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D Jan 14, 2020

We had a roof installed through Home Depot in 2017. The salesman (who was a Home Depot employee) told us it was a '30 year roof.' Within a month, the roof was leaking. We contacted our local Home Depot, and a repair person was sent. At least that leak was addressed.
We also had a bathroom renovated through another contractor at the same time. RIght before Christmas of 2019, we realized the roof was leaking above the bathroom. The sheetrock is disintigrating, and there is mold. Again we contacted our local Home Depot, but we were told they no longer installed roofs. We must call a warranty company. We've called the warranty company 10 times. We've had several promises that somebody would call us withing 3 working days. No calls. We went to the Home Depot where we set up the original installation. We were promised by a manager that somebody would contact us in 24 to 48 hours. Nobody contacted us. I called the manager who made that promise. She made a call, and told me to call someone at the warranty company. She had just talked to him and he was waiting for our call. She also told us that Home Depot would no longer do nothing about it. In a round-about way she was telling us not to call her anymore.
We have since heard from others who had roofs done through Home Depot who tell the same story. The roof leaks and nobody will fix it. We paid over $13, 000 for this roof, and it leaks. We also have damage to the home because of the most recent leak. Just telling us that Home Depot doesn't handle that isn't a good excuse. Home Depot sold us the roof and now refuses to help us fix it. Is there anything at all that your company will do to resolve this issue?

Brian McCabe [protected] or Dawn McCabe [protected]

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