 6000/- . so it is
kind request to you for taking suitable action as soon as possible and please inform me on my indian mobile no . [protected] before my return journey to muscat on 02/05/2011. please take suitable action.

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lost luggage and no response

I travelled from Mumbai to Delhi on January 13th and received only one out of the two checked in baggages at Delhi airport.

For last 10 days, the Jet Airways Staff either does not pick up the phone or keep me on hold indefinitely or tell me that they will revert to me with details but never call back.

It has been one of the worst experience, as I know that atleast 5 people are always present on the counter.

The sheer callousness with which Jet Airways treats its responsibility makes one wonder about the tall claims being made about international service quality.

lost baggeg/no reply

To whom it may concern,
I arrived at the heathrow airport on the 15th of december 2010, through delhi, from dhaka by jet airways. Due to my transit in delhi, I changed from flight 9w 271 to 9w 122 to reach my destination. But unfortunately on arrival at london, I was informed that one of my luggages was missing from the delhi airport. I was given a piece of claim form with jet airways letterhead stating that the company apologizes for such inconvenience. It also provided me with a phone number and a reference number (Lhr 15746) where I would be able to get in touch with the appropriate person who would be able to help me and keep me informed regarding my luggage. It has been two weeks, today, since my luggage was lost due to some negligence on the part of the airline. Since arriving here in london, I have been trying to call all the numbers provided by the jet airways customer service and call centers located somewhere in india as well as sending e-mails to the airline. It seems all my efforts have gone in vain so far. And now, my time to return to bangladesh is almost near. I still have not heard from the heathrow airport lost luggage or from your company regarding my luggage. This makes me wonder if this is your company policy in accordance with the indian norm to mistreat one of its guests on one of india’s flag carrier on the international level. As I will be returning back to my home and work on the 9th of january 2011 by jet airways 9w 121 and transiting at delhi airport, one question arises in my mind, will my luggage arrive with me safely at dhaka airport or if your company will help itself to further negligence seemingly to be typically pathetic of the country’s culture. I do apologize for my understanding that no one from your company will reply to my e-mail even though it has been falsely promised by your indian call center. I have lost hope in being with my luggage ever again and I am increasing petrified by the thought of losing my luggage again as I will be travelling through your country. I do understand that your company may not consider any international passenger from bangladesh important enough to consider him/her to be entitled to compensation due to the negligence of the company. But, I would be much obliged if someone would be kind enough to take time to reply to my e-mail. I will be looking forward to your reply.

Thanking you
Anm khaled shiplu
Dhaka bangladesh
0088 [protected]

loss due to pathetic services

I am navneet thakur, manager with oriental bank of commerce. I recently flew with jet airways and had a pathetic experience. I and my wife had booked tickets from hyderabad to portblair on a leisure trip on 02.11.2010. I was to fly flight no. 9w2747 on 04.11.2010 at 06.20 hrs from hyderabad to chennai. I checked in at 5:00 hrs in the morning to find that the flight was rescheduled to 8:00 hrs. I informed at the counter that I had a connecting flight no. 9w 613 of jet to portblair the same day at 10:00 hrs. They assured that the plane will take off as scheduled and I will be able to catch my flight to portblair. We requested them to accommodate us in flight 9w2361 to chennai that was departing at 8.00 hrs so as to enable us to catch our flight to portblair but our request fell on deaf ears. The flight 2747 was further delayed and it finally took off at 9:00 hrs after repeated assurance from jet staff that we will be able to catch our portblair flight. We reached chennai and were surprised to know that the the flight to portblair had already left. We were also surprised to know that the flight 9w2361 which took off from hyderabad was the same flight to go to portblair. We were shocked to know that inspite of being very well aware that we were supposed to miss our portblair flight as our hyderabad to chennai flight no. 9w2747 had taken off 1 hrs after 9w2361 that was to proceed to portblair, nobody bothered to inform us the same. After making a complaint, we were accommodated in raj park a 4 star hotel in chennai for the day and our tickets were scheduled for the next day. Again the experience at raj park was shocking. There was a limit to the breakfast, lunch and dinner cost and we were supposed to have our lunch and dinner @ rs 350 / - per person and breakfast @ rs.175 / - per person. The rates at the hotel were such that even basics like a 2 rotis and a subzi would have cost you more than the limit. So finally we had to pay from our pockets. Also our one day was wasted at chennai out of the 3 days that we planned at portblair. While returning on 07.11.2010 the flight no 9w 614 from portblair to chennai were cancelled. We were accommodated in a below standard hotel the entire day with unhygienic condition and food. The entire trip was messed up due to jet airways. Also I was unable to catch up with my office on 08.11.2010 and had to extend my leave. The entire experience was horrible and I vowed never to fly with jet again. I had taken up photographs of the menu card at raj park and copy of bills paid by me at raj park as I intend to lodge a complaint with consumer forum shortly. The sorry state of affairs can be ascertained from the fact that I had also lodged a written complaint at the chennai counter of jet airways but nobody has even bothered to call and know the facts. The same sorry state of affairs was recently experienced by me while flying patna to hyderabad on 28.11.2010 by flight no. 9w2288 and 9w0825.

fight miss due to staff's negligence

Terrible harassement by the jet airways staff at the netaji subhash chandra bose airport, kolkata on october 18th 2010.

Name: suhita chanda
Jet konnect (Jet airways, operated by jetlite) flight no. -9w 2455
Travel - kolkata to chennai
Date & time - 18th october 2010, 15:40 hrs
But I was shocked by the horrible service of the jet airways staff due to which I missed my flight. After checking in, I stood in the queue to collect my boarding pass. Still there were sharp 50 minutes left for the flight. But the jet airways staff continued some argument with another lady (Passenger) and paid no attention to the people waiting in the queue. All the others waiting in the line were getting irritated by the staff’s delay in work. The argument continued for 5 to 6 minutes but I grew restless and went up and asked about my flight to the lady at the counter.

But to my surprise the staff at the counter refused to give me my boarding pass and told that I am no more allowed in the flight. I was miserably disappointed. I had been suffering from fever since the last 2days and had extremely important work in chennai.
It was the question of my career sir. It was damn important for me to report there on time.
The jet staff told me to go and meet the supervisor. I asked her where his cabin is, so that I can meet him but she could not tell. Next I helplessly searched, asked a jet ground staff who told me to go some jet personnel at the enquiry. There also, they delayed and could not help me yet told me to go and meet the duty officer.

I was helplessly searching the airport to meet the duty officer. They were pointing one to another, miserable! I realized that there is serious lack of co-ordination and co-operation of the staff of jet airways.
I was harassed and blindly they told me to run here and there to make me delay for the flight. I pleaded them to show me the duty officer’s office. But I was misled. Finally when I met him, the duty officer said a no again. I looked at the watch, there were still 25 more minutes. But to whom should I say?

The staff should understand and co-ordinate likewise. Jet airways does not have an sms alert facility or proper announcement for the passengers. They terribly lack co-operation. Recently a similar incident was flashed in the television (Star ananda) where similar incident happened with another jet passenger.

I got refund from But 750 / - (airport ticket cancellation charge) and 250 / - ( cancellation fee) i. E, total 1000 / - was deducted. But why? I was deliberately harassed and why did they insist me again and again to cancel my ticket even when there was ample time to board the flight?
I missed my flight due to the negligence of the staff and misled by them unnecessarily and fell severely ill. I suffered an irreparable loss as I could not report chennai on time. I would request you to allow me the refund of 750 / - and take strict action against them for cheating on me. Also they must give me reimbursement of the ticket that I had to book on the spot that cocts 13000/-

no claim for delayed baggage

My husband and I were recently customers of your airline on my trip to Nepal on flight 7055 from Delhi to Kathmandu on 7-17-10 and again on flight 7056 on 8-2-10 from Kathmandu to Delhi. This is my first experience with Jet Airways, and I must say I am sadly disappointed with the service I received. First of all, for reasons still unexplained to me except for a vague “security reasons” answer, my baggage was held for 4 days in Delhi. I was told by your customer service agents that I could not be compensated for the delayed baggage even the “proper airline etiquette” is for the final carrier to compensate customers for delayed/lost baggage. My final carrier, Jet Airways, further tells me that they are not responsible since it was not their fault. They also do not know or did not want to tell me why this occurred since I had passed all security checks in the US.

I experienced many hardships because of that delayed baggage, especially because due to a prior mishap on my initial flight on American Airlines, that particular baggage had been my carry-on that I was told there was no room to carry on the flight. I had preventative medication (for an illness to which I befell on my second day after arrival), all my undergarments, and many other important items in the bag. I am disgusted by the apathy of the representatives I spoke with who did not see any urgency, and failed to take measures to resolve the situation in a timely fashion.

  • Sa
    samatya Aug 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    May be you need to put some more effort in readin all the information provided to you before you give your comment. Incasae if you have not read or have selective reading preference, I am reciting it here again. I clearly mentioned in my second paragraph that I had my medication in hand carry which was taken away saying that all the overhead space is full. Here's what I said in my second paragraph:

    "I experienced many hardships because of that delayed baggage, especially because due to a prior mishap on my initial flight on American Airlines, that particular baggage had been my carry-on that I was told there was no room to carry on the flight. I had preventative medication (for an illness to which I befell on my second day after arrival), all my undergarments, and many other important items in the bag. I am disgusted by the apathy of the representatives I spoke with who did not see any urgency, and failed to take measures to resolve the situation in a timely fashion."

    And you don't have any comment whatsoever why my baggage was delayed? Giving me "for security reason" is not acceptable. At least you guys should have deciency to provide some acceptable reasons. How about any comments on how we were being treated? How about any comments on why your jet airways were so defensive and rude when I ask for delayed baggage compensation?

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baggagle mishandling and wrost customer response

I travelled in jet airways on 05-jun-2010 from chennai to delhi in flight number 9w 0824. I was travelling till usa.In delhi I have a connector flight to london in british airways and from london again a connector flight to philadelphia, usa in british airways and again from philadelphia there is one more connector flight for me to erie, usa in us airways.

Jet airways people checked in my baggage at chennai. But they were not able to deliver my baggage within the departure time of british airways flight at delhi on 06-06-2010. I have raised a baggage loss request in us airways after reaching my final destination.

For one week when I called to delhi jet airways baggage team they always said that all my baggages were delivered to british airways.
Then my father who is in india made a phone call to the delivery manager in jet airways, delhi and when they (Jet airways baggage team) get a force from their delivery manager they (Jet airways baggage team) were able to track my baggage in delhi and surprisingly it is with them (Jet airways). When I recieved my baggage finally in usa I came to know that my 1 tera byte portable hard disk and my rechargable battery set were missing in my baggage.

not allowed to board inspite of confirmed ticket

I had booked online ticket from mumbai-chennai-colombo round trip on tavelocity.Co.In trip id no.[protected] for 27th may 9am flight. When I reached the airport at 8am my luggage was checked in by thejet airways staff ashish & sadiq and then was not issued a boarding pass and asked to wait on the side for 2 minnutes which stretched ntil 9 am which was the scheduled take off time. As u can verify from the ticket copy I had an onward flight at 12.15 pm from chennai to colombo as it was life and death situation as my mother was critically ill. Inspit of innumerable pleas the the 2 staff whose names I mentioned were totally uncoaperative and rude and finally I had to cancel my trip as my purpose to travel wasnt served. I am emloyed in a private school and as this was the opportunity to meet my ailing mother which jet airways prevented me thanks to the highly inefficient and inhuman staff.

bumped off

I travel between dubai & mumbai every 2 months. As a change from my & lsquo;usual’ airline, on 1 may 2010, I decided to book & paid online ( for a jet airways excursion ticket (Dxb-bom-dxb). I flew out of dubai on 8 may.

When in mumbai, I called 022-[protected] on 14 may evening & was advised that I had a confirmed reservation.
On 15 may 2010, I arrived at the jet airways check in counter #29 at mumbai international airport at around 0700h. Ms. Tejashree at the counter asked me to wait as she believed that the flight was overbooked. At around 0800h, the supervisor mr. Sean told me that due to a full flight, I would not be allowed to board the flight. All the while I was not offered even a sip of water, inspite of requesting mr. Sean.

I called [protected] at 0755h & 0830h, hoping that the jet airways office could assist me. I spoke with ms. Dakshata, who was of no help. I had to make several international calls to readjust my schedule due to the delay.

After much argument, mr. Sean, arranged for me to board flight ek505, which only took off at 1030h.
The ek flight landed much later at terminal 3 in dubai. My original airport pick-up from terminal 1 which was scheduled for 1030h, got cancelled. I had to take a taxi from terminal 3.

I had a meeting scheduled at 1200h dubai time, which was to be attended by someone who had a flight to take himself. Due to my late arrival, the meeting could not take place resulting in the loss of business.

I am appalled by my recent experience with jet airways. Their decision to offload me & the ensuing behavior, was preposterous, to say the least. I have requested them to address the following questions:

1. Why was I bumped off the flight, considering I was a full fare paying passenger & had called jet airways a day before travelling & got a confirmation of my seat. Additionally, I had also arrived in good time at the check in counter, at the airport.

2. Does jet airways not believe in arranging for even drinking water, considering they have been the cause for holding back a passenger?

3. If they have caused me to be delayed by nearly 2 hours (From etd 9w542 = 0840h to 1030h when ek505 took off) , do they not believe it is fair to provide me with a meal voucher, to say the least?

4. How is jet airways going to compensate me due to the inconvenience caused, telephone calls made, missed airport pick-up & cancelled business meeting?

bumped off

forecefully cancellation

I booked a domestic flight ticket (pnr-dzxbad, ticket number-[protected]) in jetairways through using my own hdfc credit card ([protected]) from kolkata to bangalore.
During booking, it did not display anywhere that later I have to show my credit card during check in.

But after booking, I found on the e-ticket it was written that I need to carry my credit card or photocopy of credit card. otherwise I won't be allowed to check in.

I immediately called jetairways held desk [protected]) and got confirmed the same thing. i told the lady everything in detail. but she told that it was mandatory to show the credit card during check in.

As I did not have credit card with me (i left it in my bangalore home). i had no option than cancellation and put a request for cancellation.

And again I had to book another ticket without using credit card in the same flight.

I again called jetairways kolkata customer care and that time I was told it was not mandatory to show credit card if booking is done through some travel agent website.

But, I already paid jetairway rs 750 and ibibo rs 300 as cancellation charge unnecessarily (total rs 1050) , due to improper, wrong information from your help desk. (when I called first time jetairways india toll free number).

Canceled pnr - dzxbad

I want to file a complaint for that.

Please, do the needful accordingly.

Best regards,
Diptiman roy

Anasuya apartment
3rd floor
10 r g avenue


extreme violent and turbulent flight


I was travelling by jetlite flight (6367) , from kolkatta to bhubaneswar on 26th april 2010. It was raining when the flight took off at around 7.30 pm from kolkatta. After 5 minutes of take off, the flight experienced violent turbulence without any warning. It continued for almost 15 minutes where the flight kept loosing and gaining height so frequently that all the passengers started shouting. Those 15 minutes it felt like the flight has lost total control, and to add to that fear there was no announcement on this till the flight landed at bhubaneswar. The discomfort was so high that I felt head reeling for almost 2 days, and could not go out of the nausea feeling. Some of the people even kept sitting on their seat even after the landing, due to the discomfort they felt. What astonished was no body (Neither airway nor aai) expressed anythinig on this. And it ended as if everything was normal. I am sure the turbulence felt was one of the worst (Considering I have taken almost 40 flights) , and was life threatening. Jet airway should look into this and sort out the reason. Atleast compensate people after landing with some good words.

looting valubles from luggage

Dear sir,

On 04/04/2010 I was been travelling from kathmandu to delhi on jetlite flight s2 502. I checked in at kathmandu at about 11.30 am (Seat no 32d) along with 3 of my colleges. Since I have no hand bag with me I put all belongings in my check in luggage bag (1no). The flight reached around 16.30 hrs at delhi and after collecting my baggage proceeded to the transfer desk for my onward journey to hyderabad. Near the transfer desk I opened my bag to collect my mobile to make some call & then I saw to mobiles and rs 10, 000 kept in the bag were stolen. The details as below

Iphone - 16gb
Imei no & ndash;[protected]

Rs 36000

Nokia -
Imei no -

Rs 6000

Rs 100x100

Rs 10000


Rs 52000

The locks & zib of the bag were ok when I opened the bag. It is obvious that only the people who screened the bag at katmandu or delhi have noted my valuables and opened my bag zib with some sharp key like material and kept back in original position after looting my valuables.

When I noticed my loss at delhi immediately I gone and complained at the jetlite office near the transfer desk. I regret to tell that the man at the office was not at all helpful and co-operative. He only try to teach me some international law which I can get from net and also asked why you put qll in luggage etc. I old that what I want is the solution if any for the stolen articles what have happened. Then I asked for tender my complaint he only give an email id and didn’t give be any advice and he avoid me. Such persons indeed to help the customers are not at all worth to the guests who are booking tickets to your air lines. After some time again I came back to the office to enquire my onward journey I saw he put out all lights and sitting inside and don’t want to see me then only an attend come to me told you go to domestic air port and enquire.

I heard such incidents of looting valuables by manipulating zib of luggage bags. But I thought that your airlines have some security.

Hence I humbly request that you may take necessary actions about loss of things booked in our airlines including the indifferent attitude and connection of this incident by your staff at delhi.

I think you will take necessary actions if have some ethics and customers trust left. The company address & phone no given below now I have no mbile no since I lost both my phones


B. R. Sasidharan nair

C/o raajratna energy holdings private limited

8-2-293/a/a2&1 plot#227 road no 2

Banjara hills, hyderabad-34

Tele [protected]-25

Email - [protected] ; sasi. [protected];[protected]@ksk.Co.In

lost luggage

Dear Sir,

I would like to place before you a humble plea where I have suffered at the hands of Jet Airways. I work for a Logistics company and I'm currently based in Chennai. As Regional Manager for South India I frequently travel to various branches in Bangalore, Cochin, Coimbatore, etc including head office in Mumbai. Recently, during my travel from Chennai to Mumbai on 13th Nov flight no. 9W470 with baggage tag no. 9W67229, my Samsonite bag went missing and the airport staff at Mumbai airport (Mr. Atul and Mr. Feroz) issued me a 'baggage irregularity report' ref no. BOM9W24753 dated 13th Nov. After following up with the team twice a day for status I was finally informed after a week that the bag was not traced. I then received a message from your customer service (Mr. Karl Freese) for weight loss compensation, which stated amount of inr 4000 odd basis 9 kg recorded weight of the bag.

I replied to Mr. Karl that besides the mental trauma of losing your belongings and the immense inconvenience it put me through, Jet Airways have managed to throw salt on my wounds by determining the loss compensation to be inr 4000 odd. I have lost much more than that!!!

The samsonite bag itself cost me INR 7000 (recently purchased and I can show proof of purchase), my other belongings and other items, which were so critical easily, amounted to INR 25, 000. Now you can imagine reaching Mumbai without my personal belongings and that too late at night. I had to make alternate arrangements for accommodation and repurchase everything the next day. This was a business trip and my meeting was with my CEO South Asia Area- Mr. Lars Sorensen. I have already discussed this matter with him and this issue has thrown a very bad light on Jet Airways from our company's point of view. Our travel agents HRG Sita have also been notified of this.

A greeting from the CEO's desk adds a nice touch to generate customer tie-in but what's more important is tangible actions which directly impacts customer satisfaction.

I hope you will look into this and ask your team to act favourably to discharge compensation accordingly. I know we can't change the past and such baggage loss is an inevitable issue for an Airline. But the handling of such sensitive issue shows the maturity and commitment of the Airline towards their customers.

My only need is for Jet Airways to make good the loss by offering an equal compensation.

Please do help!

Best regards
Allan Aranjo

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    sk shetty Sep 14, 2010
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    typical Indian mentality!My daughter just lost her bag from a direct flight from London to Mumbai. I'll wait and see what happens next. The lesson to learn is 'don't travel with jet again' and spread the news amongst your friends .

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bad behavious and leck of knowledge

My mother had a valid visit visa to come to UAE, however, when she reaches the Jet airwaya counter the lady says, the visa was issued from Dubai and she cannot come to Abu Dhabi. My mother was to ABu Dhabi for the 3rd time with Dubai visa as this is just another emirates. When demanded for a supervisor, another ignorant supervisor appears. it took another 1 hour for my poor lady to get the boarding pass and apart from all the harrassment, she was asked different kind of questions, which is a job of an immigration officer not at the ticket counter.

I Promise will never use this service again and also advise my closed ones to be careful of them.

  • I would give them the benefit of the doubt in this case: can you imagine what would have happened if she had been let on the flight and the "error" wasn't discovered until it was too late? Don't be too hard on them - they were trying to do their job...

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treatment at indira gandhi airport

Flight number(9w122) 21st of January 2010. We were delayed for 24hrs had to keep asking for food, staff kept hiding from us, we had at least 4 diabetic passengers, no-one even to tell us what was going on, we had to spend all that time in the airport not even put up in a hotel, their excuse was we did not have visas for India. Never have I been treated like i was treated in Indira Ghandi Airport along with another 40 or so passengers.<br />
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    Sajjadahmed Jan 22, 2011
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    My name is S. Ahmed. I travelled by Jet Airways from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia on the night of 14th Nov. 2010 to Bangalore via Mumbai. My journey from Jeddah to Mumbai was good. The in-flight service was good. I even wrote a few lines in appreciation of a male hostess. But I missed my flight from Mumbai to Bangalore on the 15th morning at 8.30 am because there was some delay for the baggage to arrive at Mumbai International Airport. I wanted to travel by the next available flight and accordingly I booked my reservation at the appropriate counter at Mumbai domestic airport. But my experience at the JET AIRWAYS counter was bitter. Firstly they asked me to pay the difference of amount for booking me on the next available flight for no fault of mine but for which I hesitantly agreed as there was no other way left for me. Secondly when I was loading my baggage they did not agree to accept my baggage saying that it is more than 20 Kilos (according to them 20 kgs is allowed). But my ticket shows that I can take 30 Kilos and I repeatedly tried to convince them that I am travelling by JET AIRWAYS' international flight and at the boarding point they did not object and that I have a direct ticket to Bangalore still they did not allow me and told that they are off loading me from the available flight if I am not paying the luggage charge. I enquired to talk to the Supervisor available there whose name I found out to be Ms. Sapna and met her and tried to convince her in Vain. I was asked to pay around Rs. 2750 as the difference of amount for changing my flight (which is not my mistake) and also for my extra luggage which comes to around 3/4th amount of the fare. The supervisor’s attitude of dealing was not different from the others present there. That day I told them that in future I will never travel by Jet Airways.
    When I had a direct ticket from Jeddah to Bangalore by JET AIRWAYS I must have either be allowed/disallowed to travel with the luggage available with me at the boarding point. But when they allowed me to travel there then how can they say that I have excess luggage. Moreover in the ticket it is given that I can take 30 Kilos of luggage but at the Jet Airways counter they told I can take only 20 Kilos. They asked me to remove my luggage from the counter if I am not paying the charged amount and allow other passengers in the queue. I was amazed and stunned as to what I should do now. I was in agony and was not able to decide whether I should travel by Bus or Train to Bangalore. When they did not heed to my repeated requests to allow me to travel, I had no option left with me and I decided to pay whatever amount they wanted from me. After making me stand for about 20 minutes they agreed to book me by the available flight at 10.50 am and at the time of booking my luggage another lady at the counter attending to passengers (If I remember correctly her name was Ms. Aarti) asked me If I was coming by Jet Airways from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and told me why I did not tell them this before and then she booked my luggage without charging anything. This information they should have known by seeing my ticket. What I want to tell is the behavior of the Supervisor Ms. Sapna was not at all customer friendly. She was acting too rude and if the supervisors are behaving like this then where should the passengers go for help. Will this not damage the image of an Airline ?
    Hope Jet Airways will take note of this kind of attitude.
    [email protected]

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why I have fly on jetairways?

last time I have send a complain about kuwait careless staff because of which I had to pay more for nothing .again problem . arrogant
Kuwait Jet airways manger who was not ready to talk to a passenger who brought the ticket on line . people should have some respect for passenger.They call up the manager only when thing come to a end thinking they will help.
when buying you get ticket online the same day you get a confirmation And on cancelling buyers get nothing only waiting to receive a reply and people are left helpless after cancellation. When call up the branch office same behavior we don’t know wait . we cannot help .when trying to cancel the ticket at the branch office cancellation charges are very high where try to talk to the branch manger does not have time or respect for the passenger .trying to explain to the manger the answer who is this ?what do u want ?what am I suppose to do ?you have brought ticket online . can you help me to get the refund . not my problem.
Every time I try to forget old stuff and try to fly with jet airways . I end up with new problem .so my friends next time be carful before buying a online ticket
Or approaching Kuwait main office beware before you approach the manager!!!
Why jet airway staff have to be like this”?????????????????????????????????


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    qu8owl Jan 13, 2010

    Hi Sam,

    Being an Indian traveller out of Kuwait, I am shocked at the issue that you have raised. On many occasions I have approached Jet Airways guys with many strange request, seat blocking, wanting extra baggage allowance, wheel chair assistance, etc. and not once have I had this kind of experience that you are mentioning, on the contrary, every time I wanted something, even an emergency ticket so that my friend could travel to attend a funeral was met with courtesy. And believe me, there was no vasta here, often a simple telephone call would do and when ever I visited their office, the staff there were always willing to help and provide information. In fact if you were to contrast this with the only other alternative that exists in Kuwait, I think you d be in for a very nasty shock. I think you would agree with me that Indians in Kuwait could travel with relative ease and pride only after these guys came here. But then again, your complaint does not have anything to do with all of this, If I am not mistaken, your issue is related to e-ticket booking system. And on this I must agree with you that most companies have a proper system to handle in bound requests but totally fail when it comes to exception handling, you should ask me about the various issues that I have had with all 3 telecom operators in Kuwait when it comes to reversing billing etc. In your case, I think all the counter staff there could have done was to give you the contact of the web solutions department such that you could take up the complaint with them. I know counter staff at many travel or retail companies do not have the capability to reverse or amend online transactions. In any case feedback from customers like us can only make things better for the everybody else. I am planning to go to the jet airways office soon to make a booking for my wife and kids for a trip to mumbai, I will also post my experience whether good or bad over here. After all we should not let an anecdotal incident be indicative of the overall performance either way!


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