Jet Airwaysexcess baggage charges fined while returning from the us on a connecting domestic flight


Dear Sir/Madam,

This is in reference to the Flight No: 9W 342 from Mumbai to Bengaluru on 25th Sep' 2012. This was a connecting Domestic flight from my International Flight number TK0012 from JFK - Istanbul - Mumbai via Turkish Airlines. As per the ticketing guidelines I was entitled to carry 23 Kgs * 2 = 46 Kgs into the Check-in (Cargo Luggage). Having exceeded the luggage capacity, I paid the excess luggage charges at JFK & they knew my last destination was Bengaluru via Flight No: 9W 342 from Mumbai to Bengaluru on 25th Sep' 2012. However, since there was no code share agreement between Turkish Airlines & Jet Airways the Jet Mumbai Staff person Florie Perreira told me that my total luggage capacity was 20 Kgs inspite of this ticket allowing me to carry 46 kgs to Bangalore. She insisted me to pay fine for excess 45 kgs from Mumbai to Bangalore. Without listening to my repeated requests, the Jet Mumbai staff made me to pay Rs.9450/- as excess baggage penalty charges. When I told Florie that Jet Airways Bengaluru Staff allowed me to carry check-in (Cargo) luggage of 38+ kgs to Mumbai during my onward journey via flight no: 9W 2262 dated 29th July at 9:35 pm from Bangalore to Mumbai.In fact, the Jet Airways staff knew the itinerary of my international flight connecting from Mumbai-Istanbul-JFK and allowed me to carry 38+ kgs as it came within my international flight capacity of 46 Kgs. Proof of boarding passes numbers 0589 9W294748 and 0589 9W294747.

After sharing these details with a confirmation that the charges would not be applicable from Mumbai to Bengaluru on 25th Sep'2012, Florie never had the courtesy of listening to the customer's version of truth. In fact, she never believed this & said it mught be an error from Jet Airways Bangalore Staff. I remember reminding Jet Airways Blore staff that the luggage is exceeded as per domestic guidelines of 20 kgs knowing that it is a connecting flight to Mumbai to JFK, US.

I am greatly disappointed to share this terrbible customer experience with Jet Airways Mumbai Staff who did not even consider my genuine case where I had to pay twice for the excess luggage. Would request this be investigated at the customer care center in Mumbai Head office. I would consider this matter as resolved only I am repaid the fine of Rs.9450/- charges back and a written apology from Florie Perreira.


  • Pr
    prisri Nov 07, 2013

    We just had a similar experience. I am sure they are running a scam in the name of excess baggage fees. What a way to exploit international travellers. Well done Jet Airways. Shame on you!!

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  • Fi
    fir_oz2002 Aug 04, 2014

    yes i face the similar kind of experience, please never took jet airways. They have hired the worst people as their staff who never listen and have no solutions for you except looting. this is how jet airways making money.

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  • Ra
    Rao S Sep 07, 2014

    its one of the worst companies inthe world. absolutely disgusting, the entire senior management of the company is a bunch of jokers.they are out to fleece people...NEVER EVER TRAVEL BY THIS AIRLINE.

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