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Jet Airwaysinconsistency in distributing the jp elite privileges

Jet Airlines claims to be the most preferred airlines of India and now becoming promising in International Circuit as well. They host couple of mega prizes for the On board members every month and fail to declare the winners. They should be consistent enough in publishing the winners and then host new contests and promotions. This way I guess they are simply ruling out the fact that actual justice is done to those who participate in these forums and anticipates some winning opportunities.

Winners are not listed in JP Elite Surprises from Feb 2007 onwards till date. Ideally in service industry one should be proactive rather than being reactive...

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    Jet Airwayshorrendous joyride

    Jet Airways takes passengers for horrendous joyride...


    The Jet Airways Aircraft Boeing 737-800, Flight No. 9W 821, departed Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi on May 10, 2007 at 0645 eastern daylight saving time to Chennai, with four flight crew on board, flight commandant Nina Singh and Co-piloted by Sindhu. At above Chennai the crew conducted a steep and free fall approach to the runway at Kamraj Airport with a jerked touch-and-go landing, then a full-stop landing. The flight crew reported no injuries. The incident occurred during the hours of daylight in visual meteorological conditions. For undetermined reasons the incident was not highlighted and considered by the crew members or the ground control ATC staff.

    Also the meals served as South Indian Veg had stale coconut chatni that caused stomach upsetting and feared for food poisoning.

    The Jet Airways Aircraft Boeing 737-900, Flight No. 9W 830, departed Kamraj Airport, Chennai on May 11, 2007 at 1735 eastern daylight saving time to Delhi, with four flight crew on board, flight commandant Harsh. At around 1930 hours the pilot reported exceptionally bad weather ― heavy rain, and localized thunderstorms near the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi and started gyrating over Delhi at an altitude of 15000 feet. Some passengers report that the plane was rocking from side to side possibly due to turbulence and gusting winds associated with the storm systems.

    During this entire hovering the cabin crew was found deprived of juices, mineral water and eatables.

    The plane was cleared by ATC Delhi to land at IGI at 2040 hours, sequenced 13th for landing, when unexpectedly the pilot reported shortage of fuel in the plane, insufficient to hover any further. The decision was taken to divert the plane to Jaipur for refueling. The aircraft landed Jaipur at 2100 hours.

    The VIP movements around Delhi also caused the cancellation or diversion of hundreds of flights, with ripple effects throughout the Delhi Air Traffic system. By that night the flight (and passenger) backlog continued through hours.

    The drinks were non existent with the flight attendants ignorant. The passengers were not allowed to de-board the aircraft at Jaipur, only to be squashed into seats that were so cramped one could not straighten their legs. Toilets were untidy and unhygienic. The passengers were been kept in manipulated reports about taking off in 10-15 minutes every time they ask for. The process went off till 0000 hours midnight. Pilot finally reported the ATC Clearance and took off at 0010 hours to avoid violent public.

    The 20 minutes distance from Jaipur to Delhi was covered in 1 hour 45 minutes. The circling process continued over Alwar and resulted in air-sickness, nausea and heavy-headedness to several passengers.

    Despite all this, the acts of the cabin hostess Ms. Minni are highly commendable, when she never lost her temper and shared her own lunch box with the public only to be thrashed by few passengers.

    Through this petition, we want to draw attention of the concerned authorities, including Jet Airways that claims to be the finest airlines in India and the general public towards the negligence of the Air Traffic Systems and the kind of behavior for the public.

    Thanks and Regards
    Hari Nair
    Assistant Vice President - Human Resources
    Mobile : +[protected]

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      • Na

        I am a Flight Attendant with jet airways... and this company SUCKS... Our salaries come so late...
        We work in the month of March our salaries get credited on the 10th of May...
        We sre like ###s on Board...
        Mother ###er CompanyThis comapny needs serious counselling, management is ###ed and always playing dirty politics, so much of favoritism, so much off ### licking, I hope they burn in hell... I SO WANT TO QUIT and I AM FRUSTRATED, there is FIRE inside me... I JUST WANT TO QUIT... and who ever read this from jet... do not bother to write to me... I am oping for this personally... do not get severely depressed reading it... i dont give a ### what you people feel...

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      • Da
        Dawoud Esa Bismillah Jan 24, 2010

        Jet Airways sucks, Jet Airways is a racist airline, Jet Airways is an airline Bigot!

        Jet Airways is one of the racist airlines in the world.
        I was delayed for 3 hours, even when I was early. And after the delay, guess what? They said that they needed to be furnished with supporting documents. Supporting documents that no other passengers have to provide, but myself. Then even when those so-called "supporting documents" are produced and showed to them, they refused to give me my boarding pass, based on the bag I was carrying (I was not using one of those "trolley bags" that people generally bring for holidays). Based on this they thought that I'm some kind of poor chap trying to stray off to another country. That was what they said. This is discrimination!

        Furthermore, they vigorously denied me the boarding pass, only after I have confronted them with the fact that I have a beard, therefore a muslim. This is again discrimination!
        It's not that the proof was not there. It was there. I showed them. But they denied. I can only think that this is obviously a biased attitude, based on pure discrimination, not facts. They won't even accept tangible proof.

        I as a muslim, am disgusted by these unfair treatment based on my religious belief.
        Truly Jet Airways ought to be ashamed of their racism, and religious discrimination.


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      • Hi
        Himanshu K Patel Sep 18, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        My wife and my mom flew on 9W321 from Mumbai to Ahmedabd on 09/19/08. Because my mom was in wheel chair, Jet airways would not issue the boardinng pass for her from the sane counter as where my wife got her boarding pass. My wife had to go a different coutner ( in all fairness, I do not know how far) to get the boarding pass for my mom. When I tried to get some explantion about it in US, the attitude from Jet airways was " So what " . I would never, nor would any member of my famly would fly Jet Airwys. Basically, Jet Airways sucks.

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      • Ra
        Rahul Kumar May 12, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Dear Sir

        I think you guys have not worry about your employee thats why you didnt take any kind of step regarding my mail or complaint for Robin Gira s/o Ram Gopal Gira . Then can you please give me any mail id where i have to complaint. Thanks


        Rahul Kumar

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      • Ra
        Rahul Kumar May 10, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I have information that you selected a candidate for flight stweart for the international flight and currently he is on training in Bombay.His name is Robin Gira s/o Sh Ram Gopal Gira . I have full proof information that he has the fruad marks sheets for twelfth and tenth classes and may be for graduation also and he entered from the back door of your company and taking the money from others to give the chance to select like him.He is not a loyal person for the company .He is saying, he will make some credit card in the behalf of the company and cheated all the banks after that badly.Is this the procedure to select a person right?

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      • Vi
        vimal Maheshwari Mar 20, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Parminder Saini
        Skylawn travels

        I traveled by 9W 227 from Toronto, On 22nd Feb, 08 reaching Mumbai on 24th Feb 2008. On reaching Mumbai, I realized that one of my checked in baggage (suitcase) is missing& informed Jet Airways about the same. There was no support from Jet Airways to find the suitcase except filing a report & I was told to wait for a call from their side.
        I started making phone calls to Jet Airways from the very next day inquiring about my baggage, but there was never any response from Jet Airways, except the standard answer that they were trying to track the baggage.
        I had gone to India to attend my niece’s wedding in Calcutta on 27th Feb, 08 & besides that I was meeting my entire family member after 8 years & was carrying expensive gifts to be given for marriage & for all my family members. Thereafter started my inconvenience & psychological trauma for not having the clothes to put on during marriage and cash to spend for buying gift items on urgent basis.
        During the process frequent calls & efforts to reach the Jet Airways senior staff at Mumbai office were of no use, except that the baggage was declared missing and a petty compensation of Rs18000/- ($450) approximately was offered to me. This was more than a harassment & psychological trauma for me keeping in mind the losses & inconvenience I had to undergo because of Jet Airways incompetence behavior & lack of co-operation. I was carrying the following items in my suitcase.

        1. 1 Samsonite suitcase & [email protected] $275.00 -$275.00
        2. 1 leather cover for [email protected] $119.00 -$119.00
        3. 8 ties @ $49.00 -$392.00
        4. 6 ties @ $74 -$444.00
        5. 4 pure silk shirts @ $175.00 -$700.00
        6. 4 shirts @ $65 -$260.00
        7. 2 suits @ $249 -$498.00
        8. 4 Ladies leather gloves @ $39.00 -$156.00
        9. 1 Cannon camera SD [email protected] $390.00 -$390.00
        10. 1 Cordless phone [email protected] $190.00 -$190.00
        11. 2 Britney Spears [email protected] $80 -$160.00
        12. 1 Jennifer Lopez [email protected]$65.00 -$65.00
        13. 1 Disney camera for [email protected] $98.00 -$98.00
        14. 15 Aveeno moisturizer & [email protected] $15.00 -$275.00
        15. 6 Loreal cosmetics @ $25.00 -$150.00
        16. 3 Levis jeans @$90.00 -$270.00
        17. 2 Levis shorts @ $65.00 -$130.00
        18. Premium socks 12 pairs @ $14.00 -$168.00

        Total -$4740.00
        I demand a compensation for the above & the psychological, harassment, and the inconvenience received from Jet Airways, otherwise I would file a case in a Toronto court against Jet Airways & get in touch with media & send copies of this e-mail to KLM, Lufthansa, and British Airways etc.

        Vimal Maheshwari
        109 Front St East Unit 411 Toronto ON M5A4P7

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      • Sh
        Shah Md. Arifur Rahman Sep 14, 2007
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Dear Sir,
        I have lost my mobile to Kolkata Airport (in security checking for the flight 9W 511) on the to bangalore on 13/09/2007. My mobile was Siemens CX 75 (Silver and black in color). I have many important numbers and informations in it. I will be back to Kolkata on 22/09/2007 by Jet Awirways. If you get the mobile please confirm me. I will like to contact you in kolkata airport.

        Please help me by providing necessary information about how can I communicate you? You can also contact me to this mobile number in bangalore: [protected]

        Thank you
        Shah Md. Arifur Rahman

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      • Ri
        ricki May 13, 2007
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Wow, i feel for ya

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      Jet Airways — worst customer service for online booking!

      Based in Melbourne, I booked tickets online at for BKK-CCU-BKK sector and due to the error...


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