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D Jul 10, 2019

I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with my most recent experience with my local Home Depot store located at 901 East Broad Street, Fuquay Varina, NC. On July 24, 2019 I ordered the GE 7.4 cu. ft. 120 Volt White Gas Vented dryer, and the GE 5.0 cu. ft High- efficiency White Top Load Washing machine. I spent a total of $1, 443.59, and had the items delivered on June 29, 2019. I used the washing machine two times; once on June 30, and again on July 1st. I did not use the machine again until I attempted to use in on the evening of July 4th, which is when I discovered that the washing machine would not power on. I tried multiple trouble shooting strategies, but the machine still would not power on. I called my local Home Depot store, and the associate in the appliance department told me I needed to contact GE directly. I had to wait until the following day to do so because of the holiday. I called GE on the morning of July 5th, and spent about 25 minutes on hold waiting to speak to someone. When my call was finally answered, the employee told me that I needed to speak with my local Home Depot, since the order was placed in less than 30 days. I called Home Depot again, and spoke to an associate about my issues. She told me that the store manager Lawanda, was not available, but she would explain my situation and have her call me within a few minutes. I ended up waiting over 2 hours but did not receive a call back, so I packed my two young children in the car and drove to my local store to speak with her in person. When I met with Lawanda, I explained my situation, and expressed my dissatisfaction that my BRAND NEW machine stopped working after a few days. I explained that I rely on my washing machine, and I did not feel comfortable keeping this particular unit because if it broke after a few days of ownership, there is obviously something wrong with the machine, and I wanted it replaced with a new unit. Lawanda rudely exclaimed that this was not an option, and that I would have to wait to have a service tech come out to my house to attempt to repair the machine. Then, she condescendingly remarked to the employee that she should make the service call for me so I was not "inconvenienced" in any way. This entire ordeal was an inconvenience, and I am very capable of making a simple phone call on my own! I expected the manager to attempt to resolve my issue in person, instead of dismissing me like I was the inconvenience! I ended up leaving the store more frustrated, and with no answers. My service call was scheduled for three days later, Monday July 8 between 8am and 5pm. I had to stay in my house the entire day waiting for this service tech, and let my evening job know there was a chance I would not make it to work in case the tech showed up late. Again, very inconvenient! The tech came around 1:45, and within five minutes he was able to inform me that my washing machine's main computer was fried, and a replacement part would not be available until September 11th!! As soon as he left, I called corporate to attempt to arrange for a return and refund of both units, because at this point my trust in the quality of Home Depot's merchandise and the way customer service has neglected to acknowledge the hassle this has caused me as a consumer was enough for me to decide to take my business elsewhere. This phone call, from beginning to end, lasted OVER AN HOUR...even though I had a case number. I was passed from person to person, and placed on hold for extremely long amounts of time, and each person I spoke to was more rude than the last! No one seemed to have any answers, and their only solution was to put me back on hold! After an hour, I ended up being connected with the original source of my dissatisfaction: Lawanda! I was so fed up because I knew I would get no where with her, plus, I needed to leave for work, so I chose to end the call. My husband called her later on in the afternoon, and she told him she refused to give us a refund. But when he told her he'd continue to call corporate until our money was refunded, she told him she'd "see what she could do" and would call him the next day. This brings us to July 9th. I waited most of the day for some kind of communication about this situation. NOTHING. In the meantime, I had a laundry room with a useless washing machine, a bank account $1400.00 less, and two weeks of a family of four's laundry that needed to be done. Off to the laundromat I went..spending MORE of my hard earned money and time all because of Home Depot's lack of customer service. I attempted one more phone call to corporate, in which I rightfully lost my temper after being placed on hold and passed on to two different people, only to be passed back to the infamous Lawanda, who put me back on hold and told me she would finally have my machines picked up in another WEEK, and made it clear I'd only get my refund after the machines were returned. She offered not ONE apology, not one ounce of compassion, remorse, or professionalism in her position as my home store's manager. I have never in all my years been treated this horribly by a major company. I will NEVER spend another dime on one of your stores, and I will continue to blast this experience all over every single social media resource that I can so I could encourage any ignorant consumer to not fall victim to your blatant lack of customer care. You, Home Depot, should be ashamed of letting your employees function daily whilst treating customers in this horrific way. A simple apology, assurance that the consumers needs will be met. and a little bit of politeness is all it would take to make a customer like me satisfied. Instead, I am angry, frustrated, and will do everything in my power to convince everyone to choose a different store other than yours. I suggest you invest in some employee training in basic customer service skills. Because every single person I spoke to that works for you is severely lacking.

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