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IHOP Restaurants Complaints & Reviews

IHOP Restaurants / Management

Kati_Davis on Nov 19, 2017
We visited your Ihop store in the villages on Wednesday the 15th of November and started out with our server being Jessica and then ended up with a server named Erica which also did a lot of other tables. We all looked at each and observed the server Jessica just walk off and leave the...

IHOP Restaurants / Long Wait and Bad Customer Service

T. Webb on Nov 19, 2017
On Sunday, November 19, 2017 around 11:45AM, I left IHOP due to the long wait and lack professionalism among the staff. When I arrived to meet my father at 11:20AM, who had been waiting for 25 minutes prior to my arrival, there were no hosts or cashiers to greet me or the 8 people that...

IHOP Restaurants / Online Order

Jhen Clarke on Nov 19, 2017
This was my order Customer Contact Number: 13479510698 Payment Method: Credit Card Visa x-1621 ORDER FOR PICKUP Order ready at 11:26 AM, TODAY (SUNDAY, 11/19/2017) 1 x Brioche French Toast (1 x $8.59) = $8.59 1 x Sirloin Tips & Eggs (1 x $13.99) = $13.99 1 x Medium Well 1 x 2 Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N...

IHOP Restaurants / very poor management

Rubentorres on Nov 15, 2017
I had an interview today at 3 pm at 3511 Steelyard Drive Cleveland, OH 44109. I got there at 2:52 and told a waitress about my appointment. I heard her when she went to the back and said my name loud to the manager and then said I don't know I guess he's early. After a few minutes a guy...

IHOP Restaurants / unprofessional management

Tabi Dias on Nov 15, 2017
I went to the Saint Joseph IHOP this morning around 9am. I am a former employee...it's been about a year since I've worked there. I was there with my boyfriend and we had already got our drinks and were waiting for our food to come out. We had been sitting there for a while when the...

IHOP Restaurants / ihop staff

Z'kya Williams on Nov 14, 2017
I went to discuss a job, manger tells another worker to talk to night manager about me working at ihop about a hour later general manager texts another night person and says tell her to find a job somewhere else she cant work here ive never worked here before, but has her daughter and...

IHOP Restaurants / the ihop experience at 22610 bellaire blvd, richmond, tx 77406

Sandra333 on Nov 13, 2017
On Saturday, November 11, my son and I dined at this IHOP. We had actually had a negative experience before with this same location but decided to give it another try. We will never return. First, there was no hostess or other person seating and although the restaurant was not busy AT ALL...

IHOP Restaurants / service

!!!!!!!!!! on Nov 12, 2017
November 12 @ approx 11:00 I went to the IHOP by Bruckner and was asked how many people, informed the person (male) just myself... he said I would wait at least 5-10 mins! More people kept coming in. He's calling parties of 5, 6, 3 and then preceded to call Patty of 2... this while waiting...

IHOP Restaurants / night shift server in bathroom doing drugs

M.Sepulveda on Nov 11, 2017
Walked into mens restroom and the server that was working alone that night was shooting up in the stall. He was obviously very high and I hope I never see him working in that restaurant again. Dont you drug test your emplouees. Sick. Server was lance. And you may want to have more than two...

IHOP Restaurants / restaurant

Jacquelin Merida on Nov 4, 2017
Today Nov.4 my family and my self we decided to go and have breakfast at IHOP in Bell Gardens Ca 90201!! I came in and I said my name and for how many people so I'm there waiting and then i see the lady in front calling everyone that came after me and I go and I ask her I think it's not...

IHOP Restaurants / restaurant closing hours

Coco sanchez on Nov 2, 2017
we came to your IHOP restaurant in Riverside California on Alessandro Boulevard we got to your restaurant about 9:40 p.m. and we're instructed that they would be closing within the next few minutes just to let us know on the door it says that you close at 10 p.m. is this usually the...

IHOP Restaurants / concerned employee

Jennifer Olive on Nov 2, 2017
Hello my name is Jennifer and Im a regular at ihop on little road. I'm writing about the incident Tuesday 10/31/17 Yes there was a wait at the door. The customer who had the problem was already upretty about the wait. When it was her time to be seated my party was sat as well. WE HEARD...

IHOP Restaurants / employment

Gayle Van Wyhe on Nov 2, 2017
Hi my name is Gayle Van Wyhe I am writing a complaint about working at the IHOP ON STETSON HILLS IN COLORADO SPRINGS CO. I worked there for about 7 or 8 months. I actually really loved working there. I will make this short and to the point i have always worked for IHOP in the past I met my...

IHOP Restaurants / food/service

Anne M Wilson on Nov 1, 2017
Went in and ordered a Togo order which took a hour and 15mins in all to get my food. When I did finally received it was still missing hash browns and a extra order of French toast. At this time I said don't worry about it and he went to the other server there and they started talking about...

IHOP Restaurants / horrible service

Jdmmak on Oct 31, 2017
Walked into I hop on Halloween night at 10:00. Was not sat to a table till 10:05 after one of the employees standing there yelled for someone else to come seat us. Then put into a far back table that was super cold and we were unnoticed and ungreeeted for another 10 minutes then we got...

IHOP / allergy

Unknown123@ on Oct 26, 2017
I ordered food telling the waitress more than 3 times no mushrooms on my food and of course the had mushrooms hidden in my food and I had an allergic reaction and the insureance company took fault and offered me $163 for a mistake they made which could have cost me my life. What an insult...

IHOP Restaurants / gigi at the kent island ihop

TaylorHicks on Oct 22, 2017
My first, only and last experience at IHOP went like this: I ordered the "patty melt" and I didn't realize that it had a patty of beef on it. (My own mistake) On the menu it says "patty melt - American cheese and grilled onions on rye" So I'm thinking I'm getting a grilled cheese with...

IHOP Restaurants / management

Judy126 on Oct 22, 2017
I was so disappointed to know that a sever by the name of Shameka was fired from Ihop. She has been a very patient and hard working person everyday me and my husband come here to eat and she is there working hard all the time and she is excellent our food comes out prompt she comes to...

IHOP Restaurants / management

hunterchase on Oct 15, 2017
My boyfriend is a waiter here, and I don't have enough character space here to inform you on what happened, but if you could contact me either by email at 98hunterchase@gmail.com or by phone at (409) 543-3109 I would be quite grateful. I am very displeasure in the management of thi...

IHOP Restaurants / terrible staff and owner

Janet De Santo on Oct 12, 2017
I walked into the Toms River, NJ location of IHOP. It was Columbus Day, 2017 and I asked the host if kids ate free, and he said, "Ummmmm, I don't know, ummm, I'll ask...ummm, and started yelling at the cashier behind us asking if it was. I said, 'never mind, we would just like to be...

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