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4:49 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. Money Cheating

I have a serious complaint which caused almost lost of my Job abroad. We have book a ticket through UAE Exchange Ranni Branch they have issued a Receipt and ticket booking notification ( Kochin- Bahrain ). Ticket was on FlyDubai on 15.08.2014. PNR number was 90CQ9K under the name of Mukesh Mukundan Pillai. On 15th August early morning I have reached Kochin airport and came to know that the ticket is not valid since the payment for the same has not done by UAE exchange. We have spoken to Fly Dubai authorities and they have told us that the ticket blocked only and the payment is still due. This is a kind a cheating which caused loss of money for me and job. When I have contacted UAE Exchange on next day, they understood the mistake and issued another ticket via Delhi with 15 hrs travel. No one bothered to compensate our travel charges from Native place to Cochin Airport ( around 3500 rs) or issue a ticket with direct fly ( gulf air is available even direct ) . We caught UAE exchange red hand for cheating i now don't know what to do. People advice to file case to against cheating since we have all the evidence for the same.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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3:26 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. Refund

My Booking Number KDE1XH. I have made a cancellations on this booking on 13th May 2011. I was told that i would receive the amount of 490 MYR back within 1 month. When i called back two weeks ago, they said already processed payment for t his refund with ref no 704 and asked me check with my credit card bank for the same. When i check with the bank, no such payments. i called back again air asia, and the reply this time was the processsing would take another 1 week from air asia bank to my credit card bank. its been two weeks after that ., but no refund yet and more than 1.5 months for a refund to be paid.. isint this ridiculous like playing with customers money. If we book the ticket n pay air asia 1.5 months later, will the airlines accept this ? Answer is ofcourse NO...So why is not the same thing when its a Refund. Why dont you refund in a prompt time. Even a Small Company runnign Bus services do a Prompt Refund.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jul 22, 2008 12:36 pm EDT

I had a flight for last night with AA i called them to try to cancel because i was unable to flight because i was sick. the guy that answered me didnt help me at all he just wanted to charge me 350 dollars more for changing dates. So i had to go to my flight sick, i made it to the airport 1hr before my flight departure but they wouldnt let me check in because they say the flight was closed 15 mins ago. i wait for the supoervisor of aeromexico (the flight was from aeromexico but american airlines bought the ticket from them) i talked to the aeromexico supervisor, she told me since i was sick she would change my date flight to another day, but since american airlines bought the tickets she couldnt do much, she gave a phone number of AA and told me what to do.
i called this morning to american airlines i talk to a incompetent girl that made wait on the phone for over 1 hr and 30 mins to tell me at the and that i have to pay 270 dlls. i think in not fare they want to charge me that.

I would really appreciate if u can help me.

, IN
May 26, 2011 7:32 am EDT
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I had cancelled the following ticket from the Ranchi Airport on 9th Novemeber, 2010 as my connecting Jet Airways flight from Ranchi to Kolkata was delayed. The refund amount is send back by the airlines to this booking website (easemytrip) and they are in turn liable for the refund.
Airline PNR:IT-JMLFBY Flight Number KingFisher Airlines IT – 3432
The Airlines( Kingfisher) said that they have made the refund to this website in January itself.But whenever I send any mail or query to easemytrip regarding this, they say it’s still in process.

It’s more than 6 months since I made this cancellation, but they are not responding.

Avnish Kumar
Nov 22, 2007 12:00 am EST

Ezeego1 is fraud company. I had booked a ticket, Here is my details:

Booking Reference No : EZR-[protected]/A
Flight Datails : JetLite S2 145
Your PNR No : S2-JWC0D
From : 12 Nov 2007 Dept 10:50 Indira Gandhi Airport Delhi
To : 12 Nov 2007 Dept 12:55 Hyderabad Airport (HYD), Hyderabad
Total Amount : 3159.00 Rs

When I reached Delhi airport then Jet lite executive not allowed me to check in with given ticket. They told me this is not valid ticket, there is no such class mention in ticket and when I again request them to check on you system then they find this ticket has been canceled. My hole day waste for finding due to this negligence. I tried to contact ezeego customer care, but no response, I called many times after that and send mail, but no result, I always hear same message ‘all our customer care executives are busy on other calls’.

I send mail to all their mail alias, but no reply. Then on 20th Nov I canceled my ticket from ezeogo website, so that I can get refund. But online dispatch status always showing ‘InProcess’. This is the worst experience and completely ridiculous way to handle customers and is fraud being conducted by this company.

Shreyans Bothra
Aug 03, 2007 12:00 am EDT

I have booked an international ticket from make my Trip (Delhi to Arizona - Phoenix Booking ID - MMT P814311) for which I never got any confirmation via email. However the amount got debited from my account. After four follow ups and repeated promises of being called back (never kept), I finally was put on hold for 10 minutes and told that the ticket has not been booked. The toll free number as usual doesn't work at all, so it cosed me around 200 bucks extra. I have to reach US on 11th Aug and on 4th they inform me that my ticket has not been booked. Now I need to pay a much bigger amount for no fault of mine. Also I haven't been refunded the amount of more than 35,000 till date. Please advise.


Sandeep Garg
Jan 07, 2008 9:12 pm EST

I booked two ticket with the the ref no EZR-[protected]/A. This ticket is from Delhi to Pune on 17th of Jan. I booked it on 2 Jan 2008 but till now I did not get any PNR no of this ticket. I called in the call center 20 of time for 30 min each but I did not get any PNR no till now. Each time they say their concern persone will call in 2 hour. But I did not get any call till now.

Avnish Kumar
Dec 04, 2007 11:16 pm EST

Yes, After registered my complains in some website and with ICICI i got full refund.
though my experience was very bad,they cannot return my that day but still I am happy that i got full return(Ticket Amount), reviews 0

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