Home Depotdelivery of online appliance purchase

C Feb 08, 2020

I recently purchased a washer and dryer through Home Depot online and had scheduled delivery in St. Petersburg, Florida on Thursday January 30th. This purchase was a wedding gift for a wedding taking place on February 1st. On the day of the 30th I was informed that all entityies involved were aware that the delivery was scheduled for that day, however the items had not made it onto the delivery truck and earliest rescheduled delivery would now be February 6th. I said that was unsatifactory as the wedding was on the 1st and I would be leving town on the 3rd. Then I was told I could go to warehouse and pick it up myself. Again unsatisfactory as I did not have a truck. After fruitless attempts over the phone to resolve I went to a local store so I could speak to someone face to face. That person got on phone and finally someone agreed it could be delivered on the 1st. I said it must be morning as the wedding was in the afternoon, and I was told they could not yet tell me time of day until later on the 31st. Finally I was told delivery would be between 9:30 a.m. & 1 p.m. on the 1st. In the end it worked out. But what I was appalled by the most was how no one from Home Depot seemed to care to address the fact that the entire oversight or lack of timeliness or what ever led to the order not being on the truck was entirely the fault of Home Depot, and yet no effort was put forth to make the situation right. It should never require a customer becoming outraged and incensed for any company to offer to fix that company's mistake. The manner in which this entire episode was treated leaves me for one as an unlikely future customer of Home Depot. At the very least you can be sure I will certainly shop elsewhere first from here on out.

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