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return policy and rude manager

I am a very loyal customer to Home Depot and I own a business. We bought a GE air condition with heat for our shop. After 3 times fixing it they finally exchanged it. Bought a Westinghouse generator online and picked it up at Tupelo, MS store. I had it about 3 weeks before using it and then used it 6 days about 5 - 7 hours each of those days. Called store since I has it more than 30 days I have to send it off to get it fixed. I own a food truck and my business depends on this generator. Talked to the manager named Randy and he was and not sympathetic to my problem at all and ended up just hanging up. I have been a good customer for as long as I remember and I am very upset that there is not a better policy for us. What if your store had to shut down for weeks because you bought faulty equipment from someone.
Jan Loyd

cabinet refacing

In May of 2014 I contracted with Home Depot to do a cabinet refacing of my kitchen cabinets. The contractor...

Resolved tool rental customer service

Was at a tool rental in Home Depot in Howell New Jersey it was on a Sunday and there was about 5 people...

Resolved seriously poor employee communication

Well, 3 days ago I gave Home Depot Customer Service on their own site a chance to resolve this as I do not enjoy giving time and effort to things and people that waste it and they never acknowledged the email message I sent at all. I (we) have been researching for 3 months now the best and least expensive way to have a toilet replaced in our home. I ended up at Home Depot (originally wanted to purchase same toilet we picked out at Lowe's) to first purchase the toilet and bring it home with other important home repair items so that later I could schedule (as a package deal) to have installed by the Home Depot's Contracted Plumber. I saved money this way.
First I asked Ruth at the Customer Service Counter (upon getting a package estimate) if I could get my military discount, that my current ID is expired but you can clearly see it's me and that my new one is being processed and ordered through the VA. She informed to just present my current ID upon check-out that it would not be a problem. It's important to me that I not get all rung up at the check-out register and then have somebody say, sorry, sir, we can't accept your ID as it's expired and then go beyond my allotted budget for this huge purchase of $326.00. So, I proceeded to check-out register #1 where Aurora was operating it. First off, she looked at us as if we were inconveniencing her by purchasing items at the Home Depot store in her line, before we were even at the register, however, I just let it go. Then, Aurora is literally running around frantically and gets upset because I picked an item that her scanner/wand would not pick-up and register to the computer, I let that go too.
Finally, after being pushed into feeling very uncomfortable be her, I let her know that I had my Military ID and I'd like to get the 10% discount that Home Depot offers its military/veterans. Aurora stated, "It has to be the person paying for the stuff, besides, your ID is no good and a man from the base said not to take ID's that are no good, so whaataya wanna do now"! I said, well, I spoke to Ruth, the Customer Service Department and she said that it was all okay and that the store would honor my ID and that I did not have to be the one paying out of my pocket so long as it got paid for. Aurora huffed and puffed at me and said that I could call the man at the base and ask him if I didn't believe her. Needless to say, she succeeded at making me uncomfortable and let-down. I truly hope this blaitant act of poor attitude, store communication/training and cruddy treatment doesn't happen to you or anyone else. I'd sure like to see or hear that she has been reprimanded for what she did. I'm so tired of this I don't even care about spell/grammar. Regards---

Resolved failure to comply with installation ad

Home Depot advertises for home installation contractors. If you try to get in touch with these people, Home Depot will just give you the run-around. You can't speak to the contracting company and Home Depot employees say they will contact them for you. Needless to say, at this particular store no one handled the situation. The head office in Toronto was just as bad also giving me nothing but a run-around and saying that I was given top priority. After over a dozen phone calls to Home Depot on Regent Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (they never returned one call) over a 3 week period, I was unable to get anyone to come out for a consultation for home repairs. Try to call this store and speak to a Manager, that wil never happen. Everytime and any day of the week you call, you are told they are all in meetings. Very poor public relations. They don't live up to their ad and they do not care about the customer. I will not purchase anything from this store, and will relate to everyone I can about their inability to interact and care about the customer.

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does not clean and needed repairs several times

I bought a GE Adora from Home Depot in September of 2013. This dish washer from the start never cleaned the dishes. It washed for very long time and when I opened it all the dish washing liquid was on the door of the dishwasher and the dishes were still dirty. Called GE for a repair and the service technician came out and said that it need a new motor, so they shipped the part to my house and I thought they would follow up with me. After about 3weeks I called and told them the part came and it was only then the technician came to replace the part. The dish washer worked for another month and them the spindle at the bottom just burnt out and broke. Just got this smell emanating from the machine and on investigating I see this burnt out part at the bottom. They shipped a new bottom spindle and technician arrives and said that was not the only problem. He has to order a new part and come back again. More stress having to wash all the dishes by hand. Called the consumer relations department and they said that the expensive warranty that I purchased from home depot was for reparis only and the machine must malfunction again before they consider replacement. This is not acceptable since my old cheap dishwasher lasted 12years and even though noisy washed the dishes clean and never needed a repair. Anyway, my advise to all reading this is to go with another brand. Stay away from a GE Adora..

Resolved bogus 1 year warrant

On 11/22/13 last year I purchased six (6) strings of "300 Mini Icicle Lights, High Density" from "Home...

Resolved lying to customer

I called this store The Home Depot, on Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, asking if they had a one piece shower and tub...

Resolved worst service - do not use!

An order placed through HomeDepot.com on May 20, 2014 indicated that the patio furniture set was in stock...

home depot racial and ill treatment

We made an online purchase for pick up in store at the end of April, when we picked up the items several of...

installed inferior product than what was presented to me

I paid Home Depot to install new fencing. The material used is not the same as the sample that the Home Depot...

Resolved delivery issues

I ordered two patio sets from Home Depot on 10/9/14 and selected ship to home. Delivery estimate I was given by Home Depot was May 15th through May 23rd. Home Depot's website said that I would receive the order in 3-10 business days, which would equate to receiving it May 23rd at the latest. When the order was turned over to the delivery service, Nonstop Delivery, I was given a tracking number showing an estimated delivery date of 5/23/14. The patio sets were picked up in California on 5/13 to deliver to my home in New Jersey. By 5/18/14, tracking was updated as being at a location that was 27 miles from my home. I contacted Nonstop Delivery on 5/23/14 because the tracking information still showed that the patio sets were at the location 27 miles from my home and did not show as out for delivery. I was told "Your item(s) are in transit on their way to the local terminal in [a location that would now be 45 miles from my home]. Once they arrive and are checked in the dispatcher will update the website with the actual date and time of delivery." I told them "I was told 3-10 business days to receive the order. Today is the 10th business day." The gentleman I was chatting with responded, "My apologies if there has been some confusion. The 10 business days exclude weekends and holidays." I in turn stated, "I realize that. I placed the order on May 9th. That is 14 days with weekends but for business days, this is the 10th business day." He then told me, "The 10 business days would begin from when the order was registered with NSD. That took place on 5/13." I then asked him when it would get to the new location that would be further away from my home and he responded, "I was unable to get in contact with the carrier but, I would anticipate it getting to [the new location] no later than Tuesday 5/27." So he is now telling me that it is going to take 4 days to get to a location that is only about 45 minutes from the location where it sat for the past 5 days and I can now assume that at the earliest it will be delivered to my location Wednesday, 5/28/14, 2 business days (5 total days) after the delivery date I was told when I placed my order. As of today, 5/24/14, the tracking has not been updated. The latest delivery date that Home Depot provided me was when I expected my order and I planned accordingly. I will never again order anything ship to home from Home Depot.

Resolved poor customer service

just bought the LG Electronics 7.3 cu. ft. Gas Dryer in White from Homedepot, Customer service
Representative said is free installation, but the deliver guys said they could not do the installation in the garage. Ridiculous!!. Then talk to the homedepot customer respenstative again, want to return. They said the product is non-returnable !! Cost almost $900 for non-returnable !! Terrible customer service, be aware of homedepot, you may buy expensive stuff for non-returnable !

Resolved assistance in window treatment

I was in Home Depot, Nashville, TN. The store on Briley Parkway in Madison, TN. I went into the section looking for assistance in getting some vertical blinds installed. The store employee in that section clearly saw me. His name is Ben. He quite smoothly disappeared <
into another area of the store. I kept browsing, thinking he would return. First, he saw I was
African American, So, he surely did not return. Home Depot employees are notorious for their racial prejudice in assisting black customers. I have noticed this for a long time now. I will be going to Lowes for my blinds. This guy was paged to help me. He pretended he did not understand what I was explaining to him; he was clearly peeved he had to wait on me. I was really taken aback. He said, well someone will need to come out and measure your blinds and you cannot schedule that tonight. It was Sunday evening around 6:30pm. He said, I will take your name and have someone call you tomorrow. It is two days later, noone has called. This is really sad business and buyer beware. Shop at Lowes. They are much more customer friendly. This old white guy needs to take his racial hate someplace else. He is losing money for Home Depot.

Resolved in store music

I was shopping at Home Depot looking at some plumbing fittings and noticed that the music was in Spanish...

inexperienced installers

Home Depot offers delivery and installation services of appliances. Do not use Home Depot's "service."...

Resolved rude employee

We were in the lighting department and we opened the box of a light that was already opened. Bob, one of the employees, asked us very rudely if we were gonna tape the box back since we opened it. I told him it was already opened and he started cussing at us. He said ### lady that's ridiculous and mumbles some other words and walked away. He should not be in customer service if he doesn't know how to treat one. We complained to another employee and she said oh you must mean bob. She said he was rude to one of her customers too. That is ridiculous that he gets away with the way he acts. I will not be at Home Depot anymore!

  • Mk
    MkStItCh Jan 11, 2014

    So... My question for you is "Why did you open the lights?"... lol
    Sorry but I had to ask?

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  • HomeDepot_Care Jan 13, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I do apologize for the associate being rude; there is never a reason to be anything but polite and helpful to our customers.
    I'd like to let the store manager of Bob's location know about this experience so he can address.
    Please send an email with your post above, remind us you posted on ComplaintsBoard.com, provide your contact info & most importantly, the exact store location you were in.
    Thank you for posting!
    - Nicki ([email protected])

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Resolved management staff & customers

I've worked for home depot for a year now. It's not too bad but I have some MAJOR issues with some...

toxic chemicals

I hired Home Depot to install a new laminate floor which Home Depot contracted out to Carpet Pros. Long story...

Resolved theft of confidential bid

I paid $40 to have blue prints printed for the home depot (Pro-desk store 6613) to do a take off on custom...