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Resolved cracked granite countertop

I had the Home Depot install a granite countertop. About 14 months after installation, a hairline crack appeared on the countertop in front of the sink.
I called the store and they sent someone to look into it. We were told that we must have cracked the countertop and that it was no longer under warranty. They refused to take responsibility and said that it would cost $1000 to repair.
It has now been almost 3 years since installation. the hairline crack has now "spidered" and is 17 inches long and the granite is sinking. The crack is wide enough for food to get stuck in there. I have repeatedly tried to have this store address the problem and they keep ignoring me! They've had so many different managers in the last 3 years that I just keep getting lost in their changes and no one cares.
The most recent manager gave me false hopes of finally resolving this matter. He told me he would call me "tomorrow" to set up an appointment to come over and see the damages for himself. It has now been 4 weeks and I have not heard from him. I will NEVER again buy anything from the Home Depot.

cracked granite countertop
cracked granite countertop

  • Valerie Jul 15, 2008

    I bought a new dryer with a moisture sensor because it was recommended to save energy and money. It was delivered April 1, 2017 and has not worked properly since delivery. The dryer shuts off automatically but the clothes are not dry. I have been in constant communication with Home Depot, A&E Appliance Repair, Cornerstone Appliance Service, and Voyles Appliance Repair, and Maytag. They all keep telling me I don't know how to use a dryer and just because the dryer doesn't work the way I want it to doesn't mean the dryer does not work. The whole point of buying the dryer with the moisture sensor was so the dryer would not keep drying dry clothes. It is supposed to shut off when the clothes are dry. What is does is shuts off and the clothes are still wet. I keep being told its my fault.

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  • Te
    Texan Jul 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please tell us what model is the Maytag.
    It might be good that mine was never delivered.

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  • He
    Henry Jul 11, 2009

    I went in for a garage door install quoat. I was quoated one price, when I went to the service desk, was told it was 40.00 dollars more (was quoated last week's prices) The I was told after I complained I would have a 40.00 credit to use towards future purchases. I went to purchase an item today and they told me the credit was only good if I bought the garage door install. New story every day!!!

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  • Be
    Beckynsail Sep 28, 2009

    Sometime around november 2017, I contacted home depot regarding floor installation. After being informed that a measure from them was necessary, I proceeded with scheduling an appt with their measurer. After the measure, the flooring specialist from home depot called stating that she had the measurements and that I needed to schedule an appointment with her. The report did indicate some possible flooring issue but she did not address this. The installer came out I believe the week before christmas. I did inform them that my mother was hospitalized in new york and I needed the floors done before I left. The installer came out with a young boy who appeared to be a high school student. He said that his helper was his nephew. Well in tearing out the old card and carpet tack strips, they cracked a wall and busted up some baseboard in one of the bedrooms and in several areas in the foyer. They nailed the molding to the floor and the engineered wood was trampolining-bouncy. They also cracked several transition pieces and never finished the install. After refusing to sign his work order, he said the company would probably send someone else out. That monday I called the store and romanoff. After being transferred from one person to the next and not getting any results or call backs, I finally contacted home depot's headquarter number and asked who was in charge of that store and was given the name of richard frenzel. Eventually I got in contact with mr. Frenzel and he said that he was coming out to view the floors. Mr. Frenzel and a romanoff representative came but he did all the talking saying that he found nothing wrong and floors were supposed to trampoline;his only offer was replace the molding. After several more calls and a letter, I was contacted by mr. Shupe. I did receive a letter from home depot's resolution department stating the floor would be replaced. Sadly my mother passed after christmas but in march 2017 another installer from romanoff came to view the floors and stated tha the only wood floor he would install would be a 3/4 solid naildown. Mr. Shupe stated that I could pick out any floor of my choice. Home depot didn't have anything I favored but I did find something at home expo. During the summer into late fall i'd had some surgical procedures but I contacted mr. Shupe around november-december and he referred me back to rihard frenzel. Mr. Frenzel took the info regarding the floor-3/4 solid santos mahogonay prefinished and stated that I should be getting a call after the holidays that the order was in. Well, I waited fromdec to feb and no call. The person at the resolution center stated mr. Frenzel and mr. Shupe were let go. I was given lowell corbin as the person replacing frenzel. No one seemed to have any information. After sometime the situation went from one lie to another. They kept asking for the same information over and over. It seemed like a ploy to delay because the home expos stores were closing in sev eral months and no one wanted to honor the commitment made by mr. Shupe. This seemingly was strange because the resolution specialist confirming info regarding mr. Frenzel was michael mandas. They didn't want to hear anything about his records. Getting nowhere with this lowell corbin I finlly called the southeast regional office and was told that someone would be contacted me - mia hubert. During my last conversation with her, she told me to speak with no one but her. They continously lied and lied. Another flooring specialist from another store told me that the floor I wanted could be ordered. She said a new memo came out giving procedures on ordering a product that home expo carried. The last contact was early this week with l. Corbin saying he was turning everything to headquarters. You see before this he contacted me and my daughter giving us two different stories about the santos mahogonay. He last spoke with me stating that he was sending out the expeditor to view the 3/4santos mahogonay and he even told me the manufactures name. That's when I knew he was lying. That company didn't have this particular wood. When I told the expeditor someone wasn't truthful he said he couldn't understand why mr. Corbin would tell me a product was something it wasn't. The expedior called back to inform me I was correct - that company didn't manufacture that wood and that he had contacted mia hubert about the situation. That was two and a half wks ago. When corbin called this week he lied and said that he said something else.

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  • Ru
    Rupert May 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My rebate was not honored after a Home Depot Sales Associate told me to buy the paint I purchased specifically because I would receive a $20 rebate. I had planned to purchase different paint before taking his unwarranted advice. When I was informed by Behr that my rebate would not be honored, there was no reason listed as to why not. When asking why it wasn't being honored, they replied that I didn't purchase enough paint. When I responded a second time I told them I purchased a 5-gallon pail, and reminded them of what the rebate stated, they replied a third time stating that I didn't buy the right type of paint. I contacted the Home Depot via email, and they said they were sorry, and would a $25 gift card make up for the inconveniance. They never sent the gift card.

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  • Th
    theend Jun 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Those gift cards could take 6-8 weeks. call again

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Resolved harrasment

The dhr Miranda Wilmot does her investigations (witch-hunt) anyway she pleases. She is never held accountable...

Resolved bad customer service

The store located at 465 Centre Street, Quincy, MA 02169 The store manager of the Home depot store must have...

Resolved awful business practices

Here's one for you. I picked out flooring based on a 7 - 10 day install window after measurements taken. Two months earlier I had measurements taken for the same project, but they couldn't find them.

About 10 days after signing the agreement, and 5 days after the measurement, I received a call saying the flooring I chose would not be available for 4 to 6 WEEKS. I said to cancel my order, as I was rushing to get the flooring installed and place the townhome for rent. The person said she would cancel it.

Over a month later I received a statement from CitiBank for the flooring. I was confused, so I called Citi first. They said to call store. Store was no help.

I called their corporate offices in Atl. The department I reached was helpful and contacted the store. The store said they tried to cancel the charge but couldn't reach me to get MY approval to credit my Citi/ Home Depot Card account. So the store said they would request and send a check so I could pay my Citi bill.


I kept in contact with corporate and they supposedly bantered back and forth with the store for a few weeks. According to corporate, the store requested ANOTHER check and mailed it.


Next, corporate said they would take care of it and faxed me a waiver to sign that would excuse Home Depot of any liability and would facilitate another check. AT THIS POINT, I am a LITTLE UNEASY signing over my rights. I would like corporate to sign the waiver/reimbursement agreement, so I can have a copy, before I sign.

As of now, I'm a little tired of it all. I just called CitiBank and contested the charge. The charge will now be reviewed a "judgement" passed in under 60 days.

Bottom line: don't trust Home Depot. 'nuff said.

  • HomeDepot_Care Feb 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care, I will be glad to work with your current agent to get things moving for you. Please send a detailed email to [email protected]

    The Home Depot
    Atlanta, GA 30339

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Resolved carpet measuring and pricing

I went to Home Depot for pricing on new carpet and received what I thought was a good price for Stainmaster...

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Resolved terrible carpet install

Recently we purchased carpet from Home depot; the 139.00 installation per house was the deciding factor after being told that the 139.00 installation would be of professional grade & no short cuts were to be used. I had only 3 bedrooms to be carpeted so I removed all the old carpet, all doors, floor vents and bi-fold closet doors.

I guess you get what you pay for? My first disappointing discovery while vacuuming the mess the installers left was that several wall sections lifted right up from the vacuum suction, it appeared that the carpet was never stretched out and secured properly to the floor that meets the walls in 2 out of 3 rooms. I also noticed that the installers made several deep cuts into my freshly painted base boards, After calling Anderson installations and being confirmed for a Thursday morning appointment I had to wait till 2:30 for a person to come out & properly install & secure my carpet, After they left I noticed that I had one extra floor vent & no hole in one room to place it in, my worst fears came true, "Yes" the installers carpeted over a floor vent opening, WOW want a poor job, what a disappointment! I called Anderson installation to see if anyone can come back that day to correct this concern and was left disappointed again, I can't keep taking days off to have these screw ups taken care of.

At this point I can't waste anymore of my time with this type of service; I will finish the install my self, I don't think the 139.00 install was any value at all? I had to take two days off work to accommodate installers and now a possible 3rd day to have floor vent cut out, I've lost more than 139.00 worth of time off work. I wish to receive a full refund on my installation fees.

  • HomeDepot_Care Feb 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care, I am sorry to hear about your experience with our installation services, I will be glad to help. Please send an email with more details to [email protected]

    The Home Depot
    Atlanta, GA 30339

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Resolved high prices and they do not care about their customers

I'm a single woman with a modest income, restoring a 1925 house alone. I have shopped at HD exclusively for 15-20 years. I probably spent 15-20k in there last year.

In November, I needed a 10' 1x12. There was only one left and it was busted up. I asked if they would mark it down, and I could use part of it. The manager, Quentin, said no. Then I went back 2 weeks ago to spend another 2-3k. I asked if they could work with me a little since I spend so much money in there and give them so much free advertising. They were not very agreeable. I felt as though my business really didn't matter to them. I know I don't drop 100k a year in there, but I spend a huge portion of my salary there so I can do my own work. With the economy in this condition, you would think HD would try to keep customers.

I ended up at Lowe's, where they bent over backwards to help me with everything I needed. Unlike HD, Lowe's associates did not act as if it was a chore to take time with me. They also had far lower prices and gave me an additional 10% discount.

I am converted. In Colonial Heights, Va. Lowe's beats the bad service of Home Depot hands down.

Resolved drum flared and broken

My GE Adora Dryer purchased through Home Depot started making horrible noises. After two service calls (expensive) and no fix I was advised to call GE since the drum was flared and was still under warranty. The tech said he had seen a lot of this with these dryers. GE refused to replace the drum, telling me the warranty was for only one year. My owners manual only covers 3 models of GE dryers. They tell me that I have the wrong manual and it does not cover the drum, even though the manual says it does. I was told that the manual covers many appliances, (not true) and did not cover mine. I well never buy GE appliances again.

  • Ge
    GEAppliances Feb 11, 2010

    This is Megan from GE. Sorry to hear about the issues with your dryer. Please email me at [email protected], and I can look into the situation for you.

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  • De
    Demerol Feb 11, 2010

    In my opinion, GE makes appliances in third world countries for the mass U.S. market that are garbage compared to the quality of their prior U.S. made appliances. Parts cost as much as replacement at times. Good luck fixing it yourself. I guess that is why appliances cost the same as they did 15 years ago.

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Resolved ridgid 24 volt cordless tools

ridgid 24 volt tools are no longer being produced by ridgid, so your expensive tools are going to be worthless, as home depot quit buying them from ridgid, so ridgid quit producing them for this reason, you can not even buy this saw from ridgid to expand your set if you do not already have one, try and buy a 24 volt ridgid circular saw or even the max select 18/24 circular saw, so i guess your set, like mine will never be expandable, your stuck with what you have unless you buy a used one or new discontinued one from ebay or a site like that, but remember you can never register it for there great life time warranty.

below is the reply directly from ridgid tools

01/26/10 15:47: JAMES

The line was discontinued. When Home Depot does not order the tools, they are taken out of production as the Ridgid tools are sold only at Home Depot. ALl items are sold direct to Home Depot, we do not have any stock of the tools.

Best regards,

Tim Beasley
Consumer Response
One World Technologies, Inc.

Resolved unethical procedures

The Home Depot in Danvers, MA east has gotten really bad towards their employees since manager DeVito took over. He has continually set up people that make the highest pay to be fired for anything to save comapny money. These unethical procedures need to stop as this BIG Box is screwing with real people that wanted to do well there. Hope this manager finally gets his due during 2009 shakeup.

  • Dj
    djdan Dec 22, 2010

    I had a bad experiance at the Monticello, mn store. I am a 60+ single dad making ends meet. I had a basement remodel and bought a shower enclosure, before I opened the box I realized it was a little too big, I went back immediately to exchange for a smaller one, no problem so far. Then they wanted to credit the difference to my bank card, knowing that credits take a week or more (debit are instant for some reason) and of limited means, I needed the credit for additional things...I asked for a store credit card (HUGE MISTAKE) that nobody explained...Now, the project is done and I have a $100 balance on the card which is my money from the original return...I went to the store and asked for credit to my card or cash since it is xmas and I can use it for other things...I was told they cannot credit or return cash, I have to spend the balance on goods from the store...
    This is my money that they have had for many weeks (drawn from my card) and they will not return it. They are bullies and Houligans...I am just an old duffer but, as I was brought up, that is stealing plan and simple. However this mess turns out, I will never walk in a Home Depot again...EVER. I can drive 10 miles to Menards or 1 mile to Home Depot...Menards wins...

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Resolved no customer service

I bought 1200.00 worth of product from home depot In Showlow Arizona. The customer then called to have the product returned after a falling out over cost. I called home depot before the pick up was made and explained what was going on.
I was assured that home depot would credit the card that the materials were purchased on (mine) instead they gave my former customer a 900.00 gift card for my materials. I have been on the phone for 3 weeks now trying to resolve this issue. I must say the concept of calling back when they say they will has escaped all but one home depot employee to this point.
I have been given nothing but run around and promises of this being handled with no results thus far. When I ask to speak to supervisors i am given runaround and not given names and numbers of the people I am trying to reach. What kind Of policy is this? Stonewall people till they get tired and go away? Its a good thing lowes has opened accross the street from home depot i will do business there from now on.

  • Re
    Rebecca Sho Sep 24, 2009

    Purchased a gazebo at Home Depot for $400. Followed assembly instructions exactly, and placed it on our deck. Enjoyed it for three weeks until one day when it rained, the top filled with water (which it hadn't done in 3 previous rains) and the entire thing crashed down, breaking the metal framework. Oddly enough, it had a 2nd 'roof' section on it to avoid water collection, and the canvas fabric was pulled very tightly on the framework, as per instructions, so this should not have happened. Luckily nobody was sitting under it when it collapsed, and I'm surprised the sharp framing ends didn't crash through the French doors. Since it was shielded on 2 sides by the house (on our deck) I cannot believe it was a result of high winds or anything of that nature.

    Called store. Manager on vacation, assistant manager refused to look at it or discuss it. 'Act of God' he said, though he admitted his similar gazebo was still standing. Apparently no Acts of God in his neighborhood.

    Took it to the store in the car. Assistant manager refused to look at it after ignoring us for 20 minutes while he paced at the front of the store. Said we were 'threatening' him (crazy, my husband is a 140 lb ethics professor, not a very scary guy). Said nobody would help us and not to bother the regional manager.

    Wrote to the Customer Service Dept and even Investor Relations hoping SOMEONE would respond, but received only the usual cursory templated 'thanks for emailing us' responses.

    Shame on them. $400 out for us, and we'll never buy from Home Depot again! They should stand behind their products.

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  • Ce
    celo3210 Mar 15, 2010

    Home depot has a "customers first" rule. Follow through with your complaint. There's a 30 day return policy that you should use to its full empowerment. I am sorry you had to deal with this. All Home Depot associates are not like that and niether are all the stores. Please continue to shop at Home Depot...

    Homer Associate

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  • Qu
    Quarryville Dec 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think that Home Depot just thinks that if they stonewall you enough that you will just go away. Customers just want something to be made right. I had exactly the same experience with Home Depot customer service and would not order anything from them again. I literally spent hours on the phone and on their online chatline trying to get a delivery problem resolved. At one point I was assured by a store manager that they would "make it right", then about three hours later I got a voicemail from corporate that there was nothing they could do. I totally feel your pain!!!

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waiting half and hour for help

To whom it may concern, I was in one of your stores on northern blvd, and I wanted to purchase 5 blinds for...

Resolved avoid them

I ordered a 82 1/4 inch custom-order door from Home Depot . Supplier -Emco. The door that was delivered measured 81 inches yielding a 1 inch gap at the bottom of the door, rendering the door virtually useless. Response from Assistant Manager: "Thats the way all these doors are delivered from the manufacturer - anywhere from 1 -1 3/4 inch smaller than the Rough Opening size". After a frustrating debate with this individual he said there are no returns or refunds on custom orders due to company policy- sorry about the gap at the bottom of the door - perhaps you should shim out the door frame at the top by 1 inch then it should fit. I say this is totally unacceptable. What is the purpose of a customer order? A 1/4 inch gap at bottom of the door could be acceptable and compensated by adjusting by the door sweep. If had wanted an 81 inch door, I would have ordered one. Home Depot's arrogance really miffed me. This situation is just not right and their respon se is not acceptable. "You can do it - and we can help?" Right! Next step, escalation to Store Manager and then to District Manager, President of Home Depot Canada, then small claims court. My patience with this company has now run out. There are other building suppliers out there and they will get my business in the future.

Resolved online order

I order utility mats online and they shipped me the wrong ones. They didn't include a UPS return label so I can to call their customer service numerous times to get one. They made mistake after mistake. I spent 20 minutes on hold almost everytime I called them. I finally got them to help return them (they didn't allow me to return to the store) and then they charged me the UPS shipping to return them. It was their mistake! It has been a horrible experience. I will NEVER order from them again!

  • HomeDepot_Care Jan 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care, I am sorry about your experience with our Online Department. I would like to look further into this for you, please send a detailed email to: [email protected]

    The Home Depot
    Atlanta, GA 30339

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Resolved waste of time

Placed an order online, only to have it canceled by Home Depot .com a week later, no explanation, just an apology. Placed another order later, that item after a week of waiting became an "unexpected" backorder. Had to cancel 3 weeks later as status never changed. Placed another order recently, only to have it canceled by Home Depot.com after a week, again with no explanation. Will not be placing any more order online with Home Depot.com. Waste of time.

Resolved store manager

employee... store 4645 the worst store manager ever, no ethics, creates job opening for people he like...

Resolved shame on them

I called ahead to check on availability of 2 pieces of Styrofoam panels. I asked if I could get some assistance tying the panels to my SUV roof. No problem is what I'm told. I drive 32 miles one way to get them, ask for help, a nice associate didn't feel he was talented enough so I asked if he could get someone else. A front-end manager comes out and says they are not allowed to assist for liability reasons. I ask for the store manager (DAVE) who tells me the same. I again explain the phone call and the fact that I have lived in 3 different states and never have I had this experience at a Home Depot . He said he would help throwing the rope under the roof but not tie it as I was "a grown man."

Here is my sentiment: Advertise you DON'T help, put signs all over the place, and inform ALL of your associates.

I'd be more inclined to shop elsewhere in the first place then. I won't be shopping at Home Depot ever again. The above incident occurred today April 4, 2008.

By the way, I have pictures of the "load" sign you have in front of the store. NO mention we don't tie.

If you reply back to me stating company policy, don't waste your time. I'm looking for some understanding of THIS particular incident and I don't need more repetition of what two of your employees already told me.

Shame on Home Depot.

Resolved return/refund

In regards to a Home Depot order that was placed on Cyber Monday (November 30, 2009). I placed an order for a Darby Electric Fireplace. The fireplace arrived on December 4th 2009. After inspection of the fireplace damaged was noticed on the bottom left corner and the top left corner. On December 5, 2009 I contacted Customer Care to ask about returning the item. The representative gave me a RMA number and told me to drop the package off at a FedEx Location for pick up. During the conversation with the representative I asked how the return process worked. I was informed as soon as the item was returned to Home Depot that they would process my return and issue my refund with in 5 to 7 days. Well today is December 15, 2009 and still haven’t been issued a return. I have called home depot everyday to check the status of the return and have been given the run around numerous times. On December 9, 2009 I was told that the fireplace had been received and that my return would be processed. I have looked at Home Depot’s return policy and it clearly states that returns are issued in 5 to 7 days.

  • HomeDepot_Care Dec 15, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi this is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care. I’m sorry about that; I will be glad to assist you. Please send an email with more details to [email protected]

    The Home Depot
    Atlanta, GA 30339

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  • El
    ElaineO Dec 20, 2009

    I have a similar BAD experience with Home Depot not issuing refunds in a timely manner. I believe I'm the victim of a bait-and-switch scam that lured me into ordering items that were out of stock so they could get my money immediately, and then drag out the refund process as long as possible.

    I placed an online order for a washer/dryer combo on November 27, 2009. It was a special Black Friday sale. I was given a delivery date of December 12, and my credit card was immediately charged. On the night of December 10, a man called me to say that the delivery was not going to happen due to "high demand." In other words, they oversold the items -- but Home Depot took my money and gave me a fantasy delivery date anyway. He said they "hoped" to deliver my order by mid-January, but he could not guarantee it.

    I immediately cancelled my order. It is now 10 days later, and my credit card has NOT gotten a refund. I called Home Depot customer service 3 or 4 times and got a different story each time. I even talked to a "manager" last week. There must be hundreds, even thousands, of others in my situation. Now I'll have to dispute the charge through my bank and start writing complaint letters. I wonder how much money Home Depot is making from this scam?

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Resolved horrible to work with

I am remodeling my kitchen and just went (1/5/08) to home depot to shop for the works - cabinets, counters, appliances. The customer service was terrible! When I asked to look at appliances I was told to look at cabinets first, however, the woman in that department just shuffled around and handed me brochures. She acted annoyed - as if I was keeping her from her work. I suggested that if she had something I was interupting that maybe we could talk later, but she replied that she wasn't busy. The questions I did ask were answered with one or two words at most.

Finally I went back to appliances and was "helped" with a man who also treated me as if I were keeping him from something he needed to do. Again I offered that he take care of it and get back to me, again I was told that he wasn't busy, again he acted annoyed the entire time! When I left I sat in my car and called their local customer service. After talking to one person, I did get in touch with someone who listened, but I hung up knowing that he would do nothing. They are horrible to work with!!!

I can't help think that they are more attentive to couples or men. They were intently helping all of the couples that I saw in the kitchen areas.

Resolved usig flooring

Homedepot uses a flooring contractor named usig who inturns uses subcontractors usig has no morals when it comes to there subcontractor they lie, cheat them out of money on top of paying them less than the going rate. That is why the installers they get now are the bottom of the barrel no respecetable installer will work for them anymore so beware if u buy flooring at homedepot your install will b the worst it can possibly be. Belive me I worked ther for a short time and they stole $7000.00 from me

  • Fe
    fed up with usig Apr 21, 2010

    this company takes advantage of installers and steals money from them, first you have to work three weeks before you receive your first check than accounting may have forgot to pay you all of your money for which you have to wait to get it, on their time of course.bruce de luca is a crook along with every one of the managers and laura i will fire you for breathing once we have your four thousand dollars in retainage ruiz. i cant wait for the day hd wakes up and fires this satan run business.

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