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Jack In The Box review: The attitude of the cashier

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I was at the store #3527and I ordered the order of 2 tacos and fish sandwich and I asked my fish sandich without the wine sauce and when I have my order I I drove away from the store and I realize my sandiwch had the sauce came back and I asked Ashley that my asked het without sauce and instead of have a good responds her responds was very agresive and I understand been working late at night and a lot stress and minimum wage of course I will have attittud too but when I was waiting for my order at the first time I was sinning cos Im a happy person and she been in a lot of stress I think she got real mad seen me happy by the time I came back to complain about my sandwich I was eating for her positive respond but not was totally opposted was very aggresive and she said I through the sandwich to her and she said don't thought the food to me and she through the sandwich to the floor than she walked away from me and took about 4 minutes for another person to talked to me and I asked about my sandwich and is when the other employee took sides and blamed me that I was been root roughing the sandwich to her without asking my versions but I believe you have cameras and everything is been recored to see their version and my version other than that you always been having root people at this store... I don't spect anything for free coz that's most what im looking for but since I been a loyal customer for over 32 years I hope you pay them more coz their attitude is about working without motivation and since im hispanic too they feel that they can treat us like the way the want it so please take matter in the issue please?

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