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I ordered over $1500.00 worth of materials for a project that was being done at my house. The materials were scheduled to be delivered to my house on 10/08/2023. I received an e mail saying it will be delivered on time. I called that morning to make sure it will be here. (I had a builder on the job site.) I was assured that it will be delivered that day. Later on in the day I happened to check my e mails and received an e mail saying the ordered will not be delivered until 10/30/2023. I called up customer service and they called Williston, Vermont store and they assured me it will be there on 10/09/2023. It was delivered.

When the builder was moving everything over to the site he noticed that a 6/6/12 and 14 poly roofing materials were damaged. He said it looks like it was hit by a forklift. The poly roofing was under some other poly that was for the siding. He took pictures. He also waited to see if the buckling would straighten out. It did not so on Saturday 10/13/2023 I called and told them that a 6/6/12 and 14 panels of poly roofing was damaged, we ended up using the 6/6/12 but I would need the poly roofing replaced. I was told that it will be done on Monday 10/16. It did not show up and after talking with customer service and customer service could not get the store to pick up, I told them I would call the next day. So, I called the store before 7 am on 10/17. They assured me that it will be on the truck that day. It did not show up that day either. On Friday 10/20 I was in the area and talked to customer service. They refunded my delivery charge and said they would pick up the damaged stuff and bring the new poly. On Monday 10/23 It did not show up. Then on 10/24/2023 I receive an e mail saying the ordered will be delivered on 10/25. On 10/25 I get an e mail that the ordered is out for delivery. Then the same day I get an e mail saying missed delivery.

We were fed up with all the aggravation and lies the builder had to load up the stuff and bring it to the store for the replacement.

Claimed loss: $200.00

Desired outcome: Home Depot has always been a great company and has just gone downhill. There has been more than once I have thought about shopping somewhere else because either the service and now the delivery.